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Where To Buy Discount Mattresses

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Best Cheap Mattresses 2022 (Top 8 Budget Beds Online!)

This article was edited and researched by Cristina Sanza, a lifestyle writer specializing in home products and organization hacks. She has contributed to The Spruce since 2020. To research our retail selections, she reads customer reviews, third-party articles, and brand websites to help you choose a new mattress you’ll love sleeping on night after night.

What To Expect From A Cheap Mattress

Time to leave your high expectations at the door when shopping for a cheap mattress online or in-store. There will be no proprietary tech, no special sauce nor hyper-elastic grids. There shall also be no certified organic mattress materials nor white glove delivery. If you are looking for all of those things, then you might want to look into our higher-end bed selections.

Cheap mattresses or budget mattresses are simple, straightforward and do the job with no bells or whistles. Some may even skimp on the quality of their mattress covers if only to focus on their foam and/or coil construction. This is normal. In this case, mattress covers are your friend .

The best budget mattresses should be able to offer you the 3 main things every mattress worth their salt would do: comfort, support and pressure relief. Budget mattresseswarranties though may be shorter than the industry standard, some may not even offer a sleep trial so you need to be sure to read the fine print to avoid any issue.

Buying a cheap mattress does not mean you are skimping on quality. Sometimes, its the only choice you have. But as weve mentioned, theres always a great quality inexpensive mattress out there thats worth laying your precious head on. With this list, weve made it a little easier for you to choose.

How Do I Order A Mattress Online

With the popularity of the mattress-in-a-box concept, there’s no shortage of brands to choose from. While shipping costs and methods may vary, they all follow a basic operation model: purchase the mattress online, it ships directly to your door, and you sleep on it for a set amount of time where you can decide to keep it or return it.

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Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress

The Signature Hybrid mattress comes in three firmness options and is made with a slew of proprietary materials. Brooklyn Bedding know their mattresses.

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress is great for anyone looking for a quality mattress on a budget. In addition to being at an affordable price point, the bed comes in three firmness options, so youll be able to find the right fit for your body type and sleep position.

We tested the medium firm option in our sleep lab, and found it to have the right amount of responsiveness for combination sleepers who may toss and turn on their mattress. The beds individually wrapped coils in the support core allow for good ease of movement.

Check out our Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress review to learn more. Not sure the Brooklyn Signature Mattress is for you? Check out other recommendations for the best mattresses for combination sleepers.

Great Selections On Beds From Budget To Luxury To Fully Adjustable

Best Price Mattress 12"  Pocket Spring Mattress, Queen
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Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

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“These adjustable mattresses are great for couples with different sleep needs.”

The average person spends about one-third of their life sleeping so youll want to make sure your mattress is helping you get the most out of those precious hours. Experts recommend you replace your mattress once every five to 10 years. But when it comes to buying a new mattress, the options are endless: From brick-and-mortar shops to online retailers that give you the freedom to test-drive your new mattress, the sheer multitude of possibilities can make the decision that much more difficult.

Once youre ready to treat yourself to a new mattress, spend some time figuring out whether youre a back, side, or stomach sleeper, as well as what youre looking for in your new mattress.

To help you get started, here are the best places to buy a mattress right now, both online and in-store.

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How Much Does A Good Mattress Cost

How much should you pay for a decent mattress? Mattress price is largely dependent on the size of the mattress and construction type. Mattresses can range from around $300 to $7,000, with many options in between the cheapest and the most expensive mattress.

You might be wondering whats the big deal between a lower end mattress and one that is more expensive? Sure, there are mattresses out there for $300 that provide a place to lay your head, but thats about it.

When shopping for a mattress, there are important considerations that each individual sleeper must evaluate in order to pick the best mattress for their respective budget. For our suggestions, see our list on the best mattress for the money.

The Best Place To Buy A Mattress

Where you decide to buy your new mattress not only affects the price youll pay, it could make a huge difference if you arent satisfied with your purchase.

Whether youre shopping for a new or used mattress, youll most likely get the best deal by shopping online. If you prefer to try out a mattress in-person, youll be able to swing a reliable deal from warehouse clubs like Costco and Sams Club.

Based on ratings at Consumer Reports, six of the ten most highly-rated places to shop for a new mattress include


If youre on a penny-pinching budget, youll most likely be able to find the cheapest mattress at Walmart, Wayfair or Overstock.

