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What Size Is An Rv King Mattress

Rv King Mattress That Should Be On Your Radar

RV Bed Platform DIY | KING Size Mattress UPGRADE

Most people search for the qualities of their mattresses at home, sometimes with improved features when they want to buy an RV king mattress. Temperature regulation, motion isolation, pressure relief, and durability should all be considered when selecting an RV king mattress. Well cover our top picks for the best RV mattresses, including what to consider when shopping for one. Our comprehensive article has everything you need to know before shopping for an RV king mattress.

Super Single Bed Size / Three

Super Single beds are a throwback to the 1920s. Designed for one sleeper but often accommodating two, these beds are exceedingly rare on the market today. Only antique bed frames and military living quarters will require this size, so Gotta Sleep doesnt carry it. You’ll like to have to find a custom or specialty mattress store to get a mattress this size that is both comfortable and new.

Super Single bed dimensions measure 48″ × 75″. The average width of a single bed is typically 48″. The average length of a single bed is 75″.

The Pros and Cons of a Super Single Mattress Size / Three-quarters Mattress Size


  • The cost of a Super Single is typically lower than a Queen.


  • These mattresses are very rate and difficult to find.

Zinus Deluxe Short Queen Memory Foam For Rv Mattress

Our first product, the Zinus Deluxe Short Queen Memory Foam For RV Mattress, comes from a manufacturer that youll see on this list multiple times, Zinus. Given this information, you shouldnt be surprised that I love this mattress for many different reasons.

For instance, the first thing that stands out about this Zinus product is its a memory foam mattress, which is something I find to be a necessity in any mattress I buy. I just love how the mattress molds to the shape of your body.

And given the numerous product reviews, I can confirm this memory foam works. In fact, theres almost an overwhelming amount of support for this particular mattress. I also like that it comes in the size of a short queen, which is perfect for my RV.

Honestly, I think itd be an incredible fit. Plus, with its affordable price, I wouldnt have any problems fitting it into my budget either, which is just the best news ever. I mean, high-quality mattresses always seem out of my price range, but for once, I could afford a nice short queen sized bed for my RV trips.

Not only could I afford it, but this mattress has an additionally high-density foam to help keep this product in good shape for a long time. Then, you throw in the 10-year limited warranty, and I was starting to think this mattress was too good to be true.

After all, who likes the smell of plastic? I know, I sure dont, but at this price, I could get over it very quickly.

  • Some customers complained about its plastic odor

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Can You Put A Regular Mattress In An Rv

It depends on the size of bed platforms you have in your RV. Most standard mattress sizes are wider and longer than RV mattresses, though some RVs can fit a standard queen.

Its best to measure the exact platforms in your RV and determine whether a standard size mattress will fit in that space or not. If your bed is too big for the platform, itll hand off the edges of the platform and may sag.

Should I Be Looking At A Sofa Bed Mattress For My Rv

InnerSpace 5.5

Sleeper couches are popular in residences, so a sleeper sofa mattress makes sense too. Most sofa beds in RVs require a custom mattress because of the different measurements and dimensions, but a shorter or smaller sofa bed mattress is attainable online. Ensure to measure correctly before ordering anything custom for your RV. If you want to read more about RV sofa beds, check this post.

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About The Different Rv Mattress Sizes

Lets look more specifically at the different RV mattress sizes. One of the most important steps during this process is to measure your space twice to ensure that you purchase the correct size. Dont forget the headroom space, either.

If you have overhead storage, or maybe the top of your bed sits in a slide, make sure to measure the space youll have at the top of the bed. If you want to sit up to read or watch tv, youll need to consider that when looking at mattress thickness.

Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam Rv Mattress

The second product on our list is also from Zinus, the Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory RV Mattress, and it continues the sheer excellence this company seems to embody. And since its a memory foam mattress, you know it immediately goes into consideration for me.

It also helps that the memory foam seems to be top of the line quality. I mean, you couldnt fake write better reviews than this mattress is getting. Its remarkable how many people seem to love this mattresss quality.

However, it being a memory foam mattress isnt the only thing this model has going for it. It comes with a fiber-quilted cover that will offer additional comfort to the already peak levels youre getting from the memory foam.

I mean, if youre going to double down on something, I dont see why it wouldnt be on comfort? Also, Zinus made sure that this mattress was completely safe by avoiding the use of harmful chemicals, which is always a plus.

This mattress is another that comes in my preferred size of a short queen, which is essential to my living space. You also have the option of either a 10-inch or 8-inch just in case youd want a little more bed height or a little less.

Itll be interesting to see if this issue is prevalent in the other Zinuss products on this list as well. But all in all, its still a small issue that wont keep me from buying this particular mattress. However, Id prefer the first Zinus because the price was a little lower.

