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What Mattresses Are Used In Luxury Hotels

Choose Flat White Sheets

Mojo in the Morning: Stolen mattresses from luxury hotels

Putting crisp flat white sheets over your mattress provides a hotel-like look and feel.

Choose flat sheets instead of fitted sheets to avoid loose overstretched elastic corners and to create a smooth and wrinkle-free fit.

Go for cotton percale sheets because they have around 200+ thread count, whilst promoting more softness and breathability in comparison to other fabrics plus they last longer.

Choose white sheets to bring freshness and a sense of tranquility to the room, as this is the color scheme that is used in hotel rooms.

Can You Buy A Marriott Bed

Homeowners can buy The Marriott Bed for their bedrooms. You can get it at the hotel directly or check out the hotels mattress manufacturer for its other hospitality mattresses. Serta Simmons Bedding is trusted by Marriott, Hard Rock Hotel beds, and even Hilton for their mattresses.

Speaking of Serta Simmons, the companys Beautyrest Hospitality mattresses are also responsible for the beds found at different economy and luxury hotels. They include the Four Seasons Hotels mattresses, Hyatt, Hilton Garden bed, and Marriott Internationals Sheraton Hotels types of mattresses. Checking out these hotel collections from Serta might give you an idea of why these famous hotels selected the brand for their mattresses.

How To Create A Hotel

Hotels need to have their mattress game up all the time. They’re always on the lookout for new and exciting developments in the industry before anyone else does. And why not? As a discerning consumer, it’s your evident right to consume such comfort every time you spend your night in a hotel.

However, bedding and mattress experiences can be recreated as per an individual’s needs, budgets, and requirements. One can pick a softer, firmer, durable, and most comfortable bed at DreamCloud. Therefore, DreamCloud is what you need to recreate your bed that familiarizes you with a hotel-like sleeping experience. Our mattress still stands on the fronts above with the luxury of a hotel mattress at a fraction of the price.

Our luxury mattress offers a hybrid of memory foam, mini-coil, and a cashmere topper to create the ultimate sleep experience for you. It employs the best of all worlds by offering a supportive, firm, comfortable, durable mattress that never overheats. It’s DreamCloud’s cutting-edge bed tech that makes it the who’s who of the mattress industry and has become a household name synonymous with comfort and sound sleep. You can explore your options by visiting our website. .

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What Is The Right Mattress Firmness

Medium firm is consistently the most requested mattress and thats the reason why most premium mattresses fall within the range of 5-7 on the firmness scale .

But mattresses are also subjective. Comfort and firmness are based on many factors, including your weight and height, your body shape, sleeping style, temperature and whether you experience any discomfort, like in your back or hips. That means that a persons experience of an mattress will be different from the experience of another person and the choice of a soft or more firm mattress is up to you and your preferences.

However, theres general advice to consider which degree of mattress firmness may be most at ease with

1. Take note of your preferred position for sleeping. Back sleepers often prefer a mattress that is medium-firm. This gives the optimal of both worlds and provides a neutral spinal alignment and helping the shoulders and hips however, without placing too excessive pressure on the shoulders and hips. If your mattress is too soft, back sleepers could find their spine developing an uncomfortable U shape, which creates strain.If its too firm the natural curve of S of your spine will not be properly supported.

Sleepers who are a combination should select according to their dominant sleeping position . If you dont already have one, an average firm mattress will dish out the best comfort and support across all sleeping positions.

Give Your Mattress That Luxury Hotel Feel

Silentnight Luxury Hotel Collection Mattress Topper Reviews

If youd like to replicate the comfort of a hotel mattress in your own home then you should look to buy a new mattress made from luxurious materials using a mattress topper if desired, selecting soft sheets, using a fluffy comforter, buying plush pillows, and using hospital corner folds for the sheets.

If youre ready to buy a new mattress then click the button below to see my #1 recommendations now as personally tested by myself.

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Add A Memory Foam Pillow

A foam pillow, such as the luxury orthopaedic 4G Aircool contour pillow can offer superior support for your head, neck and upper body. Featuring a supportive, ergonomic design, cooling open-cell foam and medium-soft support – sink in, drift off and enjoy a pampered sleep. Pro tip: The more pillows you add – the more youll feel like youre bedding down in a hotel!

Marriott Mattress Best Medium

The Marriott Hotel Bed is a medium-firm mattress designed specifically for Marriott Hotels. If you are a heavier individual, back sleepers, or if you suffer from back pain, the medium-firm feel of this bed will keep you supported throughout the night.

Similar to many hybrid mattresses, the Marriott Bed has a pocketed spring coil base for added comfort and durability. All of the materials used in the Marriott Bed are also made in the United States and backed by a 10-year manufacturer warranty.

The Marriott mattress itself is 9 inches thick and the box spring is 10.5 inches high. It is available in three different sizes, including queen, king, and California king, and can be purchased directly from Marriotts website.

