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Does Memory Foam Mattress Need A Box Spring

Box Spring Vs Foundation Vs Platform Bed

Do I Need a Box Spring for my Memory Foam Mattress?

Most mattresses require something between the mattress and the floor. While many beds actually function just fine when placed directly on the floor, this restricts airflow and can lead to unsanitary conditions. So, most people will want to use some sort of foundation whether thats a box spring, a foundation, or a platform bed depends on the type of mattress you choose, as well as personal preference.

A box spring is a simple support consisting of a wooden/metal frame, filled with metal coils/springs or a metal grid, and wrapped in fabric. They are primarily used for innerspring mattresses. Typically box springs are designed to sit on top of a bed frame.

A foundation is another type of support system that usually consists of wooden slats or flat solid frames. They function similarly to box springs, but they dont actually contain metal springs. Foundations offer a very firm surface for mattresses to rest on, making them a good choice for foam beds. Most foundations are designed to be used with a bed frame, although some companies offer free-standing versions.

A platform bed combines both a foundation for your bed as well as a frame to keep it off the ground. Most have wooden legs to elevate the frame, while some include storage drawers reaching down to the ground level. Platform beds offer an all-in-one solution, but they can be pricier than other options.

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Does A Memory Foam Mattress Need A Box Spring Depends On

With the increase of the popularity of memory foam mattresses, the questions around them are also increasing. After all, people want to know exactly what they can expect of a memory foam mattress.

The truth is that we keep getting a lot of emails from people wondering about a wide range of things about memory foam mattresses. And one of the most common questions that we have been getting is the following one: does a memory foam mattress need a box spring?

Before we actually answer this question, it is important that you know what a box spring is and what is its main purpose.

Simply put, a box spring is used to support mattresses and to protect them from wear. They kind of create a buffer zone or area between the floor and the bottom of the mattress.

A traditional box spring is usually made of wood and it also includes steel support springs as well as a cloth cover. However, if you are looking for a more modern spring box, you can already find some made of metal.

As everything, box springs have both advantages and disadvantages. So, it is important to know them so that you can decide on whether a memory mattress foam needs it or not.

Can You Sleep On A Memory Foam Mattress Without A Box Spring

In theory, you could sleep on a memory foam mattress without a box springbut you might just be incredibly uncomfortable. Foam mattresses typically do not last very long on the floor or on uneven surfaces because they are more prone to sagging, no matter how dense the components are. Your memory foam mattress needs to lay atop something solid and durable in order to provide you with optimal support.

If you have a bed frame that is not a platform bed with a solid surface, you will need a solid foundation to ensure that the bottom of your mattress does not prematurely sag or weaken if this happens, your mattress can no longer support you properly, which leads to low-quality sleep and other health problems.

Does box spring quality matter? Yes. Over time, a bad or old box spring can turn even the most high-quality mattress into an uncomfortable sleeping surface. Thats why we suggest purchasing a new box spring any time you buy a new mattress. Dont worry Texas Mattress Makers has affordable box springs that are built to protect a mattress for a long period of time.

Please note that Texas Mattress Makers will void the warranty on your mattress if your mattress was not supported on a box spring when it needed to be resulting in damage to the mattress.

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What Are The Height Options For A Box Spring

The standard height of a box spring base, also called the high profile option, is 9 inches high. The medium profile ranges between 6 and 8 inches high, while the low profile can be 5.5 inches or lower.

These height differences do not change anything about the support the boxsprings provide. In most cases, the choice purely depends on a buyers preference, such as the aesthetic appeal of their bed.

Your Guide To Memory Foam Mattresses

Does a memory foam mattress need a box spring?

Memory foam offers one of the biggest breakthroughs in mattress technology of the past 50 years. They provide support for your pressure points like no other mattress in history. You probably know them best for their contouring effectwhich means when you lay down on the mattress, youll sink into the material as it adjusts to the contours of your body.

Depending on your preferences, you can find memory foam mattresses ranging from soft to firm. They also vary in terms of thickness, size, and density.

With all the different types out there, how do you know what type is right for you?

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Can You Put A Memory Foam Mattress On Box Springs

If you have further questions as to whether your frame will support a mattress email us pictures showing the frame you are attempting to put your mattress on and we can try to give you our opinion of whether it will work or not. You can also reach out to us at the toll-free number at the top of this page.

