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Queen Double Pillow Top Mattress

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Serta Perfect Sleeper Hotel Concierge Suite Euro Pillow Top Double Sided | Comfort Depth 2

There are two different styles of flippable mattresses. There is one double-sided mattress with different degrees of firmness on either side of the bed, one softer and one firmer.

However, the double-sided pillow-top mattress has the same construction from the middle inward to the beds top and bottom, which means you can sleep in the same configuration even though you switch the mattress over.

Although the product is classified as a medium soft mattress, it is firmer. The mattress is suitable for back sleepers but even for side sleepers of an average weight, who can sink in the mattress in the right way to feel the support layers coating down their pressures.

You can feel like pressure points in your hips and shoulders, whether you are a lightweight or heavy side sleeper. Lightweight people will not sink into a coat enough to enjoy the coiling of the comfort layers of polyfoam, while heavy sleepers fall too much and feel the coil units that form the center of the mattress.

What To Look For In A Pillow

Buying a new mattress can be confusing. Theres a wide variety of models on the market, and mattress companies often use fancy marketing terms or mattress jargon that can make it difficult to understand how a mattress actually performs.

Luckily, the rise in online mattress companies has also transferred more power to the consumer. Online mattress companies are often more transparent about whats inside their mattresses, and its easier than ever before to compare and contrast different models.

These are the most important things to consider when buying a new mattress.

What Is A Pillow Top Mattress And How Is It Different From A Eurotop Mattress

Pillow top mattresses have an extra layer of padding sewn directly to the top of the mattress. The stitch attaching the extra layer to the mattress cover is placed just before each edge of the bed. If you are having trouble picturing it, imagine a giant pillow resting on the top of your bed. That is where the name pillow top comes from! A EuroTop mattress has the same extra layer of padding. Instead of being sewn on top of the mattress, it lies beneath the mattress top. This gives the EuroTop mattress a flush surface, like any other mattress.

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Pros And Cons Of A Pillow

Golden Mattress Company Legacy IV Double Sided PT Queen Two Sided ...

Like just about any product, a pillow top mattress has its advantages and disadvantages. Make sure you consider both the upside and downside before buying.


Pillow top mattresses are renowned for their exceptional comfort. When you lie down on a fluffy pillow top, you sink into the wonderful feel of a cradling comfort layer. The added cushioning is particularly beneficial for side sleepers, who need a mattress to sink in slightly at their pressure points to reduce aches and pains.

Another advantage of an upper layer of padding is enhanced motion isolation. Pillow tops are most common as part of some of the top hybrid mattresses with a supportive layer of coils. Without adequate foam, latex, or padded layers, these coils can make it so movement is felt across the beds surface. With a pillow top, couples are able to sleep more peacefully together.


Because the upper layer is malleable, it is prone in indentations and sagging with time. The highest quality pillow top mattresses are usually the Euro top, in which the comfort layer is seamlessly included as part of the mattress. While this looks and feels elegant at first, over time, it can lead to indentations where you sleep each night.

Another downside of some pillow top mattresses is that they sleep hot. If you are someone who experiences night sweats or wakes up toasty, look for a mattress designed to sleep cool. There are cool pillow top mattresses, but some will feed your body heat back to you.

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How To Choose A Flippable Mattress

For your body and your budget, a mattress is an important investment. As a result, choosing the right mattress at the best price can make a world of difference for your wallet and how you feel each day when you wake up.

Flippable mattresses are offered in a few styles and offer some distinct benefits. Understanding the performance of these beds enables you to select the brand and model that will provide you with the best possible return on your investment.

Best King: Sweetnight King Mattress In A Box

Courtesy of Amazon

If youre shopping for a bed pillow top king mattress online, the 12 Sweetnight King Mattress is a top-rated option that will help you sleep better at night. This mattress is constructed of individually wrapped innerspring coils for firm support and topped with gel memory foam for comfort. Memory foam is known to be one of the best materials for relieving pressure points and cradling your body, so if you suffer from back pain or hip pain, this will be a good option for you. The quilted pillow top cover adds a plush element to this medium firm mattress.

