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What Kind Of Mattress Is Best For A Toddler

Reiterating The Importance Of Spinal Support

Best Mattress For Kids – Which Will Help Your Kiddos Sleep? (UPDATED!)

Nothing is more important with regards to sleep for a growing child than spinal support.

The mattress has to be configured in such a way that the spine and neck are in a neutral position, minimizing stress and allowing the spine to grow well without restrictions.

Its pretty important to note thatthe toddlers spine grows rapidly at night, increasing in length by as much as1.5cm at night .

So heres the catch: the mattress has to be both soft enough that it gives your toddler enough succor, and firm enough to stop them from completely sinking into it.

When a child sleeps on anunsupportive foam mattress, the growing spine is placed under lots of stressfor long periods of time, and because of the growing spines flexibility, it ismore at risk of permanent deformation when exposed to lengthened stress such asthe amount of load placed on it during a 10-12 hour period of sleep.

Sleeping on a spring mattress is a very good decision for a childs spine, as it allows for the better, more natural development of the growing spine.

Final Points To Consider

With so many options, buying a mattress for your toddler can seem like a daunting task. In addition to doing your homework to know what options are available and what works best for your family, take advantage of offers that may give you a little added security.

Many companies now offer 100-night guarantees for twin mattresses and 30-night guarantees for toddler mattresses. That means you can return the mattress and get your money back if your toddler doesn’t like the mattress you buy, Michi notes.

In the end, a safe, happy, well-rested toddler helps the entire household run more smoothly. Its worth the time, effort, and expense to get a mattress that will help achieve that goal.

Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Hybrid Mattress

The more supportive version of the popular Bowery mattress, the Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid comes with a layer of support coils that keep your spine aligned all night long. This bed comes in a medium-firm setting, and is best for back and stomach sleepers.

The Bowery mattress is made with three layers of proprietary foam, and one 6 layer of pocketed coils. The combination of comfort and support that these two materials makes for a bed that will allow your child to move easily, but settle in nicely once they find a comfortable position.

The Bowerys build also marries pressure-point relief and cooling gel, so your child stays cool, comforted, and properly supported while they sleep. Best of all, Brooklyn Bedding has its own factory where they build all their mattresses, meaning they can offer a high-quality, handcrafted product at a value price point.

The Bowery is CertiPUR-US® certified and comes with a 120-night trial and a 10-year warranty.

Read our full Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid Mattress Review to learn more.

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What Size Mattress Should I Get For My Child

As your child grows from a toddler to a young adult to a teenager, expect changes in their mattress needs.

These are the ideal bed sizes for the following age groups: toddlers, young children, and teenagers.

  • Toddler beds: Usually crib-size mattresses
  • Young children’s beds: Twin or twin XL
  • Teenager’s beds: Twin XL or full-size

It’s important to remember the bed size might also change depending on the size of both your bed frame and room.

What To Look For In A Toddler Mattresss

6pcs/set Blue Universal Design Crib Bedding Set Cotton Toddler Baby Bed ...

While searching for the most suitable mattress for your toddler, youll often come across the terms flippable or dual-sided. This describes a mattress model with a different construction on each side, so that it can adapt to your growing childs needs. Considering that a high-quality mattress can last several years, shoppers may want to choose one that will also comfortably fit a young child, and not just a toddler.

In addition to breathability and support, waterproofing and ease of care are significant factors to consider, since this is a more accident-prone age. Well break down these and other important features to be mindful of while shopping for your toddlers mattress.

In addition to breathability and support, waterproofing and ease of care are significant factors to consider, since this is a more accident-prone age. Well break down these and other important features to be mindful of while shopping for your toddlers mattress.

PricePrice can vary substantially when it comes to toddler mattresses. Dual-sided or flippable mattresses will typically command a higher price-point, since they are meant to last longer and grow alongside your child. Other features like organic covers, waterproofing, and washability may also increase the price.

Sleeping PositionBack sleeping is considered to be the safest sleeping position for toddlers, which is why medium firm to firm mattresses are the best fit. As your child grows, back and stomach sleeping are also considered to be safe.

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How Firm Should A Childs Mattress Be

Mattress firmness can have a big effect on your quality of sleep and overall well-being, at any age. Too soft can lead to aches and pains, while too firm can lead to a restless, uncomfortable night.

Most people, children included, will find their ideal spot between 4 and 7 on the mattress firmness scale. Sleeping position also makes a difference, with each position covering certain ranges:

  • Side sleepers: 5-6
  • Stomach sleepers: 7-8
  • Combination sleepers: 5-6

If your child is reluctant about sleeping on a firmer mattress, you can compensate with a plush mattress topper. Theyll still get the support but the top layer will create a softer feel.

Check out our recommendations on mattresses for side sleepers, mattresses for back sleepers, and mattresses for stomach sleepers for more.