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What Mattress Does Hyatt Use Best Brand And More

If you are curious about what mattress does Hyatt use, it is from Sealy. We will discuss what you can expect from Hyatts Grand bed and what makes it unique. Its not surprising that Sealy is behind the mattresses used by Hyatt because mattresses used at Holiday Inn Express, Holiday Inn beds, and Hilton mattresses also came from Tempur-Sealy.

The hospitality line of the company is getting fantastic reviews and praises from guests and hoteliers alike. Unfortunately, you can no longer buy the Grand Bed because the hotels Hyatt at Home Store shut down. Still, its worth noting what makes Hyatts hotel mattress popular.

What The Difference Between A Firm And Plush Mattress

Sealy Luxury Hotel Collection Mattress Set w/ Firmness Option on QVC

Firm mattresses often have fewer or thinner layers for comfort while soft, or plush, mattresses often have multiple and thicker layers of foam for added comfort. It is possible to have a soft-feeling mattress that provides the body with proper support as well as a firm-feeling mattress that offers improper support.

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What Are The Sizes Of Hotel Beds

Hotel bed sizes are almost exclusively one of two sizes: King-sized or Full-sized. King size beds are used in single bed hotel rooms where full size mattresses are often used in double bed rooms.

  • Typical King mattress size: 76 x 80
  • Typical Full mattress size: 54 x 75

However, it is not uncommon for a hotel king size bed to be used which is slightly smaller king-size measuring 72 x 84 . The slightly smaller size provides more space in the hotel room.

Occasionally, hotels will also provide Queen sized mattresses in their rooms. A queen-sized mattress is typically 60 x 80 .

Serta Perfect Sleeper Luxury Firm


  • Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 9 inches
  • Weight: 50 pounds
  • Available Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, Cal King

This particular Serta model is available in five different firmness options, to satisfy every type of sleeper and every position, but today we are going to talk about the medium firm model. The 9-inch mattress is divided into three layers which, combined, provide a great support system, as well as the comfort we all seek to find at the end of a long day. At the top side of the mattress lies a layer of Cool Action memory foam, which is infused with gel to reduce some of those heat absorbing properties of this material.

At the middle of the mattress lies a layer of Serta Balanced memory foam. It acts as a transition layer, as well as provides additional support and body contouring. The base of the mattress is made out of foam, designed to fully support your bodys weight and distribute it evenly on the surface under pressure. Make no mistake, this mattress is pretty form. If you are a side sleeper, you will be more comfortable with the Serta Foam Plush 800, which has a more medium to soft feel.


  • Top layer is infused with gel, to provide a cooling sensation.
  • Mattress line provides different firmness levels.
  • Because of its firmness, it significantly reduces motion transfer.
  • Bottom layer features a foam encasement, for more protection and edge support.


  • Despite being the firmest Serta mattress in this line, people still complain about the plush top feeling.

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What Hotels Use Serta Mattresses 2021

Looking for What Hotels Use Serta Mattresses

PlushBeds Botanical Happiness bed mattress is this California-based brand names most popular bed mattress. Made from organic materials, consisting of an organic cotton cover, a layer of organic New Zealand wool, and multiple layers of organic Dunlop latex, the bed mattress is offered in 2 firmness choices: Medium and Firm.

PlushBeds prides itself on producing natural, environmentally friendly bed mattress. All of the products are GOLS and GOTS accredited, and made in the U.S. using naturally grown latex. The mattresses are free of hazardous chemicals and naturally resistant to irritants.

Well supply more comprehensive details about the Botanical Happiness Bed mattresss building, rates, and performance. Well likewise sum up the businesss policies on shipping, returns, and guarantees to assist you choose whether its right for you.

  • Couples who have various firmness {preferences|choices
  • Individuals with allergic reactions or issues about hazardous substances in their mattresses.
  • Shoppers who want a long-lasting bed mattress with a generous guarantee.
  • Consumers who desire a range of density and firmness choices.
  • People who tend to sleep hot and desire a mattress with excellent temperature level neutrality.


Who Makes The Marriott Mattress

Hotel Collection by Aireloom Handmade Plus 14.5 in 2021 ...

The Marriott Hotel is a luxury hotel founded in 1927 in Washington DC. The mattress is named after the hotel and was specifically made for the hotel by Jamison. After over fifty years of crafting, designing, and perfecting the mattress, it found its way into the market where people could purchase them.

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What Is The Best Mattress Brand

Best Mattress Overview Most Comfortable: DreamCloud Mattress. Best Value: Nectar Mattress. Best Luxury: Saatva Classic. Best for Back Pain: WinkBed. Best for Shoulder Pain: Amerisleep AS3. Best for Stomach Sleepers: Birch Mattress. Best for Couples: Tuft & Needle Mint. Best for Side Sleepers: Nolah Evolution 15.

