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Are Gel Foam Mattresses Hot

It May Not Be For You If

Will my memory foam mattress sag and make me hot at night?
  • You Sleep Too Hot A significant issue with this material is that has a greater potential to sleep hot, even with cooling gel. While it will be fine for most, if you tend to sweat or you are in a warm climate, you might want to consider other options.
  • You are a Stomach Sleeper If you prefer to sleep on your belly, you will likely need a firmer surface for this position, so you do not sink too deep. If you go with memory foam , consider opting for a firmer model overall. There are many out there with this material that work well just be careful of choosing something too soft with deep sinkage.

Why Is Memory Foam Hot

If youve got a memory foam mattress too hot to handle, there are a few things you want to know. There are reasons why this foam is so comfortable but so hot, lets take a look.

The airy structure of the foam is there to hug out body and contour to our shape. That reason is why so many people turn to this type of mattress. Many people who deal with back or neck pain will use memory foam because it helps them sleep better.

The problem with something hugging you while youre sleeping is that sinking into the mattress is what causes us to get so hot. The porous foam has tiny little bubbles, and when you combine them, the mattress becomes quite dense. Since the bed is so compact, its not breathable.

If we compare this to a box spring or innerspring mattress, there is a lot of space in the mattress for air to move around. When you sleep on an innerspring, your body heat can flow down into the bed and make its way out.

Since the mattress is dense and it only becomes denser when you lay on it, there is nowhere for that body heat to go. As a result, the mattress itself becomes hot, you become hot, and everything becomes a big sweaty mess.

However, the best mattresses available, whether memory foam or some other material, have found ways to combat sleeping hot. There are gel-infused memory mattresses and plant-based memory foam mattresses. Whatever type of bed you end up shopping for, just check to make sure the company has addressed the sleeping hot factor.

Keep Lamps And Electronics Off Or Away From Your Bed

Lamps and even overhead lights produce heat which can contribute to you overheating at night. Memory foam absorbs this heat and retains it for a short period of time so it is best to turn them off about 20-30 minutes prior to going to bed. Laptops and other electronics also produce heat and you should follow the same guidelines when using them in, or around your bed.

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Are Memory Foam Mattresses Hot

Lower temperatures are one of the most important factors for a good nights sleep, signaling to our body that its time to restrest which is well-earned and well-deserved.1

As far as mattresses go, traditional memory foam structures do retain more heat than some other types because of how their foam material is designed. But if youve ever had the pleasure of snoozing your alarm from the cozy embrace of your memory foam mattress, youll know theyre about as soft and fluffy as a cloud.

But, just how hot is the average memory foam mattress? And are there memory foam mattresses that have the cool factor?

There certainly are. There are a wide variety of solutions available if you crave the comfort of a memory foam mattress but dont want to compromise on a cool sleeping experience. Youll never have to ask are memory foam mattresses hot again because, while the average memory foam mattress might be, yours definitely wont be.

Use Covers On Top Of Your Memory Foam Mattress

Hot 10"  Cool Medium

Covering your foam mattress with protectors made out of natural and breathable materials can lower its temperature to more comfortable levels.

Simple mattress protector will keep odors away too, and they will make your life easier as you can wash them more often. Covers will also protect it from being stained and will keep it in pristine condition.

There are covers specifically made for memory foam mattresses with an increased airflow. Some of them even draw moisture from the skin and distribute it evenly across the covers surface area.

This will reduce sweat and help to keep you cool during the night. Being easily removable they can be washed as many times as you like. Cleaning them is easy as they are machine washable.

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Can I Use Box Springs Under A Hybrid

In short: no. Box springs really arent suitable for any mattress type other than a classic innerspring because foam and hybrid mattresses are much too heavy to go on top of a support as flimsy as box springs.

Mattress foundations and platform beds are much better alternatives because theyre rigid and strong enough to take the weight of heavy foams and pocketed coils. In fact, even if you have a traditional coil mattress, you could still benefit from the solid support provided by a foundation or platform. These bed bases offer firmer support than box springs, helping offset the coil mattresss tendency to sag and maybe even lengthening its lifespan.

How Can I Cool Down My Mattress

Choose a cooling mattress topper. Cooling toppers are a great way to cool your mattress down while also providing an extra touch of comfort. Try cooler pillows. Cool your bedroom down. Increase air circulation. Swap to cotton bedding. Use a lightweight duvet. Try using a hot water bottle. Adjust your clothing.

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Who Are Memory Foam Mattresses Best For

Memory foam mattresses accommodate all kinds of sleepers. These beds come in a variety of firmness levels and support different body types.

Some memory foam beds may be too warm for hot sleepers. Memory foam retains body heat and can make your sleeping surface feel too hot. This can make it harder for hot sleepers to fall asleep and may cause you to wake up feeling sweaty.

