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What Is Firmness Of Mattress

How To Measure: Medium Vs Firm

Best Mattresses of 2022 – Our Top 8 Bed Picks For You!

The softest mattresses are often referred to as plush. When you see plush in a mattresss name or description, it means the mattress is on the soft side.

Medium, medium-firm, and firm mattresses are usually described as just that. You may also see terms like supportive or most supportive used to refer to mattresses that lean toward the firm and even-more-firm side of the spectrum. Casper blends comfort and support to create mattresses that are well-suited for the widest range of sleepers.

What does it all mean? One way to look at mattress firmness is by considering how much you settle into the mattress when you lie on it. With a softer mattress, youll feel as though your body sinks into it. A firmer mattress gives you the feeling of lying on top of it.

Why Does It Matter

Mattress firmness is a key feature because it will determine the overall level of comfort and can impact how supportive the bed is. Firmness can also influence how successful the mattress is at relieving pressure. A tougher bed may not provide enough contouring to relieve sensitive pressure points for certain sleepers, which could result in difficulty sleeping and achy joints in the morning.

What Kind Of Sleeper Needs A Firm Mattress

  • The most popular sleeper that requires a firm mattress is a back-sleeper. The firmer mattress provides pressure relief for back and joints. It is provides even distribution of weight and promotes spinal alignment which works out perfect for a back sleeper. For more advice on this, please see our post on The Best Sleeping Positions.
  • A person with a bad back would also need to look for a firm mattress, having a firm mattress with pocket springs means it offers maximum support and designed to spread your body weight evenly. It targets pressure points and helps with back, hips and joints. For more advice on this, please see our post on the Best Sleeping Positions for Back Pain.
  • A heavier person should go for a firmer mattress as a soft one would leave them feeling like they are sinking in to the mattress and wouldnt help with their sleep, back pain etc, just like a person with a lighter weight would tend to go for softer mattresses as a medium to firm mattress may be too hard for themselves. For much advice on this, please see The Best Mattress For Heavy People

How to choose the right firmness for you?

I would advise customers to really have a think before purchasing their mattress, take into consideration all points in this blog, think about what kind of sleeper you are, body shape and weight, if you are sleeping alone or with a partner or kids.

See our daily offers and speak to sleep experts and get REAL advice and feedback on what is best for you.

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Sleep Trial And Return Policy

Despite what companies may advertise, its impossible to find the perfect mattress within a one day trial. In some ways, online retailers offer a better advantage than traditional brick-and-mortar shops. They can cut out the middleman and save customers from the added pressure to buy on the spot.

Most online manufacturers offer a sleep trial of at least 30 days to allow customers to properly break in a mattress. Sleep trials give customers an adequate trial period to test out a mattress to see if its the best fit in offering the right amount of comfort and support. If not satisfied, companies will have the used mattress donated to charity at little to no cost to the customer.

Sleep trials offer customers the chance to decide whether or not a mattress is right for them. Choosing a mattress is not as simple as an hours visit at a local retailer. It takes serious consideration that may not be helped by added pressure to buy.

When searching for a mattress, take advantage of a sleep trial and give yourself the time to really try one out to make sure its the right one for you. A sleep trial is a perfect way to properly test out a mattress.

With how expensive mattresses can be, an available return policy may help to assure customers that their comfort matters. Companies who dont offer any type of reassurances with their mattresses, especially a return policy, should be avoided since they may not be looking after the customers well-being and more their own.

What Mattresses Do Hotels Use The Ritz Hilton Premier Inn And More

S Secretland Innerspring Hybrid Medium Firmness Mattress

ByAlison Barrettapublished 13 March 22

Learn which mattresses some of the worlds top hotels use and how to buy them for yourself

As a mattress tester, Ive slept on the best mattresses on the market. My favorite mattresses are reminiscent of the beds Ive slept on at some of worlds finest hotels.

If youre itching to take a vacation but cant any time soon, heres some good news: its possible to replicate the feel of your favorite hotel in your very own bedroom. If its a specific hotel experience you want to recreate say, the luxurious Ritz-Carlton? you wont have to do any guesswork.

Weve asked several of the most popular chains to share the details on the types of hybrid, innerspring and memory foam mattresses and bedding their hotels use, and how you can buy them to replicate a hotel experience at home.

Unsurprisingly, hotels tend to use high-quality materials for their mattresses, pillows and linens to create a pleasurable experience for their guests which translates to higher direct-to-consumer prices. However, we also have some intel to share on the ways you can save money on the best hotel pillows and mattresses.

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Weight Of Firm Mattresses

Mattresses also have different weights based on how firm they are.

Soft mattress

Based on the product or the brand, most soft mattresses are light. Moving them is easy as they do not weigh much. They generally contain foam.

