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Why Are Mattresses So Thick

What Is Considered A Thick Mattress

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Generally speaking, any mattress that has above 12 inches in height is considered a thick mattress. Even if thick mattresses are considered to be luxury items, not everyone can benefit from this particular type of bed.

A mattress that is too thin or too thick might degrade your sleep quality and may have a negative effect on your health. Everyone knows that poor sleep quality can have dire consequences, from microsleep sessions to breakdowns of the immune system. The thickness of your mattress has an effect on your support and comfort when sleeping.

Do You Have Some Examples Of Beds

I do have some examples of the low profile beds you can get. There is many different styles and material theyre made of. Im a big fan of the memory foam style.

One example is the tataME Bed Low Profile Cooling Memory Foam Mattress. The tataMe mattress is about 5 inches thick, more than enough for most people. Its simple and easy to use. The best part about it is that you can flip it to either side if you want soft or firm support. This is something that most of the thicker mattresses dont do.

Another option is the Signature Sleep Memoir 6-Inch Memory Foam Mattress. Signature Sleep is a little bit more known in the online world for there foam mattress. I actually use one for my bed, its a 10 inch one and I know Im going against what I said but from sleeping on an 8 inch and now a 10 inch I really cant tell the difference. The Memoir Mattress Im talking about is only 6 inches, which is fine for just about anyone one. If you need a good simple mattress then go with this one. No need to over think it.

So What Should You Buy

What you should buy is a very open-ended question. If you really enjoy the look and feel of a thicker mattress then please get one. Its your money and you should get what you want.

But do you need a thick mattress? No. Anything less than 8 inches and more than 4 inches will do most people just fine.

The perks are the smaller and thinner mattress are sometimes cheaper than some of its counterparts. They can be easier to move around too since theyre thinner and lighter than other super thick mattress. You can also find bed sheets that fit it better. Its better to have a bed sheet that is too big then not big enough if its too big then just use bed sheet suspenders to keep it in place.

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Your Weight Is Important To How Thick A Mattress You Need

If your weight is high, then a very soft foam mattress must be thicker than average to make sure you dont hit bottom when you lie on it. A heavyweight person will compress any mattress more than somebody several pounds lighter in weight.

It is obvious that an 18-stone man lying on his side on a soft foam mattress will need a much thicker mattress than a woman of 8 stones lying on her back on a hard mattress. For that reason, we shall discuss mattress thickness in general terms only.

What Makes Up Your Mattress

Platinum Sleeper Sofa Bed Mattress

The materials inside your mattress determine how thick it is. Inside your mattresss cover are between 2 to 5 layers made from materials such as memory foam, latex, pocketed coils, or polyfoam.

Mattress materials affect its feel, durability, and support to help you sleep comfortably. The two primary layers in every mattress are the comfort and support layers.

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Memory Foam Thickness And Density

Its easy to confuse thickness and density when shopping for a mattress. Thickness changes with the amount of layers in a mattress while density refers to how solid these layers are together. For example, thin mattresses typically have one layer of dense support foam with one or two layers of less dense foam, giving the mattress a firm feel overall. Thicker mattresses have more layers of comfort foam on top of the base foam, delivering that floating-on-a-cloud feeling that thick, fluffy mattresses are famous for.

How To Choose The Right Mattress Topper Thickness

If youre still wondering how thick your mattress topper should be, weve got some guidelines to help you choose the proper thickness for your topper

  • The padding of the mattress if youre current mattress has a considerable amount of padding, but is not completely soft and plushy, we recommend you go for toppers that are 2 or 3 inches thick. However, if the padding in the mattress is a bit worn out and lacks functionality, we recommend 3 or 4-inch toppers.
  • Support and pressure relief if youre current mattress doesnt provide enough support for the pressure points in the body, or doesnt provide pressure relief, we recommend you go for plushier toppers. The best would be the 2-inch mattress topper models.
  • Sleep position and weight if you want to buy a perfect mattress topper and find the ideal thickness, we recommend you consider the following info:

Side sleeping position for individuals under 130 lbs we recommend 2-inch mattress topper thickness. For individuals over 130 to 230 lbs, we recommend toppers between 2 and 3-inch thickness. For individuals over 230 lbs, we recommend toppers over 3-inch thickness.

Stomach sleeping position for individuals under 130 lbs, we recommend mattress toppers of 2-inch thickness. Or those over 130 to 230 lbs, as well as those over 230 lbs, we recommend toppers of 2 to 3-inch thickness.

