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Is Sapphire Sleep A Good Mattress

Sleep Science Mattress Reviews

Sleep Doctor Sapphire Eurotop set

Black Friday 2021 Updates: Sleep Science mattresses are still being sold at Costco, where they are often packaged with an adjustable base. Still, some recent reviewers have brought up issues with firmness and the longevity of their mattress.

Sleep Science manufactures a line of latex and memory foam mattresses. Some of their mattresses feature materials such as bamboo charcoal, gel, and copper infused memory foams. Additionally, they are Certipur certified for low VOC and no formaldehyde in their mattresses. Sleep Science is well known for their ‘wedge’ technology which helps promote edge support, and for being sold at Costco warehouse stores where they are available for a competitive price.


No Odor on Delivery: 8.1/10

Good for Hot Sleepers: 7.9/10

Sex / Bounce: 8.1/10

Good for Heavy Folks: 8.1/10

Silence: 8.3/10

How Does Sleeping Position Affect Joint Pain

As with any condition that causes pain or discomfort, arthritis could make it harder to get restful, quality sleep. Aches and pains may make it harder to fall asleep or could lead to tossing and turning during the night. The position someone sleeps could either reduce or contribute to pain. Depending on an individuals pains, they may prefer any sleep position. However, most experts usually recommend back or side sleeping. If you continue to suffer from arthritis and/or joint pain that interrupts your sleep, we recommend talking to your doctor.

Characteristics Of The Best Mattresses For Sex

Most people may feel uncomfortable finding out from a store attendant about the best mattress for sex. Although it’s nothing to be ashamed of, knowing what to look for when shopping for the best mattress for sex makes your work easier.

Here are some of the factors you should consider when shopping for the best mattress for sex.

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Sapphire Sleep Mattress Reviews

The most popular type of mattress for your back is normally a good one, but there are some mattresses that really perform better than the average sapphire gel memory foam mattress. In order to find out which one is going to work the best for you, its important to read the sapphire gel memory foam mattress reviews. These reviews should give you all the information that you need in order to decide on the right kind of mattress. However, you have to remember that not all reviews are actually reliable. Some mattress companies will just write a bad review in order to sell you a different mattress.

The best thing that you can do when reading the sapphire sleep mattress reviews is to look at all the options that you have. There are a lot of different kinds of mattresses available. Some people prefer to sleep on memory foam mattresses. Then there are others that like the softness of a latex foam mattress. Many people prefer a combination of mattresses one that has the firmness of memory foam and another that is softer and much easier to sleep on. You should know all these options before you even start reading reviews.

Layer #: Everlasting Support Coil And Sapphire Edge Reinforced Coils

Learn More About Our Sapphire Sleep Collection

Compared to all-foam mattresses, innerspring beds like the Sapphire Dream Luxury Plush tend to last longer and have enhanced breathability and airflow. If you buy any mattress that combines the springiness of coils with the comfort of foam, its far more likely that the foam will ever wear out than the coils. In fact, thats why the individually-wrapped coils in the Sapphire Dream are called everlasting.

Moreover, the Sapphire Dream Luxury Plush includes thicker gauge coils around the outside edge of the mattress to enhance edge support, so you wont feel like youre about to fall off the bed if you sleep close to the side. The entire coil system in the Sapphire Dream is compatible with adjustable bases.

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Layer #: Premium Soft Foam

If you find yourself waking up with aches and pains on your joints, a too-hard mattress could be the culprit. The extra layer of premium foam enhances the Sapphire Dreams plush and cushioning feeling to prevent that kind of unwanted pressure and pain. Thats why side sleepers are likely to feel supported and cradled in this bed, especially on heavier parts of the body like the hips and shoulders.

This Is The Best Mattress We Have Ever Owned The Cooling Effects And Support Makes For A Great Nights Sleep We Added A Sapphire Sleep Adjustable Base Not Just For Comfort But For All The Health Benefits Highly Recommend

Lillie Pierce

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Waking Up With Back Pain Your Mattress May Be The Cause

Struggling with back pain can worsen with a poor quality mattress, let BoxDrop Corpus Christi assist with making an investment in rest and recuperation. Our Specialty Sleep collection offers Memory Foam mattresses that will provide a better experience when you sleep by integrating Phase Change Material Technology specific to the Sapphire Sleep brand. BoxDrop Corpus Christi offers Sapphire Sleep Mattress selection to those looking to find a more innovative approach to ways to get you the most efficient rest possible.

Therapedic Mattress Reviews: Pros

Nature’s Sleep: Sapphire Mattress Opening

As Ive mentioned at the beginning of this article, well be taking a look at some of the more reliable and trustworthy customer Therapedic mattress reviews. While were going to talk about all of the most important and notable points of the Therapedic mattresses, theyll be segmented in a few different categories, namely – pros and cons.

