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Do You Need A Box Spring For Mattress

How Is It Different From The Usual Mattress

Do You Need A Box Spring? – Everything There Is To Know!

Purple comes in various sizes, including twin and California king, and provides the famous cushioning that their unique fabrics provide. This Purple Grid is a foundational aspect of what makes Purple a special mattress as it acts similar to memory foam, however it provides the bounce of memory foam but is more flexible. The foam is made using a grid that allows airflow to pass via the spaces between the foams, which regulates temperature , without compromising your overall cushion.

Construction-wise, each mattress comes with 2-inches of Purple exclusive grid that is with an additional 3.5-inch polyfoam layer. It is further supported by 4 inches of high-density polyfoam. which is a common feature in all full-foam mattresses to create the full cushions form and structure.

The design is enhanced by a polyester-viscose blend fabric that helps to regulate temperature and gives an excellent cool feel. Expect each mattress to measure around 9.25 inches in height and thick enough to fit most body shapes, and applicable for all standard sheets.

To put it in simple terms, you can expect a semi-firm mattress with an affordable price, while also providing top-quality and modern materials. Moreover, Purple comes with several distinct variants, such as the Hybrid or Hybrid Premier. Hybrid Premier. Mattresses that are accustomed to coil support can opt for these hybrids for a similar experience, but with the added benefit of Purples exclusive technology.

Difference Between Box Springs And Foundations

The biggest difference between box springs and foundations has to do with the type of support given. Box springs are ideal for those who want a sleeping surface with some give. Foundations, on the other hand, are ideal for those who like a firm mattress, or who have a latex or memory foam bed. It also depends on the medical needs of the sleeper, as certain mattress support needs will be more ideal for one person than another. When it comes to box springs and foundations, whatever one option cannot provide, the other is sure to. There are other options aside from box springs and foundations that may also be ideal for sleepers based upon their individual sleep preferences and needs. If youre unsure as to the type of mattress and support that is best suited for your individual needs, you may benefit from taking our mattress quiz.

Support For Your Mattress

Some bed frames dont provide the support your mattress needs and can cause it to sag. Occasionally, coil spring mattress warranties will require you to use a box spring to prolong its life. Be sure to check on your mattress warranty if you dont use a box spring and its required, you could lose out on those benefits.

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When Does A Memory Foam Mattress Require A Box Spring

If your bed is of the platform variety , then the bed itself will be strong enough to serve as a foundation and support the mattress on its own. If your bed is a panel bed and/or features only five slats or less, than you will need an additional box spring or other foundation to support the mattress.

Boxspring Vs Foundation: Whats The Difference

Do You Need A Box Spring For A Twin Bed

Sometimes, people use the term boxspring and other times its a foundation. So whats the difference? Basically, in todays market a boxspring and foundation are the same thing. Originally, boxsprings were constructed with actual springs contained inside of a wood frame .

Modern manufacturers have found more efficient ways to create lightweight, supportive boxsprings without the springs say hello to foundations.

The words boxspring and foundation can usually be used interchangeably, assuming no springs are actually used. In the case where you skip the boxspring, your bed frame actually becomes your foundation since it offers the same support.

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What Are The Height Options For A Box Spring

The standard height of a box spring base, also called the high profile option, is 9 inches high. The medium profile ranges between 6 and 8 inches high, while the low profile can be 5.5 inches or lower.

These height differences do not change anything about the support the boxsprings provide. In most cases, the choice purely depends on a buyers preference, such as the aesthetic appeal of their bed.

What Do You Put Under A Memory Foam Mattress

All that is required to support your new memory foam mattress is a solid foundation. Bunkie boards, metal bases, wooden slats, or the floor will give you the support you need. Firm box springs would be okay. Make sure to keep a check for any wear and tear to keep your memory foam mattress in good condition. An old box spring is not a good choice.

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Plastics And Composite Materials

Though less common, plastics and composite materials can be used to make platform beds. While lightweight, these materials may not offer the same robust support as wood or metal. In most cases, they also have less aesthetic appeal. That said, repurposed plastics or composites may be useful in creating a low-cost, DIY platform bed.

How Long Will An Innerspring Mattress Last

Do you really need a box spring or foundation for your new mattress?

The coils in an innerspring mattress can wear down over time, losing their ability to maintain or spring back to their full, original height. When this happens, the mattress begins to sag and falter in supporting your body.

With traditional innersprings, an average lifespan was around five years, but with most modern innersprings, including our top picks, we expect a lifespan of 6-8 years and perhaps more.

