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What Mattress Firmness Do Hotels Use

Can A Firm Mattress Hurt Your Back

What Mattresses do 5 star â?ï¸? hotels use ? The Proper hotel San Fransisco uses Aireloom Mattresses

If you go to bed feeling great and wake up miserable, its a good sign your mattress is causing back pain. A mattress thats too soft will cause your spine to fall out of alignment all night long, and a mattress thats too firm will cause joint pressure in your hips that leads to pain in your lower back.

How To Create Your Own Hotel Room Experience

Thankfully, high quality mattresses are not only for hotels us common folk can have our very own hotel bed experience right in the comfort of our own bedroom and the best part is, theres no checkout time.

Even if you cant spring for a new mattress just yet, you can certainly recreate your very own comfortable hotel mattress at home with the same mattress you currently have. What makes hotel beds so comfortable are the sum of its parts and here are some tips to help you get the ultimate sleep experience.

How Do Hotels Make Their Beds So Comfortable

Most of these products are designed specifically for these companies with comfort in mind. Pillow tops and even weight distribution are popular choices for these sorts of items. Many establishments credit their entire bedding system for creating their signature feels, using toppers, pillows, and sheets to enhance how their mattresses perform.

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What Hotels Have A Tempurpedic Bed

No major hotel chains currently hotels have Tempurpedic beds. There are many regional or local hotel chains that allegedly have Tempurpedic beds, but thus far no major hotel chain has made this a key part of their sleep strategy.

As a reminder, Tempurpedic beds are a special type of mattress made from unique foam first developed in coordination with NASA. Tempur-Pedic was actually a standalone company however it is now part of the Sealy company.

Zoma Mattress Best Memory Foam Hotel Mattress

Coventry Firm Mattress

One of the most important components of good sleep is proper spinal alignment. The Zoma Mattress is designed to promote a safe, neutral spine, so muscles fully relax and heal during sleep.

The top layer of the Zoma is a gel memory foam with Triangulex technology. The gel infusion absorbs body heat to prevent night sweats, while the triangular cutouts provide contouring and stability. Beneath the comfort layer, Zoma includes a latex-like response foam called Reactiv. This layer reduces uncomfortable sinkage and ensures the spine remains neutral.

The Zomas base layer features their Support+ foam, a durable material that prevents sagging, and further protection against pressure points. All three layers of the Zoma are wrapped in a stretch-knit cover with built-in air channels to prevent heat retention. The foam in the Zoma is also backed by CertiPUR-US®, guaranteeing minimal off-gassing.

With each of their mattresses, Zoma includes a 10-year warranty covering structural defects such as indentations and sagging greater than .75 inches. Their risk-free, 100-night sleep trial is a great way to try the Zoma and decide if it fits your needs.

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What Mattresses Do Hotels Use The Ritz Hilton Premier Inn And More

ByAlison Barrettapublished 13 March 22

Learn which mattresses some of the world’s top hotels use and how to buy them for yourself

As a mattress tester, I’ve slept on the best mattresses on the market. My favorite mattresses are reminiscent of the beds I’ve slept on at some of world’s finest hotels.

If you’re itching to take a vacation but can’t any time soon, here’s some good news: it’s possible to replicate the feel of your favorite hotel in your very own bedroom. If it’s a specific hotel experience you want to recreate say, the luxurious Ritz-Carlton? you won’t have to do any guesswork.

We’ve asked several of the most popular chains to share the details on the types of hybrid, innerspring and memory foam mattresses and bedding their hotels use, and how you can buy them to replicate a hotel experience at home.

Unsurprisingly, hotels tend to use high-quality materials for their mattresses, pillows and linens to create a pleasurable experience for their guests which translates to higher direct-to-consumer prices. However, we also have some intel to share on the ways you can save money on the best hotel pillows and mattresses.

Does The Seller Offer A Sleep Trial

Most mattress brands offer sleep trials. During these periods usually at least 90 consecutive nights customers may test out their mattress and, if not satisfied before the trial expires, return their bed for a full refund. For hotel mattresses, return policies are usually different. Most do not offer sleep trials and will only accept returns for unopened/unused beds. The same is true for most third-party retailers, though offers a 30-night sleep trial for many mattress models.

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Can I Find Deals On Hotel Mattresses And Pillows

Most hotels use luxury mattresses and pillows in their rooms and suites. Thus, they won’t be among the cheapest you’ll find. Fortunately, you can manage to save some cash on hotel-exclusive bedding if you’re patient enough to wait for sales.

For example, Shop Marriott is currently taking 25% off bedding and mattresses . Meanwhile, the Sofitel Boutique is offering tiered discounts that can save you up to $1,000 on a purchase of $3,500 or more .

If you’re in the UK, you can take advantage of Premier Inn’s stellar deal for a pair of its luxury pillows for just £30 at Premier Inn .

Read more:

This article is part of Toms Guides Sleep Week 2022 celebration, running until Saturday 19 March in aid of Sleep Awareness Week, an initiative originally launched by the National Sleep Foundation. Stay tuned for plenty of sleep tips, advice and expert-rated products to help you sleep better this year.

