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Is Ghostbed A Good Mattress

How Firm Is This Mattress

GhostBed Mattress Review – The Best Mattress For Hot Sleepers??

The GhostBed is considered a medium firm mattress, around a 6 on a scale of 1-10. Its a popular firmness level because it usually means the mattress will support your body without putting undue pressure on hips, thighs, back and shoulders.

If youve tried mattresses that were called luxury firm or something similar, you may like this one. Back sleepers may like the super soft top layer. Its only 1.5 inches, but its enough to contour to your body if youre lying on your back.

If youre on the lighter side, up to a normal body weight, and sleep on your stomach, the GhostBed should feel comfortable. It may feel too soft to you if you have a bigger figure as a back sleeper.

Side sleepers may not get what they need from the GhostBed. Its on the firmer side of medium firm. Side sleepers need mattresses that contour to body curves when lying on their sides. See the best soft mattresses for options that contour around the pressure points and protect the hips and shoulders.

Iii Other Tips For Sleeping With Fibromyalgia

Other tips for sleeping with fibromyalgia include:

  • Relax your mind and soul before sleep. If youre having trouble falling asleep, look into relaxation therapies and breathing exercises. You can also ask your partner to give you a gentle massage to relax and quiet your mind.
  • Exercise regularly. Try incorporating an exercise routine into your morning. This will help you stretch your muscles and get them going for the day and will, in turn, promote a better sleep pattern.
  • Stick to a routine. This routine should include a regular bedtime and wake time. Also, make sure to only sleep as much as your body requires to be fueled for the day. Too much sleep can lead to broken sleep patterns.
  • Get a great pillow. Select a pillow that caters to your weight and sleeping style. Memory foam pillows are a popular option for those with fibromyalgia, as this style contours and can relieve pressure in the neck, shoulders and head.

What’s The Best Time To Buy A Mattress

We hope the sections above have helped you understand how to choose a mattress that will work best for your individual needs. But you still might be wondering is there a best time of year to buy a mattress?

Some financial experts recommend shopping for mattresses on major American holidays, such as Presidents Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day. Early spring is also popular, as some showrooms release newer mattress models around that time.

If youre shopping for a mattress online, however, pretty much anytime works. And of course, if your mattress is showing major signs of wear, the best time to buy a mattress is sooner rather than later. A new mattress will help you sleep better right away!

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The Ghostbed Luxe Mattress: The Company Calls It The Coolest Bed In The World And I Agree: A Hot Sleepers Paradise

If youre a hot sleeper, youre part of a raging community of serious mattress shoppers trying to be rescued from their fiery hell, and Im often skittish about recommending mattresses to this group. Occasionally, though, I find one that truly delivers cooling sleep that gives people back their lives, literally.

The Ghost Bed Luxe is designed specifically for hot sleepers. How well does it perform? Well, I took a look at 1,377 reviews and found that the average rating was a whopping 4.8 stars- pretty damn impressive. Thats because designing a mattress that truly sleeps cool is very challenging, and requires the use of forward thinking technologies and the willingness to format them for use in a mattress, and then to get the product launched.

Ive worked in the industry for 25 years and Im familiar with cooling fabrics like Tencel and others, and for the most part, the cooling technology has to be built into the topmost layers and outer covering of a mattress. GhostBed has done exactly that. Up top, youll find their proprietary Ghost Ice Fabric which is instantly cool to the touch, along with being soft, stretchy and soothing, just like their other mattress models.

Directly beneath the outermost fabric of this 13 tall mattress is a layer of woven fiber which delivers a cool burst using a high tech textile component designed to wick away moisture and promote evaporative cooling.

What Is The Ghostbed Mattress Made Of

Mattress Retailer GhostBed Announces It Now Accepts ...

The GhostBed is built with three layers of latex, memory foam, and high-density poly foam. This combination makes for a unique feel, one that strikes a satisfying balance between pressure relief and support.

For more, lets dive underneath the cover!

Cover Made of a polyester/viscose blend, this cover is soft and breathable.