Sams Club and Costco also feature a great selection of affordable mattresses, and for the most part, these warehouse clubs offer unbeatable return policies.

Some of the pricier retailers such as The Original Mattress Factory, Casper and Saatva also offer great trial periods for their products. You should be able to catch deals and markdowns at these stores throughout the year.

When you find a mattress you like, take the time to comparison shop. You may be able to find a cheaper, similar alternative at a different store online. Check out our guide on for more information on comparing prices.

Lets take a closer look at a few of the cheapest places to buy a mattress.

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For more information on the different pieces of entertainment room furniture we have to offer in the St. Louis area, contact us or stop by your local Midwest Clearance Center today.

Are Cheap Mattresses Comfortable

Best Cheap Mattress For Budget Shoppers (TOP 6 BEDS)

Comfort is subjective. But in general, a mattress that’s comfortable to most people would provide adequate pressure-point relief and good back support . There are certainly cheap mattresses that meet those criteria. Anything beyond that is completely dependent on a sleeper’s build and preferences. In truth, perhaps the bigger concern with cheap mattresses is durability and how long that initial comfort will last.

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Advantages Of Shopping Online

Similarly, shopping for online mattress brands has several notable advantages, such as:

  • You can shop from the convenience of your own home
  • You can research and read up about dozens of brands and beds before you make a decision
  • Typically these bed in a box mattresses are very affordable and have unbelievably favorable return policies
  • Shipping is almost always freeeven in the case of returns

Having said that, when you shop online, you lose the ability to test a bed before you buy. And if you purchase a bed that you ultimately dont love, you then have to worry about returning it . Weve talked to consumers that had to go through three or four beds before they settle on the right one. That takes time and can be frustrating. For the record, thats why we exist. We want to help you get the right bed, the first time. You should definitely check out our Mattress Finder Quiz.

The other notable downside to buying a mattress from one of these online brands is that the onus is usually on you to remove the bed from its box and set it up. For most people, this is fairly convenient actually, but if you have back issues or limited mobility, this might not be the best idea. With an in-store purchase, the delivery folks usually set up the bed for you. There are a few online beds, such as the New Purple Mattresses, that come with white glove delivery, which means the delivery company will set up the bed for you .

Discount Mattress Outlet In St Louis

You know when you need a new mattress. If it isnât comfortable even after flipping your mattress over for the 100th time, this might be a sign itâs time to look for a new bedding option. At our mattress store in St. Louis, you can expect to find a wide variety of mattresses from some of the most popular and trusted brands. When you shop with Midwest Clearance Center, youâre sure to find the best option for your needs. Our discount mattress outlet works to make sure your nights are restful once again, giving you relief from constantly tossing and turning to find a comfortable position to sleep.

Our mattress store in the St. Louis area carries all sizes of mattresses, ranging from Twin or Single mattresses, all the way up to our largest California Kings. For more information on our products, get in touch with our discount mattress outlet today.

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Heres Everything You Need To Know About Where To Buy Cheap Mattresses Online

A good mattress is the key to a great nights sleep, and a great nights sleep can restore your energy levels, put you in a good mood and set you up for the day ahead.

But buying a mattress doesnt have to cost an arm and a leg.

Looking for an affordable sleeping solution that wont compromise on comfort? Weve got the lowdown on where to get mattresses that offer the support you need, without breaking the bank.

Where to buy cheap mattresses online

Where To Buy An Affordable Mattress

What is the Best Innerspring Mattress? Buyers Guide

When debating mattress price, quality is key, but the price tag is important too. If you dont want to compromise on quality but are worried about spending too much, shop online. The best online mattresses are generally cheaper than mattresses sold in a store.

Thats because online mattress retailers cut out all the middle man costs, floor markups and mattress salesman tricks. Online mattresses are sold direct-to-consumer, so you dont have to worry about a salesman trying to make a commission off you.

Plus, online retailers often have incredible sales on the best mattresses and many mattresses are available for purchase at third-party retailers like Amazon. Check out our recommendations on the for mattresses available for purchase.

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How To Choose A Mattress

Weve collected all our big-picture mattress-buying advice to help you find a bed youll happily sleep on for years.

