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Will A King Mattress Fit On A California King Frame

What’s The Difference Between A California Vs Standard King Mattress

King vs California King Mattress & Bed Frame: Differences (Is Cal King Better?)

The California King, sometimes called a Western King, is longer and narrower than the Eastern King, which is usually referred to as a King or Standard King.

The Standard King is 4 inches wider, while the California or Western King is 4 inches longer.

Both sizes come with two box springs and one mattress.

What Storage Options Do You Offer For California King Mattresses

Storage options include drawers under the beds and shelves at the headboard, providing attractive organization to complement the rest of the decor. To complete the look, browse California King mattresses available from some of the best brands on the market, including pillowcases and memory foam options.

Does Ikea Sell California King Bed Frames

To answer the question directly and concisely, no, IKEA does not sell California King bed frames.

So, do not run into the error of purchasing a standard King frame if your mattress is California King or vice versa.

Let me put emphasis on it

Note: A California King bed is not the same as a standard or a regular King bed. 

Theyre different, California King beds and bed frames are larger, bigger, and can give a large space for up to 2 people.

That being said, would it be fine to use a California King bed frame even if your mattress is just regular or standard King?

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California King Vs King Mattresses: Key Differences

  • Both comfortably fit two sleepers
  • A California king is 4″ longer but narrower
  • A king size is 4″ wider than a Cal king

Whether youre after a memory foam mattress, a more traditional innerspring, a hybrid or an organic mattress, California king and king are two of the most common sizes youll come across. But there are differences between them.

For starters, a California king is longer and narrower than a king. So if you are tall or have a narrow bedroom, a California king might be more suitable.

King mattresses are wider, so people who share a bed with a partner, pet or kids might be more comfortable with the slightly wider and roomier dimensions of this particular size.

Its also worth bearing in mind that its easier to find bedding and bed frames for king mattresses, and that some California king bed sheets, frames and accessories can be much more expensive, so there is an extra cost to consider.

Why Would I Need A California King Instead Of A Regular King

California King Size Bed Frames With Storage / Waterbed Magnolia HB or ...

California kings are perfect for big families who love to pile into one bed. Youll be able to snuggle up with the whole family on a cozy Saturday morning. You would even have room for a pet or two to curl up on the bottom of your bed. And if you or your significant other are on the taller side, a California king may be just the right fit.

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Will King Sheets Fit A California King Bed

A fairly simple inquiry that most consumers ask is, Will King sheets fit California King beds? In truth, there is no single direct reply to this question. Contrary to what many people think, this query is not that easy to answer, as bed covers differ per country and region. Sometimes, they even differ per manufacturer. This whole confusion with bedding sizes is what brings us to the contents of this article.

Will King sheets fit a California King bed? Yes and no. Fitted sheets and right-size comforters are not interchangeable. But comforters with drops, quilt covers, bedspreads, coverlets, and flat sheets can be swapped between a standard King and a California King bed.

Beds are meant to give you and your guests a good nights sleep. They can only do so if they have proper layering and are comfortable to the touch. A bed with perfectly outfitted bedding will have no problems accomplishing this, as long as you get the sizing right. Swapping bedsheets between King and California King beds may not be the best solution, but it can work to an extent, as you will later learn in this article.

What Is A California King Bed

The California King mattress, also known as the Western King, is 72 inches wide and 84 inches long. Some people think that the California king is a more luxurious version of the standard king, but that is not the case. The California King mattress has a slightly smaller surface area than the King mattress.

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California King Vs King Mattresses: What Is A Cal King

  • California king mattresses measure 72 x 84
  • They suit very taller sleepers
  • They are ideal for narrow bedrooms

A California king is suitable for two people and especially back and stomach sleepers who don’t move around much during sleep. It measures 72 wide by 84 long, making it suitable for co-sleepers in narrower bedrooms or where one or both sleepers is taller than 62.

Because this size is four inches narrower than a king size, it might not have much space if you allow your pets to sleep with you on the bed, or if the kids like to jump in in the mornings.

Not allowing yourself enough individual space on the mattress can lead to an uncomfortable sleeping posture, as well as sleeping hot if you are too cramped, so its always worth weighing this up first.