Mattress Firmness And Heat Retention

Cool Gel 14-inch Memory Foam Mattress // Classic Brands

Due to the fact that a person sinks significantly into a softer mattress, air flow around the sleeper is thereby restricted often resulting in greater heat trap potential.

By contrast, a person tends to sleep on top of a firm mattress thereby having greater air flow. However, highly conforming firmer mattresses, such as certain models, have above-average heat trap potential due in part to their ability to strongly contour to the curves of a sleeper’s body thereby restricting airflow between the mattress and the sleeper.

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Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress


  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
  • Trial Period: 30 days

The Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress combines premium pressure-relieving memory foam with a high-density cool gel memory foam for the perfect balance of softness and support. This mattress is supportive, but has enough give to fully conform to your shape. This combination alleviates pressure where you need it most, so you get a good nights sleep and wake up pain-free. The gel layer also helps regulate body temperature so, true to its name, you sleep cooler and dont wake up sweaty. Heads up: Unlike other mattresses on this list that come with an extended trial period, this mattress is covered only by Amazons 30-day return policy.

What the Reviews Say: Buying a mattress on Amazon may be different than what youre used to, but the vast majority of reviewers are happy they rolled the dice. I was very nervous and skeptical about buying a mattress online. My husband and I spent so many hours looking and testing different mattresses, writes one five-star reviewer. After a week of having the bed I can now say that I am 110% satisfied with the mattress. I havent slept this good in a long time. This mattress changed my views on memory foam…This one is so worth it!

How Does Gel Memory Foam Work

There are several ways that gel memory foam helps keep sleepers cool. The types of gel beads used in its construction are specially designed to reduce or regulate body temperature. Depending on the manufacturer, these beads can either consist of thermal gel, a cool-to-the-touch material, or phase-changing gel, which has the ability to transition from solid to liquid at a certain temperature, helping to draw heat away from the body. No matter the type of gel beads found in a gel memory foam mattress, they are designed to have a lasting cooling effect that surpasses that of standard memory foam.

Another way that gel memory foam helps with cooling is through its firmer sleep surface. With regular memory foam, sleepers may tend to sink into the mattress. This causes the mattress to wrap around them and hug them, leading to heat becoming trapped and producing a stifling feeling. Gel memory foam is slightly denser, resulting in a firmer sleep surface that reduces sinkage, but still manages to be soft enough for comfort.

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Choose An Appropriate Bed Frame

Even the savviest sleeper might not realize how important their bed frame is to their sleep experience. To decrease heat retention, choose an open, supportive bed frame such as a slatted bed frame. The slats allow for air circulation through the mattresss base layer, reducing the overall heat that could get trapped in the mattresss foam layers.

But, what about the presence of a box spring? You may be wondering, does a memory foam mattress need a box spring or does a bed frame offer enough support? If heat retention is a concern, its important to note that box springs may impact the level of airflow required of cooling memory foam mattresses to perform at its finest, especially if placed directly on the ground.

Why Does Heat Wake Me Up


Body temperature helps regulate your sleep-wake cycle, and our body temperature drops as we wind down for sleep. Some researchers think taking steps to cool down before bed, such as a hot shower or bath to increase blood circulation and disperse heat, can help us fall asleep faster.

Our body temperatures drop even lower as we slip into REM sleep. We rely partly on environmental factors to keep our body temperatures just right if our surroundings are too warm or too cool, it may wake us up and hinder time spent in REM sleep.

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A Unique Memory Foam Feel

Many users of memory foam report that it has a unique and recognizable feel. It hugs and contours to your body as you compress the mattress, providing exceptional pressure relief and support, and is particularly helpful for those struggling with aches and pains.

The material will gradually shape to match the outline of your body, meaning the mattress is essentially customized for your needs each time you lay down. When you get up, the material will regain its original shape, readying itself for the next use.

Another feature the material has that can be advantageous in the mattress application is the motion isolation it offers. Motion isolation means there is very little transfer of energy from one side of the mattress to the other. If your partner is tossing and turning in the night, for instance, you are unlikely to feel much of anything as you sleep.

This is not a feature that can be claimed by a traditional spring mattress, and it is a big part of its popularity. Viscoelastic properties are what makes it unique, and its worth noting that poly foam without viscoelastic properties is not memory foam.

Which Is Best Memory Foam Or Gel

Besides choosing based on your personal preference, both memory foam and gel mattresses provide different things. For example, a memory foam mattress provides full body support and little to no motion transfer, whereas a gel mattress might sleep a little cooler than a foam mattress. Below, were talking about the pros and cons of each type of mattress.

