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Do Sofa Beds Come With Mattress

How It Converts Into A Bed

Sofa Bed Repair – Keeping You in the Bed and Not on the Floor

Sofa beds convert in various ways, depending on the type. For instance, some sofa beds feature pull-out bed systems with a hidden mattress that pops out, while others simply fold down, like futons, which turn the seat cushions and backrests into the mattress.

Pull-out sofa beds typically require more space than futons and other convertible sofas, but they also tend to be a bit more comfortable, thanks to a traditional mattress. So if you have a small space, a futon or convertible loveseat might be your best bet, while larger rooms might benefit more from a pull-out option.

Common types of sleeper sofas include:

  • Sofa beds: Traditional sofa beds are couches with a hidden mattress that you can pull out when needed. Jenon Bailie says traditional sofa beds “provide the most comfortable and supportive sofa sleep experience.”
  • Convertible sofa beds:“Convertible sleeper sofas have backs that fold down to form a sleep surface in conjunction with the sofa’s seat,” explains Jenon Bailie. In other words, the seat cushions and armrests serve as the mattress when you convert these sofas into a bed.
  • Futon: A futon is a type of convertible sofa. You can pull down the backrests of a futon to make it into a bed. Convertible sofas like futons tend to be firmer than traditional sofa beds, but you can always purchase a mattress topper to create softer comfort.

Sofa Bed Mattress Buying Guide

Higher Bed-ucation: The ABZzzzs of Buying a Sofa Bed Mattresscontact us here1. How to find out the measurements of your new sleeper sofa mattress2. What type of sofa mattress you should choose and why3. What makes a sofa bed mattress durable4. Why you should order a mattress Made in the USA5. The advantages and disadvantages of buying the mattress online vs offline6. The benefits of buying the hide a bed mattress from a manufacturer and not a retailer7. Other aspects you should look out for, like warranty, reviews, return policy, shipping details, payment methods8. Sofa bed mattress accessories which will provide even more comfort

Minimalistic Folding Sofa/mattress From Japan

The next one is also a Japanese design called MT3 Reclining Sofa. Its also a sofa-like shape that will fold out to become a bed and a chaise lounge.

It a slimmer design, and works very well in all three variations.

It looks super comfortable and is perfect for reading and sleeping.

Unfortunately, its only available in Japan, as far as we can tell, but youll find a similar design here at only $200!

It looks comfortable, and it will look great in a modern apartment.

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Are Sleeper Sofas Comfortable

Whether you need a lot of support or prefer to sink into your mattress, its easier than ever to find a sleeper sofa that fits your personal sleeping style. With so many options to choose from, you no longer have to compromise on mattress firmness or material. Shop for a pull-out sofa the same way you would shop for a mattress or guest bed. Comfort should always be a priority!

Also, keep mattress size in mind. If you need a sleeper for two people, you may want to upgrade to a queen sleeper sofa.

Like standard mattresses, there are multiple ways to enhance your comfort level. Try using a mattress topper for an additional layer and make sure you are using pillows that match your mattress comfort level – and the sleep style of those who will use it most!

Customer Support

How To Buy A Sleeper Sofa

Best Homelegance 4803BLK Sofa Bed Review: Best Homelegance 4803BLK ...

There are many things to consider when purchasing a sleeper sofa. A great place to start is size. For sleepers, the sizes are based on bed size, such as queen and twin. Next, choose between a basic mechanism , a premium platform bed sleeper or a futon . Once you’ve selected the size and sleeper type, you can browse all the available styles, and finally select your favorite fabric or leather.

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What’s The Best Sleeper Sofawhat’s The Best Sleeper Sofa

Models Summary:

  • Signature Sleep Devon with Memory Foam Mattress – Best Overall & For Appartments
  • Stone & Beam Fischer Queen-Sized Sleeper Sofa – #1 Leather Sofa
  • Furniture of America Charlton Contemporary Corner Sectional with Pull-Out Sleeper – #1 Sectional Sleeper Sofa
  • HONBAY Leather Convertible L-Shape Couch – Budget Sectionals for The Money
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    About Our Sleeper Sofas

    Sleeper sofas are prized for their practicality the compact design makes them perfect for small spaces such as spare rooms, efficiencies and cozy apartments. When you have guests, you want to put them up right, not squeeze them into cramped spaces. City Mattresss sleeper sofas are perfect for the job. Each piece is stylish yet functional. By day, theyre an integral part of a modern, well-appointed living area. At night, open them up to a bed ranging in size from full to king. Traditional beds take up a lot of space, which is at a premium in big cities. If you live in an efficiency, a sleeper sofa is a perfect solution. Not only does it maximize space, it looks better too. In an efficiency, you cant simply shut the door on your unmade bed its front and center 24/7. But with a sleeper sofa, you can just hop up in the morning and quickly tuck the entire bed away.