To start things off on a positive note, lets take a look at some of the main benefits that the hybrid mattresses offer to the sleeper.

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Breaking Down The Sleep Trial

With the purchase of the Sapphire Dream Luxury Plush comes a 120-day sleep trial. But what does this mean? Well, it guarantees you have 120 nights to test out the mattress and see if its to your liking. The trial starts the day your mattress is delivered.

Keep in mind that it typically takes about 30 days to break a new mattress in. Sapphire Dreams sleep trial ranks about average compared to other companies sleep trial periods, though some companies offer a 365-day trial.

Responsiveness Bounce And Ease Of Movement

The Sapphire Dream is a mattress that responds quickly to movement. While we tested the mattress in our lab, our team could feel some bounce and give to the mattress when we fell down onto it or even just turned over from one sleep position to another. Unlike a lot of foam mattresses, the coils in the Sapphire Dream give it that signature hotel-bed bounce factor. That also means, though theres certainly a plushy feel to the top layer, youll find yourself able to move around and switch positions quite quickly. For combination sleepers who want an uninterrupted night of sleep, this ease of movement is imperative.

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Layer #: Stabilizing Base Foam

This layer of CertiPur-US certified, high density foam is designed to keep the coils in place and enhance the durability of the mattress. Its the firmest foam layer found in the bed, and it lies directly underneath the coils. You wont be able to feel that foam directly, of course, but it should give you extra peace of mind that the coils on the Sapphire Dream are exactly where they should be.

Sleeping Style And Body Weight

Sapphire Sleep Gel Copper 2.0

When breaking down your mattress options, it is frequently helpful to consider your sleeping position and body weight. Taking these factors into account can help you find the right mattress to match your needs.

Side Sleepers:Side sleepers need a mattress that can properly relieve pressure around their shoulders and hips, which tend to press firmly into a mattress. In most cases, this means a medium or medium firm mattress with at least moderate contouring.

If a mattress is too firm, the hips and shoulders will bear the brunt of it, often leading to morning pain. But if a mattress is too soft, those heavier areas will sink excessively into the bed and out of alignment with the lower back and spine. Side sleepers with a higher body weight typically need additional firmness to find the right balance.

The memory foam in the Sapphire Dreams comfort system helps relieve pressure, which can be a benefit for side sleepers. With its medium soft feel, the Sapphire Dream is well-suited for side sleepers under 230 pounds, but it will feel too plush and potentially lack support for most people over 230 pounds.

Back Sleepers:When positioned on your back, the area that is most at risk is the lumbar spine, which is located in the lower back. This part of the spine has a natural curve, and if a mattress cant accommodate that curve, it may result in low back pain.

Under 130 lbs.

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Mattress Pros And Cons


  • Responsiveness: The Sapphire Dreams spring coil system works to adapt and adjust to your movements quickly, making it effortless to get comfortable in any position.
  • Cooling: If you suffer from night sweats or just sleep hot, the Sapphire Dreams cooling abilities are sure to impress you. With breathable coils, a cool cover, and graphite-infused foam, the Sapphire Dream will keep you sweat-free for a clean, comfortable nights sleep.
  • Edge Support: The Sapphire Dreams 14-inch thick construction offers top-of-the-line edge support thanks to the thicker gauge coils that rest on the outer edge of the mattress. This helps to keep you in the middle of the mattress, ensuring you wont fall off if you sleep close to the edge.
  • Motion Transfer: If you sleep with a pet or partner, perk up! The Sapphire Dream isolates motion excellently, due to its foam and coil construction that work in tandem to limit motion transfer. This is a great bed if youre tired of waking up at night to your partners restless movements or midnight snack breaks.


How Can I Get Relief On A Budget

While there are budget-friendly mattresses on the market that could be good options for arthritis sufferers, pillows and mattress toppers may also prove effective. A good pillow can help support your natural spinal alignment. Some arthritis sufferers may also like a wedge pillow to support their knees or upper bodies. If your existing mattress is in good condition but youre looking for more pressure relief, a quality mattress topper can add plushness and contouring without the expense of replacing the whole mattress.

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Overview Of The Sapphire Dream

The Sapphire Dream mattresses are a US-Mattress exclusive and fit into the category of luxury bed-in-a-box. They feature an individually wrapped coil system and several layers of premium foams, making them very conforming and supportive beds. They’re comparable to Stearns & Foster beds, but come at a less expensive price and, since they ship in a small box, can be delivered much more quickly and conveniently. They have edge support, cooling qualities, and a natural Tencel cover that wicks away moisture. One of the most exciting things about these beds is the forever warranty, these beds are guaranteed against manufacturer defects for as long as you own them.