  • Some customers complained about the mattresss smell

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How To Choose An Rv Mattress

There are unique mattress shopping considerations for RV owners. Qualities like pressure relief and temperature regulation become more important for those who are traveling, hiking, and staying in warmer climates. Those who share an RV may find that noise and motion isolation are especially important. Each RV has a specific configuration that may require a lower profile, lighter weight, or smaller mattress. Everyone has different comfort preferences and needs to consider as well. Before choosing an RV mattress, it is important to keep these factors in mind.

Rv Mattress Sizes And Dimensions

Ultimate “King Size” Camper Bed Build

By Andrew Russell, Wellness Writer

RVs are designed to maximize a small space. They fit a kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, and bedroom all in a 9 by 30-foot area. In order to be multifunctional, RVs need uniquely-sized home furnishings, such as couches, cabinets, and even mattresses.

Unlike standard mattress sizes for homes, there isnt an industry standard for RV mattress sizes, though theyre often thinner, shorter, and narrower than a standard mattress. Your RVs layout determines what mattress sizes work best, since you still need room for other furniture and walking space.

We break down the most common sizes of RV mattresses, as well as the different types of mattresses used for RVs.

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Your Rv Mattress Can Make Or Break Your Adventure

Maybe youre a free spirit, living in an RV full time, enjoying the adventure of the open road and the excitement of a new location every night. Or maybe you use an your RV for an occasional family vacation. Whatever your story, we do know that you need to get a great nights sleep on the road to fully enjoy your trip and to make it to your destination and back safely.

Todays mattress technology means that if you do your research and make a smart choice, you can ensure that your sleeping on the road is just as restful and healthy as catching those Zs at home. If your RV layout can accommodate it, we think adding a Purple mattress to your RV setup can help ensure that you and your family sleep great, night after night. Let the adventures begin.


Rv Mattress Sizes And Types

By Sanchita SenCertified Sleep Coach

Sleeping in an RV or a camper van may not be the most memorable part of camping, but sleeping well is important because sleep deprivation impacts driving. The regular mattresses

Sleeping in an RV or a camper van may not be the most memorable part of camping, but sleeping well is important because sleep deprivation impacts driving. The regular mattresses that come along with your RV or camper may not be comfortable enough for a good nights sleep.

Your mattress size and type affect your sleep quality. In this article, we discuss the different RV mattress sizes and types so you can choose the one best suited for you.

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Zinus 8 Inch Spring Rv Mattress

The third product from Zinus on this list, the Zinus RV Mattress, represents a worthwhile choice for any RV owner, even though, it doesnt use memory foam. And honestly, it might be one of the most versatile products on this entire list. See, it offers you a selection of picking between three different style options: 6-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch.

In my personal opinion, Id probably go with the 8-inch as it should get me enough padding/height and its significantly less expensive than the 10-inch. Regardless, I love that Zinus gives you the option to choose which one fits your particular needs best.

Otherwise, theres a couple of other reasons to get a little excited about this mattress. For example, it has a green tea ViscoLatex foam layer to ensure your sleeping sessions reach peak comfort levels.

As a customer, thats all Im looking for out of my new RV mattress something that will make my sleeping experience a pleasant one rather the pain-inducing nightmare my first mattress has provided over the past year.

And then you throw in the 10-year warranty, and it becomes obvious Zinus truly cares about their customers satisfaction with their product. Honestly, if a mattress doesnt a have a warranty, I kind of feel like it means the company doesnt have faith in its product.

  • Issues with the product being too firm

Rv Mattress Sizes And Dimensions Guide

Wolf Blissful Journey RV King

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RVs have been around for a little over 100 years. These transportable homes are compact, managing to fit a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom all within less than 400 feet of space. Despite being so small, they fit numerous sizes of mattresses.

Compared to standard mattress sizes, RV mattress sizes are usually slightly smaller to fit tight and narrow campers. However, RV mattresses dont come in standard sizes, so there are some slight variations in the beds. For this reason, we recommend measuring the mattress compartments in your RV before deciding on a mattress.

RV mattresses come in a wide range of sizes, starting from a tiny RV twin to an RV king.

RV Mattress Size
182.22 by 203.2 cm

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Buy A Custom Rv Mattress For Your Camper Motorhome Or Trailer

Slumber Ease Mattress Factory is dedicated to providing the best possible mattress for each individual. We use only the highest quality materials and a combination of traditional methods and advanced technologies to produce an RV mattress that is custom-made for you. If you are interested in a custom RV mattress made in the Pacific Northwest, reach out to us or stop by our showroom in Marysville, WA, today.

What Size Rv Mattresses Are Available

There are many more RV mattress sizes to choose from compared to standard mattress sizes. RV mattresses are often shorter and/or narrower than regular mattresses, so it is important to check the measurements of the bed frame or foundation. The size of the bed depends on the RV type and configuration.