A Healthy And Safe Sleeping Environment

You will come across a growing body of evidence as to how any chemicals left over from the manufacturing procedures can lead to health issues. The same holds for the manufacturing of baby mattresses.

Before buying a mattress, always check if it is approved and certified by the authorized bodies. Check websites like the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association to know if certain products have been recalled.

For the health and safety of your babyâs health and safety, it is vital to know what kind of materials have been used to make the product. As infants and babies are highly susceptible to synthetic materials, check if the mattress has been Greenguard gold certified, PVC certified, and meets federal flammability standards.

It is highly recommended to avoid conventional petroleum-based mattresses, but if you must buy them, use a cover to act as a barrier against the chemical off-gassing.

It is best to go for CertiPur-US approved mattresses with a PVC-free cover for the optimum health and safety of your baby. Look for products with seals of approval that confirm no use of any harmful chemicals and metals in the making of the mattress, which can affect your babyâs health.

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Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Mattress

The Brooklyn Bowery is a crowd-pleasing hybrid bed that combines support and pressure relief. It has some nice bounce, which makes it easy to move around on.

We recommend this mattress for the following sleeper types:

Back Sleeping

average weight

Stomach Sleeping

average weight

Financing Options

The Brooklyn Bowery is a nice medium-firm bed-in-a-box thats going to suit a range of sleepers. It does a great job of helping to dissipate body heat through the night, thanks to the comfort layer of Energex foam, a latex alternative that sleeps much cooler than memory foam. The Bowery also has the added bonus of nice mobility, so the sleeper can adjust their position comfortably without feeling stuck in the layers of the mattress.

Click here to learn more in my full Brooklyn Bowery review!

Newton Baby And Toddler Crib Mattress

How to Choose the Best Mattress for A Child | Kids Mattress Buying Guide

Newton is a brand that is well known for making safe, hygienic, and breathable sleeping surfaces. What makes this product the best baby mattress is the innovative breath-thru technology and temperature regulation. As the air flows freely, there is no risk of any co2 rebreathing or suffocation for your baby.

Your baby can enjoy better sleep quality as there is no discomfort due to overheating and sweating. The Wovenaire core is made in the USA. The product is free of any foam, latex, springs, or any other allergens.

The product is designed for both infants and toddlers, which makes it a long-lasting mattress recommended by all pediatricians for easy to care aspect. It is 2-stage & 100% washable at home.

It is known to promote health, safety, and comfort. The Newton mattress has already won numerous awards and is Greenguard gold certified for the lowest emissions. Moreover, as it is 100% recyclable, you do your bit for the environment when you purchase it.


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Q6 Can A Baby Sleep On The Floor

Many parents wonder if it is okay to place the baby on the floor for his/her sleep. Well, while you should be looking for a quality mattress for your baby, there is no harm if your baby sleeps on the floor occasionally.

Sleeping on the floor encourages independence in the baby. Still, you need to ensure that the sleeping area is free of any hindrances or obstacles that can potentially harm the baby. Plus, if the baby wakes up, he can simply move around, and it is a lot more convenient for him. However, do not make it a habit of putting your baby on the floor to sleep and let him have his crib and a good quality sleeping surface.

Kids Mattresses Buying Tips

Whether our readers decide to choose one of the 10 mattresses in this roundup or want to keep shopping, here are some things to consider when choosing the right mattress for kids.

  • Dont choose a mattress thats too much for kids. Looking for a kids mattress, it isnt so much what they need but what they dont need. For instance, kids dont need a mattress with a thick comfort layer or supportive coils, and they dont need a ton of bells and whistles. Whatever mattress parents choose, they should make sure they arent spending money on features their kids wont even really notice or care about.
  • Choose a mattress that kids can grow into. Lets face it, kids grow up fast. Thats why its important to find a mattress that they can use for many years. If they are only 6 or 7, it might be a good idea to get a mattress that seems large for them. As they grow, they wont be too large for the mattress, and parents wont need to buy something new to fit them. In addition, take a look at the mattress warranty to ensure that youre covered if anything goes wrong with the mattress.
  • Choose an organic mattress if your child has allergies or sensitive skin. Look for an all-natural organic mattress made with hypoallergenic materials, CertiPUR-US certified foam, and OEKO-Tex certified fabrics to keep your kids protected.

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Best Mattresses For Kids In 2022

Children need more sleep than adults these comfy mattresses help them snooze through the night.

Lindsay Boyers

CNET Contributor

Lindsay Boyers is a certified nutritionist and published book author who writes articles and product reviews for CNET’s health and wellness section. Her work also appears on mindbodygreen, Healthline, Verywell Health and The Spruce. When she’s not actively searching for the best products at the best prices, she’s most likely creating new recipes, reading in her hammock or trying to force her cats to love her.

Quality sleep should be a top priority for everyone, but kids need more rest — up to 13 hours per night depending on their age — than adults. Poor sleep can negatively impact your kid’s mood, lead to difficulty concentrating and contribute to a shorter attention span. If you notice that your child is sleepier — or crankier — than usual, it may be time to upgrade their sleep setup.