Bear Hybrids Best Features

Sealy Luxury Hotel Collection Mattress Set w/ Firmness Option on QVC
  • Perhaps the best thing about Bear Hybrid is its Celliant cover. Celliant is a material that is supposed to help improve sleep quality and energy levels when you wake up, among other things.
  • Bear Hybrid has CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD Gold certifications by the UL Environment, a pretty hard one for beds to get.
  • The company improved this beds edge support, so now this bed is a great choice for couples.
  • We think it has a nice fluffy pillow-top feel and is reminiscent of the mattress youd find at Hilton & DoubleTree hotel.

WinkBeds have three different beds on their website, but their Classic mattress could be the nicest hotel bed sold online. Its extra supportive but has a giant fluffy pillow top made in part of a plant-based Tencel fiber. WinkBed has two layers of coils that allow it to support all body types. We even included it as one of the best for heavy people.

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Layers In A Hotel Bed

A hotel bed may look simple from outside, but is actually a complex structure carefully designed to maximize support and softness.

Sheets, duvets and covers

Most of the layers in the diagram are a series of sheets, duvets, covers. These are not important for support and comfort and mostly serve to make the bed easy to clean, and keep the underlying mattress underneath uncontaminated. However, high-thread count fabric is used for the bedsheets, which feel smoother to the skin.

A firm high-quality mattress

A thick, firm mattress is the foundation of a great hotel bed. Without a firm platform, your body sinks in deep where it is heaviest , your spine curves into a hammock position and places stress on your spinal soft tissue. Latex mattresses are most commonly used by the best hotel beds because it lasts much longer, is firm and highly responsive, as well as hypoallergenic.

Various mattress toppers

The mattress toppers are where the magic of hotel beds really occur. Mattress toppers are relatively thinner layers placed on top of the underlying mattress to modify its feel. Theyre usually only 2-3 inches in thickness, but make a world of difference.

Pillow-top mattress toppers
Memory foam mattress toppers
Latex foam mattress toppers

Use Hospital Corner Folds

Making the bed by folding hospital corners creates a crisp and elegant ambiance.

To create a hospital corner, lay a flat sheet on the bed and tuck the four corners underneath the mattress, then pull up the leftover of the sheets on top of the mattress creating a triangle.

Finally, pull down the remaining portion of sheet and tuck it firmly underneath the mattress.

Keep the sheets and covers neat and smooth by ironing them or by spraying them with water and smoothing them with your hands this gives your bed a comfortable appearance and feels just like a hotel mattress.

See the video below for a visual demonstration on how to fold a hospital corner:

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Best Mattress For Pressure Relief

The GhostBed Flex is an affordably-priced hybrid model constructed of six layers, including a quilted cover, two layers of memory foam, two layers of polyfoam, and a layer of pocketed coils.

It totals 13 inches thick, and it has a firmness rating of 6 on the 10-point firmness scale.

With gel-cooling technology, the comfort of memory foam, and a durable innerspring coil layer, the GhostBed Flex can accommodate many different types of sleepers.

The GhostBed Flex features great edge support and individually wrapped coils which reduce motion transfer, making this an best mattress for couples.

Mattress Type: Hybrid

Customer Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Firmness: Medium-firm

Trial Period for Returns: 101 nights

To buy:

Nest Sparrows Best Features

10 of the Best Hotel Mattresses You Can Buy Online
  • You can choose from three different firmness profiles of the Alexander Sparrow bed. The Plush is a very soft mattress, while the Medium is closer to a medium-soft and the Firm is more of a medium firm.
  • Nest Sparrow offers that plush feel that makes you go ahhh when you lay down on it similar to mattresses furnished inside Sheraton & Westin. If you love that ultra-cozy feel but still want a bed thatll offer ample support, we think this is a great option.
  • The bed has a gel-infused memory foam quilted topper this adds additional comfort above what youll find in the average online mattress.

You wont see the name Serta anywhere on this mattress, but Beautyrest is a product of Serta-Simmons, meaning it has that extra brand quality and reliability. Additionally, while this particular model is not featured at any hotels that were aware of, it does bear a striking resemblance to many of the other hotel mattresses weve seen from Serta.

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What Is Your Ideal Mattress Height

Mattress thickness is another variable tied to sleeper weight. The average mattress measures 10 thick. However, models sold today may range from 6 to 18.

Lighter people usually find that thinner, lower-profile beds are easiest to get on and off of thicker beds also tend to be softer, and getting up can be challenging. Heavier people, on the other hand, often prefer thicker beds for the same reason: getting off of and onto a high-profile mattress is easier for larger people.

Also, keep in mind that box springs and other foundations can add several inches to the beds overall profile. If you prefer moderately thick beds and have a sizable foundation, then a lower-profile mattress might be the best option.

What Mattress Firmness Is Used In Hotels

Is there a way to find what mattress firmness e firmness do hotels use? ? With most hotel mattresses, the average size is between 5 inches and 10 inches. For the most part, this mattress is ideal for sleeping in, including side, back, and combination versions. Additionally, it can also fit the needs of a broad range of individuals.

