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How To Steam Clean A Mattress

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How to Clean a Mattress with a Steam Cleaner

Its common for mattresses to become discoloured and smell mouldy from sweat and stains. While it may be an unpleasant reality, sleeping on a mattress that hasnt been steam cleaned is not only unhygienic but it can also be potentially toxic. Its time to get those mattress stains removed.

You could try to clean it yourself, but you may not have the equipment or the expertise to deliver a thorough clean. At Cheap As Chips, we have been steam cleaning mattresses for over 20 years for commercial and residential clients. You can count on our mattress cleaners to deliver a service that is second to none.

Our Mattress Cleaning Services Include:

  • Removal of stains, germs, bacteria and dust mites in one treatment
  • Mattress cleaning of all types and sizes
  • Relief for allergy and asthma sufferers

Mattress protectors and bedding will not protect you from a dust mite infestation. When you move on the mattress it creates a suction action puffing up minute particles which easily pass through protectors and bedding landing on your face and skin. Breathing in those nasties is where a lot of allergies and other problems can begin.

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Fecal matter from dust mites contain a protein that is at the root of allergy and asthma flare-ups. It can also cause eczema which usually presents as dry, scaly skin in a variety of places on the body.

* Asthma Foundation Victoria 2015

Will Steam Cleaning Remove Urine Stains From A Mattress

Steam cleaning will remove urine stains from a mattress as long as you use a high-quality cleaner that can serve multiple purposes. Make sure that you sprinkle enough baking soda and a bit of vinegar while you are deodorizing the mattress right before vacuuming.If the stain is too deep, you might need to ask a professional to steam or dry clean it for you.

Other Cleaning And Hygiene Advice For Your Mattress

If your mattress cant be steam cleaned, we wrote a detailed article on more ways to clean your mattress. However, here are 7 tips for good mattress hygiene.

  • Use mattress protection. Keeping your mattress protected with a cover will keep it cleaner longer. Plus, youll be able to simply remove the cover frequently to wash it.

  • Deodorize and vacuum the mattress. Strip your bed of all sheets, pillows and blankets. You’ll want to remove everything from your mattress before starting.

  • Use high heat to wash and dry your bedding. This can help ensure it’s clean and sanitized.

  • Sprinkle baking soda all over your mattress to deodorize it. Baking soda helps remove odors from fabrics.

  • Vacuum off the baking soda from your mattress using the hand attachment. Give the baking soda some time to deodorize your mattress first and then apply slow, even, short strokes across your whole mattress. This will help ensure it sucks up all dust mites and dead skin cells.

  • Spot clean and dry a spring mattress or latex mattress by hand. In between deep cleaning, always spot clean mattresses for stains.

  • Avoid leaving damp towels or laundry on the bed. This moisture can seep into the mattress, leading to mildew or even mold growth.

  • This is your basic guide to steam cleaning your mattress. As a reminder, you should always use a mattress protector or at least buy a mattress with a waterproof cover and antimicrobial foam.

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    Mattress Cleaning And Sanitising Melbourne

    Reduce the risk of allergies and itching with mattress sanitising by the experts at Cheap As Chips. Cleaning your mattress is not only good for your health and asthma sufferers, but it can also prolong the lifespan of your mattress. Furthermore, with proper sanitisation, youll be able to sleep much better. A clean mattress really does go a long way.

    Is It Safe To Steam Clean A Mattress

    Steam Clean Your Mattress!

    Using a steam cleaner will help you feel like it will keep all the debris away from dust, debris, and bacteria.

    But using a steam cleaner will also give you discomforts like it can leave excessive moisture on your mattress, leading to mold growth on your mattress. It is because moisture is the favourite place for mould to grow.

    So you have to make sure that you are letting the mattress dry completely after steam cleaning. Otherwise, it will be an unsafe effort for you. And one more important thing is that you have to follow the instructions mentioned on your mattress for a safe cleaning process.

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    Remove Dead Dust Mites And Eggs Using Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

    After the steam cleaning process, you should leave the mattress to dry for a couple of hours.

    Then it is time to get rid of dead dust mite and eggs that were killed during the steam cleaning process with a vacuum cleaner and turbo nozzle.

    Similar to the first step, all you need to do is to go over every part of the mattress with turbo nozzle to make sure you vacuum up all dead mites and dead eggs residue.

    How To Keep My Memory Foam Mattress Clean

    Now you’ve cleaned your memory foam mattress, here are some tips on how to keep it fresh and clean for longer:

  • Vacuum regularly
    When you wash your bedding, gently vacuum the surface of your mattress to get rid of any hair or dirt.
  • Open your windows for ventilation
    Open your bedroom windows and air out your mattress to eliminate any odours.
  • Wash bedding and cover regularly
    Keeping your sheets and mattress cover clean will keep your mattress clean too!
  • Don’t eat or drink in bed
    Prevention is better than cure – stop any spills so you don’t have to clean them.
  • Don’t let pets on the bed
    If you want to go the extra mile to keep your mattress clean, try to avoid letting your pets on the bed.
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    How To Prepare A Mattress For Steam Cleaning

    Steam cleaning a mattress is a cleaning process that allows you to remove dust mites, dirt, smell, stains, dead skin cells, bacteria and bed bugs in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.

