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Where Can You Donate Mattresses

Mattress Donations To The Salvation Army

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You can make mattress donations to the Salvation Army. This is an international body that offers services to people in need all over the world. It runs charity shops across the US, UK and Europe and operates in 128 countries worldwide. If you live close enough to a Salvation Army shop or depot, they will collect your mattress from your home. Others will accept your mattress if you can deliver it yourself or have a friend do it for you.

However, your mattress must be usable and free of damage fundamentally it should not be in a condition you would not sleep on yourself. You should not be changing your mattress just because of damage. Given this condition, the Salvation Army will collect your mattress free of charge.

Not only is this a good way to get your mattress removed at no cost, but it also tax-deductible in some countries. In the US, used mattresses donated to the Salvation Army are valued between $15 and $75 for tax deduction purposes. There are other organizations such as the Habitat for Humanity International that will accept your used mattress.

Donate To A Pet Rescue Center

Most pet rescue centers or animal shelters accept old mattress donations. They use the mattresses as beds for animals they have rescued. You can call local animal shelters to find out whether they need mattresses for animals awaiting adoption. Some animal shelters may require you to professionally clean the mattress before donation.

Donate A Mattress To Charity

Youve just bought the perfect new bed, mattress and box spring. You can just throw the old ones away, right? Wrong. You can prolong the life of your old bed by donating it to charity. Donate your old bed to help an individual or family through a tough time. Donating an old bed or mattress is the ecologically responsible choice, too. Our landfills dont need more of our stuff, particularly things that can have a second life in the hands of someone else. Before you let the deliverymen haul off your old bed and mattress, find out if theyre just going to be dumping them. If so, take a few minutes to check out You may even find a charity in your area that will come pick up your old bed from your doorstep.

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What You Need To Know To Donate A Hospital Bed

There are a few things you should be aware of when choosing where to donate a hospital bed:

  • Some organizations do not accept used models. Many charities only accept new medical equipment. Therefore, you should double-check with your preferred organization that they will take your hospital bed.
  • You may have to drive to a location or pay for transport. Some companies offer pick-up services. However, many require you to drop off the hospital bed at a warehouse or distribution center.
  • The bed should be in good working order. Some organizations may perform light repairs and maintenance. However, the hospital bed should be overall functional and helpful for another person.
  • You may be eligible for tax deductions. You may be able to claim your donation at tax time.
  • There may be small charities in your area. While there are many large organizations, there are also smaller groups operating all over the world. You may like to consult with your healthcare professional to see if they have any connections.

Where To Donate A Mattress In 202: Conclusion

Where Can I Donate My Mattress Near Me

In conclusion, while the above list is not exhaustive, it is nevertheless useful information if you need to donate a mattress. The question then comes to whom or to where? Some agencies will not accept a mattress donation due to the potential contamination it holds. This is a fair point an old mattress may harbor bacteria, dust mites and even bed bugs.

Even if you are certain that your mattress is free from such contamination, the agencies do not know that. That is why not all charities will accept mattress donations. Nevertheless, if you are unsure where to donate a mattress in 2022, or who accepts a mattress donation of this type, the information provided above should help you to do so. Many may want to donate a mattress and the information above explains how.

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Disabled American Veterans Association

The Disabled American Veterans Association is one of the oldest organizations working with war veterans. It has been operating since 1920, providing advocacy and services to veterans all over the United States.

Through its Older Veterans Assistance Program , veterans can access free medical equipment like hospital beds. You can donate your used model to this initiative, and the organization will pass it along.

Where Can I Donate Old Beds And Bed Frames

Whether you want to donate an entire bed, frame, and box spring setup or you have other household items to give away, many local organizations are happy to take things off your hands. Local thrift stores tend to accept household goods, and many will take bed frames and beds.

In your area, reach out to find out if organizations such as the following will accept your donations:

  • Community thrift stores
  • Pregnancy help centers
  • Womens shelters

If youre giving away assorted other household items such as small furniture, clothing, toys, and appliances, you may even earn credit at your local thrift store. Other organizations can also offer tax-deductible donations, so ask about those when dropping off items or scheduling pick-up.

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Does Habitat For Humanity Take Mattresses

Habitat for Humanity is another organization that may accept mattress donations. Habitat for Humanity operates across the world and helps families obtain affordable housing. Their programs include building and improving residences, providing affordable furniture and other household items, and partnering with communities to improve social outcomes.

Habitat for Humanity ReStores exist in many communities with people in need. Your mattress donation could impact the lives of people in your area, as ReStores sell items at low cost. ReStores stock everything from building materials like doors and windows to furniture and other items. You often need to deliver your items to ReStoresbut contact your local site for details.