Comfort Layer The top layer youll encounter is a 1.5-inch section of aerated latex foam. Its a bouncy material with a lot of responsiveness that provides excellent mobility for moving around and changing positions. Latex is also naturally cooling, so helps to dissipate body heat throughout the structure. While latex is a fairly common mattress material, Im intrigued by the aerated twist GhostBed puts on it, which works to encourage even more breathability and cooling. Latex is also a long-lasting material, adding some durability to the mattress.

Contour Layer Below the latex layer, youll land on one of memory foam. Gel-infused memory foam, to be exact. This distinction is an important one, because it signifies that not only are you getting the deep body-contouring and pressure relief typical of memory foam, but you also get a nice cooling buffer against its overheating tendencies. I also like that the memory foam is positioned underneath the latex layer, which ensures you wont sink too far into the bed.

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Is Ghostbed A Good Mattress

The GhostBed is indeed a good mattress, but it is going to be a better fit for some people and not the best fit for others.For example, it should be a good match for stomach sleepers, hot sleepers, and those who want a more affordable latex mattress.It might not work well for side sleepers and those who want something with a slower-moving feel.

The Ghostbed Mattress Lineup: How To Choose The Right Model

GhostBed offers a four model lineup that will work for almost any body type, persnickety sleepers, folks with back problems and pain, side, back, and combination sleepers, and even those who are bed bound or need help transferring in and out of bed. The company was careful when creating their lineup, building on the customer experience from each model to advance the next model and putting it out there. The material used in the base layer of each model, for example, is the same. The gel/memory foam layer used in all of the models is the same density and formulation, as well, though as you work you way up their model lineup, the prices increases only slightly compared to tother brands, and they get slightly softer and plusher, but never so soft that you feel like sinking.

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Does It Sleep Hot

Standard memory foam mattresses had a bad reputation for grabbing body heat and letting it raise the mattress temperature throughout the night. The GhostBed has technology meant to keep the sleeping surface cool. Each cover is stitched with breathable moisture wicking micron fabric.

The aerated latex layersmall holes throughoutjust beneath the cover will promote airflow, letting warmer air out and bringing cooler air in. If you find yourself to be a hot sleeper, check out the best cooling mattresses.

Recore Latex Foam Mattress

GhostBed Luxe Mattress Review – The Best Cooling Memory Foam Mattress

A great mattress can help you perform better, too. Recore by is a mattress made for active people who need to perform well during the day. A good day of work and play starts with a restful night, and thats where Recore comes in.

This mattress includes 3 layers of foam to help cradle your body, leading to a night of sound sleep that will leave you feeling rejuvenated. All the foam used in this mattress is latex, leading to a responsive bounce and a cool night. Though the mattress uses premium materials, its available at a reasonable mid-level price.

When it comes to firmness, the Recore Latex Foam mattress is a 5, or a medium. Despite this rating, it seems to be on the firmer end of medium, though it isnt quite medium-firm. The result is a great bed for almost all sleep positions. Still, the Recore mattress is best for side sleepers and other sleepers weighing less than 230lbs or 104kg. Users above this weight may find that it isnt supportive enough.

The bottom support layer is made of a high-density latex foam that works to isolate motion. Your partners, kids, or pets wont disturb you no matter where they are on the mattress. Plus, you will wake up less during the night due to these types of disturbances. This layer is 7-inches high, so it offers plenty of all-over support and helps keep side sleepers comfortable.

Why are we impressed?

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What Are You Getting

The GhostBed Luxe is a 13-inch mattress made of memory foam and polyurethane foam, with specific and in our view, effective, features to combat overheating. Foam densities are what we would call higher than much of the competition, and at 13″ this is one of the taller bed-in-a-box mattresses most around around 10″ or 11″ thick.

Exclusive: The Story Behind The New Venus Williams And Ghostbed Mattress

Champion tennis player Venus Williams is launching a new mattress collection with American sleep specialists GhostBed this week. , the mattress will be available in memory foam and hybrid options and priced from around $2,000 .