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Total Bed Height Preferences

You may have never considered your beds height, but depending on your height and range of mobility, its height may affect how thick you want your mattress to be. The overall height of your bed includes the mattress with its frame or foundation, any mattress toppers, and the bedding. Bed risers can raise the height of your bed if you want a taller sleep surface.

If you have limited mobility for whatever reason, too tall or short of a bed can make it difficult to get in and out of. Ideally, your bed should be around 25 inches off the ground. This way, you can sit on the edge of the bed with your feet touching the floor and your knees in line with your hips.

Although we dont recommend sleeping on the ground , if you choose to put a mattress on your floor, use at least a 12-inch mattress. A thicker mattress will absorb the shock of the ground and will make your bed easier to access.

Are Thin Mattresses Good

Nectar Mattress Review – Is It The Best Memory Foam Mattress??? (UPDATED!)

A quick look at the best thin mattresses Thin mattresses may have less of a âsinking inâ quality that some mattresses have, which could be beneficial for hot sleepers. Thin mattresses can also be easier to get in and out of for people who need support â such as those who use canes, crutches, and wheelchairs.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Thick Mattresses

Investing in a thicker mattress provides sleepers with more cushioning and offers an ultra-plush sleeping surface. Thin mattresses are not the best choice for couples since they cant withstand the weight of two adults. This can make bedtime extremely uncomfortable and may cause permanent damage to your mattress due to sagging.

Though a thick mattress may be a good option for some, there are a few drawbacks. Extra thick mattresses include more layers, so they can be extremely pricey, with some high-quality thick beds costing more than $1500.

Height Of Your Foundation

Youll want to combine the depth of your mattress and the height of your mattress foundation to ensure your bed will still be accessible. When your bed is too high, its harder to climb in and out of bed each night. We suggest keeping your mattress at least 25 inches from the ground. This will allow you to access your bed easily throughout the night.

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The Standard Thickness Of Mattresses: Your Thickness Chart

What are the most common types of thickness? Find all of them, from the mattresses that can be used as toppers to extra-thick mattresses in the table below.


Bunk beds, trundle beds, kids beds, guest rooms.

Good for children, might be a good option for the elderly.

Very light, easy-to-move, space-saving, and budget mattresses. Usually, such mattresses feel firm.Dont work for heavy people, though.



Super versatile, may work for everyone except for those who want to have a very low bed

You can find thousands of such options, latex, foam, hybrid, innerspring mattresses, etc. You can also choose between any levels of firmness.

More affordable premium


Super versatile, may work for everyone except for those who want to have a very low bed

Tons of options, all levels of firmness, all types of mattresses.

More expensive than standard mattresses but cheaper than premium super-thick mattresses

Super-thick, premium

Those who are ready to pay more for a mattress, healthy adults who dont mind climbing into a bed

More than just comfortable, any level of firmness, edge support, bouncy.

Can be placed only in big bedrooms, difficult to find suitable bedding.

How Thick Should Memory Foam Mattresses Be

Platinum Mattress

If you are purchasing a memory foam mattress, you should consider beds 10 to 14 inches thick. Mattresses in this range are durable and will provide sleepers with the proper support while asleep. Choosing a mattress thinner than recommended may take away from the natural comfort of memory foam. Thinner memory foam mattresses are also likely to sag and might become damaged.

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Mattress Thickness : All You Need To Know

When shopping for a new mattress, too many people dont pay as much attention to mattress thickness as they do other factors.

These include softness versus firmness, size, brand, and type. Mattresses actually have certain standards of thickness they have to abide by and these thicknesses can apply in a variety of ways to a variety of people.

In fact, just as important as the type of mattress or size is the thickness.

Most people have no idea what sort of thickness they require in their beds when they go shopping. Because of this, they also dont usually know to ask about it when they speak with the sales reps.

But never fear, because if youre planning on bed shopping at all in the near future, weve got you covered. Well tell you all you need to know about the thickness of mattresses to help you figure out which best suits your personal needs.

Be smart about your shopping so you can be sure to find precisely what you need. We intend to help you do just that.

When Big Is A Problem

Keep in mind that the thicker the mattress is, the heavier it is. This makes moving and turning it a big effort. Tucking in your average sheets may also be trickier. Plus, a deeper mattress will lift you higher off the ground, which can be an issue if you have limited mobility.

It all comes down to personal preference and the best mattress for your particular sleep needs.

Thick or thin, its quality engineering, design and manufacturing you need to rest on at night. Browse our full range now.

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You want to get on and off your bed with ease. If you’re doing a deep squat to sit down on your bed or hoisting yourself off the edge to get up, a thicker mattress will require less exertion.

