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Can You Put Memory Foam Mattress On Slats

What Kind Of Steel Bed Slats Are Available

Do I Need a Box Spring for my Memory Foam Mattress?

For those who have beds with a wood headboard, footboard, and wood side rails your bed could be vulnerable to cracking and breaking. There are a couple of different types of steel bed slats with feet that can work for this type of bed. These heavy-duty bars run from one side of the bed to the other and securely screw into the wood lip of the wooden side rails. These metal slats are made from hardened steel and are designed to replace weaker wooden rails that warp, crack, and even worse break.

The models you will want to look into that we offer include:

The GS-3 XS Center Support is our top seller a universal support that fits full, queen, and king size beds

The BB 8-18 are our heaviest steel bed slat system with feet and are strong enough to support heavier people, softside waterbeds, and of course anyone that just wants the strongest middle support system money can buy.

Place Your Mattress On Finished Surfaces

Its best to set your mattress on surfaces such as hardwood floors, tatami flooring, tile, or synthetic rugs and carpet. Avoid unfinished flooring, natural fiber carpets, and rugs made of wool, cotton, or jute.

Unfinished and natural flooring retains moisture and will lead to mold buildup, possibly triggering allergic reactions. Also, older flooring may contain mold spores or dust, soiling your mattress and making it unsuitable for sleeping.

Do You Need A Special Bed Frame For A Memory Foam Mattress

You dont need a special bed frame, so to speak, but memory foam mattresses do require a certain level of support. Most memory foam mattress warranties will specify that the mattress should be kept on a solid or slatted surface with slats no more than 3 inches apart. Most mattress foundations and platform beds meet this requirement, so its not terribly difficult to find a compatible bed frame for your foam mattress.

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How To Prep Your Floor For Your Mattress

Before putting your mattress directly on the floor, ensure youve safely packed away your bed base. Keep it in storage in case you change your mind. Vacuum the entire area, also vacuum the mattress. Mop the floor or use a carpet cleaner to ensure a fresh sleep space. Use an optional mat to keep the mattress in place.

You dont need to rush out and buy the best floor mattress, its possible that your current mattress could work perfectly on the floor

Do I Need A Bunkie Board

Can You Put A Memory Foam Mattress On Any Bed Frame  Hanaposy

Foam and hybrid mattresses must be placed on a solid surface or on slats no more than 2.75 inches apart. If your bed frame doesnt have a solid base or the slats are further apart, you will need a flat base to place your mattress on. Thats where a bunkie board can help.

A bunkie board can be used on top of any bed frame or foundation to create a stable surface for your mattress. If you already have a solid foundation, you can use a bunkie board to add a bit more height if needed.

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Best Foundation For A Memory Foam Mattress

So, you’ve just bought a memory foam mattress, but how do you choose the best foundation for your new addition? The most important thing to keep in mind when selecting a foundation for your memory foam mattress is that you find one that provides the right amount of support. Providing a supportive foundation is critical because it will ensure your memory foam mattress wears evenly, allowing you to get more years out of your new bed.

Best Way To Get Support For Mattress Without Box Spring

Box spring works as additional support of a mattress. The direct placing of a mattress on the floor doesnt look good. It also not hygienic for you. You can easily be affected by many diseases like fever, cough, etc. But using a box spring with the mattress you can avoid some of the problems.

Box spring provides you a comfortable height to place the mattress. Based on your choice, you can use a high box spring or low box spring. It saves your mattress from the direct stretch of the floor. As a result, you remain free from the dust and wet of the floor. Box spring also brings some disturbance for you. In modern time box spring become unnecessary for mattresses because the user already started to avoid it.

In our todays article, we will give you some explanation about mattress using. Read our article from beginning to end for knowing how to support a mattress without box spring and also many things about it.

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Best Mattresses For Slat Beds

Heres a quick rundown of what you can read today:

  • Up to £450 off Bundles and
  • Up to 30% off Bedding

Nectars memory foam mattress works perfectly on slats, you dont need to flip it just turn it occasionally to keep it fresh and supporting.

The medium-firm feel suits most people and makes it comfortable for back sleepers, side sleepers and even stomach sleepers. Plus the memory foam works to support your back giving you relief from back pain.

The memory foam also works to keep you still instead of tossing and turning so you actually get a more restful nights sleep.

But whats really cool is that it comes with a whole year of trial period so you could try it out for 11 months 29 days and if you dont like it, you can send it back! Plus a 10-year guarantee to ensure youve got peace of mind that youve bought quality.

Its a bed-in-a-box so it comes rolled up, you just lay it at the bottom of the bed frame, cut through the plastic and it unrolls and inflates. It does have a strange smell at first but thats totally normal and goes away with time. The worst goes in the first 48 hours and then you stop getting occasional smells of it fully in about 1-2 weeks.