Medium mattress

The medium mattresses could either be light, heavy, or have an average weight.

Firm mattress

The hard or firm mattress is known to be heavy.

How Firm Should A Childs Mattress Be

When choosing a mattress for your child, firmness should be at the top of your checklist. Not only does a childs mattress bear a lot more wear and tear from heaps of bouncing and playing, but the mattress also needs to help aid the growth and development of your little ones body as they sleep. We would recommend opting for a medium-firm mattress, as these options provide extra support to growing bodies, ensuring their spine stays aligned and joint pressure is relieved.

Want more advice on mattress buying for kids? Check out our blog on Choosing a Mattress for Children.

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How Do Retailers And Manufacturers Rate Mattress Firmness

When it comes to mattress firmness, there are no industry-approved ratings.

Manufacturers such as Silentnight tend to use machines to compress mattresses and generate a firmness rating. It is then up to retailers such as ourselves to either use these ratings or do some testing of our own.

Here at Mattress Online, not only do we try to keep it clear and simple, we give our ratings meaning through our own testing process.

What Is The Best Mattress

Best Mattress In A Box Online 2022 Which Bed Should You Buy?

As our thorough list of recommendations should make clear, thats more than just a difficult question to answer. Its an impossible question because there is no such thing as the one best mattress that can take the title and be the definitive bed. What works well for one person may cause nights of lost sleep for another.

Oftentimes, its best for shoppers to browse mattresses by a specific need or niche. For example, a shopper who wants a bed to relieve a sore back should look for best mattress for back pain rather than just the general best mattresses. To simply shopping, we have composed a number of mattress guides that address specific issues.

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What Does Mattress Firmness Really Mean

Mattress firmness is just how soft or hard a mattress feels. The firmness of your mattress is directly related to how comfortable you feel on that mattress. And since everyones different, theres no exact science for what level of firmness youre going to be most comfortable with.

However, factoring in things like your body type, weight, age and sleeping position can help you determine the general range of firmness that other sleepers like you tend to prefer. Well get to that later, but if youre on the edge of your seat, then have a look here.

A mattress can be softer or firmer depending on the materials used and how the mattress is constructed. If youve been doing some mattress research lately, youve probably seen that some mattress brands offer different levels of firmness , or sell one universal model and indicate the firmness level on a scale from 1-10 .

Brands that only offer one type of mattress typically fall in the medium firm range of the spectrum . Youll even see some brands, like Helix, that will customize the firmness level to your liking based on how you answer their short questionnaire.

Read our guides on the best firm mattresses and best soft mattresses for mattress brands that provide good support at both ends of the firmness spectrum.

Mattress Firmness Rating Guide

Your mattress is the most important comfort element that you’ll need to think about when it comes to your bed, and there are lots of different materials, sizes and firmnesses available. In particular, you’ll need to find a mattress that will support your body as you sleep, no matter if that’s on your side, back or front. While you’ll want to consider the depth and type of mattress, you’ll also need to know about the different mattress firmnesses that are available.

Getting a good night’s sleep is more important than just waking up feeling refreshed, with the NHS reporting that it is crucial for better concentration and mood, as well as lowering the likelihood of you developing serious medical conditions. While your sleep environment needs to be just right with limited light and noise disruptions it’s also necessary that all aspects of your bed are comfortable.

In this guide, we’ll be sharing our tips for picking a mattress firmness to suit you. We’ll cover:

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What Firmness Level To Choose When In Doubt

Many shoppers often dont know what they need. After all, choosing mattress firmness involves multiple aspects, some of which may sometimes seem confusing.

If thats the case and shoppers arent sure what firmness would work for them, the safest option is typically medium to medium-firm. Such mattresses are considered universally comfortable and can satisfy a wide range of sleepers.

And heres the good news: most mattress companies offer free in-home trials with their products. Therefore, if the chosen mattress firmness does not work, sleepers can return the mattress and try a different one.

How To Choose Between Soft And Firm When Sharing The Bed With A Partner

Comfort Dreams Select

For many couples, choosing a mattress can be a nerve-wracking task.


Because often, two sleepers can have completely different comfort preferences .

For instance, there can be a side and a stomach sleeper, which means they need a softer and firmer sleeping surface. Finding a compromise can be difficult in a situation like this, and thats when a split mattress can save the day.