Available in four different sizes that are reasonably priced, you cant go wrong with this mattress in a box, making it easier to naturally clean it. Customers consistently call this mattress the most amazing king-sized mattress, citing the head-to-toe comfort and price as the biggest selling points. This mattress comes compressed in a box for easy delivery so it takes about 72 hours for it to expand.

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What Is A Double

Generally speaking, most mattressescan only be used on one side, which makes them one-sided beds. Sure, in the past when people used those awful coil mattresses, they would flip the mattress to the other side at least once per year to prolong the lifespan of the bed.

This would help reduce visible signs of wear and tear, which was important considering that old mattresses didnt have all the comfort levels we see today. With the first signs of wear, a few coils would likely poke you in the back while you were sleeping.

There are certain mattress manufacturers out there that have opted to include double-sided mattresses to their product line, for a variety of reasons. Some manufacturers have chosen to create a double-sided mattress with different firmness levels on each side.

The main advantage brought forth by this type of mattress is that you basically have two beds in one. The obvious disadvantage is that you cant use both sides of the bed at the same time. There are companies out there, like Helix, which offer DUAL sided mattress, which isnt the same thing as a double-sided one.

A dual-sided mattress offers two different firmness levels that can be used simultaneously by the one mattress. This means that you can sleep on a configuration thats soft as a cloud, while your partner sleeps on the other half, which is firmer and more suitable for their sleeping position.

Are Pillow Top Mattresses Good

Serta Perfect Sleeper Hotel Presidential Suite II Double Sided Pillow Top Mattress Expert Review

There are a few reasons why you might consider a pillow top mattress.

1. Extra padding

The additional layer on a pillow top mattress provides extra comfort and support. This layers qualities can vary depending on the material used, such as memory foam or cotton, so you can cater your comfort layer to your preferences.

2. Good for hot sleepers

If you sleep hot, we have good news for you! Pillow top mattresses dont tend to retain heat . This means that you can have that extra layer of comfort without compromising temperature.

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3. Available for many mattress types

Love a hybrid mattress? Prefer innerspring mattresses? Pillow tops are available on many types of mattresses, allowing you to better customize your sleep experience to your needs.

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Which Type Of Mattress Topper Should I Choose

The type of mattress topper thats best for you will depend on your sleep position, preferences, and existing mattress. Several varieties are available, each with potential pros and cons.

Polyfoam Polyfoam toppers typically relieve pressure and reduce motion transfer while being budget-friendly. Since polyfoam is usually more breathable than memory foam, these toppers may be a good option for those who sleep hot but like the feel of foam. The main drawback is often durability. High-quality polyfoam should have a longer lifespan, but lower-quality options could break down or develop indentations quickly.

Memory foamMemory foam toppers are popular for their close-conforming pressure relief that sleepers often compare to a hug. In addition to exceptional contouring, they usually absorb vibrations so that motion doesnt transfer across the surface of the bed. However, this materials slow response to changes in pressure could restrict movement and be less conducive to sex. Traditional memory foam also frequently traps heat against the sleepers body, though some toppers use gel-infused foam designed to transfer it away for a cooler nights sleep.

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How Do You Clean A Pillow Top Mattress

Spills or stains should be treated immediately. Mop up excess liquid with a clean towel. Use a very small amount of dishwashing liquid and a damp sponge to clean stains. Then press a clean, damp cloth into the cleaned area to rinse suds.

For routine cleaning, use a vacuum attachment to remove debris from the seams in your pillow top.

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Why Buy A Pillow Top Mattress

A pillow top mattress is a mattress with an extra soft additional layer on top. It is not fully attached to the bottom layers of the mattress, which makes it really look like one big pillow that is sitting on top of the rest of your mattress.

Regardless of your preferred sleep position, they offer long-lasting support to promote pain relief. Pillow tops are often made on innerspring mattresses. This means that they offer the perfect balance between support brought by the coil system, and the comfort brought by additional layers of foam.