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Serta Perfect Sleeper Hotel Sapphire Suite II Plush Double Sided Mattress Expert Review

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Is This A Good Bed For You

Function: Rated for its…

Not sure which type of bed to buy? Answer a few questions to see good matches for you with GoodBed’s unbiased, personalized results.

Select your preferred sleeping position: This is awesome. Now I feel equipped to walk in somewhere and say with certainty, “This is exactly what I’m looking for.” Sara in Phoenix, AZ

Changes Over The Years

Therapedic has had a number of changes over the years. As the company has been in business for over five decades, there have been a variety of different mattress collections released by the firm. As with most mattress companies in the 1950s and 1960s, Therapedic provided traditional coil mattresses for a long period of time.

It wasnt until recent decades that the company has begun to offer other more modern options for its clients. The Bravura Hybrid is one of its most recent additions there havent been many updates to this mattress model. In most cases, Therapedic Mattress will provide new mattress models instead of updates on current models. Therapedic Mattress currently has four main lines of mattress collections: Innerspring, Hybrid, Specialty, and Heavy-Duty.

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Should You Buy/not Buy Sapphire Dream

The Sapphire Dream Luxury Plush made its way into the online space as a luxury hybrid mattress designed for optimal support, comfort and cooling. It uses a plant-based Tencel cover to enhance breathability, graphite-infused memory foam for contouring and moisture-wicking, and a strong support system of individually-wrapped coils. The result is excellent responsiveness, motion transfer, edge support and cooling.

But is this the right mattress for me? For the average sleeper who likes a balanced feel, this is a great pick. It rests at a 5.5/10 on the firmness scale, so while its not the firmest, it still offers enough sturdiness and support for a variety of sleepers, including heavyweight individuals. Its cooling features also make it compatible with hot sleepers, and the impressive motion isolation works for couples, too, who want to enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

The Sapphire Dream isnt the best mattress for those on a budget as well as side sleepers in need of pressure relief. Its pricier than other hybrids on the market, but if you still want a balanced feel with top-of-the-line materials, the Beautyrest Hybrid is a great alternative thats about $600 cheaper.

For side sleepers who want a lavish feel to their bed, check out the DreamCloud Premier. It has 6 layers that include a Cashmere blend and plush pillow top, and it boasts near-perfect pressure relief.

How Firm Is This Mattress

Dahlia Double Sided Pillow Top Mattress

This mattress combines a few layers of medium-firmness with a plush, luxurious-feeling pillow-top layer. Though a mattress firmness will feel a bit different depending on your body type, that extra comfort layer pushes this mattress solidly into the middle of our firmness scale: around a 5.5. That means the mattress balances stability and softness, so that the body feels comforted, but not too comforted to the point of feeling out of alignment.

While the top layer of the mattress is made with ultra-plush egg-crate memory foam and another foam layer, several types of coils in the mattress provide spinal stability and hopefully help you avoid your chiropractor as much as possible.

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Bed Frames And Foundations

If you want to get the best out of your mattress, consider using it with its appropriate base for support and comfort. If the bed frame isn’t right, it won’t adequately support your mattress, and the weight of your body during sex. Additionally, a weak bed frame can cause noises that ruin the mood for sex. Things could go from bad to worse, if you have a noisy mattress.

Try out an adjustable bed for more adventure, comfort, and support during sex. An adjustable bed frame allows you to customize your bed by elevating some sections of the bed to a comfortable angle. For example, you may raise the head section of your bed to provide more support to your back.

An adjustable bed also allows you and your partner to try out new sex positions, without straining your muscles and joints. That may be the key to changing your sex life effortlessly.

How A Mattress Impacts Sex

Choosing the best mattress for a couple is difficult, considering their different comfort preferences and support needs. But, when it comes to choosing the best mattress for sex, couples agree that comfort comes first.

For this reason, some features of the best mattress for sex are more important than others.

Here’s an example.

While a couple may choose a firmer mattress for sex, they may not like how stiff it feels during intimacy. A firm mattress is not the best mattress for sex it may cause pain on the couple’s body because of the impact and pressure during sex. On the other hand, a softer mattress may lack adequate support and pressure relief, causing it to sink too much from the weight and pressure exerted by the couple.

Edge support not only helps you get out of bed it also favors some bedroom adventures. A saggy mattress is equally uncomfortable for intimacy, as it lacks edge support to hold you and your partner in place.

Finding the best mattress for sex is important, as it promotes a healthy relationship and great bedroom life. Therefore, while some factors may be insignificant when shopping for a regular mattress, they may be vital when choosing the best mattress for sex.

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