What Mattresses Do Five Star Hotels Use

From The Doubletree Inn, to The Peninsula, to The Hilton, a good hotel mattress has one thing in common: luxury. While each hotel has its own take on what that means in terms of the sleeping experience, they know that a good nights sleep is invaluable when youre traveling. A five star hotel will always bring it to the next level when it comes to hotel mattresses because they understand this is exactly what travelers look for

From top to bottom those places are trying to make sleep a five star experience. They dont skimp when it comes to luxury mattresses because they know that their customers expect the best. So what kind of luxury mattresses do the best hotels in the world use? Thats exactly what we wanted to know, so we did some deep diving and found out which hotel mattresses the big hotels use to satiate their weary travelers. Heres what we found .

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What Mattresses Does The Marriott Hotel Use

The Marriott Bed is made from a soy-based foam designed to immediately cradle your body as soon as you lay on it but without that sinking feeling. There’s also an innerspring model that one satisfied Marriott guest describes as “firm with a layer of cloudlike softness.”

Shop Marriott has pillows, mattresses and other bedding available to purchase, so you can recreate the comfort of a Marriott guest room in your own bedroom.

What Type Of Mattresses Do Hotels Use

Sealy Luxury Hotel Collection Mattress Set w/ Firmness Option on QVC

Mattresses come in a variety of types, from pocket spring to memory foam. From soft-feeling to very-firm. There is no one type fits all sort of mattress. As individuals, we all have a preference when it comes to mattresses – this is why hoteliers opt for the very best they can get their hands on, in an effort to minimise the risk of not providing a mattress that the guest may not like.

While at home a guest may prefer a domestic open-coil mattress, they may find they enjoy a high-quality hotelier approved pocket spring mattress.

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Can I Get That Luxury Hotel Bed Feel At Home

Its certainly possible to get the same luxury feel of a hotel bed at home. Start with a quality mattress that provides the right firmness and material for your personal needs and preferences. Its not enough to get a hotel brand mattress because it might not be compatible with your body type or sleeping position.

Additionally, the rest of the bedding is crucial to your overall sleeping experience. They include the best quality sheets, comforter, and even pillows. Read our articles about the pillows used by Marriott, Hilton Inn pillows, and Holiday Inn Express pillow type.

Sealy Mattress Used In Hotels Here Are The Best Mattress Brands

The best mattress to fit your sleep and budget is easier than ever because there are a lot of good mattresses to pick from right now. We are aware of this because we have spent countless hours examining the most recent models, including the tried and tested classics that stand the test of time. We have slept on the mattresses and analyzed feedback from thousands of user reviews. We have come to rank the very top mattresses to help you find your dream pick. Sealy Mattress Used In Hotels

Our top mattress guide will provide everything you need to help you make a good choice, with mattresses that will fit every budget, from basic and fun to total luxury hotel in your bedroom. If you are in need of continuous pressure relief or are experiencing back or neck pain, consider the memory foam mattresses featured below. Hybrids are a good choice here too, as these are a combination of the body-cradling power of foam and the comfort of coils. Weve also discovered high-quality cooling mattresses for those who sleep hot, as well as organic ones that are not toxic and allergy-friendly. Proper spinal support and full comfortable body are the main standards, so expect it from each mattress below.

The best advice is to pick the mattress maker that gives a a risk-free trial of at least 30 days . Why? because it takes your body around three weeks to adapt to a new mattress. We recommend also looking for a deal before purchasing.

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Zoma Mattress Best Memory Foam Hotel Mattress

One of the most important components of good sleep is proper spinal alignment. The Zoma Mattress is designed to promote a safe, neutral spine, so muscles fully relax and heal during sleep.

The top layer of the Zoma is a gel memory foam with Triangulex technology. The gel infusion absorbs body heat to prevent night sweats, while the triangular cutouts provide contouring and stability. Beneath the comfort layer, Zoma includes a latex-like response foam called Reactiv. This layer reduces uncomfortable sinkage and ensures the spine remains neutral.

The Zomas base layer features their Support+ foam, a durable material that prevents sagging, and further protection against pressure points. All three layers of the Zoma are wrapped in a stretch-knit cover with built-in air channels to prevent heat retention. The foam in the Zoma is also backed by CertiPUR-US®, guaranteeing minimal off-gassing.

With each of their mattresses, Zoma includes a 10-year warranty covering structural defects such as indentations and sagging greater than .75 inches. Their risk-free, 100-night sleep trial is a great way to try the Zoma and decide if it fits your needs.

What Is The Most Comfortable Hotel Mattress

Luxury Hotel Collection Fleece Mattress Enhancer Double

According to guests rave reviews, the most comfortable hotel mattress includes Marriott, Hilton, Fairmont, Westin, and Ritz Carlton. It will be impossible to rank them because comfort varies for every person. However, these hotel mattresses overall construction and quality materials are why they have the most sought-after beds.

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