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Decorative Pillows For Brown Leather Couch

Ensure Overall Style And Color Scheme:

The Best Throw Pillows For Leather Couch For Your Home

When you come to buy a brown sofa, you must consider the whole room.

Then the design must have a general theme and also a throw pillow that exactly matches.

If you need to make your theme traditional and have mid-century, then obsessively go with help of the right throw pillow.

As result, it assures to reflect the overall couch and living room safely.

Color of the pillow is more important so you must ensure the curtain, wall and another item so that the right colorwork and deliver harmonious look to the living room and other couch.

It is important to note that throw pillow much differs from couch and sofa so that it delivers a neat and catchy look at all times. To ensure this, we highly recommend you browse collections from the best affordable furniture brands.

You should consider not only the color of the pillow but also its quality. If you prefer to sleep on the stomach, you are better to choose special comfortable pillows .

Amazing Throw Pillows Ideas For Brown Couches

Looking to add a cozy vibe to your homes? Well, incorporating throw pillows is what should be next on your list. They not only add depth and texture to your spaces but also foster a sense of comfort while refining the overall color palette.

Since most of us have an admiration for the brown, coffee-hued couches, it becomes challenging to pick the right set of pillows. Whether light or darker-hued, subtle or bold and Modern or Mid-Century, there is a wide array of varieties available.

So, here is a list of 20 throw pillows that would work stunningly with your brown couches!


The color brown in itself is quite subjective. Hence, one of the best ways to incorporate a warmer and welcoming touch is by simply throwing pillows with earthy tones such as terracotta, burnt oranges, warm whites, red browns, and warmer grays.

Whether it is your living room or the bedroom, these accent pillows would definitely go with a brown couch. Generally, it is ideal for interior design styles such as Modern Bohemian, French Country, Modern Farmhouse, Mid-Century Modern, and Traditional.

Geometric Patterns On Pillows Add Detail To The Couch Area

This luxurious lakeside living room has a matching opulent leather couch. The cushions are lavish enough that they only require a minimal addition of a few small square throw pillows. If you look closely, you’ll notice the geometric patterns on these pillows have red in them, matching the red touches in the red decor items around the room.

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A Neutral Color Scheme

The first example on our list is all about a neutral relaxing color scheme. The light-brown couch is a perfect match for the tile flooring, the marble coffee table, and the walls. The same neutral shades are retained in the choice of throw pillows.

Note how the designer added a tender touch of variety in the choice of pillows. They may be of the same shade but they sport two different patterns. That’s a great way to add some interest without straying away from the neutral palette.

You can achieve a similar look with .

Living Room With Black Fireplace And Brown Leather Couches

Cognac Leather Pillow Cover in 2021

This family room features a black-painted fireplace with a modern wood coffee table resting in front. On either side are two leather sofas with beige, dark blue, and brown couch pillows. Antique prints hang above the fireplace and along the wall, while a set of wood and iron mounted shelves displays various knickknacks.

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Use Throw Pillows Of Different Sizes

Make your brown couch unique by combining throw pillows of various sizes with a perfect arrangement. Have neutral pillow colors but have different shapes that can easily fit on one couch.

Ensure the side pillows are the smallest while the largest should be the center. If you dont love the big size, throw pillows, go for the medium-sized ones. You can also do one particular shape if mixing shapes arent your thing.

Picking The Best Throw Pillows For A Leather Couch

So! You’ve just made that big purchase. You have a beautiful new leather couch sitting in your home and you need to spruce it up with some throw pillows. Generally, leather sofas come in muted tones like brown and black which means there are a lot of opportunities for interesting color pairings! However, there are other things we need to take into consideration though like outer material, shape, and softness.

This will be your guide to selecting just the right throw pillow as well as a few pieces of inspiration to kickstart your search!

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Emphasize A Brown Couch

There’s no need to hide your brown leather couch or cover it up. You can also choose to highlight its rich cocoa color with a few easy styling tips. Add accent chairs that pick up the hue of the existing dark sofa, then layer the sofa with decorative pillows to lighten the visual weight of darker furniture.

Contrast A Brown Sofa With Cool Blues

How to Style Couch Pillows to Look Expensive

Most shades of brown have warm undertones, which means cool-colored accents often pair nicely with brown sofas. Blue throws and pillows, for example, can help bring out the richness in a dark brown leather couch. In this living room, walls wrapped in wood paneling and a variety of plush textures layer in coziness. Drape fluffy cream throws like this chenille Better Homes & Gardens blanket on accent chairs to create an inviting space.