A new mattress can’t help mitigate the “Can I just stay up one more hour?” queries, but it can improve your child’s sleep quality once you actually get them into bed. While a child can fit into most beds, the best mattresses for kids are made just for them. They’re typically on the softer side to support their lower body weights, and some have special layers, like waterproof covers, that help ease your mind during potty training or with nighttime accidents.

Accessories For A Kids Mattress

Cartoon Child Bed 3D model MAX OBJ 3DS FBX STL DWG

Mattress Protectors

One essential accessory to add to your kids new mattress is a mattress protector. These thin pieces of fabric go on just like a fitted sheet and protect against dust mites, spills, and any other accidents that may take place. When you are dropping a few hundred dollars on a new mattress, theyre worth every extra penny.


A pillow can have a significant impact on the quality of your childs sleep. As such, youll want to find one that caters to their sleeping preferences. As with mattresses, theres no one-size-fits-all when it comes to pillows. Factors such as your childs sleep position, age, and whether they overheat at night should all play into which pillow you decide to buy for them.

For example, the best pillows for stomach sleepers tend to be on the thin side, because too much height can put the neck at an angle that causes stress and pain. If your child gets uncomfortably warm at night, then youll want to look at latex pillows, or ones made with special cooling technology.

Though pillow shopping may not call for as much research as mattress shopping, finding the perfect one for your child still requires a good bit of thought. For some help, check out ourbest pillow guide.

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Choose The Type Of Mattress

Once you know the size of mattress youre looking for and how much youre willing to spend, youll want to consider which type of mattress will be best for your child. You have three major options: innerspring, foam and hybrid. Each of these mattresses comes with pros and cons youll want to understand before you make the leap.

Is Your Child Hypersensitive Or Allergic To Something

Children with special needs and allergies should be taken into consideration when deciding to purchase a mattress for them. Children suffering with asthma or respiratory allergies need synthetic filled mattresses that could resist allergens and dust. The latest mattresses consist of microbial and hypoallergenic covers, which are ideal for these type of children.

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What Are The Best Mattresses For Kids

To determine the best mattresses for kids we considered quality, support and price among other factors. We included mattresses that would be best for that room to grow approach and have the durability to stand up to several years of use, transitioning kids from toddler to teen. We included both innerspring and memory foam mattresses to provide options for back, side and stomach sleepers.

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What Is The Best Toddler Mattress

Best Mattress for Kids – Our Top 8 Picks!

Need to recap? We’re big fans of the Happy Beds Noah toddler mattress, which our testers found really comfortable. The springs are open-coil, not pocketed, but that is not reflected in the comfort levels, support or noise, and although its rated medium, it will feel firm for a child ideal for spinal support when you’re growing.

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Stompa S Flex Airflow Pocket Mattress

Best: Overall

Stompa, a family run business in West Yorkshire, is purely focused on a childs bedroom, from the cabin bed to the mattress they sleep on, gaining them a strong reputation amongst parents. And for good reason Stompas purse-friendly layered mattresses are tested on kids aged three to teen. Little sleepers will benefit from six layers with the S Flex Airflow Pocket Mattress, all playing important roles in contributing to a supportive yet comfortable childs mattress. The standout features for us , has to be the mega four-inch 1000-count pocket springs, which are well covered by a springy, comfort layer that contours the body, optimises airflow, keeps nasty bug beds at bay, and also happens to give a good level of bounce!

At 15.5cm deep it can be used on any UK or continental-sized bunkbed, which offers flexibility as your family grow, particularly given the durability which will see this mattress stand the test of time. The brand has also recently introduced a CertiPUR approved free foam, which is better for the planet with no added TCPP and can be 100 per cent recycled. It also ensures you wont get that industrial-like smell when you unroll it!

The Quality And Type Of Mattress

The member one factor that should always be kept on priority is the quality of the crib mattress. Generally, you will come across innerspring, foam mattresses, and organic models. These types are useful as they provide excellent support for babies and toddlers.

Whatever type of mattress you choose, quality is essential. The materials of the mattress matter because any low-quality materials will only lead to faster wear and tear.

Take time to learn about the pros and cons of the different types of mattresses available in the market and go for the option that you find the best one. However, one should know that the foam mattresses weigh between five and 10 pounds while the innerspring ones are heavier and weigh between 15 and 30 pounds.

It is because the innerspring mattress has better-gauge steel and cushioning and thus weighs more. Look for higher-quality innerspring, better-quality foam, and top-quality coverings.

Never judge a mattress by its cover, but try to know its material. A high-quality mattress will last for years and offer good quality sleep for your little one. Always look for quality when it comes to a mattress and avoid those with cheaper foam innerspring, low-quality coverings, and edgings. The thickness and weight are a good indication of the desired quality in a baby mattress.

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