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What Is A Gel Memory Foam Mattress

  • May 18, 2020

Its hard to believe what we as humans used to sleep on, considering the options available to us now. In recent years, we have learned more and more about the importance of sleep. Even the National Institutes of Health published a study in 2018 entitled, The Extraordinary Importance of Sleep that covered its benefits and the harm that inadequate sleep can inflict on a person. At this point, theres no reason to place sleep anywhere other than near the top of our daily priorities list. We need good, sound sleep as often as possible to live healthy lives.

Fortunately, mattress technology has been advancing quickly, and these days we have more options for bedding than ever before. One of the latest innovations is the gel memory foam mattress, and its taking the sleep market by storm. Dynasty Mattress offers a wide range of choices within our gel memory foam mattress collection, and wed like to explain what this new option for sleep is about below.

Why You Should Trust Us

Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review – A Soft Addition?

The team is made up of experts in the sleep space. To compile our best-of lists, we use a comprehensive testing process that looks at how each mattress performs on various factors such as edge support, pressure relief, and motion isolation. As part of this process, we also measure how much heat the mattresses retain using a hot water bottle and a thermal camera.

Our in-house testing team, which includes people of varying body types and sleep position preferences, combined objective results with their own subjective opinions to provide you with this look at the best gel mattresses currently on the market.

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Lucid Hybrid Mattress Bamboo Charcoal & Aloe Vera

  • 100 Nights Risk Free Trial
  • Warranty 10 Years

The 12 mattress has three foam layers and pocketed support coils. It has 2.5 bamboo charcoal and aloe vera-infused memory foam and offers excellent pressure relief and body shaping. It is a much breathable mattress. For heat dissipation and ventilation, the top memory foam is impregnated with bamboo charcoal, and the motion isolating springs encourage airflow throughout the mattress.

The top layer of memory foam is blended with aloe vera, which has anti-inflammatory and relaxation qualities. A soothing layer of bamboo charcoal and aloe vera helps disperse heat well.

Should I Buy My Bed Online

The reason so many companies are exploring online sales models is that they can offer significant cost savings in more of a budget range by bypassing middlemen in the traditional supply chain. This enables them to offer the same quality youd see in a store for much less cheaper than youd typically pay a brick and mortar retailer.

Many people are nervous about buying something online sight unseen and may be tempted to pay higher prices for in-store models, rather than an internet discount. However, research shows that you will receive a much better impression of whether a mattress works for you by sleeping on it for at least a few weeks rather than a quick 10-minute test drive in a store. Most online brands offer generous sleep trial packages and will refund your money if their product isnt a perfect fit.

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So Which Mattress Wins

When you compare a traditional memory foam mattress with a gel memory foam bed, you can see that theres not a lot of difference. Both are excellent choices for anyone. What it comes down to is the temperature and the firmness you prefer. If you like to sleep cool on a firmer surface, then a gel memory foam mattress is the best choice. If not, then a traditional memory foam will provide you with a great nights sleep.

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Use Breathable Sheets On Your Mattress

Amazon Hot Selling Portable 3in Queen Size Folding Memory ...

Using breathable sheets on your mattress can make all the difference. Avoid sheets made from synthetic materials because they only add to the heat retention created by memory foam.

Sheets made from high-quality cotton are surprisingly effective at cooling your sleep surface down. Sheets made from natural bamboo fibers also provide a cooling sensation.

The thread count is not as important as the material the sheets are made from but usually, a thread count of 250-400 is optimal for sleeping cool.

The right sheets for your mattress are relatively inexpensive and should be considered first when trying to figure out how to cool down a Tempurpedic mattress.

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Memory Foam Vs Gel Memory Foam Mattress Along With Its Pros And Cons

2021-09-17 13:14:52

King Koil

  • Memory foam mattresses are comfortable, supportive, and durable: Memory foam is usually denser than spring mattress options, which means it can offer better support for your body. High-density memory foam mattresses are also less likely to sag over time compared to other types of foams.
  • Pressure relief: Memory foam’s softness can ease pressure on sensitive areas of your body, such as the hips and shoulders. Memory foam mattresses efficiently contour around curves for enhanced comfort while reducing stress from painful pressure points. Memory foam also provides more cushioning than traditional mattress types like spring or latex choices.
  • Motion isolation: Memory foam beds absorb motion so that one side of the bed doesn’t disturb what happens on the other side. This means less disruption if you sleep with a partner who gets out of bed often during the night, making memory foam ideal for couples who want their own sleeping space without feeling isolated from each other in separate beds. The motion isolation is most apparent in high-density traditional memory foam configurations.
  • What are the disadvantages of Memory foam?

  • Slower response rate: The slower response rate in Memory foam can be an advantage or disadvantage depending upon its use. The slower response rate would lead to our body sinking more, and a higher response rate means better pressure relief without the sinking.
  • What are the benefits of gel Memory foam?


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