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What Are The Different Dimensions Of Box Springs For Modern Beds

Several leading mattress manufacturers engineer ergonomic box springs. Today, you can find a mattress for almost every bed dimension.

You can even design your mattress as per custom measurements of your bed. Therefore, there is no reason why you should not be able to find a foundation that fits your needs perfectly and enhance the look of your home.

There are 3 profiles of foundations you can choose from:

  • High profile: They are bouncy. They are about 23 cm in height. You can use them with thick no-flip mattresses with single side coils.
  • Medium profile: They are between 15 cm and 21.5 cm in height which makes them ideal for thicker mattress types on low bed frames.
  • Low profile: These are ideal for taller platforms. They are tough, and they are usually between 13 cm and 14 cm in height.

This categorization of the box springs according to height makes it much easier for the buyer to choose one as per their support requirements.

The easiest way to find a box spring that exactly matches your mattress dimensions is by referring to your mattress manufacturers size chart. It should look somewhat similar to this:


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Do You Need A Special Base For A Memory Foam Mattress

All you need is a solid base to start your foam mattress. By putting plywood slats or metal poles in place of box springs, any structure can be turned into an interesting box. In general, you can use your box spring in a memory foam or latex mattress if it is rigid and firm, but not giving way more than 1 inch.

Does Memory Foam Need A Box Spring

Do You Need A Box Spring?

Texas Mattress Makers

Does memory foam need a box spring? When customers are interested in purchasing a new memory foam mattress this question often comes up. Many big bed-in-a-box mattress retailers, including Casper and Nectar, who produce memory foam mattresses, will tell you that you dont need a box spring with a memory foam mattress and they are WRONG. If you take their advice, you run the risk of being very unhappy with your quality of sleep. Trust us.

As mattress manufacturers, our team at Texas Mattress Makers has a better understanding of what it takes to properly support your memory foam mattress so that it can last a lifetime. Lets discuss the purposes of a box spring and what you can do to ensure the longevity of your memory foam mattress.

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So Do You Need A Box Spring For A Memory Foam Mattress

No, you dont. Box springs dont work well for super-modern mattresses, in particular, for foam mattresses. However, it doesnt mean that you dont need a foundation at all memory foam mattresses are quite heavy, so they need more support than other types of mattresses. If you have a memory foam mattress, it is recommended choosing a quality slatted foundation as the base.

What Type Of Box Spring Do You Need For A Memory Foam Mattress

Dont listen to anyone who says you need a conventional box spring for your memory foam mattress. If you already have a box spring and youre upgrading to a memory foam mattress, properly recycle your old box spring and acquire a viable alternative.

Instead of placing your memory foam mattress on a box spring, consider one of these alternatives:

  • Lay your memory foam mattress on a firm foundation that doesnt contain any springs.
  • Place your memory foam mattress on a platform bed that provides proper support.
  • Put your memory foam mattress directly on the floor, but follow proper procedures to keep your sleeping environment hygienic.
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    Do Memory Foam Mattresses Need Box Springs

    Getting a good nights sleep is important to the physical and mental health of an individual. When researching online for the best mattress for your needs, youll discover there is a lot to consider, such as how will your mattress be supported? Traditionally, a mattress sale would include purchasing a box spring. But, what about memory foam mattresses? Do they need a box spring to get optimal comfort and sleep? If not, then what does a person use to support a memory foam mattress?

    Before answering those questions, lets take a moment to discuss the characteristics of memory foam. What makes memory foam popular? What is the difference in a box spring versus a foundation?

    The Low Profile Box Spring

    Do You Need a Box Spring with a Memory Foam Mattress?

    For those who’d prefer a box spring that does its job, but lets other elements like a quilted duvet or half a dozen fluffy throw pillows shine, look no further than our Josie Metal Mattress Foundation. The Josie keeps a low profile in more ways than one, with its one inch legs that give you just enough distance from the floor but lend themselves perfectly to a foundation for taller mattresses.

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    Do I Need A Box Spring For A Memory Foam Mattress

    Making the move from a traditional mattress to a memory foam mattress is something that an increasing number of people are choosing to do. But even when you have found just the right mattress the choices do not end there. For example, what are you going to set that mattress on? Which is where the question do I need a box spring for a memory from mattress often comes up.

