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Difference Between Euro Top And Pillow Top

You Could Benefit From A Pillow Top Mattress If:

Eurotop vs Pillowtop Mattress (what’s the difference?)
  • You dont mind replacing your mattress after the standard 8-10 years.
  • You need to relieve your pressure points with a firmer mattress.
  • You dont mind paying extra for the soft and plush feel that a pillow top mattress gives you.
  • You are willing to flip your mattress over to extend the lifespan.
  • You want a firm mattress that’s still soft and comfortable, like an innerspring bed.

Explore Your Options Today

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Drawbacks Of A Euro Top Mattress

  • Euro tops rest below the mattress cover, on top of the mattresss other layers. These layers reinforce the additional padding, and this can sometimes prevent a Euro top from contouring as effectively as a pillow top.
  • The contemporary construction enhances durability and aesthetic appearance, resulting in a higher price point than pillow tops.

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Euro Top Mattresses Vs Memory Foam Mattresses

Euro top and memory foam mattresses are in no way identical. Memory foam mattresses are those that are associated with viscoelastic. Viscoelastic, in brief, is another word thats used for memory foam. Its a rather gradual material.

If an individual pushes down onto it, it may keep its form for a little longer. Memory foam accommodates all of the nooks and crannies of the body.

Thats how it can minimize the discomfort thats linked to joint pain. Thats also how it can decrease the pain thats right by pressure points.

Memory foam mattresses have many fans. They can do a lot for people who are unable to stay still in the evening hours. If youre sick and tired of fitful sleeping sessions, then the memory foam category may be right up your alley.

Below is a picture of a popular mattress made by Sunrising Bedding:

Memory foam mattresses spread out the weight of the body in a consistent manner. They can lead to superb support. They dont trigger any pressure that hurts, either.

These mattresses can help people who want any injuries they have to heal more rapidly. This is due to the fact that memory foam doesnt apply pressure onto sections of the body that have pain.

Is A Euro Top The Same As A Mattress Topper

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Euro tops are sewn under the cover of the mattress, and even regular pillow tops are still sewn on top of the mattress cover. However, a mattress topper is just additional padding that is not attached to the mattress at all. A topper comes in the same range of materials that Euro and pillow tops do, and it will have a similar feel, but you can buy it separate from the rest of the mattress.

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Who Should Use A Pillow Top Or Euro Top Mattress

Pillow top and Euro top mattresses are typically a good option for anyone looking for extra padding while also seeking firm support from their mattress. In particular, we recommend pillow or Euro top mattresses for:

  • Back sleepers and side sleepers who enjoy a cradling feel
  • Couples who need good motion isolation
  • Individuals with orthopedic problems, joint pain, or back pain
  • People of all body types in need of extra comfort and pressure point relief

Can You Put A Mattress Topper On A Pillow Top Mattress

Yes, you can use a mattress topper on any type of mattress. Mattress toppers are a good option if your mattress is a little too soft or firm, or is in need of a bit of revitalization.

Keep in mind, however, that pillow top mattresses tend to be quite thick as it is, and adding another 2 to 4 inch topper on top of that can make your mattress super tall. Too tall of a mattress is hard to get in and out of, especially for those with limited mobility.

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Do Euro Tops Ever Come On Other Kinds Of Mattresses Besides Coil

A Euro-top can come on all kinds of mattresses, but theyre usually found on innerspring beds. Latex, memory foam, and hybrid mattresses all have their own foam comfort layers, meaning a Euro or regular pillow top would be redundant.

Hybrid mattresses are more likely than pure foam mattresses to come with a pillow or Euro-top. Like innerspring mattresses, hybrids also have a coil support layer. Unlike coil mattresses, however, hybrids have a built-in foam top layer of at least 2 inches in thickness . Any type of pillow top would go above this foam comfort layer to form a plush combination of foam and pillow top material.

What Is A Euro Top Mattress

What is the difference between a Pillow Top and Euro Top Mattress?

Euro top mattresses are technically a type of pillow top mattress because they have additional padding to enhance softness. However, they are different from standard pillow tops because the extra layer of padding is stitched beneath the mattress cover rather than sewn to the top of it.

A Euro tops craftsmanship levels the comfy layer with the edges of the mattress, creating a stacked and uniform appearance. It also eliminates the gap and v-shaped indent found between the extra layer and mattress cover in conventional pillow tops. No gap in material means less room for sinking and more room for padding, resulting in a thicker more supportive bed.

Like pillow tops, Euro tops are also made from a type of foam, wool, or fiberfill and commonly found on innerspring mattresses to enhance cushion and pressure point relief.

Below, we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of a Euro top mattress in specific.

