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Is A Firm Mattress Better For Arthritis

What Makes The Purple Hybrid Premier Stand Out

Best Mattress for Arthritis – 5 Beds To Ease Aches and Pains
  • You can get 3 of the gel grid on top or 4. If youre a heavier side sleeper with arthritis, youre going to want to choose the 4 model, as it will make you feel almost weightless.
  • The mattress is pretty responsive, so it could be a good match for combination sleepers.
  • The grid is designed to be breathable and keep you cool at night.

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Sleep Comfortably Tonight With Picks That Ease Pain And Tension

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Theres nothing worse than trying to fall asleep on an uncomfortable bed. Getting a good nights sleep can be even harder to come by when you suffer from arthritis. Thats why its imperative to find a mattress that fits your specific needs and helps relieve any aches and pains.

Having a quality mattress is a good investment because it helps make sure you wake up feeling healthy and energized, confirms Steven Shoshany, DC, Director and Founder of NYC Chiropractic and Spinal Decompression Center. And since humans spend over a third of their lives sleeping, it only makes sense to buy a comfortable mattress that makes your life a little easier.

When looking for a mattress for arthritis, there are a few factors to keep in mind. You’ll want to take the mattress’s firmness level, materials, and ability to relieve pressure into consideration in order to best alleviate pain.

Best Affordable Mattress For Arthritis

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

  • Type: Memory foam
  • Height: 11 inches

With one of the longest in-home trial periods 365 nights youll have plenty of time to decide if the Nectar mattress is right for you.

Reviewers love the comfortable, medium-firm feel and say it provides ample support and pressure relief. Side sleepers, in particular, are fond of this memory foam mattress.

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The Best Mattress For Arthritis: Our Pick

The Geneva Copper Latex Hybrid Select mattress is our pick as one of the best mattresses for arthritis because the comfort layer uses a special latex that can help soothe chronic pain. The comfort layer is made up of a 3 copper-infused latex that has natural anti-inflammatory properties, so many people use it to relieve aches and pains and to treat symptoms of arthritis. This medium-firm mattress also helps to alleviate pressure by offering circulation. Unlike a memory foam mattress that can trap heat, copper also has cooling properties to keep you nice and cool while you sleep.

If the Geneva mattress doesnt meet your every need, the copper-infused latex can be incorporated into any top comfort layer with a custom order. We have a full-selection of premium-quality mattresses and components to choose from to ensure you find the perfect mattress for your needs.

Mattresses For Arthritis: A Buyers Guide

5 Best Mattresses For Arthritis and Joint Pain

If you suffer from arthritis, then you already know how uncomfortable persistent joint pain can be. Characterized by internal and external joint swelling, pain, and stiffness, arthritis can affect any number of joints in your body and affects everyone differently. In some cases your range of motion may be decreased, and any external pressure upon afflicted joints may be too painful to bear.

This can be incredibly problematic during the night when you are trying to sleep. Especially since this period of rest is an important part of your bodys healing process- also influencing how well you cope with this affliction, both mentally and physically.

Depending on what joints are affected, and your mobility, you should be taking care to preserve your sleep through your comfort choices. The number one product to help you with your overall sleeping surface is your mattress, and you should consider the role it plays in your joint support each night.

Check out our article about Sleep Tips and Bedding Guides for Back and Joint Pain

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When Its Too Hard

You would often find some parts go your body to be numb when you have a mattress that is entirely too firm. Your neck, shoulder, and back will ache very much, and you will wake up tired.

Firstly, your body will not be allowed to release pressure and therefore hurt after some time. Secondly, too much stress will fall upon your spine and joints as the model will not be able to contour and sink in your body correctly.

Lastly, you will feel fatigued because your body will be sore, and you probably spent the night in your sleep shifting to find a comfortable position.

Get a firm mattress but just be sure that its not very hard.

Is A Firm Mattress Better For Back Pain

March 19, 2020// by Terry Cralle//

For people experiencing back pain, or suffering from a back pain-inducing condition, it is difficult to find the best sleeping position, the best pillows, and of course, the best mattress.

People usually associate mattresses with something that is not that important when it comes to sleeping sleeping positions and pillows seem more important. However, an improper mattress can contribute to lower back pain and other painful body areas. That is why it is important to invest in a good mattress.

But, what makes a mattress good? Back pain patients usually associate a firm mattress with quality. It is believed that a firm mattress provides the necessary support and comfort for the lower back especially. But, is a firm mattress really better for your back pain? Lets find out!

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What To Look For In A Mattress For Rheumatoid Arthritis

Choosing a mattress for rheumotoid arthritis doesnt have to be difficult, you just have to know what to look for. So here are some pointers to remember when choosing the best bed for arthritis.