Venus, of course, needs little introduction. As one of the greatest tennis players of all time, she has continuously pushed the boundaries of athleticism and astounding physical power. As Venus told GhostBed, ‘Practice is a given, but the real power is in my recovery. Thats why sleep is so important to me.’

Type: memory foam, hybridKey feature: The Venus LayerPrice: from around $2,000Available from: GhostBed US

As one of the best mattress brands in America, GhostBed is expertly placed to work with the tennis ace on the new range, especially considering Founder and CEO Marc Werners own background and interest in sports.

The Venus Williams Legend mattress is one of the mattress in a box brand’s most advanced offerings yet, boasting an innovative feature called the Venus Layer to take your physical recovery during sleep to a new level.

In this exclusive Toms Guide interview, we chat to Marc Werner to learn how the collaboration with Venus came about, and what we can expect from the Venus Williams Legend mattress collection when it hits the virtual shelves in a few days’ time

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Lightweight Sleepers Under 130 Lbs

Lightweight back sleepers and side sleepers alike are cautioned that the GhostBed may feel too firm there may be some real discomfort at the shoulders and hips, especially for those who prefer side sleeping. However, lightweight stomach sleepers should feel right at home on the GhostBed.

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The Ugly: Major Ghostbed Complaints

Ghostbed Mattress: Best and Comfortable for Sleeping

Around 3% of Google Verified Customer Reviews, and 23% of Amazon reviews for Ghostbed rated their Ghostbed or Ghostbed experience between one and two out of five stars. While not every mattress is going to be for every sleeper, it is noteworthy that not all ugly reviews are edge cases. The largest groups of individuals citing significant problems with GhostBed include larger sleepers, those who sleep particularly hot, side sleepers, and those citing difficult conditions for returning the product.

  • Larger customers report heat regulation issues .
  • Can be painful for those who like soft mattresses.
  • A small percentage of reviewers note theres no additional value compared to low end mattresses.
  • 101 night return policy void when mattress is bought through Amazon or other third-party sellers.
  • Some reviewers report mattress absorbs heat throughout the day.
  • Very lacking in support for larger customers.
  • Costs money to return free pillows.
  • Some partners note motion transfer not adequate.

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The Ghostbed Mattress Price

As with many mattress-in-a-box producers, Ghostbed began with one model, the Ghostbed. This original model came in at a price point slightly lower though in the same ballpark as other competing brands. Over time, Ghostbed expanded their mattress lineup to include the Ghostbed Flex and the Ghostbed Luxe which occupies a higher price point, though lower than the high-end models of competitors. The primary differences between the Original Ghostbed and the Ghostbed Luxe may be seen in the proprietary GhostBed Ice layer on top of the Luxe, as well as GhostBed Bounce proprietary foam for the support layer in the Luxe. In short, the Ghostbed and the Ghostbed Luxe are close to the same price point, though customers of the Luxe are buying a slightly more high-tech mattress. Both occupy price points solidly in the middle tier range of mattresses though hold many features of top tier mattresses. Ghostbed 3D Matrix, a slightly higher option, has a heat-transferring gel polymer layer for those that tend to sleep hot.

Classic Ghostbed Prices

Ghostbed Adjustable Base Headboard Brackets

  • 1 Set: $74

Ghostbed Adjustable Base 6 Legs

  • 1 Set: $99

What Is The Price Of Ghostbed Flex

The Flex retails for less than youd expect, especially when you account for the fact that its a hybrid mattress with cooling textiles. For the queen size, the retail price is about $1,700, which is about the same price as WinkBed, Saatva, and others. Heres a look at the prices for each size with GB Flex:

Cal King $2,085

As weve noted with the other two GhostBed mattresses, retail price is not what youll pay in all likelihood. We are expecting that youll have an out-the-door price, excluding taxes, of around $1,500 for the queen size Flex.

You can see their current discounts on, but we would not be surprised if you saw a $200 off promotion.