Here are three of our favorite California king mattresses:

Mattress Dimensions: King Of California Versus King

DIY California King Bed Frame

A normal King of California mattress is 76 inches wide by 80 inches long and is 72 inches broad by 84 inches long. The normal King has a more square form, but the Cal King has a more rectangular shape. The King of California is the mattress with the most length. The King mattress is four inches wider than the Cal King, making it the most spacious mattress on the market. The King of California is smaller than a King in terms of surface area. The King of California mattress has a 6,048-square-inch surface area, while the King mattress has a 6,080-square-inch surface area. Tip: Recalling the differences between these two is as simple as remembering their names. California is one of the worlds longest states, and the King of California is longer than the King of England.

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How To Make A Queen Size Bed

  • Cut off the head. More specifically, a headboard. If the legs and head of the bed are the same height, that’s fine. Maize
  • Skip the problem. Bedspreads or borders hide many sins. They also hide beds with spring mattresses, mattresses.
  • Bookstands with shelves. If the headboard has been removed or if you prefer a box bed?

Will A King Bed Fit On A California King Frame

Because King mattress sizes and California King mattresses differ slightly, standard King mattress frames are generally not compatible with California King mattresses. Most people prefer that the frame does not protrude from the underside of the mattress, which is why frames are usually cut to size.

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Do King Of California Sheets Fit A King

A standard King-sized bed is four inches shorter and four inches wider than a standard King of California bed. Therefore, Cal King sheets will not fit a King bed. You will need to shop for king-size sheets separately. Now that you have weighed the pros and cons of each mattress size and considered your sleeping environment, you should have enough information to make an informed decision. At Casper, we offer King mattresses and King of California-size mattresses for the same price, so you dont have to worry about your budget when comparing the two. Once you know what size mattress you want to buy, make sure to pair it with the correct bedding size.

California King Vs King Mattresses: Which Size Is Best For Your Sleep

Sleep Zone Huntington 10

ByDavina Frankspublished 23 February 22

California king and king mattresses each offer acres of space, but which size is right for you? Here we explore the differences between them in terms of dimensions, cost, space for co-sleeping and different sleep positions. We also look at why you might prefer one over the other in terms of your body type, budget and the space in your bedroom.

Every model featured in our best mattress guide is available in California king and king sizes, so both are easy to come by, unlike more speciality mattress sizes such as Emperor or split Cal king. And while Cal king is usually the more expensive of the two, you may be surprised to discover that some brands price them the same.

In our California king vs king mattresses comparison, we walk you through everything you need to know about each size and how they would best suit your sleep needs.

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Are Two Twin Beds The Same As A King

Twin mattresses measure 38 inches wide by 75 inches tall. Therefore, two twin beds would not equal the size of a king bed. However, you can use two twin XL mattresses, which measure 38 inches wide by 80 inches long, to create a standard king bed. These extra-long twin beds are 5 inches longer than a standard twin. This option is often referred to as a split king.

Should I Buy King Or Cal King Sheets

When you buy sheets for your King mattress, make sure you buy the correct size. Your flat sheet can fit both the California and the Standard King, but the fitted sheet needs to fit your specific mattress size.

Unless you’re very tall, most people go with the Standard King bed. Bedding is easier to find and the extra width is preferential over the extra length.

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What To Look For While Buying A California King

  • Size The most obvious things to go for first. While buying a California king-size bed, you need to check the size and also verify whether it complements your sleeping style or height or not. Assessing this parameter can help you make the right choice.
  • Trial Period Spending at 1/3rd of your life on a bad mattress seems like such a waste of time. You must insist on a trial period. Ask your retailer about the trial period on the California king mattress of your choice. Life is too short to sleep on a bad mattress.
  • Warranty We have established a California king-size mattress is a pretty heavy investment. Therefore, it is important that you protect your investment with a warranty period. This warranty period protects you from paying for repairs or all-together a new mattress. Certain natural and unavoidable situations can be considered for warranty.
  • Material Most users are a bit heavy-weight and quite tall. This might lead to more abrasion and hence, wear & tear. However, if your mattress is durable, then you can save your mattress from premature damage.

Is Queen Size Bed The Same As 2 Twin Size Beds

King Size Floating Bed Frame [Easily build your own!]

Two twin beds are approximately 78 inches wide. This is much larger than a queen-size mattress just two feet wide. The double bed is also longer than the single beds. So if you try to put a queen size sheet on two single beds, you will find yourself in a situation where the sheets are too tight but also too long.

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What Is The Difference Between A King And A California King Bed

Cheap. The main difference between a Kingsize bed and a California King bed is that one bed is shorter and wider and the other longer and narrower. The king size bed is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. The California King is only a few inches narrower than the 72″ wide King, but is 84 inches longer.