1. Pressure Relief

You must be thinking how can a soft mattress hurt my joints? Valid question, but know that a mattress that offers good pressure relief and a mattress that bows or sags is not the same thing. When you sleep, your heavier body parts that stick out apply more force to a mattress. A quality mattress will offer these areas pressure relief without sacrificing support in other areas . A quality mattress will spread this force and reduce the pressure just at these points.

2. Support

A Supportive mattress is important for the neck and spine and should push up into you. It should feel like you are laying ON a cloud, not laying IN a cloud. If there isnt enough support, the mattress will sag and poorly disperse body pressure. It will do more damage than good to arthritis patients with back pain.

3. Perfect Temperature

4. Quality Materials

Good quality materials are expensive, no doubt! But they are inevitable for great performance and durability in a mattress. A high-quality mattress will not sag, will last over time and ensure comfort for senior arthritis patients. Check with the mattress provider on where they source their materials.

5. Allows For Shifting

What Is The Best Mattress For Arthritis + Uk Deals 2022

Best Mattresses For Arthritis – Our Top 7 Picks!

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Theres a lot of advice online about choosing the best mattress if youve got arthritis. However, it takes a while to sift through the sales pitches and get to some solid advice. I should make it clear from the start that I have no medical training or expertise in arthritis. However, Ive spent a good deal of time trying to discover what the actual experts say.

The most useful and trustworthy advice Ive found online is from UK charity Versus Arthritis.

Their sleeping guide says For most people with arthritis, a mattress that conforms to and supports your body to avoid excessive pressure points on your joints is most comfortable. They say that a mattress needs to hold your spine correctly which means that when you lie on your back it should retain its natural S curve and that when youre on your side, it should be straight.

If youve read any of the other waffle on this website then youll know that much of this advice applies to everyone regardless of whether or not you have arthritis.

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Using A Soft Mattress

Many people wonder if the opposite is true.

If your mattress is too firm, are you better off with a softer one? Perhaps the firmness is providing too much pressure on the body, enhancing the pain? Can soft mattresses be helpful for back pain sufferers?

Lacking Support

The general advice is to stay away from very soft mattresses. If the mattress is too soft, it will not provide adequate support, and may make your condition worse by creating uncomfortable pressure points or putting additional strain on your spine.

Soft mattresses do not provide proper support and stability even when you sleep on your side. If you move around a lot at night, its likely that you wont get comfortable either because theres no cushioning under the hips.

Mattress Sagging

Deeper impressions may cause you more problems as they allow some parts of your body to press against the surface more than others, causing some areas to be deprived of necessary support.


Softer mattresses are generally preferred by those who suffer primarily from upper body pain since they can contour around their shoulders and hips more easily than firm surfaces. Some doctors dont recommend them, however, because of the lack of lower back support mentioned above.

Balance and Movement


Your Preferred Sleep Position

Mattress manufacturers often design mattresses to accommodate back, side, or stomach sleepers since different sleeping positions usually require different types of support. One 2010 study in Applied Ergonomics suggests that sleeping-related pain can be reduced in people with lower back pain when they choose the right sleeping surface for their preferred sleep position.

Its important to purchase a mattress made for the type of sleeping you usually do, especially if you suffer from arthritis.

A mattress cannot affect arthritis, but your quality of sleep and whether you experience increased pain because of how the mattress supports you are reasons to concentrate on finding a comfortable position on the mattress, says Dr. Domingues. People with lordosis…may find that stomach sleeping is uncomfortable people living with spondylitis or ankylosing spondylitis need to especially support their back.

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What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Arthritis

Hybrid, memory foam, and latex mattresses, all help alleviate the pain associated with arthritis. Innerspring hybrids provide support and bed bounce, owing to the presence of coils and the exceptional contouring associated with foam. Memory foam in itself also offers the contouring you require when suffering from arthritis, cradling the joins. However, youll want to be careful as extra contour can lead to movement issues, in turn elevating your problem. Latex has gained popularity in recent years due to the love for contouring promoted by memory foam. Relieving pressure points and contouring the body, without that sink feeling, latex regulates body temperature and provides bounce.

Sleep Tips For Arthritis Patients

Best Mattress For Arthritis In Back

Arthritis pains and stiffness can still be tolerable during the day. However, those pains may rob you of getting a good sleep at night. And this is not only painful but awful- because not getting enough sleep can be so distressing.

Ive discussed on the best mattresses that you can sleep with to reduce the pains youd feel at night and sleep even comfortably. However, just having the right mattress wouldnt help solve the problem as you need to sleep in the right way- and in the right way, I mean the way thatll reduce the pains.

