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How To Style Throw Pillows

Sectional Sofa Pillows: Sizes And Arrangement Idea

How to Style Your Throw Pillows

For sectional sofas, put 2 of your largest pillows in the sides. Layer a slightly smaller square pillow in front of those side pillows.

For the corner, put your largest pillow in the back, with a slightly smaller in front of that and a rectangle pillow in the very front.

Offset these three pillows slightly so they look casual and comfortable, like in this example from my living room.

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Heres another example from Studio McGee.

With just a little thought , your throw pillows can go from ho-hum to amazing in no time. Then, when youre ready for a change, you can do it again to create a whole new feel!

How Do You Style A Living Room With A Grey Couch

A sofa and carpet combination in grey and neutral tones allows you to really express your personality with cushions: add warmth with a retro bright orange or red create a more natural tone with an array of greens, and dont be afraid to add contrast with bold patterns â black and white works particularly well.

Neutral Throw Pillows I Love

One of the ways I always change the look of my home is with new pillow covers for the season. It is so easy to swap out new throw pillows for each season to create a new look. However, one staple I always use is neutral throw pillows.

Regardless of the season, these throw pillow covers can be mixed and matched for a timeless look. So today, Ill be sharing how to style neutral throw pillows.

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Plush Velvet On Leather

A great way to select the best accent pillows for your grey couch is to create visual dissonance between your sofa and pillow fabrics. For example, if the sofa is upholstered in lush, creamy grey leather, then the throw pillows can be a sumptuously contrasting blue velvet or suede.

This contrast of fabrics will create a great visual dynamic and will help make the sofa a veritable statement piece within the ambiance.

What Colour Goes With Grey Leather Sofas

Add an invigorating jolt of energetic color to your home decor with # ...

Colour to complement dark grey sofas For dark grey sofas, opt for lighter accessories to create a balance, such as lighter greys, taupe, plush pinks, or earthy tones such as light browns and beiges. Tip: Just because grey goes with a lot of colours, be mindful not to mix too many when accessorising as they may clash.

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Color Block Black & White Pillows

I love black and white throw pillows that mix linen and velvet. The contrasting textures and colors blend perfectly creating a look that is elegant and modern.

The panel pillows are available in so many color combos youll want to add more than just the black and ivory option.

There are so many black and white pillows to choose from but these are my favorites. Come back for future posts with more resources to update your home in 2022.

I hope you have an amazing day full of Unicorns & Rainbows!

Choose Three Pattern Sizes

It’s important to think of the scale of your patterns when following the Rule of Three because you don’t want your patterns to compete with each other. Instead, choose patterns in three different scales, allowing one pattern to dominate.

Your lead pattern should be the largest pattern of the bunch, followed by a medium-sized print, such as a stripe or small houndstooth. The third pattern, then, should be the most subtle, such as a solid color in an interesting texture, a dotted swiss, or one with a faint tone-on-tone pattern, such as a damask stripe.

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Need More Couch Pillow Ideas

Throw pillows are fun to style, and they make your home so much cozier. If you need more tips on using them in your living room, book a complimentary styling appointment with one of Parachutes expert decorators. Youll receive personalized advice on everything from buying the right pillow size and shape for your sofa to choosing a boldly-printed throw pillow to accent a chair. After the consultation, your stylist will send you a lookbook with even more tips that will help transform your home into a dreamy sanctuary.

What Fabric Is Best For Throw Pillows

How to style your throw pillows | Interior Design

Pillow covers come in just about any fabric however, the most popular and most durable pillow fabrics are cotton and linen. Common fabrics for accent pillows include velvet, suede, wool, and faux fur.

When choosing pillows, really think about how youll use them. Will they be purely for decorative purposes or will your family snuggle with the pillows and lounge on them? The PURPOSE of your throw pillows will determine the fabric you should choose.

If you plan to lounge and lay on your pillows, I recommend cotton covers or another fabric that is easy to clean . If the pillows will be used only for decorative purposes, you can choose just about any fabric!

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How To Style Throw Pillows On Your Couch Like A Designer

Throw pillows lend a cozy and luxurious vibe to any space. Theyre also an easy way to bring your personal design aesthetic into your living room. But styling a couch with pillows is not always an easy task, since there are so many sizes, materials, and designs to choose from.

Thankfully, choosing the right pillows in the right sizes, colors, and textures can be easy if you follow a few simple guidelines. Knowing how to style pillows on a couch comes down to styling, mixing, matching, coordination, grouping and seasonality to keep things fresh.

So if you want to achieve that luxe, magazine-worthy look in your home but are not sure where to start, this guide will help. From how to select the right to creating attractive groupings, youll quickly master the art of decorating with throw pillows.

Styling Pillow Covers On Armchairs

The first look I want to chat about is how to style pillow covers on an armchair.