What’s The Difference Between King Vs California King

  • Your size: The main difference between these two mattress sizes is the proportions.
  • Sleep Companions: King mattresses are wider than California King mattresses. So if you or your partner like to have some space while you sleep, a standard king size bed is best.
  • Sleeping Positions: This is a very important factor to consider when choosing a mattress.

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Why Buy A Standard King Bed

  • More space to spreadout. Unless you’re very tall, most people opt for the Standard King, since extra width is preferable to extra height.
  • Bedding is easier to find. Standard Kings are more popular and so you have more options for bedding. Also, while fitted sheets are made in California King size, flat sheets and blankets are notmeaning they may be a bit too short.

What Is A California King Bed Frame And Headboard


The California King bed frame is 92 inches long, 78 inches wide, and 14 inches high, with a headboard height of 42 inches. Saatva offers free white glove delivery to surrounding areas. Once the date and time have been agreed, a professional will install the bed frame in the bedroom of your choice free of charge.

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What Size Bed Should A 6

Those who are 6-feet tall will sleep most comfortably on a king mattress, which is 80 inches long. A California king measures 4 inches longer than a standard king and is another popular size for taller individuals. For even more legroom, sleepers can opt for a Texan king, which is 98 inches long. All three of these mattress sizes would be a good choice for someone over 6-feet tall.

For taller sleepers with a small room size, a full XL or a twin XL bed may also be a suitable option. Both of these standard mattress sizes are 80 inches longgiving tall individuals enough space to stretch out their legs.

What Are California King Mattresses

California king beds, also known as Western King mattresses or cal king mattresses are 72 wide x 84 long. California king beds are ideal for taller people who need more leg room on a bed.

Pros of Cal king beds:

  • Good for tall people
  • Fits well in more narrow rooms

Cons of Cal king beds:

  • Harder to shop for bedding and accessories
  • Expensive

See more pros and cons of a California king bed.

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Filling The Bed Frame

If your king-size bed frame is a headboard with a metal rails type of bed frame, then you can accommodate the larger mattress by replacing the king-size rails with longer California king-size bed rails to extend the frame. However, if your king-size bed frame has an attached foot board, such as a sleigh style, than the longer mattress will not fit the frame, as the bed-frame length is fixed to fit a standard king mattress.


Is A California King Bigger Than A King Mattress

Cal king bed frame (how to for about $150)

A misconception in the mattress industry is that a California king is the larger mattress compared to a king. However, Cal king beds have less surface area than a king. Its not a huge difference, but you may feel differently based on your specific needs. For example, if you, your sleep partner, or both of you are six feet or taller, a California king size might be the best choice.

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Can Ikea Manufacture California King

Unfortunately, no, you cant purchase bed sheets that are the size of standard King beds in IKEA.

They only sell beds, bed frames, as well as sheets in the sizes theyre offering.

I once tried asking them for the sheets of my custom-size double-queen bed, and they only gave me pre-made sizes that are the closest to the measurement I was looking for.

Of course, I knew that it would look bad, so I didnt push with the decision.

This is a reminder for everyone to research and look for sizes online first, before going with custom-sized beds and bed frames.

I later found out that the custom-size sheets I was looking for needed to be customized as well.

Thats just about it!

If youre looking for a California King bed frame, looking at IKEA wouldnt be the best option.

You have many options in the market, several Target stores and outlets have Cal King bed frames and sheets. Try adjusting your options to that.

Are The Headboards For A King And A Cal King The Similar Size

How to make a queen headboard fit a king mattress

The difference between a standard and a King of California is 2 inches on each side, therefore a King size headboard would be 2 inches wider on each side. A traditional king-sized mattress is 76 wide by 80 long, whereas a King of California measures 72 wide by 84 long.

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The Best California King Size Bed Frame

The Casper Haven Bed Frames minimalist design should suit a range of interior designs. The cushioned headboard is upholstered with a wool and polyester blend fabric. The frame is available in two neutral colors: heathered gray and charcoal.

The hardwood frame supports thick slats made of laminated veneer lumber, which are encased in a polyester fabric cover.

The Casper Haven is suitable for shoppers who do not want to assemble the bed frame themselves, as its $149 delivery fee includes professional installation in the room of your choice. The delivery service is restricted to the contiguous 48 states and certain parts of Canada.

Casper offers shoppers the reassurance of a 30-night trial for the Haven Bed Frame. Customers who also purchase a Casper mattress have a 100-night risk-free trial for both the frame and mattress. The Casper Haven Bed Frame includes a non-transferrable, 2-year warranty.


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