What should you expect after sleeping in the right way? I assure you that youd be relieved of those pains and youd tackle your daily activities like you never had arthritis!

So, if youre still experiencing pains even though you sleep on the right mattress, then try to follow these sleep tips:

  • Use heat therapy before bed: Before going to bed, you should try to apply heat to the affected areas that youre feeling pains in.

There are various ways to carry out heat therapy but it is most advised to use a heating pad.

Apply to the affected area for about 15-20 minutes before going to bed. Another method is taking a soothing bath, this will also give the same effect as using a heating pad.

Give your body a while to cool down after applying heat to the affected areas because it is very difficult to get an excellent sleep experience if you are overheated.

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Best Mattress For Arthritis Relief

Living with chronic pain can affect your ability to get a good nights sleep, making finding the best mattress for arthritis extremely important. According to studies, 4 out 5 adults with arthritis have poor sleep quality due to disrupted sleep from pain. If you do suffer with arthritis and are looking for a mattress that will help eliminate aches and pains while you sleep, there are a few important factors to keep in mind:

  • Choosing a mattress that fits your preferred comfort level
  • Choosing a mattress that is best for your body type
  • Choosing a mattress that also caters to your specific sleep position
  • Choosing a mattress that caters best to your type of joint pain

Finding the best type of mattress for arthritis sufferers is the key to improving your quality of sleep, and your life. The following recommendations may be a great choice for a pain-free, good nights sleep.

How To Determine The Right Firmness For You

Determining the right mattress firmness can be challenging, especially for couples. If a bed is too soft for your body weight or sleep style, you risk losing support, which is harmful to your sleep posture. On the other hand, mattresses that are too firm dont provide enough cushioning and can result in spinal misalignment.

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Plushbeds Botanical Bliss Mattress

The PlushBeds Botanical Bliss is a great organic option that could be fantastic for combination sleepers as well as hot sleepers. Latex is naturally taut and bouncy, making it easier to move around and does a fantastic job at regulating temperature.

While not as immediately pressure-relieving as, say, memory foam, latex foam can still be a great option for those who deal with arthritis pain. Not only does it have a gentle, buoyant feel, but its also naturally cooling, which helps to soothe aches and pains. For a fantastic latex primer, lets chat about the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss mattress.

This eco-friendly model is built with organic cotton, all-natural wool, and three layers of Dunlop latex. Dunlop latex is a dense material that provides deep, cushiony support to the body as it presses into the structure. But, because latex is a bouncy material, it also works to position the spine on top of the bed for optimal alignment from crown to foot. Its also worth noting that the Botanical Bliss is a 100% certified organic mattress, which means all of its materials have been accredited by the Global Organic Latex Standard and the Global Organic Textile Standard. This marks it as an excellent choice for environmentally minded sleepers who want to snooze on a bed thats as good for them as it is for Mother Earth.

Want to learn more about this green mattress? Then head on over to my full review of the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss!

Best Type Of Mattress For Arthritis

Best Mattress For Arthritis (Top 6 Beds For Joint Pain Relief)

Generally speaking, there are a few major support systems for a mattress. These will ultimately affect how supportive the mattress is. As such, here is our list of the best types of mattress for arthritis:

  • Spring and hybrid design
  • All-foam design
  • Premium air mattress

The middle and top layers are crucial. Youre likely experiencing pain or discomfort throughout the day and falling asleep is tough therefore, finding a comfortable mattress is crucial, perhaps even more than with other back ailments. Usually youll see six types of mid/top layers:

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What Type Of Mattress Is The Best For Arthritis

The key to a great mattress for arthritis is support. For many people, an orthopaedic mattress that pairs up a spring core with a memory foam layer delivers the right combination of firmness, support and comfort. However, this may not work for everyone, so its important to take your time when choosing the right mattress.

If you want to find out more about orthopaedic mattresses, check out our Guide to choosing Orthopaedic mattresses.

As well as delivering plenty of support, the ideal mattress for arthritis will ensure that those pressure points are properly cushioned. So as not to inflame or antagonise already-painful joints.

One of the best mattresses for achieving that essential pressure relief is the MLILY Bamboo Plus Ortho Mattress. This advanced memory foam option combines a multi-foam construction with a pocketed sprung core for all the advantages of a hybrid mattress.

The deep foam layers provide unparalleled levels of cushioned support, eliminating pressure points. While a clever Aero-Flex design eliminates side sagging that can cause that rolling off the edge sensation that makes muscles tense up during sleep.


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