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What Is Ghost Bed Foam Mattress

The Ghost Bed is made by the same company the makes Natures Sleep mattress so they are not new to the sleep industry. It has been designed to be the perfect foam mattress that is comfortable, supportive and durable. The design also supports proper spinal alignment which is so important, especially as you get older. Plus, with a rod down the entire length of my spine spinal alignment during sleep is very important.

The Ghost Bed is a foam mattress that is taken up a couple steps from the cheap variations you find at the local brick and mortar stores. This is how the bed is layered:

  • 1½ Continuous aerated latex foam is naturally responsive, plush and does not retain heat
  • 2 Gel memory foam uses a proprietary formula with larger cells to make it more reactive to the body for cooler nights
  • 7½ High density base layer for increased support and longevity
  • 11 Total Height of the GhostBed Mattress

When the bed is placed on the foundation you have a standard looking bed.

First Level Of Comfort With Firm Position On Ghostbed

GhostBed Flex Mattress Review – Will It Keep You Cool?

The level of firmness is subjective, but this GhostBed mattress can still be attributed to being around a level seven on a scale of ten in terms of firmness. When it is compared to industry standards of 6.5 to indicate medium firmness, this bed feels just slightly firmer. The main feel of the bed can be described as supportive and bouncy, so it still isn’t too firm. While you will enjoy some nice contouring using the middle layer of memory foam, it doesn’t give you as much lift as latex and high-density poly foam. Even so, its firmness and softness balance is likely ideal for those who sleep on both their backs and sides in the middle of the night.

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I Types Of Mattresses

Although the innerspring mattress is still available, foam, latex and hybrid models have taken over for their comfort and durability factors. When questioning how much does a mattress cost it is vital to know what type of mattress will best fit your needs. Researching Foam, Latex and Hybrid mattresses will give one the knowledge needed for a final decision when factoring in how much does a mattress cost.

How To Buy A Mattress: 7 Questions To Guide You

1. What’s your budget?

The most common choice for couples, a queen mattress offers plenty of room for two.

Like to stretch? A king size mattress is a top choice for couples who want the option to snuggle OR spread out.

Slightly taller than a regular king, a California king mattress is the longest size, but keep in mind its also a bit shorter in width.

A split king mattress is actually two separate mattresses set up next to each other this allows for easier customization if you have an adjustable base.

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How To Buy A Mattress You’ll Truly Love

Even with a Sleep Trial available, it can still be daunting to buy a mattress-in-a-box. Here are a few shopping tips to keep in mind as you select a mattress:

Read the descriptions. Heavier mattresses dont necessarily mean quality, and neither does a higher price tag. Instead, examine the description and materials list, and look for key elements, such as:

High-density foam for support and durability

Individually-wrapped and reinforced springs

Plush and soothing fabrics on the top layer of the mattress

Reinforced edge support

The Ghostbed 3d Matrix Mattress: Using Patented Technology Quite Possibly The Most Technically Advanced Smart Mattress Ive Reviewed

GhostBed vs. Casper Mattress Review

One thing Ive seen a lot of, after reviewing thousands of mattresses, and inventing and developing dozens of my own, are awkwardly designed so-called high tech mattresses that set out to create more problems than they solve. Not so with GhostBeds 3D Matrix model. Its unique, it delivers on its promise, and its priced right, at just $1,817, considering what it delivers.

The GhostBed 3D Matrix Mattress is a 12 tall high performance mattress, meaning it incorporates innovative tech to regulate sleep more effectively, increasing the restorative rest you get during the night, while adding additional aesthetic qualities like comfort and support as well.

Its designed to calibrate your body using a layer of smart material which is a polymer like gel foam that stiffens or softens based on the pressure applied to it, something not seen in any other mattress Ive reviewed.

Without using a lot of scientific mumbo jumbo, the polymer material in this mattress has a uniquely designed honeycomb pattern in which the gaps are filled with a gel polymer, which instantly reacts to your body weight. As the gel absorbs excess heat, the unique shape of this layer helps it draw heat away from youinstead of trapping it within the mattress, like many others do.

And, the 3D polymer layer technology is soy based, another forward thinking attribute of GhostBeds innovative and constantly evolving sleep tech.

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