    However, before you can start a steam cleaning process, you should make sure your mattress is ready for it.

    First of all, you should vacuum the mattress thoroughly. Vacuum every crevice and corner of your mattress by using an upholstery attachment. Get rid of all dust, debris and dirt that you can see so that the steam cleaner can be more effective.

    The reason why you should do this is that steam cleaning a mattress that is too dirty can lead to even greater mess. If there is a lot of dust, debris and dead skin cells, adding moisture can push them even deeper into the mattress and encourage the growth of mold or mildew.

    How To Remove Blood Stain From Mattress

    How to clean and sanitise a mattress with steam

    If you have blood stains or period stains on your mattress, time is of essence. The faster you work on removing the blood stains, the easier it is to get it removed. Please do not use steam cleaner to remove protein stains as heat can cook protein and make the stain set in.

    To remove blood stains from mattress, you can mix laundry detergent with water and dab on it with a dry, clean cloth. Alternatively, you can also use hydrogen peroxide. The key point is to dap on stains and not wipe or rub the stains. Otherwise, it can make matters worse.

    It is important to remember to only use room temperature water while cleaning mattress stains because hot water will cause stains to set, hence making the cleaning process not as effective.

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    Dont Forget The Sides

    Many people forget to pay close attention to the sides when they learn how to clean a memory foam mattress. This is a very important part of the cleaning process since the sides of your mattress also collect dust, and they are quite prone to stains. Part of the purpose of steam cleaning involves odor removal, which is particularly important when it comes to memory foam. Skipping the sides may leave lingering odors behind.

    Select A Steam Cleaner According To Your Budget

    Any kind of machine capable of heating the tank water minimum 100-degree C will be appropriate for this task.

    If your iron features a steaming function, you can use that as well. Also, a domestic steam cleaning machine or cloth streamer will do it fine.

    However, check the steamers specification list to ensure itll get hot enough to kill the dust mites, bed bugs, and bacteria because most of the household carpet cleaners do not make the water that hot to do that.

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    Cleaning A Used Mattress With Baking Soda

    This hack is good for old mattresses because they can have a bad odor. When an old mattress smells and produces dust, it is hard to sleep comfortably on it.

    Baking soda is a good deodorizer. It will remove all the bad smells from urine and sweat, leaving your bed refreshed. To give your bedroom an even better smell, get your favorite essential oil for this procedure.

    Youll need:

    • A vacuum cleaner with the upholstery attachment.
    • Baking soda.

    Choose The Burst Steam Setting

    Steam Clean Your Mattress!

    The majority of steam cleaners typically offer different steam settings, much like an iron would. Its recommended that you choose the burst steam setting as it gives you more control over the amount of vapor that is poured into your mattress. Also, it significantly reduces the drying time.

    With bursting the steam you can still get rid of stains and odors, just without having to deal with an excess amount of water.

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    Get The Steamer Started

    To get the steam going, start by filling the reservoir with water as directed. Its recommended to use distilled water instead of tap because its free of minerals. This will prevent limescale and other mineral buildup within the steamer .

    Plug the steamer into an outlet, turn it on and allow it to heat. If youre new to steam cleaners, make sure you read the manual before starting. This ensures youre using it correctly.

    Sanitize And Clean Beddings With Proper Heat

    Wash your mattress toppers, pillows, sheets, and pillowcases with water in the washing machine. After that, dry them out on extensive heat, which will clean, deodorize and sanitize them.

    Also, you may need to take the bedding materials to a dry cleaner or a Laundromat depending on the size of the materials, review the care instructions on the tag.

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    Steam Cleaning A Mattress

    When learning how to steam clean a mattress, know that youll need baking soda, a steam cleaner, and a vacuum. Then, follow these steps:

    #1 The first step is to sprinkle baking soda on the stain. If youd like to freshen up the entire mattress, sprinkle a fair amount of baking soda all over the bed. Leave it for about 45 minutes.

    #2 Vacuum the mattress with the upholstery attachment to remove any dust, dirt, or skin cells as well as the baking soda you sprinkled on. Once theres no leftover debris, youre ready to get to work with your steam cleaner.

    #3 You are now on the step of steam cleaning a mattress where you will actually steam it. Run your steamer across the mattress with the upholstery attachment to blast in the steam. Be sure to get the water in your steamer to heat up nicely to at least 212 °F to be able to disinfect your mattress. If you do not have a mattress attachment or upholstery attachment on your steam cleaner, wrap a towel on the head. It will help prevent scratches and tears on your mattress.