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    Sleep Master 5 Gel Memory Foam


    This bed from DynastyMattress is our selection for Best Overall sofa mattress. The bed provides high-quality mattress features while still retaining a budget-friendly price.

    The mattress is constructed with a layered design that is 4.5 inches thick in total. The top layer is a 2-inch plush gel memory foam that is excellent for those who prefer their mattress to conform to their body for good alignment and need relief for pressure points and joint pain. While some traditional memory foam mattresses might skew on the warmer side, the gel memory foam should help keep you cool at night for a better overall sleep experience.

    Below the gel memory foam is an additional foam base for added support that is 2.5 inches thick. According to their website, DynastyMattress uses higher-density memory foam than their competitors, with density levels that range between 3-5 pounds per cubic foot.

    Classic Brands Memory Foam Replacement Mattress

    How to dismantle a Sofa Bed Mechanism on a DFS sofa

    Our last product is the Classic Brands Memory Foam Replacement Mattress, which consists of both memory foam and high-density poly foam. This combination means youre getting the best of both worlds as the memory foam offers support and the poly foam provides comfort.

    These two foams put together will make sleeping on this mattress a fantastic experience that wont make you miss your bed at home. Its essential we note that the memory foam is hypoallergenic as well, which means its mold, allergens, bacteria, and dust mite resistant.

    This product also comes in three different size options, which means you can choose the one that fits your situation perfectly. It gives you more control over your buying experience and should increase the chances you end up happy with the mattress.

    I should mention that this model comes with a 3-year warranty as well, which is something I love in any product for reasons Ive discussed in the previous reviews. The fact that this product has affordable price isnt something Im going to overlook either.

    Plus, I like how easily this model folds and unfolds from a sofa bed. This quality tends to be an issue in a memory foam mattress, but this one acts like a spring mattress and does both without any hassles.

    • Some customers reported packaging issues

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    Are There Sleeper Sofas Without A Mattress

    The vast majority of sleeper sofas include a mattress. But if you’re looking for an option that does not require removing the cushions or pulling out the mattress from underneath, there are options available, including futon styles, certain European mechanisms which fold down from the top of the sofa, and some unique new designs available from Luonto. Natuzzi is a brand which offers a great selection of Euro mech sleepers, primarily in leather. Luonto’s sleepers offer several unique and ingenious designs there the cushions slide out, in, or around to make a bed.

    Quick And Easy Transformation

    It only takes like 30 seconds to transform this sofa into a bed.

    First, you pull out two supporting legs from the backrest, and then you can lower the backrest down to horizontal position.

    Then you pull out the mattress from under the sofa , and finally, you fold out the mattress.

    Its made from strong and environmentally friendly materials. The frame and main construction are made from steel, and the wooden parts are made from fine eucalyptus wood.

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    Sofa Bed Mattress Replacements

    Astio Corner Sofa Bed

    Your current sofa bed mattress is a medieval torture device.

    Even more frustrating, a high-quality replacement can be hard to track down.

    Most local mattress stores near you dont carry them, which means youre likely going to be buying online.

    Have no fear!

    By the time youre done reading this guide, youre going to be armed with everything you need to find the best sofa bed mattress.

    Need a Sofa Bed Mattress? Call 888-488-1468

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    Maximize Comfort & Function With A Sofa Bed From Leon’s

    Sofa beds offer exceptional versatility for those who want to add extra sleeping space to their homes. Sofas that pull out into double or queen size beds can be particularly handy when you have overnight guests, as you can simply bring out the beds when they’re required and tuck them away, out of sight, when they’re no longer needed.

    If you’ve been shopping for sofas that pull out into beds, but have yet to find the right one for your space, our inventory is sure to impress. Just take a few minutes to browse our selection now and you will discover sofas in many different shades, materials and styles. Whether you’re shopping for a piece for your rec room or even a formal living room, our quality home furnishings will add exceptional style and function to your home.

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    Why Choose A Sofa Bed

    Sofa beds are super handy for unexpected guests, or if gatherings go on into the night. You can relax with the family on the sofa, and when youre ready for bed you can pull out the mattress and give your guests a restful night’s sleep. Sofa beds are a great space saver for smaller homes, and they provide the comfort of a sofa and a cosy bed when you need it.