In my opinion, this is the easiest seating to style, and there are three easy options.

1: Double Up The Same Size

First, you can double up two 18×18 or 20×20 decorative pillows, one in front of the other.

This is the most classic look. The key to this is to pair coordinating, but not matching, neutral pillow covers together.

Also, make sure you use good pillow inserts. I like to use Ikea inserts or, these feather pillow inserts are also a great option if you dont live close to an Ikea.

Using feather inserts allows you to get that karate chop look that is polished.

2: 20×20 + Lumbar

The second option for an armchair is to place a 20×20 in back and a lumbar pillow in front. Personally, I love this look. I like to use this when I have a lumbar pillow that is extra pretty.

I feel it highlights the front pillow more when they are two different sizes.

This layering works best when your armchair is wide like mine are. If your armchair is on the smaller side, the next option may work best for you!

3. Single 20×20 or Lumbar

The final option is with a single pillow. This is the easiest look, for obvious reasons, and works best for smaller chairs.

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Home Decor : How To Choose And Style Sofa Pillows

Whats the secret to making your couchs throw pillows look amazing? It really just comes down to pillow sizes, colors and a few other considerations. In this Throw Pillows 101, I will show you everything you need to know to beautifully style your sofa pillows.

Throw pillows are more than just an afterthought for your furniture. They use patterns, colors, and textures to add style, comfort, and cohesiveness to your home decor.

In fact, sofa pillows are the perfect accessory: they do a big job but are easy to swap out when you want a change. Im a huge fan of buying a neutral sofa, then adding in your pops of color and patterns with pillows!

Im kind of obsessed with them and have way too many. Ha! It doesnt hurt that they tend to be pretty affordable too!

How Can I Change My Throw Pillow Covers

Throw Pillow Cover Home Decor Farmhouse Pillow Cover Neutral

Switching out is an easy way to refresh your home from season to season. Bright and colorful pillows complement sunny summer days switch them out for warmer-toned pillows as the season moves into autumn. Try cotton and linen pillows when its hot outside, and velvet or embellished pillows during cooler seasons. In winter, you can make your room instantly festive with holiday pillows. Use different pillow ideas to capture the ambiance of the season.

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What Size Throw Pillows For Sectional

The right size of throw pillows for placing on sectional would be between the size 12 inches to 20 inches.

A sectional requires different sizes of throw pillows, so the biggest ones should be 20×20 ones and the smallest ones should be 12×12. And middle throw pillow ones, you can choose any size between 12-20 inches.

Different Pillow Sizes For Traditional Arrangement

For a traditional style, arrange the throw pillows in a symmetrical fashion, e.g., on a sofa, place 2 pillows of the same size on each side at the back and 3 of the same size in the center. For layer 2, do the same arranging, but choose only 1 pillow for each side and one size smaller. Use the same shape pillows for a truly traditional style.

Select a color scheme of solid or patterned fabrics and keep the same format for an overall symmetrical and balanced look, e.g., Place a solid black in one size, and a bright yellow and white floral pillow of a size smaller on the sides of the couch, keeping the symmetrical placement.

In the center of the couch, place 3 pillows, a solid black, patterned, and another solid black pillow of the same size.

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One Color In Many Ways

You can choose one primary color for this design, however, it is utilized as an accent color in many various ways, such as the solid, pattern, and tiny stripes. It offers a distinctive aspect when adding the color of your choosing, and you may modify the overall style of your living room without having the design look too consistent.

Pillow Size Is Essential

How to STYLE Your Throw Pillows like a Professional Interior Designer

Size is the first and most important thing to keep in mind when you shop for decorative pillows for your sofa. The dimensions of your couch are key. Throw pillows should complement your couch, not overtake it. Pillows that are too big can overwhelm your rooms decor. But if theyre too small, theyll look out of place.

For a regular-sized sofa, start with a 20-inch square throw pillow. But if your living room has a modern couch with a low back, use 18-inch or 16-inch pillows as your starting point, since these will complement the couch.

Variety plays a major role in styling couch pillows, so consider adding a few 22 and 24-inch pillows, too. Later, youll arrange them by size, starting from the largest in the far corners and working to the smallest on the inside.

Learn more about the right pillow dimensions for you in our How to Choose the Right Pillow guide.

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How To Style Throw Pillows Couch

Inspiration | Tips 12/15/2021 6:15pm4 minute read

Looking for some inspiration for how to style throw pillows couch? These 5 easy tips will launch your creative super powers and have your living space leveled up in style.

Running our small decorative throw pillow company, we spend A LOT of time thinking about couches and sofas. The majority of our handmade throw pillows end up finding their place on the couch. We also get a TON of requests to help style our throw pillow designs for our amazing customer family.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to tackle all of the requests so we thought it would be helpful to put out some quick and easy tips to help with this often challenging process. So buckle up, this is not a post that you want to skip.