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Recommendations For Buyers Of Decorative Pillows

Instead, I would recommend buying such throw pillows for a leather couch:

  • Opt for multi-colored and multi-layered pillows of different shapes
  • Bright or classic prints like checked pillows will look awesome on your leather sofa
  • Make sure that there is an uneven number of throw pillows on a couch that is a common rule by interior designers

Id like to advise on the subject of fabrics for these decorative items faux leather, teak, satin, flax, 100% cotton, gabardine, pile fabrics, burlap, nubuck, rayon.

My ideas for the top 5 best throw pillows to put on a leather couch:

  • The Woven Nook set of 4 pillows is made of 100% cotton. The size is 18
  • Woven Nook offers another set of 2 pillows of size 18. The material is 100% durable vegan leather
  • MIULEE is made of 100% durable material called polyresin. These pillows have a hidden zipper
  • Kdays is another great set of couch pillows of size 18. They are made of crocodile faux leather with an invisible zipper
  • WFLOSUNVE is another set of pillows, made of faux leather, with an invisible leather
  • Keep It In The Same Color Family

    If youre someone who loves patterns, you dont have to hold back from them, just make sure youre keeping them in the same color family as your brown couch to create a cohesive look rather than something thats overwhelming.

    The look in this picture is a great example of how patterns can be mixed together without clashing. The key here is that the brown in each throw pillow is very close to the couch color, and is leveled out with white. Since there arent a ton of other competing colors, the result is uniform and aesthetically pleasing.

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    Wallpaperonline Where Beautiful Spaces Are Made

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    Our scatter cushions come in a 60cm x 60cm size, and are edged with a standard seam finish.

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    Please note:Scatter cushion covers to be cold washed only with no spin cycle. Delicate hand wash is recommended. Darker colours may fade faster.Visual is for reference only. The final print may differ in terms of pattern positioning.NB: This is not a metallic gold, rather printed in gold tones

    Brown Tones Are The New Neutral Featured With Traditional Hued Pillows In Smoky Gray & White Toned Bold Geometric Designs

    Pin on Bedroom decor

    As seen in this photo, the new neutral doesnt have to only refer to boring blacks or overdone whites. Try this luscious shade of butterscotch decorated with a few different geometric shape patterns and wavy lines in smoky greys, muted blacks and white accents.

    This is a gorgeous way to update your living room without having to give up your beloved modern furniture lines in the process. Adding the warm-toned butterscotch hue of the couch immediately creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that is still ultra-sleek and modern.

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    Combine Mustard Yellow And Neutral Colors

    Youll love this great combination of brown and mustard yellow on your sitting space. Mustard yellow throw pillows will brighten your dark brown couches.

    Combine more than one throw pillow with both mustard yellow and neutral colors like white or beige. Thinking that two earthly colors cant combine well, try the two, and youll love it.

    Video Tutorial: How To Decorate With Pillows

    If you have no idea how to decorate a couch with pillows, please watch the video tutorial with a few tips on this matter. Leave your comments about the choice of decorative pillows for leather and fabric couches. You may also do me a favor and subscribe to this website. More updates and reviews are coming up!

    Steve Coltharp

    Hello, my name is Steve and Im an author of the blog Leather Toolkits, sharing everything related to leather and leather care. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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    Pillow Combination #: Grays + Black

    This color combination of grays and blacks couldnt be anymore classic, but the patterns keep it interesting. A small lumbar pillow with thin stripes complements the larger striped squares without being matchy-matchy. For a fun accent I included an Aztec pattern in the same neutral color pallet of grays and black.

    Tip: The cute Aztec pillow is actually part of a set of 4 covers with off-white, gray, and black simple designs made of woven, durable linen all 4 for the same cost many would pay for just one pillow!


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Below are a few answers to some commonly asked questions when it comes to accessorizing with throw pillows.

    These Throw Pillow Covers With A Carpet

    How To Style Pillows On A Sofa | Pillow Styling | Spring Decorating Ideas

    Pillow inserts: Not included

    The deep tones and thick, velvety fabric of these four pillow covers are sure to complement the patina of a leather couch. Each cover has a red carpet-inspired print on both sides, and the design differs slightly between the different covers. The polyester material is machine washable and comes in two sizes, which should work well with one of these pillow inserts, since the inserts arent included.

    Helpful Amazon review: I was so impressed with the quality of these. Soft, and thick material and the colours are so rich. Very happy with them.

    • Available colors & patterns: 1
    • Available sizes: 18 x 18 inches, 20 x 20 inches

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    Pick The Color Palette Properly

    Choose one paint scheme that is unified and dont scatter with it. If all of the covers are in either the same hue or a pair of complementary shades, youll get the most effect.

    Aim for a symmetrical arrangement, on your sofa, bed or window seat. As many separate fabrics are stacked on top of each other, things may get really complicated, very quickly. Experts recommend a symmetric structure as it leaves everything looking clean and organized.