    #4 Youre all done! Leave the mattress for about four hours to dry. Steam cleaning a mattress does not leave behind water, but its possible theres still a bit of moisture left deep inside from the initial spill. Its best if your mattress can dry in a warm spot out in the sun. If your mattress is too heavy for this to be realistic, try to get it as near an open window as possible.

    How To Steam Clean A Memory Foam Mattress

    Steam Mattress Cleaning Machines for Bed Bugs Removal

    Updated By Household Advice Staff

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    Has your memory foam mattress seen better days? When these beds get older, they start to lose their ability to support your frame. They can also begin to feel quite grimy and dirty, as well.

    But what if youre not ready to part ways with your cloud-like mattress? Steam cleaning can help breathe new life back into your favorite memory foam mattress. Keep on reading to see how to steam clean a memory foam mattress, and save yourself from the hassle of buying a new one.

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    Tips To Keep Your Mattress Clean

    • Use a thick mattress protector at all times to help absorb body oils and moisture. Wash it at least monthly.
    • Monitor humidity levels in the bedroom to prevent the growth of mold and mildew spores. Never leave damp items on the bed, and be sure that bedding is completely dry before placing it on the bed.
    • Change and wash sheets and bedclothes frequently.

    Get A Steam Cleaner For Your Mattress

    If youre ready to buy a steam cleaner for your mattress, you should be able to find one online for a reasonable price. Wed recommend starting your search on Amazon, where an average steam cleaner will run you about $100, depending on how much functionality you need. You can also check out big-box retailers like Target and Walmart to find a mattress steamer at stores in your area.

    We hope this guide has helped you figure out how to steam clean your mattress and keep it fresh for years to come. If you have any other mattress related questions, maybe take a look at some of our mattress reviews, and as always, thanks for stopping by the Slumber Yard!

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    Set Up The Steam Cleaner

    Since steam cleaners are the perfect tool for disinfecting surfaces without the need for chemical cleaning solutions, all youre going to need is water . Remove the water reservoir from the cleaner and fill it with water, replacing the reservoir once it is filled. You can then plug in the steam cleaner and wait for it to heat up in order to produce the perfect amount of steam.

    Best Steam Cleaner For Mattress Our Top Pick

    How To Steam Clean A Mattress?

    Since you have gotten a brief idea of the necessity of steam cleaning a mattress, you might as well be aware of the best steam cleaner that is available in the market. One of the best industrial-grade steam cleaners that are now available in the market is Dupray Steam Cleaner.


    • 54-ounce water capacity
    • 7 minute heat-up time and 1 hour usage time before refilling

    This cube-shaped multipurpose steam cleaner comes with a lot of accessories. Lightweight and compact design of this steam cleaner aids in portability and less storage. It comes with a lot of attachments such as microfiber pads, rectangular floor tool, extension tubes, window tool, single lance, microfiber cloth, nylon tool, fiber brush, brass brush, and can add fresh fragrance tool which equips you with every tool necessary for cleaning any part of your house. Also, a 54-ounce water capacity reservoir provides about 1 hour of cleaning, unlike any other steam cleaners which allow only a maximum of 30 minutes.

    Its simple to use method makes it user-friendly. A push of one button and its magic begins to work. There are no crazy displays or dials for multiple settings. The product is highly recommended and comes with thousands of good reviews and is one of amazons bestsellers. Make sure to check our Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Review.

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    Prepare The Steam Cleaner

    Fill the steam cleaner with water and bring it up to full heat. The water should reach 212 degrees F to fully destroy bacteria and dust mites.

    You can use a clothes steamer, a steamer designed for cleaning, or even an iron that creates steam. Obviously, a small travel steamer or iron will need to be refilled more often and take longer to use.

    Is It Safe And Effective

    First things first, you already understand the effectiveness of a steam cleaner with regard to sanitizing surfaces. It goes without saying that the godsend machine uses only natural steam to achieve their success.

    But is it safe for a mattress? Yes, it is. The device uses steam to kill bacteria, viruses, bedbugs, and other pathogens on your mattress. It also gets rid of odours and stains, not to mention more.

    Steam is hot, and you may expect it to destroy the looks of your mattresss surface as a result. The good news is that you have control over it to prevent such damages.

    Use the steam in the medium heat settings to avoid wastage and overheating. Besides, remember to avoid much steaming of the mattresss elastic parts.

    Steam can make them lose their elasticity. Ensure that you go through all the care instructions for your mattress from the manufacturer to avoid causing much damage.

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    The Advantages And Drawbacks Of Steam Cleaning A Mattress

    It is important to keep your mattress clean, but does steam cleaning really need to be done? It depends on several factors.

    Consider the steps you already take to clean your mattress. You wont have to clean your mattress as often if you use a mattress protector, or sleep on a natural latex mattress like most duvet mattresses.

    Your mattress might need to be cleaned more often if you sweat at night, eat in bed, have pets, or are trying to potty train your children.

    Steam cleaning your mattress is a great idea if you are ill or have a bleeding nose. You will need to steam clean your mattress more often in these cases.

    Lets take a look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of steam cleaning a mattress.


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