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    What Were Looking For

    Size: Depending on your space, youll want to consider what size sofa is right for you and your guests. If youre working with a smaller living area, you might want something compact like a chair and a half that converts into a twin-size bed. Or if you want to spread out, a three- or four-seater couch can turn into a queen- or king-size bed to accommodate more than one overnight guest.

    Mattress: Some sleepers come with actual mattresses with springs, while others simply use the cushions or seating surface to create the bed. Though its largely a matter of preference, keep in mind that a mattress will usually be trifolded within a metal frame , while a cushion surface will remain flat which brings us to our next point about the sleepers conversion mechanism.

    Conversion mechanism: Traditionally speaking, a sleeper sofa hides a pullout metal frame beneath the seating area with a flexible mattress on top. Converting this style of sleeper to bed requires a bit more elbow grease, but there are other styles that are more streamlined. Besides the basic futon style that simply unfolds to lay flat, some sleepers come with a trundle platform that slides out, while others require picking up the seat cushion and moving it to the floor.

    Which Sleeper Sofas Are The Most Comfortable

    How to Make a Sofa Bed
    • Best Traditional Sleeper Sofa: West Elm Henry Sleeper Sofa
    • Most Comfortable Sleeper Sofa: Wayfair Sarah 77” Square Arm Sofa Bed
    • Best Affordable Sleeper Sofa: Mercury Row Imani Velvet Wide Square Arm Convertible Sofa
    • Best Queen Size Sleeper Sofa: Crate& Barrel Mansfield Queen Roll Arm Sleeper Sofa

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    When And Where And Who

    Will you be buying the sofa bed as the main furniture piece? Is your sofa sleeper going to be used as a guest bed? These are a few questions to consider when purchasing sofa beds and sofa sleepers.

    If you live in a small apartment, its quite practical to own a sofa sleeper or sofa bed as the main furniture. Because theyre so compact, you maximize what little space you have and lessen the risk of cluttering. For a larger home, having these sofa beds is useful when guests need a spot to sleep in.

    What To Consider When Shopping For A Sleeper Sofa

    Size: Many sleeper sofas are heavier than a typical sofa, particularly the pullout styles with metal frames. If you anticipate needing to move it frequently, you may want to go for a smaller and lighter option like a fold-down, futon-style sofa bed. Be sure to measure your space for the dimensions of both the sofa configuration as well as the fully extended bed configuration before purchasing.Converter Type: From sleeper sofas with pullout systems to sofa beds that simply fold down flat, consider how easy the sofa can transition from regular seating to a bed for overnight guests. If you’re shopping for a small apartment or dorm, for example, where you don’t have a lot of space to rearrange furniture, you may want to choose a futon-style or twin-size sleeper. Fold-down converters are the fastest to convert and usually take up less space, but they aren’t usually as soft as a pullout sofa with an innerspring or memory foam mattress.

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    Cons Of Sleeper Sofas

    How to choose the perfect sofa bed

    But buyer be warned: An older sleeper sofa can be a pain in the neck for your guestsliterally.

    Sleep sofas, which are cheaper than other options, often provide too much sinkage or cushiness because of their low-quality material,” says Robert Pagano, co-founder of Sleepline. “The only real benefit they have over air mattresses is being able to be folded up when not in use.”

    Plus, since most models start at a few hundred dollars, a sleeper sofa might hurt your budget.

    However, before you swear off sleeper sofas, it’s worth noting that this option has received a serious upgrade over the past few years. So, if you want to bring your guest setup to modern times, look for a sleeper sofa designed with your snoozer in mind.

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    Recpro Charles Collection 80 Rv Hide A Bed Loveseat

    The RecPro Charles Collection 80 RV Hide A Bed Loveseat is another option thatll make any RV owner happy with its performance and features. But what separates this model from the others on our list is its size.

    You see, this model is 80 inches wide, which should easily fit even the tallest people reading this article. Its among the largest sofa beds youll find explicitly made for RVs on the market today that means its still capable of fitting through your RVs door.

    In fact, you could comfortably seat three people on this sofa without issue. But its size isnt the only impressive feature it brings to the table. You should like the 5-inch thick mattress that comes with purchase as well.

    This mattress should provide a good night sleep without causing you to feel stiff the next morning. It also helps that it lays on top of a metal bed frame that you can easily pull out thanks to the convenient handle.

    Plus, its easy to move as the sofa bed comes in two parts, which makes the install process more straightforward. Its quite apparent RecPro made this product with user-friendlessness in mind given all these favorable aspects.

    But there were two things about this RV couch bed that I didnt find appealing. The first was its high price, which was a bummer as all the features did pique my interest. And the second one was that they only offered two color options.

    • Only two color options

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