    You should experiment with simple, busy and dark prints the classic combo is 1:1:1. This straightforward formula will help you narrow your choices down. Another way of talking at it is-a tiny print, a wide print, a good one. The busy/large print will be on the front and middle of your largest pillow or mattress, because this print would typically set the stage for not only your mattress design but the rest of your space as well. Plaids and stripes are perfect for small/simple prints.

    Choose The Fabric Texture Wisely

    Keep away from some sort of smooth cloth as it falls straight into the floor from shoes, so that is all sorts of annoying. The same goes for poly-based pillows. You may want to pick a thicker pillow that holds the form and does not slip off a couch. In addition, the way to go for pillows is definitely to brighten the gloom of a black leather couch, softer neutrals or other loud COLORs.

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    How To Match The Pillows To The Couch

    When you match the color of the pillows to your living room couch, you have four basic options:

  • Stay with the Neutrals
  • Throw in a bit of color
  • Keep it bare .
  • Of course, the actual color, shade, and hue of the sofa play a major role here. A brown couch can be a deep rich chocolate brown, a bright reddish copper shade, or a light neutral beige-ish color. Keep that in mind as we explore the various possibilities.

    Throw Pillow Combination Ideas

    Decorative Pillows for Couch

    These pillow combinations for brown couch will instantly make your space feel comfy and cozy. Get tips for how to arrange throw pillows on a couch and 10 different throw pillow combos to try with your brown leather couch.

    Looking to increase the cozy factor on your sofa? Throw pillows can make a world of difference!

    Throw pillows are probably my favorite accessory when it comes to home decor. Theyre an easy way to add dimension, color, and texture to a room. They can also give personality to the space.

    Not to mention, theyre extremely affordable, and easy to switch out when I want a fresh look.

    Theres millions of throw pillow styles and designs. You might like many of them, but its hard to know if they will look good TOGETHER.

    Mixing patterns, sizes, styles and colors can be tricky, and overwhelming especially when you need to match the existing color palettes and style of a room.

    I created 10 different pillow combinations, in different styles and color palettes, that will look great on a brown couch.

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    Embroidered Cushions For Accent

    Embroidered pillows are a little tricky to work with as they can turn your living rooms decor into a distasteful 70s reinterpretation. But not if they are used on brown sofas. These Asian-design embroidered pillows can make the seating space look very elegant and soothing. Some great boho throw

    The pillows work best in naturally bright rooms on a lighter brown sofa rather than a dark brown sofa, although the latter will work too as long as you use a fabric sofa.

    You can find some embroidered boho throw pillow options here.

    What Color Throw Pillows Go With Brown Couch

    Brown couches come in all sizes and color tones, from warm chestnut hues to dark walnut shades. An ordinary brown sofa can be enhanced by adding some gorgeous throw or accent pillows.

    Here are some of my favorite pillows that look fantastic on brown couches of every design style. Remember, you dont necessarily have to have brown in the pillows to create a coordinated color combination.

    Take advantage of different textures and shapes that can give pillows more design versatility. This is a low-cost, fun and fast way to change-up a décor style when desired.

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    Brown And Yellow Can Look Great Together

    A gorgeous eclectic living room, bringing together modern, industrial, and Asian elements. The careful choice of colors brings the entire design together for a perfectly matched look. The two bright yellow throw pillows echo the bright yellow armchairs. They’re complemented by the brown bolsters and those at middle-ground pillows in a geometric pattern that encompasses both brown and yellow.

    A Pair Of Linen Throw Pillow Covers

    How to Arrange Couch Pillows

    Pillow inserts: Not included

    The texture of your leather couch should pair nicely with this set of two linen throw pillow covers. They come in a variety of colors and sizes to accent any space, and theyre all machine washable. Like most linen items, these cases arent particularly soft, but multiple reviewers are quick to point out that they also arent rough or scratchy. Better yet, the textured fabric looks beautiful, keeps its shape well, and is sturdy enough to stand up to toddlers and pets.

    The cases dont come with inserts, but you can get these pillow inserts in your preferred size and stuff them inside.

    Helpful Amazon review: Love them. I have a dark grey leather duel recliner sofa and I have them paired with turquoise pillows Excellent quality and I would certainly give them as gifts.

    • Available colors: 12
    • Available sizes: 12 x 20 inches, 16 x 16 inches, 18 x 18 inches, 20 x 20 inches, 22 x 22 inches, 24 x 24 inches

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    Bring A Touch Of Nature Indoors With These Refreshing Green Geometric

    It is not necessary to follow strict color combination rules that were set in stone not long ago. Todays interior design color combos are mixing layers of same color shades with not-so-ordinary furniture pieces.

    I love this design that brings a wave of freshness and nature inside. The textured pillow boasts a geometric pattern that blends several green shades with natural ivory. The pillow looks right at home next to an otherwise ordinary furniture setting.


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