As the name suggests, a split mattress is divided into two smaller ones. This can give partnered sleepers a couple of options:

  • Buying a mattress that could be the middle ground for their sleeping styles and adding a topper for each side. For example, lets take a stomach and a side sleeper. They can buy a split medium or medium-firm mattress. Then, the side sleeper can add a thick plush topper to their side of the bed. This would allow them to get the needed cradling for the shoulders and hips when lying on one side. And the stomach sleeper can get a dense, firm mattress topper to make their side feel stiffer. In this case, they will be likely to receive the needed support when lying on the stomach.
  • Buying a split mattress that combines two comfort options. Some manufacturers allow shoppers to choose the comfort level of each side of the split mattress. In this scenario, each sleeper can pick exactly what they need, and no one has to settle. However, its worth mentioning that in this case, the number of options would be more limited.
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    Mattress Ratings For Side Sleepers

    Side sleepers place all of their weight on their shoulders and hips when they’re resting, which can give them back and shoulder pain as the years go on. As there is so much pressure on these areas, it’s important that you alleviate this with a softer mattress that gives you more cushioning and allows the body to slightly sink into it. However, it’s important that you don’t choose one that’s too soft, as this can result in spine alignment issues and create even more aches and pains.

    If you’re a side sleeper, we would generally advise going with a medium/soft or medium mattress depending on your body compensation, this will be firm enough to stop your body sinking into the mattress entirely, but will be plush enough to alleviate pressure and pain as you sleep. Side sleepers will also benefit from choosing mattresses made from materials that will mould around the body for maximum comfort, like latex or memory foam. For more information on creating the right sleeping environment as a side sleeper, check out our recommendations for the best mattress and pillows for side sleepers.

    Side Vs Stomach Vs Back Sleeper

    All three positions are key players when deciding on the right firmness level. On your side, you create a multitude of pressure points. Side sleepers typically need a soft or medium mattress that is able to contour to the curves on the side of your body . Sleeping on your stomach can create lower back issues, so as a result, stomach sleepers usually need a medium or slightly firm mattress. This helps to keep the spine in alignment when lying on your stomach. And back sleepers tend to struggle with back pain or neck pain that can result from a bad mattress. Back sleepers can choose slightly soft, medium, or moderately firm. The most important attribute is selecting a mattress that relieves pressure and offers ample support.

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    Its The Perfect Balance Between Comfort And Back Support

    Youve probably heard about how firm mattresses are great for your back, and that soft mattresses are more comfortable in general. While his is true, you need to bear in mind that there is a happy medium.

    After all, sleeping on a very firm mattress might be great for your back but if you feel like youre sleeping on the floor, youre not going to get very comfortable sleep.

    And this is true on the other side too. If your mattress is amazingly soft and comfortable, but offers few to no support for your back, you might end up with back problems.

    So, what you need is the golden mean. Medium firm mattress offer the right balance between comfort and back support.

    How Is Firmness Measured

    Mattress Topper vs Mattress Pad vs Mattress Protector

    While there is no universal measure of mattress firmness, most companies use a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. Every manufacturer will have its own scale, and what is considered firm by one will not necessarily feel the same as a firm mattress from another.

    Here’s the mattress firmness scale Saatva uses:

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    Why You Can Trust Us

    Our testing team assigns a firmness value to every mattress we evaluate. We use a 10-point scale, ranging from 1 to 10 . For our best firm mattress picks, we exclusively looked at models with a firmness of 6 or higher. These include mattresses that are exclusively designed with firmer feels, as well as flippable models with at least one firm surface and mattresses sold in multiple firmness levels.

    Im Overweight Which Degree Of Firmness Should I Choose

    Anyone who weighs more than 100 kg needs to pay special attention to the right degree of firmness.

    The incorrect firmness can lead to severe back, neck, and spine problems.

    We would recommend buying a firm mattress in the H4 range.

    If you weigh over 140 kg , then considering an H5 mattress would also be a good idea.

    Overweight people will benefit from buying a barrel pocket spring mattress.

    This will ensure that the mattress adapts well to the body and provides adequate pressure relief.

    Pocket sprung mattresses also have the added advantage of allowing for good airflow, which is great for heavy sweaters.

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    How To Create Your Own Hotel Room Experience

    Thankfully, high quality mattresses are not only for hotels us common folk can have our very own hotel bed experience right in the comfort of our own bedroom and the best part is, theres no checkout time.

    Even if you cant spring for a new mattress just yet, you can certainly recreate your very own comfortable hotel mattress at home with the same mattress you currently have. What makes hotel beds so comfortable are the sum of its parts and here are some tips to help you get the ultimate sleep experience.

    Will A Firm Mattress Get Softer Over Time

    The 12 Best Extra Firm Mattresses [Jan 2021 Update]

    Yes, a firm mattress will soften over time. A bed likely won’t soften significantly however, it should ease up after some use. If you’re looking to soften your mattress quicker, you could walk on it daily to work it in.

    Further, make sure you’re using the appropriate base for your bed. Many innerspring mattresses require box springs for support, and memory foam typically needs to rest on a flat base.

    Memory foam softens with temperature. A cooler environment will tighten up and firm the bed, and warmer rooms will allow it to relax, softening the product.

    Get More Info:How To Make Your Bed Softer

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