If you need a new mattress this will see you right, made to the highest quality, great value for money and perfect for a slat bed.

Can You Use A Mattress On A Bed Frame Without A Foundation


No, you cannot place a mattress directly on a bed frame because bed frames are mostly decorative. While they may have one or two slats, the slats are there to support a foundation, not your mattress. Placing your mattress straight onto a bed frame causes your mattress to sag and voids your mattresss warranty. The only exception to this rule are platform beds but even those will sometimes require a bunkie board for extra support.

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Can You Use A Slatted Frame With Our Memory Foam Mattress

We get this question quite a bit. Whether its a futon frame or a slatted platform bed , potential customers have asked whether these options would work with our mattress.

Slatted foundations can be appropriate as long as they have sufficient slats. As a rule of thumb, we generally find that the slats that work well are about 3 wide or so and about 2 3 apart. So a queen slatted foundation or platform would end up with 12 or 13+ slats.

There are some newer metal frames that allow storage underneath that I often get asked about as well. And Im skeptical about these, even though they are sold as compatible with memory foam mattresses, since the metal framing that the mattress sits on has such thin metal pieces . While they have fabric that then goes on this metal structure, I am concerned that this still doesnt provide that firm a base for the mattress, and also that over time the thin metal frame pieces may dig into the foam even through the fabric cover.

What Is The Correct Way To Use A Box Spring

A box spring usually goes between the metal or wooden bed frame and the mattress. Experts generally recommend the use of a bed base with a stiffer mattress. The firmest of all mattresses can feel a little softer with the use of a box spring.

Since the box spring acts as a direct support to the mattress, you should use it immediately underneath it. You can choose to omit a bed frame altogether. However, adding a bed frame to your bed gives it the extra couple of inches and keeps it way above the floor dust.

It is very crucial for you to buy your foundation or box spring from a reputed retailer or the mattress manufacturer of your choice. Since the primary task of the bed base is to provide support that conserves the integrity of the mattress, it is of utmost importance that it has a good design.

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Who Invented Memory Foam

Memory foam is a well-recognised mattress material now, but this hasn’t always been the case. The material originated back in 1966 as a development by NASA, when it was initially invented to help improve the safety of cushions on aircraft. The foam was originally called slow spring-back foam and was created by pumping gas into a polymer matrix. It all sounds tremendously scientific, but essentially means that the pressure in the foam’s cells made it spring slowly back to its original shape!

Like many NASA developments, the potential for the commercialisation of memory foam wasnt missed. However, the material was initially considered far too expensive for general public use, so was restricted to use in medical environments for both people and animals! One little-known early use for memory foam was as a medical bed for valuable injured racehorses. Memory foam continued to be used in the medical world, particularly with immobile bed-ridden patients who were at risk of developing pressure sores. Memory foam was extremely effective in preventing this problem.

Although its a relatively simple concept, the many benefits of memory foam make it one of the most effective and comfortable bedding materials all thanks to those early scientific developments at NASA.

Are Adjustable Beds Worth It

Can You Put A Memory Foam Mattress On Platform Bed  Hanaposy

While the term adjustable bed refers to a base that can tilt the mattress to create different sleeping positions, the mattress can be seen as a separate element. If you can afford an adjustable bed but want to buy a comfortable, high-quality mattress, it may not be worth investing in an adjustable bed.

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Steel Grid Platform Foundation

Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Deluxe Platform Bed Frame

A steel grid platform foundation is just what it sounds like a solid metal grid, often mounted on legs that sits underneath a mattress and provides solid, but lighter weight support. They have well-placed slats positioned in a grid style that provide the solid support that is needed for a memory foam mattress without the complication of extra springs.

Steel grid mattresses are extremely popular with those looking to replace an old box spring without spending a great deal of money. The fact that they are also easy to move and quite easy to set up are also big pluses for some.

Are Cheap Memory Foam Mattresses Good

Advancements in the way mattresses are produced have meant that its now possible to buy cheap memory foam mattresses which are of a very good quality for the price. At Dormeo, we have lots of great-value memory foam mattresses which offer exceptional value for money, so you can enjoy the comfort and support of the latest technology on a budget.

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What Weve Been Working On

Our amazing adjustable memory foam mattress will soon have a place to call home yes, weve created our own Ecosa bed base.

Made from high quality American Ash, Ecosas sprung slat wooden bed base is built for easy assembly. Perfectly made to match your Ecosa memory foam mattress, its time to level-up your sleep experience. Packed with tons of sneaky storage space, plenty of support and built for a quiet nights sleep, bedtime has never sounded so good.