We have a lot to say on this topic but we will save some for another day and just focus on 5 quick and easy tips for styling your throw pillows on your couch. Let’s go!

Image by Studio McGee

First, identifying a color scheme for your throw pillow combination will make the rest of the process go much smoother. While there is no hard line rule for the amount of colors are best, we like to try to stick to 3-5. Doing this will make life so much easier when you start mixing styles and patterns together.

If your still struggling to pin down that color scheme, consider drawing on the colors from your favorite patterned throw pillow or blanket.

Ready Set Throw: How To Choose & Style Throw Pillows

If you know me, it goes without saying: the only thing I love more than a good collection of throw pillow covers is my family .

If youre looking for a simple way to change your space without breaking the bank, learning to style throw pillows is the perfect place to begin. First things first: invest in a few good inserts. Once you have your shapes and sizes defined, you can grab a range of pillow covers to swap out as the seasons change or honestly, anytime the mood strikes. But before you hit add to cart, lets go over some throw pillow basics that will give your couch an elevated, but not overly decorated, look.

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How To Style Your Throw Pillows

By Laura Certa of The Spruced Home

Shopping for throw pillows? Perhaps youre looking to update your space, wanting to add in a fresh pop of color, or just need a finishing touch to make a room feel complete. Throw pillows are one of the best ways to add color and texture to elevate the style of your home.

You are unique, and so is your home. Throw pillows are an easy and affordable way to incorporate your personal style in to your space. But, the process of shopping for decorative pillowssettling on a color scheme, choosing appropriate sizes, and finding items that pair well togethercan be overwhelming. This simple guide will walk you through choosing the best pillows for your space.

Play With Proportion And Shape

Three Posts⢠Wrightsville Throw Pillow

Talk about eye-catching! When you deconstruct the room and break down the design elements of each item, it’s hard to imagine how they all work together so well. The answer lies within the decorative throw pillow, of course, as its mustard print details reconcile everything. Notice how each piece is unique in shape, style, and size. Thanks to the tiny seat with an angular base, organic stool, disc-like lamp, and triangular table, this bedroom gives quirky proportion play a whole new meaning.

Don’t shy away from experimenting, and never underestimate the power of a pillow.

If you want to play with shape and proportion, opt for a round cushion that can break up traditionally-shaped pillows on a sofa or chair. You can also use it as a floor cushion!

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What Color Rug Goes With A Grey Couch

What Color Rug Goes With A Grey Couch. Interior style and design tips. How to pair an area rug with a grey sofa. Which color looks best.

So what color rug goes with a grey couch?. Gray, tan, cream and other natural colors are some of my favorite rug colors to pair with a grey couch.. Beautiful modern style living room with warm grey sofas and matching grey area rug in front of a gas fireplace.. One of the most popular area rug colors we use with a grey couch is actually grey.. Any the room itself has a modern black, grey and white color scheme so pairing a grey sofa with a grey area rugs makes sense here.. What color rug goes with a grey couch?. Try this grey couch and natural rug color combo with the following other elements:. Rustic styled living room with cream colored plush area rug and grey sofas.. The overall color color scheme in this room is cool so the rug provides warmth and a nice contrast.. Light grey couch with a cream colored thin composite fiber rug.. I generally like the lighter color to be the rug with the darker color used for the couch.. Pro Tip: If you want a monochromatic color scheme with matching color rug and couch then consider using a pattern.. So what color rug goes with a grey couch?. Gray, tan, cream and other natural colors are some of my favorite rug colors to pair with a grey couch.

Mix Pillow Patterns And Textures

It is okay to mix patterns when you pick out throw pillows. Go ahead and go crazy! Put a dot ikat throw pillow against a damask designI give you permission. But, also remember to mix up your throw pillow textures.

Your pillows dont need to have the same fabric texture its okay to have a shag-covered pillow mixed in or to add a leather pillow in the arrangement. Faux fur pillows look great against more traditional tweeds.

Mix and match fabrics, textures, and patterns you love.

Mixing patterns can be intimidating at first, so take a look online and find inspiration boards and examples of pattern mixing that you like. When youre ready to start mixing up your throw pillow patterns and textures my insider tip is to pick a solid color pillow first. All throw pillow groupings need a solid color .

Then, when picking out your patterned throw pillows to add to the mix, choose at least one or two of them that feature these same colors, even if its a dot of the same shade.

When you get comfortable mixing patterns, then dont even worry about matching pillow colors, but for beginners, this is a safe route.

Now you have a set of solid color pillows, a set of mixed patterns with a hint of the color, and its time to add your accent pillows. Your accent pillows are meant to make a statement too, so have fun with it.

Throw pillows are an easy, inexpensive way to transform the whole look of a room. You can change your throw pillows with the seasons.

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