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Explained: Pillow Top Vs Euro Top Mattress

2021-01-06 11:14:35

King Koil

If you’ve recently been to a luxury hotel, you probably have slept on either a pillow or euro top mattress. The experience feels blissful, and the overall comfort of either of these mattresses is unparalleled. But if you’re considering getting a similar mattress for your home, this guide helps you how to buy the two options as the best mattresses in India. The Euro Top and pillow top aren’t necessarily for the hospitality industry, but equally great when you use them in a domestic environment. Both mattress types share the property of being soft and contouring your body. But their softness, looks, the material used, and everything else varies depending upon manufacturer and materials.What are the main features of a Euro Top mattress?A Euro-top mattress has an additional denser layer on top of its comfort layer that acts as padding to increase its plushness and comfort. In the case of Euro Top mattresses, it takes the form of an additional layer stitched into the mattress. It is a type of pillow top mattresses, but unlike pillow-top mattresses, the layer is stitched inside and this is sometimes referred to as a box top mattress. They might have different kinds of foam , fiberfill, or even wool.Here are the main characteristics of a Euro top mattress:

What Exactly Does Euro Top Mean Anyway

The meaning of Euro top is quite simple and straightforward. Euro top simply refers to the padding layer thats the signature of the mattress.

Its made using either foam or fiberfill. Its a material thats a lot thicker than many others that are associated with mattress construction.

Euro top mattress material generally is of a superior caliber. Many people believe that the Euro top mattress is composed of materials that are better than those that are associated with pillow top construction.

There is yet another factor that makes the term Euro top come to life. Manufacturers do not sew Euro tops on the tops of mattresses. Theyre in most cases sewn on the sides of mattresses. The basic objective behind this is to contribute to a neat stacked look.

Consumers associate the term Euro top with all sorts of advantages. Thats the reason Euro top mattresses have been gaining a lot of traction in the interior design world for many years at this point.

People who are drawn to mattresses that are remarkably soft often cannot resist the Euro top category and all of its varied features.

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Olee Sleep 13 Galaxy Euro Box Top Spring Mattress

According to Olee, this mattress has five layers of pocket springs, with 7.5-inch coils to maintain firmness. The memory foam adapts to a persons body shape and helps regulate their temperature.

A pillow top or Euro top can consist of several materials, including memory foam, latex, gel, wool, and fibers.

You Could Benefit From A Euro Top Mattress If:

What is the Difference Between a Pillow
  • You want something that will last longer than the average 8-10 year lifespan of a mattress.
  • You dont need a mattress that’s on the firmer side, like a hybrid mattress or memory foam mattress.
  • You want a mattress with great edge support and high motion isolation.
  • You want a mattress that feels luxurious with a lower price tag.
  • You have back pain that can be eased by a soft mattress and pressure relief.

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Who Is A Pillow Top Mattress Best For

  • Side sleepers
  • Those who require pressure relief
  • Hot sleepers

Side sleepers require a mattress that provides pressure relief in the shoulder and hip areas. Pillow top mattresses allow for luxurious contouring support. If you also happen to be a hot sleeper, pillow tops can provide you with an extra layer that excels at regulating temperature.

Examples of Pillow Top Mattresses

Euro Top Mattresses Vs Plush Mattresses

If you pay any attention to the bedding world, then you most likely have heard people talk about plush mattress options. Plush and Euro top mattresses are in no way, shape or form one and the same.

A plush mattress may feature quilting thats right below the fabric thats on top. It is thought to be a remarkably soft mattress choice.

Heres a short video explaining what Pillow Top, Plush Top, and Euro Top mattresses are:

People often indicate that its a lot softer than its extra-firm and firm counterparts are. Who exactly purchases plush mattresses?

Plush mattresses tend to be big favorites among individuals who cant decide between pillow top and firm mattress options. It isnt uncommon for these two options to make consumers feel rather indecisive.

It also isnt atypical for manufacturers to utilize the term plush mattress for a couple of different applications. Manufacturers frequently utilize this term as a means of delving into degrees of softness that are part of mattress upper layers.

The reality of the plush mattress world is slightly different, though. Surfaces that are plush tend to be especially soft. Although theyre notably soft, they are also very supportive.

You may see the term ultra plush once in a while as well. Ultra plush mattresses can come in handy for people who want to be able to basically sink into surfaces. Ultra plush mattresses tend to be composed of first-rate memory foam materials.

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Euro Top Vs Pillow Top Mattresses Whats The Better Bed

Its no secret that everyone craves a good nights sleep. Some people like to count sheep, others enjoy listening to the sounds of rain or nature, but in order to truly achieve the best rest possible it all starts with your mattress. Nowadays, there are an insane amount of bed options available, like a mattress-in-a-box or traditional pocket coil models, making it almost impossible to narrow it down to just a couple of options. Thankfully, we have handled all of the hard work for you.