Can I Donate Mouthwash And Hand Sanitizer

Bobs Donates Mattresses to Military Families

Unfortunately, no. Due to the alcohol content in mouthwash and disinfectants like rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizer, most charities arent able to take them. On the other hand, says Glancy, First-aid items are high priority because its not something that gets donated a lot. So feel free to pass along packaged, non-expired gauze pads, bandages and ointments.

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Other Possible Ways To Donate A Mattress

What if none of the above organizations are locally available or youre still looking for some other channels? If you want to explore other alternatives on where to donate a mattress, the following sections will provide you with some less common solutions that could serve your purpose better.

a. Donation Town

If you are having trouble locating a nearby charity that currently accepts mattresses, Donation Town is a great online resource that has compiled a National Directory of Charities in the USA. These organizations accept clothing, furniture, and appliance donations.

After entering your zip code into their search engine, a list of local charities will pop up. Next, choose a charity from the list that accepts mattresses and you wish to support. Lastly, set an appointment for a free donation pick up at a time that suits your schedules. Free pick up is offered by almost all of the charities in Donation Towns database. This streamlines the donation process and requires minimal effort from you. Just be available when the removal team arrives and the process will be completed.

As far as mattress removal services are concerned, this is one of the most viable choices. Aside from being amazingly easy, it gives you a wide variety of options and directly helps people in need.

b. White Glove Delivery Service

c. Third-Party Resale Websites

Can I Recycle My Broken Down Mattress Rather Than Throwing It Away

Sure. There are several recycling programs that can help you get rid of your mattress if you dont want to leave it at the dump. Check out places like Earth 911, , and the International Sleep Products Association for information on local recycling centers near you.

If a recycling facility cant take your whole mattress, that facility might still accept the components if you cut the mattress apart and separate them yourself. For instance, many recycling centers take steel springs as scrap metal, and wood from box springs and mattresses can be ground into mulch by a wood repurposing program.

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Do You Have More Than A Mattress To Donate To Charity

Super! is your best bet to get your donations into the hands of a charity near you. It only takes a couple minutes. Youll first be able to locate a charity near you willing to accept your donations, and you can then schedule a free pickup of the items youd like to donate. Many charities will accept a wide range of items, while others welcome more specialized goods. Donate shoes and clothes. Donate a couch or other household furniture. Donate kitchen and other household items. Donate books. Donate appliances. Donate a car, truck, or boat. Donate toys and other baby items. Donate bikes or tricycles. Donate a TV, DVD player or VCR. is the place to start anytime youd like to get your gently used items into the hands of those who need them. And its the best choice for the planet, too. Everybody wins!

How Do I Know If Im Ready For A New Mattress

Where Can I Donate My Mattress Near Me

First things first: how do you know its time to get a new mattress?

The general consensus is that mattresses should be replaced, on average, every 8 years.

However, some types of mattresses tend to last longer than others. For instance, hybrid innerspring-foam mattresses tend to need replacing sooner, at around 6 years, while plain innerspring mattresses can last up to 10 years . Meanwhile, memory foam and latex mattresses can last up to 15 years with the right care.

These figures are only the average lifespans of each type of mattress: some individual mattresses can last for less time than their mattress-type average, while some can last longer. The lifespan of a mattress can vary significantly, depending on factors like the design of the mattress, the materials its made of, how well you take care of it, and what sort of atmosphere it is exposed to in your bedroom.

The best and most accurate way to tell if your mattress needs to be replaced is how it feels, and what sort of rest you get when you sleep on it. Are you still getting the support and comfort from the mattress that you got from it in the past?

Signs Your Mattress Needs to Be Replaced
Wear and Tear
Sounds make wake you when you or your partner move around

Once youve decided its time for a new mattress, have shopped around and picked out your new model, and are all set to bring it home, theres one final hurdle to face: what do you do with your old mattress?

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What To Do With An Old Mattress

When you are looking at replacing your old mattress, it can be difficult to find out what your options are for getting rid of it. Most charity donation programs no longer accept used mattresses as donations, so aside from selling or giving it away to a stranger for free over the internet, what can you do? The best solution is to make sure your old mattress is recycled. Junk 4 Good can help pick-up, lift and load your old mattress items from your home with ease. Our qualified team will take care of all the heavy work, the transportation and will ensure your item is responsibly recycled.

Schedule A Free Donation Pick Up Now

Disclaimer : We use our best efforts to provide accurate information regarding the charitable donation community, however, we make no promise, guarantee, representation, or assurance regarding any particular entity published on our Site, including without limitation its tax or legal status or the quality or safety of its services. You should thoroughly investigate any charity to which you are considering making a donation directly. Do not to rely on the information published on our Site for answers to any question that may have tax, legal, or other serious consequences. Donation Town does not provide tax, legal or other professional advice. All trademarks or copyrights published on Donation Town are the rights of their respective owners. Use of our website signifies your agreement to our Terms of Use and Online Privacy Policy.