Many all-foam mattresses, especially cheaper ones, contain fiberglass to comply with flammability standards. In reading customer reviews of mattresses in this price range, we found some owners complaining that fiberglass was unleashed into their homes after they opened the mattress cover, causing skin and respiratory irritation. Generally this shouldnt be an issue, unless the cover wears out or you remove it, which you arent supposed to do .

Theres also something very unpleasant that can happen to a cheap foam mattress. Carr told me that polyurethane foam in mattresses reacts with moisture , causing hydrolysis. That chemical reaction produces urea, one of the main components of urine. There are additives that stabilize the foam to prevent hydrolysis, but theyre expensive, and manufacturers of cheaper mattresses might cut corners to keep their costs lower, Carr said. So over time your bed might start to smell like pee. We dont know for certain whether this would happen with the mattresses we mention in this guide, but using a waterproof mattress cover or encasement may help.

What Do You Think Of Ikea Mattresses

The Swedish furniture maker has a reputation for aesthetically pleasing, bare-bones furniture designed for modern spaces. While they are not best known for their bedding options, their beds range in price from $159 to $899, plus they offer a 25-year limited warranty.

Within this range, they also offer innerspring, foam, and hybrid constructions. Before you jump in your car and head over to Ikea for Swedish meatballs and a bed, it may help you to know that their mattress firmness levels are generally rated as Firm to Medium Firm. This means that if youre a side sleeper, you may not feel as comfortable, but if youre strictly a stomach sleeper, you may be able to find something you like.

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Why Do People Purchase Cheap Mattresses

People tend to buy cheap mattresses because that is what they can afford at the time, it is more convenient for them. Taking into consideration peoples financial situation it helps to buy a cheap mattress to last a short time so that they can save up and buy a better quality mattress in the future.

Some people such as parents may choose to buy their children cheap mattresses that are of good quality, as they know that their children will grow out of the bed and they will have to purchase a bigger mattress that is of excellent quality. The parents would rather spend a lot of money on a mattress that they know will last longer, than spending a lot of money on a mattress that will only last about 5 years.

Mattress Shopping Tip #: Wait For The Holidays

Best Cheap Mattresses That You CAN Afford! (UPDATED!)

Like many other companies and industries, the mattress industry follows normal seasonal trends. Therefore, major holidays and big sale days, such as Memorial Day and Black Friday, are huge for buying a new mattress. If you can hold out until the next major holiday, you almost certainly will be getting a better deal, regardless of whether you purchase in-store or online. During the major holidays, brands and retailers will be offering deeper discounts, more coupon codes, and bigger bundles. Check here for todays best mattress deals and coupons from dozens of brands.

Here are just a few examples of deals that we saw this past Presidents Day: GhostBed went $100 off with two free pillows. Normally their discount is around $50-$100 off. Helix Sleep offered $100 off when their normal coupon is around $50 off. RC Willey had a bundle that included a frame and dresser for under $500.

Having said all of that, certain brands dont participate much in the discount frenzy during holidays. Purple Mattress, for example, typically does not offer coupon codes or proper discounts, but will occasionally bundle in a pillow or sheet set. Thats about it. Saatva almost never offers a discount of any sort. The price is what it is. We joke here at the Slumber Yard that Saatva would rather burn a mattress than offer a discount on it. That, of course, is probably not true, but sometimes it feels that way.See All Mattress Deals

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Where Should I Look For A Cheap Bed

We mentioned Craigslist as an option earlier. Not only can you find used mattresses here, but many local furniture stores also run specials advertising their beds at rock-bottom prices to attract a local market.

However, a good place to search for deals is on Amazon. As the worlds largest marketplace, you can find almost anything you need there, and it can often reflect some of the lowest prices. If you want to spend less than $500, Amazon may be a good place to start as well as the web pages of many other mattress manufacturers.

Find Out More:

The Best Time And Place To Buy A Mattress

If youre looking for the best mattress for your budget, taking the time to plan when and where to make your purchase could help you save big.

I recently reviewed the latest Consumer Reports recommendations on where to buy a mattress and started comparison shopping. While Consumer Reports members can view the full study online, you can also see the highlights below. At those retailers, and at other popular mattress stores, I looked at the lowest available price of queen size mattresses to determine where youll find the best deal.

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