Several factors can influence the longevity of an innerspring:

  • Amount of stress placed on the bed: When there is more body weight applied or more force , it can wear out springs more quickly.
  • Thickness of the coils: Lower gauge coils are thicker and tend to last longer. Quality of steel: tempered steel is stronger than non-tempered steel. Some innersprings use steel that is tempered twice to further reinforce the coils.
  • Style of coils: When coils cant move as independently, such as in bonnell coil systems, the impact of weakened coils can be felt across a larger section of the mattress.
  • Design of the comfort layer: The number, thickness, type, and durability of the layers placed above the coils can influence how much stress is placed upon the support core. In addition, if the comfort layer is made with low-quality materials, it may start to wear out even before the springs.

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So Do I Really Need One

When it comes down to it, box springs arent an absolute necessity for many mattresses, but you will need some kind of supportive foundation one way or another. Depending on the Beautyrest mattress, you can always forgo a bit of comfort and ventilation and put your bed directly on the floor, or even on wood pallets, to firm up the mattress a bit. But if you want customized support that helps you sleep soundly and rest easy every night, youll want to invest in something a little more reliable.

Platform beds are another great option, as well as adjustable power foundations. Adjustable beds are the ultimate in comfort and support, letting you adjust your mattress depending on your needs. Some models even let you and your sleeping partner choose different positions, maximizing your comfort without going full-on 50s sitcom couple. We have plenty of foundation options in store, and just as you should always test out a mattress before buying, you should always test out a bed frame too. Come have a snooze in our store and see which one feels best to you!

Whether you decide to go with a box spring or not, be sure to get a Beautyrest mattress that supports you just right, and a foundation that perfectly complements your mattress! Getting the right support is important, and thats why our team is always ready to support you on your journey to better sleep with helpful blogs and expert advice in-store.

Angela, your sleep expert

Shipping Costs Delivery And Set Up

For most online mattresses, shipping is free and is done by compressing the mattress, sealing it in packaging, and then mailing it in a box. Once you take the box to your bedroom and remove the packaging, the mattress quickly takes its full shape. Some innersprings can be heavy, so this process often requires two people, especially for a larger bed.

With some innerspring options, installation may be included or available with your purchase. This involves a team coming to your home and setting up the mattress in your bedroom. Often they will be able to remove an old mattress at the same time if requested. You can check with the mattress seller or with third-party service providers in your area about setup and haul-away services.

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The Benefits Of Memory Foam

Theres no shortage of reasons why you should consider picking memory foam mattresses over traditional mattress options.

While sleeping preferences will range from person to person, memory foam is unique in its ability to adapt to anyones needs. Here are some reasons why memory foam should be at the top of your priority list:

  • Provides pressure point relief
  • Supports your natural spinal alignment
  • Naturally fights dust mites and other allergens
  • Absorbs motion to keep you asleep longer
  • It can last 3 to 5 years longer than a typical spring mattress

These combined benefits are perfect for creating the ideal sleeping environment. Whether you prefer a soft surface or a firm surface, memory foam will adjust to fit your preferences.

Do You Require A Box Spring When You Buy A New Mattress

Do You Really Need Box Spring in Your Mattress ...

Its not mandatory to get a new box spring when you buy a new mattress. In fact, most new mattresses are designed for a firmer base, like those offered by platform beds, compared to the traditional bouncy coil boxsprings.

However, you can consider getting a box spring if:

  • Your new mattress can only work a box spring foundation.
  • You are looking for extra support or the bouncy mattress feel of a box spring.
  • You have a bed frame that requires a box spring for the mattress to rest on.
  • You want to increase the height of your bed without replacing it, and dont want to purchase a platform bed foundation.
  • You are using a traditional innerspring mattress .
  • Your new mattress is double-sided.

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What Mattresses Work Well With A Box Spring

Most of them!

A sturdy foundation is an absolute must-have for any and all mattresses, and a box spring is the perfect option. In fact, many mattress warrantees require you to use one as a universal standard to prevent unnecessary wear on the mattress.

Double-sided mattresses that can be flipped over do especially well on box springs. Though this type of mattress has largely fallen out of style, if you happen to own or buy one, youll want to invest in a good box spring. With most single-sided mattresses, having a box spring is not as important, as they typically come built-in with all the support a mattress needs on the underside. But providing a little extra cushion and support can be a big help.

Heavy foam mattresses especially tend to need the extra support a box spring provides. While a spring or hybrid mattress may do just fine on a slatted platform bed or even the floor, foam will tend to sag through the slats or squash against the ground. So do your Beautyrest mattress a favour and get a box spring!

Your Guide To Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam offers one of the biggest breakthroughs in mattress technology of the past 50 years. They provide support for your pressure points like no other mattress in history. You probably know them best for their contouring effectwhich means when you lay down on the mattress, youll sink into the material as it adjusts to the contours of your body.