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How Do I Pick The Best Mattress

Consider your sleep position.

The goal is to keep your spine in neutral alignment, so there should be less stress on the pressure points like your shoulders, hips, and knees.

Heres what you need to know:

Stomach sleepers need a firm mattress.

Side sleepers should opt for a softer surface.

Back sleepers fall somewhere in between at a medium firmness.

Why Are The Hotel Mattresses More Comfortable

What brand of mattress do most hotels use?

There are several reasons why the average person gets a more comfortable sleep in a hotel, even with an affordable mattress. For one, hotels choose only beds with a medium level of softness. The best mattress supports your entire body, so it maintains a neutral position. Your head, shoulders, back, and feet are aligned when you sleep in a supine position. The ideal firmness wont make you feel any pressure. So, you wake up in the morning, feeling refreshed.

But one trick that hotels utilize is to change their mattresses often. The average innerspring has a lifespan of 10 years. It means the product is still serviceable during its recommended lifespan. However, the firmness level will drop over time.

Also, a lot of research goes into the right type of mattress they buy. Experienced 5-star hotel chains do not just open without taking all possible factors into consideration. And this includes the kind of bed they use, a luxury you dont have access to at home.

Often, people try beds at home depot and buy what they think is the most comfortable. The problem is they only have a few minutes at the showroom to test the mattress out. It is not enough to guarantee that they purchased the perfect one.

Instead of the mattress, the hotel only chooses the most comfortable pillows, expensive pillowcases, blankets, duvets, and bedsheets. They all combine to give the guest the feeling of luxury while they sleep.

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Comfortable Hotel Mattresses And How To Buy Them

One of the joys of staying at an upscale hotel is the luxurious mattress waiting for you in your room after a long day of business meetings, sightseeing, or whatever has pulled you away from home. Though theres nothing quite as emotionally comfortable as being in your own bed in your own home, nice hotels sometimes vie for the crown of overall comfort with their top-of-the-line mattresses. After all, their business is built on customer satisfaction, and if you can have a blissful nights sleep while under their roof, youre more likely to return time and time again.

But what exactly makes hotel beds so comfortable? What kind of mattresses do hotels use? Is it possible to get the same mattresses hotels use for your own bed at home? Keep reading to find out.

Are Hotel Mattresses Firm Or Soft

Typically, hotel mattresses fall into the medium-firm range. Given the number of guests sleeping on a hotel bed each year a more durable mattress is often needed rendering a softer mattress unlikely to stand up to regular usage. Too firm a mattress would deliver a poor sleeping experience to guests. Thus, medium-firm mattresses are often used in hotels.

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What Kinds Of Mattresses Do Hotels Use

Have you ever wondered what kind of mattress hotels use? Upon checking into a hotel, most people are concerned about the bed. If so, then this article is for you – it discusses everything you need to know about hotel mattresses. By the end of the course, you will have a good understanding of

  • What kind of mattresses do luxury hotels use?
  • Best hotel mattress in the world
  • Best western hotel mattress brand
  • Who makes Marriott Mattress?
  • Best hotel mattress in Australia
  • What mattresses does the Hilton use?

In the best hotels in the world, mattresses such as innersprings, memory foam, latex, and air mattresses are used. Hybrid mattresses like the Serta and Tempur-Sealy are common in hotels. Marriott Mattresses, however, are specifically designed for the hotel with more than 50 years of improvement.

What Mattress Does Holiday Inn Express Use

Coventry Firm Mattress

After a long day of traveling, the last thing you want to do is have to look for a mattress. The Sleep Experience at Holiday Inn makes your life easier by having a fantastic selection of mattresses available right in the store! They also offer sleep expertise from an on-site bedding expert that will be happy to guide you through different options that are best suited for your sleeping needs.

The history of the Holiday Inn began in 1930, when three brothers started a small hotel in Memphis, Tennessee. They had little money to start with and so they rented a few rooms with 15-cents per night for each room. The name Holiday was chosen because it would remind them they were working hard to make their business successful during this time of economic depression.

The first two hotels opened up in Memphis and Dallas, but soon there were many more all over the country. In 1950, there were already 100 hotels open around America! These days, one out of every ten hotel rooms are from a Holiday Inn. Thats how popular these hotels are!

The sleeping experience is a big part of the Holiday Inns success. In this article, we are going to see how we can replicate it. We are going to focus on the mattress, but also look into the rest of the bedding used.

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Sofitel The Sofitel Mybed

Sofitel is a French hotel chain that believes the bedroom is a private haven to refresh, read, unwind, and indulge. You can see this in their Sofitel Mybed. It comes with a medium-firm mattress with an ergonomic design plus a soft top layer design. The mattress also has superb motion isolation, apart from providing optimal pressure relief. This is a great feature for couples.

The bed comes with a plush Sofitel Feather and Down Pillow. Its finished with a cotton cover that remains plush and full thanks to its double stitching. All of Sofitels mattresses are unique to the hotel chain. However, you can get them only at their Sofitel Boutique.


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