Mattress sizes can vary between manufacturers, so in addition to double-checking the measurements of your space, be sure to read the product description and measurements before making a purchase. Common sizes and dimensions are listed below.

72 x 84

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Free Shipping & Warranty

At this time, there are no significant delays to our overall delivery or service, including the manufacturing of our Endy Mattress, which is made, warehoused, and delivered exclusively in Canada. We continue to offer free shipping to every Canadian province. Additional fees or exclusions may apply to the Canadian Territories.

Rest assured, our delivery partners have committed to extra health and safety measures during this time to keep you and your family safe. Happy sleeps await! Learn more about the steps we’re taking

Each Endy Mattress is built-to-last and backed by a 10-year limited warranty

Rv Mattress Usage And Care

RV bed queen to king conversion

Look after your RV mattress the same way you would one at home. Flipping every month is recommended, so make sure when you order your sofa bed mattress that the matching upholstery is on both sides.

Memory foam mattresses and hybrids arent flippable, as the memory foam is only on one side. Settle for switching the top and bottom at regular intervals. Mattress protectors are recommended even though they dont extend the lifespan of the mattress, they protect it from substances and spills. Or you could buy a mattress that does this.

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Or Single Xl Bed Size

Twin XL bed dimensions measure 39″ × 80″. The average length of Twin XL bed is 80″. The average width of the Twin XL bed is 39″.

As a twin, the mattress is the same width but is 5 inches longer to accommodate taller sleepers. This size is commonly used for growing teenagers who are close to 60 and in dorm rooms where there are more athletes.

Its a longer economy size thatll fit well in the spare room, or in the small apartment bedroom, you’re sleeping in, without being too short for your legs. Or whatever pet you have slept at the foot of it.

The Pros and Cons of a Twin XL Mattress Size


  • The cost of a Twin XL is lower than most mattresses.
  • This mattress size can be perfect for those who outgrow a Twin, but do not have the room space for a Queen size mattress.
  • If two growing children are sharing a room, two Twin XL mattresses will take up less space than upgrading to two Double mattresses.
  • The Twin XL can be found in many different qualities and price points. Bunk beds can be found to fit the Twin XL mattress dimensions.


  • Most people will not have this size through their entire adult life so an upgrade to a larger size will eventually be made. Because mattresses can last for so long, it may be more economical to skip this size and invest in a larger size to begin with. However, it is a good replacement for the Twin.
  • This size mattress only fits one full size adult in most cases.

What To Consider When Buying A Custom Rv Mattress

Your RV mattress should be customized for your body, space, and sleep needs. Here are some points you should consider:

  • Shape. RV beds often have different dimensions from standard mattresses, and many have rounded corners as well. Its essential to measure your space and make sure the RV mattress you are buying fits those dimensions.
  • Firmness. Most people based upon height and weight sleep best on medium-firm mattress cores, but it all depends on your body shape and sleep position. Side sleepers and people who tend to change positions as they sleep require surface layers that match their curvature.
  • Thickness. Have you ever felt like you were sinking too deeply into your RV mattress, or like you could feel the plywood beneath the cushioning? If so, you likely need a thicker or firmer weight-bearing mattress. Your custom RV mattress should be thick enough to fully support you and help you feel comfortable. Deeper mattress surfaces also tend to be helpful for people with medical conditions like arthritis, hip pain, or shoulder pain.
  • Allergy sensitivity. If you have indoor allergies, your mattress may be contributing to your misery. Switching to a hypoallergenic RV mattress material such as latex could make an enormous difference to your health and comfort.
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    Signature Sleep Rv Mattress

    The Signature Sleep RV Mattress is one of the most user-friendly options on this entire list for a simple reason: it offers you a lot of choices. See, with this mattress, you have four different styles you can pick from 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch.

    So far, the 12-inch option isnt something weve seen, which makes this particular mattress unique. Honestly, I think the 12-inch would be a little too much padding for me, but I could myself falling in love with it also.

    Along the same lines, the inclusion of the breathable soft cover is another attribute I love about this mattress. Now, it isnt removable, which is kind of disappointing however, the breathability is second to none.

    Overall, both these features make me feel confident about this mattresss quality because it seems the manufacturer is trying to improve their product by any means necessary. And by doing so, have created a model that matches up well with any of its competitors.

    I mean, they even designed a memory foam that ensures your body weight is evenly distributed when youre sleeping. If that isnt intuitive, then I dont know what is, and you have to applaud their effort in creating a product that stands out from the pact.

    However, if you do have a little extra money, you should explore the idea of buying this mattress. After all, it checks all the boxes and offers you some additional features that arent often seen in RV mattresses.

    • Expensive


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