Find out more about our brand new Ecosa bed base.

Follow us on and for updates on our latest products!

Can I Put My Memory Foam Mattress On Any Bed

Our Zinus memory foam mattress didn’t have enough support, Here’s how we fixed it!

You may already have a bed base at home that youre not quite ready to give up. We get it, youve been through a lot together.

That said, it could be worth upgrading your bed base to fit your new memory foam mattress.

Can I use a memory foam mattress on box springs?

The mattress technology used in memory foam means box springs are not typically appropriate bed bases for this type of mattress. Memory foam mattresses are built to handle impact absorption, so you wont need a box spring bed base. It can also make your bed more bulky and ruin the aesthetic of your bedroom.

Can I use a memory foam mattress on a platform bed frame?

This type of bed base doesnt provide the enough ventilation underneath the mattress for proper cooling. Heat and moisture can tend to build up in your memory foam mattress which makes it both uncomfortable and unhygienic.

Can I use a memory foam mattress on a wooden slat bed base?

Ah now were talking. Bed bases build with wooden slats provide the best balance of air circulation and durability among bed base types, and offer modern, minimal design features.

Unlike box spring beds or platform beds, wooden slat bed bases support memory foam technology well. They provide a solid platform for the mattress to rest on, slat beds allow for proper air circulation to the layers of your memory foam mattress, keeping you cool and comfy in equal measure.

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Can You Put Mattress On Slats

Going into 2021, the mattress market is flooded with various brand names. Listed below you will find the 10 mattresses that have been the very best for 2021. Keep in mind, they are noted in no particular order.

You can not fail, with any of the following mattress brand names, if you are searching for the best mattress.

Box Springs: The Squeaky Truth

Box springs are typically used for older mattresses, including innerspring mattresses. The coils or springs of innerspring mattresses pair with box springs to offer stability and support while you sleep. Most warranties for newer types of mattresses today will be voided if you use a box spring. Memory foam, latex, hybrid, and Purple mattresses should not use box springs.

Box springs are ideal for: Innerspring mattresses. The springs in each help to support you as you sleep. Check with your mattress manufacturer to be sure if a box spring will work for you.

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What Is A Bed Frame

The terms bed frame and mattress foundation are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference.

A bed frame is a decorative portion surrounding the mattressthis includes a headboard, footboard, and side panels . Typically, the bed frame will be attached to a foundation that the mattress can rest on. For example, many wooden frames have a slatted foundation that consists of wood planks attached to the two side panels of the frame.

However, some bed frames only provide a rim around the perimeter of the mattressleaving no base for you to place the mattress on.

Why Have A Box Spring

Can You Put Memory Foam Mattress On A Box Spring

So there are a few reasons that people have historically bought box springs. Yes, they provide additional support , but they also bring up your bed to a desirable height. Its not always fun to have to creak out of the most comfortable mattress, and then prop yourself up to get up some people just want to swing out of bed and start the day.

For those people, a box mattress is a good idea. It will keep your bed at the height you desire, and it will create a level surface for your mattress to lie on. The added support and height isnt required, but sometimes people enjoy configuring their bedding in this manner. If you like some verticality when you snooze, maybe having a box spring is for you.

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How To Choose A Bunkie Board For A Foam Mattress

There are many bunkie boards on the market, so choosing the right one is not an easy task. If you dont know which factors to consider when making your decision, it may be confusing to determine how to choose a bunkie board for a foam mattress.

In order to choose a bunkie board for a foam mattress, you must decide where you want to use it, the size of the bunkie board you will use, the material of the bunkie board, and whether you want your bunkie board to have a noise-reduction feature.

To choose a bunkie board for a foam mattress, follow these steps:

Whats Special About Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam is special because it adjusts to the exact contours of your body and bounces back slowly .

Pros of memory foam mattresses:

  • Ideal for back and side sleepers because in these positions, memory foam aids spine and neck-bone alignment and provides better hip and shoulder comfort than traditional mattresses.
  • Ideal for couples who are light sleepers, as movement on one side of the bed will hardly be felt on the other.
  • Ideal for people with allergies, as memory foam is hypoallergenic and dense enough to keep dust mites, dirt, and bacteria from penetrating the mattress.

I bought a Zinus Memory Foam mattress back in 2012, and its still going strong! The odor was minimal upon opening, and the foam has proven durable.

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How To Find The Best Box Spring For A Memory Foam Mattress

In this article, we will discuss the following bed foundations:

  • Platform Bed Frames
  • Box Spring Replacement Foundations
  • Bunkie Boards
  • You will also find information about whether or not it is okay to put your memory foam mattress on the floor, how to protect your foam mattress, and the differences between memory foam and latex.


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