If youre in need of a mattress upgrade as soon as possible, you cant go wrong with a pillow top or Euro top mattress. Both mattress types offer their own unique set of feats that are great at easing you into a restful slumber at the end of each day. But, whats the better bed? Luckily, weve got that covered, too. To help you figure out which mattress is best for you, our team of experts has put together a breakdown comparing Euro top vs pillow top mattresses and everything you need to know to make the best decision and start getting restful sleep tonight!

At a Glance:

What Is The Difference Between Euro

Eurotop vs. Pillowtop – What’s the difference?

Knowing the differences between a Euro-Top mattress and a pillow top mattress can be a huge tool when shopping for the right mattress. Shopping for a new mattress can be stressful at times. Pillow top, no pillow top, queen size or king size.

Being aware of the benefits of pillow top mattresses will be useful when making your purchase decision. Before deciding what type of mattress you would like to purchase, you must first decide who you are going to give your business too. Finding a location with a great staff is always a plus, which is why at here at National Mattress, customer service and providing answers to all your questions is a priority.

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Can You Flip A Pillow Top Or Euro Top Mattress

No. Since most pillow top and Euro top mattresses are designed to sit upright, flipping them would likely ruin the cushiony top layer. Also, youd be left lying on rigid and uncomfortable innerspring coils.

Instead of flipping your bed, consider rotating it 180 degrees every 3 to 6 months instead to prevent an indent from forming in the Euro top or pillow top.

How Do The Two Match Up

Pillow-top and Euro-top mattresses both have the same main purpose: to enhance a beds cushioning without changing its support level. However, the two styles have a few notable differences.

Pillow-tops often provide an exceptionally soft and cushioning sleep surface that many sleepers enjoy, though they may wear down faster than Euro-tops. The Euro-tops streamlined design improves the perimeter support and durability, and because its fully attached to the rest of the mattress, a Euro-top generally lasts longer before shifting or flattening.

Both styles are available in a range of materials and price-points, so shoppers should weigh whats most important to them: pillowy cushioning or durability and edge support.

Pillow-Top vs. Euro-Top Mattresses

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Are Pillow Top Mattresses Good

Pillow top mattresses are good for anyone who prefers a plusher feel. This means that if you like to sink in a little or want an airy buffer between your and your mattress, you can’t go wrong with a pillow top mattress. Remember, the pillow top is just an add-on, so the mattress itself is made of the same quality and supportive comfort as regular mattresses it just has an extra layer up top for an even more of a plusher feel!

What Is The Difference Between A Pillow

Pillow Top vs. Euro Top Mattress: How to Choose Which is Best

Daniel Noyed, Certified Sleep Coach

Our dedicated team rigorously evaluates every article and guide to ensure the information is factual, up-to-date and free of bias.

When searching for the best mattress to meet your needs, you will be presented with dozens of terms that are likely foreign to you. One question we see frequently relates to a layer of additional padding that some manufacturers sew on to the top layer of their mattresses. The terms pillow-top and Euro-top refer to different styles of this plush comfort layer. But what is the difference between a pillow-top and a Euro-top?

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Latex Foam Pillow Top

A much firmer pillow-top material than memory foam. Latex is specially formulated with synthetic or natural latex or a blend of two. However, natural latex is made from rubber trees, so they are not potentially harmful. It is the best option for anyone looking for an eco-friendly material. As natural latex does not have synthetic material, it is more breathable.

Latex foam pillow tops have a medium firmness and so they last 10-12 years. They are durable, naturally bouncy, springy, and dense. While it is bouncy, it does not provide motion isolation, particularly when combined with springy coils.

It is best suited for heavy sleepers offering softness and alleviating pressure relief.

Can I Flip My Euro Top Mattress

You should never flip any pillow top. If you flip a Euro or standard pillow top mattress, youre inverting the correct layout of the mattress, putting the comfort layer at the bottom and the support layer at the top.

You might not be able to flip a Euro top, but you can and should rotate it. Instead, just rotate the mattress from the head of the bed to the foot of the bed once or twice a year. When it comes time, turn it back. This will help keep your mattress from sagging in the spots where it bears your weight.

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How Long Do Pillow

Pillow top and Euro-top mattresses usually last between 5 to 8 years, while the average mattress lasts between 7 to 10 years. So, youll likely need to replace your Euro or pillow top mattress more frequently than another mattress.

You can help your pillow top and Euro top mattress last longer by rotating it twice a year instead of flipping it. This way, an indent doesnt form in the center of your mattress and youll be able to use it for longer.


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