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What Is The Difference Between A Pillow Top And A Euro Top Mattress

Although the distinction between these two types of mattresses is minimal and largely aesthetic, you will find both options when you start looking at mattresses. With a traditional pillow top, the appearance will literally be that two mattresses, a larger and a smaller, have been assembled as a unit.

With the euro top version, the topper portion is placed directly on the lower portion of the mattress and the cover encases both. The euro top has the appearance of one mattress and has the advantage of stronger edges and a more tailored appearance. It can be more durable in some cases, but there is no real difference in the amount of support or comfort between the two options. They are both excellent choices.

What To Look For In A Mattress

Shopping for a mattress can mean being introduced to a bevy of options, each accompanied by a dizzying list of marketing buzzwords. While this can help you learn about a mattress, it can also be confusing. Rather than get lost in minutiae, consider which of these factors is most important in your decision-making.

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How Is The Mattress Shipped To My House

The comfort you expect from Serta is conveniently packaged in a box and shipped to your door just unpack, unroll, and unwind on your new mattress for a blissful sleep experience.

Serta Always ComfortableThe Serta mattress was designed with you in mind. Serta mattresses undergo rigorous performance and durability testing to ensure yours is as comfortable on the 1000th night as it was on the first night. To take it one step further, Serta also tests individual components, giving you Serta quality and durability down to the last stitch. Shop smart and sleep comfortably.

Mattress Buying GuideLooking for the perfect mattress for your needs? Click to view our Mattress Buying Guide.

Need Help? Ask our dedicated Sams Club members-only Serta hotline, staffed especially for you by Serta Mattress Specialists: 1-888-240-1945 available 24 hours/7 days a week.

Mattress Set Specifications

  • One-Sided No-Flip Design Serta® Support Core
  • Stearns and Foster Refine by Brand: Stearns and Foster
  • FirmRefine by Comfort Level: Firm
  • MediumRefine by Comfort Level: Medium
  • PlushRefine by Comfort Level: Plush
  • Gel FoamRefine by Foam Type: Gel Foam
  • Memory FoamRefine by Foam Type: Memory Foam


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What Are The Advantages Of A Best Double

Serta Perfect Sleeper Hotel Presidential Suite II Euro Pillow Top Double Sided Mattress Comfort

Two styles of flippable mattresses are available. You typically see a bed with two degrees of firmness or two with the same firmness. The brand usually tells you to flip the mattress every six months or so, but that is not required. You have a choice.

With folding beds, there are two main benefits. First of all, if you have two degrees of firmness, you can choose what is right for you. Its like hedging your bets if you dont like your firm or soft sideyoure both. In this way, many rolling beds can be rated higher by providing a two-in-one configuration.

The other gain is if you have a bed with two equal degrees of firmness. The aim is to prolong the beds useful life. Usually, you can rotate the bed every three months and flip it every six months to have a standard mattress in a box. It is difficult to tell if they have single-sided beds. The benefit is technically, but too many variables indicate that a sturdy mattress is often more durable.

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Serta Perfect Sleeper Seabright Euro Top

What are Owners Ratings?

Owners Rating is a summary of what real owners of this product are saying about their experience.

GoodBed calculates Owners Rating using a consistent algorithm instead of a raw data average. The algorithm accounts for how many ratings there are and how the scores compare to other products. It also incorporates factors such as the ratings age, helpfulness votes, verified ownership, and more. Click here to learn more.


Watch GoodBeds overview of the Perfect Sleeper product line-up here:

Product description from Serta:

The Serta Perfect Sleeper is the Only Official Mattress of the National Sleep Foundation, designed to help solve 5 common sleep problems:

  • Tossing and turning
  • Lack of support, leading to back pain
  • Sleeping too hot or too cold
  • Partner disturbance
  • Mattress roll-off or sag
  • Now with every new Perfect Sleeper you will have at least 5 reasons to never count sheep again!

    Select Perfect Sleeper mattresses are now compatible with a Serta adjustable foundation. Choose from a variety of firm, plush, pillow top and euro top models to find the level of comfort thats right for you. Model name, availability and pricing vary by retailer so please see your local Serta retailer for details.

    GoodBed Editorial

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