Depending on your preferences, you can find memory foam mattresses ranging from soft to firm. They also vary in terms of thickness, size, and density.

With all the different types out there, how do you know what type is right for you?

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Do You Need A Box Spring Everything You Need To Know

If youve ever found yourself asking the age-old question, do you need a box spring? youve come to the right place. With so many different bed frame and mattress options out there, how are you ever to know if you also need a box spring?

The answer is both simple and complex. Whether or not you need one depends on what type of bed frame and mattress you have. Some bed frames dont provide enough support for your mattress to stand alone, and some mattresses function better without a box spring.

Wood Slats A High Or Low

Do I Need a Box Spring for my Memory Foam Mattress?

Its true, wood foundations are amongst the best bangs for your buck in the bed foundation world!

Not convinced? When compared to a boxspring, add some extra storage space into the mix

When you add 7 inch bed legs to a KD foundation, youll instantly create additional space between the wood slats and floor. This means extra bedroom storage for odds and ends that otherwise would have cluttered up your living space. Check it out:

Because of the storage benefits, foundations made with sustainable wood are a winner for families looking to maximize available living space without splurging on a more costly platform bed. But keep in mind, for the extra space to really become a factor youll need to choose from a higher-profile bed leg like out 7 inch option.

On a structural note, take note of the gap space between each wood slat on the foundation. If youre shopping around, then this is very important. If spaces between the slate of wood are more than three inches apart, itll cause gaps that make your mattress sink. And as we discussed earlier, sinkage is bad! Make sure your wood foundation has slats that are at most three inches apart because this spacing will provide a sturdy, long-lasting infrastructure for your mattress.

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Important Warranty Considerations With A Box Spring

Although a box spring is not always incompatible with an Avocado Mattress, your box spring must provide proper support, and must be designed and constructed to be capable of handling the combined weight of both the sleep system and the intended users. Many do not.

Since many box springs tend to be associated with older innerspring mattress sets, they tend to not provide proper support for a heavy natural latex hybrid mattress or all latex mattress. They may cause your mattress to falsely appear as if it is sagging in the middle, or even cause your mattress’ innerspring system to fail over time by bending your mattress in the wrong direction . This is why Avocado does not sell box springs. Per the terms of our mattress warranty, “If the purchaser uses an inappropriate foundation, box spring or base as determined by Avocado Mattress, the Mattress Warranty, without limitation, will be void.” When in doubt, we strongly recommend switching to a foundation or simply a bed frame or adjustable base that does not require a foundation. Your back will thank you, too.

What Is Purple Mattress Do I Need A Box Spring With A Purple Mattress

The Purple Mattress, or simply The Purple, is an all-foam mattress, meaning no springs, that uses Purples proprietary grid layer that utilizes the term hyper-elastic polymer. This layer, also known as the Purple Grid Layer, is comprised of a comfort core and a support core that is made from a polyfoam.

The Purple is available at one firmness level- medium-firm and is available in a variety of sizes that are delivered directly to your doorstep. This is in line with the growing tendency in DTC or direct-to-consumer mattress companies with lower overheads to enhance the product the mattress itself.

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They Elevate Your Bed

The first benefit is that it raises your bed. Something is pleasing to the eye about a bed that is elevated high off of the ground. Additionally, it can be cleaner. Having a high bed helps to prevent small pets from jumping up as well as preventing small insects from making their way up your bed and into the covers with you.

Do Memory Foam Mattresses Need Box Springs

Consumer Reports: Do you need to buy a box spring with ...

Getting a good nights sleep is important to the physical and mental health of an individual. When researching online for the best mattress for your needs, youll discover there is a lot to consider, such as how will your mattress be supported? Traditionally, a mattress sale would include purchasing a box spring. But, what about memory foam mattresses? Do they need a box spring to get optimal comfort and sleep? If not, then what does a person use to support a memory foam mattress?

Before answering those questions, lets take a moment to discuss the characteristics of memory foam. What makes memory foam popular? What is the difference in a box spring versus a foundation?

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Box Spring Versus Foundations

Consumers purchasing a new mattress are going to find themselves wondering if they have the correct foundation. Because a traditional box spring is commonly known as the foundation, we need to take a minute to understand the differences in each.

As stated before, a box spring is the most known and used foundation. It does contain springs that help absorb movement. For innerspring mattresses not containing memory foam, this is an acceptable option.

A foundation is a solid or slatted piece used with memory foam and latex mattresses. They are made of particleboard or wood slats spaced strategically spaced apart. The best foundations for memory foam mattresses will be budget-friendly and designed to support you and your bed.


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