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How Can I Tell If My Mattress Is Donatable

If your mattress is not in good condition, it cannot be donated. Charities will likely reject mattresses that are broken, at the end of their lifespan, heavily stained, or infested with some kind of pestlike bed bugs or dust mites. Take a look at your mattress, checking for rips, sagging, holes, mold, pests, and other serious problems. If it has any of these issues, its better to recycle or repurpose it rather than donating.

Putting A Stop To Mattress Donations

Mattress Warehouse Donates Mattresses, Beds to Ronald McDonald House of Greater Washington, DC

There are many places that will not accept mattress donations if they are in certain conditions. Most, in fact, will not accept them if theyre not in good condition. Additionally, it puts extra work on the organization to take in a mattress that cannot be used. From that point, they then have to dispose of it, adding additional costs to a nonprofit. Consider that if you dont want to sleep on it, no one else will either.

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Does It Cost Anything To Recycle A Mattress

Recycling services and junk removal services may charge as little as $20 or over $100 for recycling your mattress, particularly if theyre doing a home pickup. However, some will take the mattress off your hands for free, especially if youre dropping it off at a recycling center that takes mattresses. Before you schedule a mattress pickup to recycle it, its smart to ask what the charges will be.

Option : Creative Repurposing

When tearing apart the mattress one may feel their minds start working with imaginative ideas on what the mattress parts can be repurposed for. Foam can be used as a padding for a pet bed. Springs can be repurposed to create a wine rack or plant pot holder. Have fun with using imagination to reuse parts from the old mattress.

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Can I Sell A Lightly Used Mattress

If your mattress is free of stains and damage, you might be able to get some money out of it. You probably wont be able to sell it to a consignment shop or thrift store no matter what shape its in, as these places are almost never equipped to legally take in or resell used mattresses.

Thus, youre more likely to have success if you list it on sites like Facebook Marketplace, Mercari, Craigslist, etc. Make sure to look up your state and local laws on used mattress resale because certain locations have more stringent sanitation and labeling requirements for used mattresses than others.

Furniture Banks Association Of America Mattress Donations

Donate A Mattress / Where to Donate a Used Mattress ...

Furniture Banks believe that everyone regardless of personal and economic circumstances deserves to have basic furniture. As part of its mission to end Furniture Poverty, the organization accepts mattress donations.

Furniture Bank touts itself for handing over donated used furniture to the right people in as quickly as 72 hours. If youre feeling generous, get in touch with your local branch and drop off used mattresses, bed frames, nightstands, and other available items.

If delivering yourself is not an option, you can also hire their team to pick up your donations for a fee.

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Does The Salvation Army Take Mattresses Can They Be Donated To Goodwill

Unfortunately, the Salvation Army does NOT take mattress donations. Their website explicitly states that beds and mattresses are a no-go for mattress recycling . While the Salvation Army is a great place to get rid of other furniture, they just arent equipped to handle the sort of space that a lot of mattresses provide.

On the other hand, Goodwill is one of the organizations that DOES take mattress donations and furniture, providing they are in good shape. Goodwill says on their website that any donated item should be free of rips and stains so that they can provide the most use to people who need them. They also recommend that for larger specialty items that you contact your local Goodwill first to make sure that they have the space for such an item. As long as its in good shape, Goodwill represents a great way to recycle.

Six Ways To Donate Your Mattress

Where To Donate A Mattress You got a new mattress and youre excited. Theres nothing more exciting than a new mattress for better sleep and less achy mornings, but unfortunately, now comes the tough part where you say goodbye to your old mattress. After all, you dont want your room too cluttered. Is donation an option? Charities? You search online for where to donate a mattress around you, but its been hours and youre still coming up with blanks. Where to donate a mattress near me is a question that can plague you until you dont feel comfortable figuring out mattress recycling for yourself.

If you are donating your mattress, there are a few things you need to know. One is to check the condition of the mattress. If there are things like bed bugs, you wont be able to donate it. You can reach out to local charities who can take in your mattress too. Goodwill is a popular mattress donation site, where you can ensure your old mattress is going to someone in need. Heres all the information you need to know about mattress donation.

Luckily weve got you covered, from the condition your mattress needs to be in, to a list of NGOs and charities that are ready and willing to take that old mattress off your hands. Heres where to donate a mattress. Paying it forward to charities is the name of the game when it comes to sleeping, and knowing that you did some good in someones life is a great way to sleep peacefully at night.

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