Your bed or headboard demands it. The style of your bed often dictates what you need in a mattress, aesthetically speaking. A thicker mattress is ideal for a low platform bed, one with a high headboard, or a four-poster or otherwise “royal” style bed that cries out for a substantial mattress. On the flip side, if the headboard or footboard is low, a too-thick mattress will mean that not enough of either will show, so it’s important to measure everything beforehand.

What Is The Standard Thickness Of Mattresses

Best Mattress 2021 – The Top 10 Most Comfortable Mattresses!

There isn’t one!

Watch the below video to learn the best way to measure the thickness of your mattress.

Is it time to upgrade your bed linens – click below.

The average depth of a mattress can be a very sensitive topic among those who manufacture luxury linens. A long time ago, mattress thickness was relatively the same. Measurements did not differ much from one manufacturer to the next.

But somewhere along the way, a new idea was introduced in the industry. That idea was to upgrade the thickness of a mattress. Suddenly, a thicker mattress gave the impression that it was better. And so a new era of mattresses were born.

The age of the thick mattress

Mattresses quickly began to range anywhere from 6 to 24 inches in thickness. But bigger was not always better. It actually presented a lot of problems for linen manufacturers. Many customers were complaining that their sheets did not fit their mattresses. The ultra-thick modern mattress made that a common problem.

The Solution

In response, linen manufacturers have begun to produce fitted sheets with extra deep pockets. That means those who own a thin mattress may just need to tuck in some extra fabric, which does not present a problem. However, it is routinely difficult to match sheets with mattresses that measure more than 20 inches in depth. That may call for custom made sheets and when that is the solution, here are some simple tips to follow:

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What Is A Hybrid Mattress

Although hybrid mattresses are making some pretty big waves in the mattress market right now, theres actually a fair amount of confusion when it comes to defining just what, exactly, these things actually are.

If you glance through this websites comprehensive mattress reviews, youll notice a few mattresses labeled hybrids under main materialsbut if you have a look at our guide best mattresses of 2018, youll notice we dont even include hybrid mattresses under our five main mattress categories!

Whats going on?

The truth is, hybrid mattresses are actually a pretty slippery concept.

At their most basic level, theyre nothing more than a combination of traditional innerspring design with memory foam or latex comfort layers.

Theyre usually made with pocket coilsthat is, vertical coils housed in individual sleevesand theyre meant to combine the advantages of innerspring mattresses with those of memory foam.

The Truth About Deep Mattresses

But heres the big secret when it comes to beds, size doesnt always matter! What counts is what lies beneath.

In fact, a thick mattress thats badly made can be seriously unhealthy! A deep mattress that is unyielding and hard could be as bad for you as a thin one that fails to provide adequate support.

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How Does The Bear Hybrid Compare To Other Hybrid Mattresses

Like the majority of hybrids, the Hybrid includes coils and softer leading layers. If somebody is thinking of the Hybrid, they may want to know what makes it stand apart from other hybrids.

The Hybrid includes Celliant technology, while lots of other hybrids do not. Celliant is a fiber that has actually been revealed to potentially supply specific health benefits and similarly assist keep people cooler while they sleep.

Second, while various hybrids try to provide a balance of comfort and support, couple of are as effective as the Hybrid. The leading layers are comfortable and truly soft, and the coils are helpful enough for lots of weights. Genuinely is a fantastic match for back and side sleepers.

Speaking of side sleeping, gets rid of pressure better than the majority of hybrids on the market. The Premium Comfort Foam is indicated to be more pressure-relieving than memory foam.

Does the Bear offer a trial period?

You can try for 100 nights. They likewise utilize a 10-year service guarantee.

What is it made of?

Built of a 10 profile made up of 3 layers of foam. One of memory foam and two of poly foam.

Mattress Toppers Of 3 Inch Thickness

Best Thin Mattress [2020] Top Thin Mattresses [Reviews]

Now, 3-inch thick mattress toppers provide a visible improvement in thickness with only 1 extra inch. However, this 1 inch makes all the difference. That is why 3-inch mattress toppers are firmer and thicker, and have more reliable support to them, alongside plushness and comfort.

The 3-inch mattress toppers are great if you want to make your mattress more comfortable or you want to improve its performance and pressure point support.

Such mattress toppers a great for harder mattresses, hybrid or latex units as well as older mattresses that have started to sag and lose comfort. These toppers are also excellent if you want to introduce some cushion or plushness to an otherwise hard and uncomfortable mattress.

Best for: side and stomach sleepers, pressure relief, and additional support

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