    The basic answer is no, you do not need a box spring specifically. In fact, many mattress manufacturers and sleep experts recommend against using a traditional box spring with a memory foam mattress and that you make use of a more modern alternative instead. But why is that, and just what are those alternatives we mentioned?

    That is what we are going to take a closer look at now.

    Bed Frames/surfaces Where Box Springs Are Used With Memory Foam

    While there is no need for box springs for memory foams, this doesnt apply to all bed frames or platforms. Here is a list of bed platforms or frames where a box spring is needed:

    • Metal Bed Frame while metal frames evenly distribute the weight of the mattress and the person laying on top of it, it does not have a platform to support its base part. Excluding a box spring on a metal bed frame would make the memory foam sink over time. It is essential to add a box spring to reinforce the base while supporting the frame support for the memory foam mattress.
    • Wood Bed Frame with Wider Slates although most of them dont require the box spring on this type of bed, a wider slate can make the memory foam sink, especially if you have a poorly built wooden bed frame with wider gaps on each slate. It is best to add a box spring to better enforce the position and steadiness of the mattress on the bed frame. This adds an excellent foundation to the mattress and a base for the frame.

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    Are Box Springs Obsolete

    Box springs arent entirely obsolete, but theyre getting there. Box springs are only compatible with innerspring mattresses, and innerspring mattresses are not nearly as popular as they once were. Plus, mattress foundations and other mattress supports are the go-to options for shoppers, and these options can also be paired with innersprings.

    We wouldnt suggest investing in a box spring in todays mattress world. That said, if you still have a box spring and dont want to part ways with it just yet, you can throw a bunky board or piece of plywood on top of it to enhance its support and prolong its lifespan.

    Full Size Bed Foundation

    Do You Need A Box Spring? – Everything There Is To Know!

    54 inches by 75 inches

    Full size mattresses, also referred to as double beds, are ideal for growing teens who are no longer comfortable in their twin bed. These beds offer single sleepers more space to stretch out but may be too confining for couples. Full size beds also fit comfortably in most bedrooms.

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    Do Slats Ruin Mattresses

    So long as the beds slats are appropriately spaced and secured to the bed frame, your mattress should be safe on a slatted foundation or platform bed. If the bed frames slats are further than 2 to 2.75 inches apart, your mattress is at risk of dipping between the gaps and sagging. Unsecured slats can slide out of place and leave your mattress unsupported.

    What Other Foundations Should You Use With A Memory Foam Mattress

    Memory foam mattresses are designed to deliver everything you need to enjoy better sleep: support, breathability, minimal motion transfer and pressure-point relief. Placing yours on a suitable stable foundation will help it perform at its best, so its crucial to find the right base.

    As mentioned, a good foundation for an all-foam mattress need to have a solid foundation or slats spaced no further than 2.75″ apart. Options for a suitable base or foundation include the following:

    Platform beds These provide a sturdy surface for all mattresses including memory foam and hybrids. They are useful if you need extra storage space and come in a wide range of styles and prices.

    Adjustable frame If you need more flexibility, then a memory foam mattress is a good fit for an adjustable frame, as the foam easily conforms to the frame. However, its important to have a good-quality memory foam mattress that is supportive as much as it is flexible.

    Bunkie board These solid or slatted wooden 13″ platforms are placed on top of a bed base to add more support under a foam mattress. They help prolong its lifespan by providing a stable surface. This is an inexpensive way to add stability to your existing bed frame and make it suitable for properly supporting your memory foam mattress.

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    Is There A Way To Use A Box Spring With A Memory Foam Mattress

    While you shouldnt directly use a memory foam mattress with a box spring, you can still use it to make your bed taller by slipping a bunkie board between your mattress and box spring. Bunkie boards are pieces of plywood or particleboard that are two or three inches thick, which provides a flat surface with enough support to prevent your mattress from sagging.

    If you choose to shop for a bunkie board, double-check that its moisture resistant. Since a bunkie board is a solid base, its difficult for air to flow through and remove the moisture that collects at the bottom of your mattress. This is how stinky mold and mildew can grow underneath your mattress.

    Can A Memory Foam Mattress Go On Top Of A Box Spring

    Do I Need a Box Spring for a Memory Foam Mattress?

    A memory foam mattress should never be hung directly from the spring of a box. There is a need for wooden slats with no more than two, since memory foam beds dont have solid foundations. Two mattresses fit together in just 75 inches. It offers the best nights rest possible while keeping the temperature up.

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