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What Is Plush Mattress Mean

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Plush Mattresses

Plush mattress, firm mattress and pillowtop mattresses – What’s the differences?

The pros and cons of plush mattresses are relative to your individual body needs. We have already discussed who should ideally be sleeping on a plush mattress.

If you fit the bill and youre trying to decide whether or not to really purchase a plush mattress, consider these pros and cons:


  • It can provide relief from joint or hip pain
  • Its ideal for the elderly because its gentle on joints


  • It may be a problem for couples because the movement is felt obviously on a soft surface
  • They can tend to be more expensive
  • It might disrupt your spinal alignment if its too soft and not giving you enough support
  • Its lifespan is not as long as that of firm mattresses.

What Is A Medium Mattress

A medium mattress is a mattress that is not too soft or too firm. It has qualities of both plush and firm mattresses to some extent. If we measure mattress firmness on a range of 1 10, a medium mattress will rate somewhere around 5.

When youre lying in the mattress, you wont feel any sinking, but youll feel the support pushback. This is because there is a variety of layers designed for pressure point pain relief underneath you. They are designed with a combination of comfort layers and support technologies. This makes them suitable for all body types. Moreover, medium mattresses are suitable for side sleepers. They are also good for those who change their positions throughout the night.

Why Are Comfort Levels Important To Me

You may think you prefer a plush bed over a firm one, but do you really know? The key to a better understanding of what you need for a good nights rest lays in your sleep position. How you sleep helps determine what level of comfort you need to get the sleep you deserve, and you should pay attention to what your body tells you each morning.

If you are waking refreshed and comfortable, then you are already sleeping on the correct surface. But if you have been waking with aches and pains, it may be because your comfort level is incorrect and you are in desperate need of an upgrade, or even just a replacement mattress if yours is more than 10 years old. Over time mattress materials can compress and break down, and stop giving you the support you need.

If you are a side sleeper, you are going to need a softer, or plusher, surface layer to better help support your shoulders and hips to keep your spine in alignment while you sleep. Back and stomach sleepers prefer a more firm top in order to allow their spine to curve naturally and not be pulled out of place due to hip and shoulder weight.

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People With Different Sleeping Positions

Mattresses are mainly for use when sleeping. And there are different sleeping positions exhibited by different people.

Therefore, your sleeping position matters a lot in determining if you need a plush mattress.

Below are some of the sleeping positions that a plush mattress is suitable for.

Back Sleepers

People who sleep on their back are the major beneficiaries because the softness of the plush mattress will help them relax their spine when sleeping.

Side Sleepers

People who sleep on their sides will also like to buy a plush mattress because it offers a reasonable sinkage that would contour your body in the right way while you sleep on your side.

The plush mattress may, however, not be an ideal choice for stomach sleepers because this category of sleepers needs a firmer mattress that can hold their spine in place while they sleep.

What Is A Pillow Top Mattress

Serta Perfect Sleeper Indulge Mattress Plush

People choose to use a pillow top mattress if they are having issues with their neck or back, because pillow top mattresses tend to be very soft and cradling for your body.

Though comfortable, there are drawbacks to pillow top mattresses that are important to consider before making the investment. Because of the soft cushion of a pillow top, there tends to be some compression that happens after only a few years of sleeping on the mattress. Sometimes spring, latex, or memory foam mattresses can be flipped in order to increase their lifespan, but this usually is not the case with a pillow top mattress since it is usually just one side that has the pillow topping. The mattress can last between 8 and 10 years, but the upper layer usually compresses a bit sooner, meaning you may need to replace a pillow top mattress after only a few years.

Our hybrid mattress can treat you to a luxurious experience every night.

Here are some circumstances where you might want to select pillow top or Euro top.

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Is It True That Plush Beds Are Unhealthy

No, a plush bed is not unhealthy. This is a misconception. A plush bed is only problematic if you sleep on your stomach or are overweight. Then there is a chance that it wont give you sufficient support for your spine.

A plush bed can actually be beneficial to most sleepers because it gives luxurious comfort while still supporting your alignment.

Plush Vs Pillowtop And Eurotop Mattresses

A pillowtop or Eurotop mattress on their own would fall closer to a 2 or 1 on the scale of 1 to 10. However, as I mention above they are rarely thicker than an inch and half and only provide an initial layer without any added support. A pillowtop or Eurotop can be used with any level of comfort to create added softness, whereas a plush mattress is describing the mattress comfort itself.

When a pillowtop or Eurotop is used in conjunction with a plush mattress they create what is called a plush pillowtop or plush Eurotop mattress. When used in this manner you get what many companies may describe as an ultra plush, or extra soft sleeping surface as earlier described.

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The Diamond Difference Mattress Mike In Murrieta

That said, the comfort layer of the Sparkle Foam and the fabric in the cover provide excellent body contouring, allowing sleepers to feel comfortable in any position. This Diamond Mattress review highly recommends the Transformation for all kinds of sleepers. Stomach sleepers will love the Transformation Firm for its spinal alignment, whereas side sleepers should appreciate the supportive cradle of the Plush model.

Thanks to the micro-coils and the brands patented foam that molds to the shape of the body, the Transformation Hybrid successfully eliminates painful pressure points in the hips, shoulders, and lower back, ensuring that sleepers have a comfortable and relaxing nights rest. Diamond mattress reviews show the Transformation might be the best of the bunch when it comes to temperature regulation.

Which Firmness Is Right For You

Idle Gel Plush Mattress Review (2020)

Plush and firm mattresses are merely the two ends of the firmness spectrum and most people opt for a mattress somewhere between these two extremes. However, the most noticeable differences between plush and firm is the amount of contouring from their comfort layers. Plush mattresses conform to your body, while firm mattresses are more sturdy and have less give.

If youre ever uncertain what mattress firmness to choose, most mattresses nowadays come with extended sleep trials, meaning you can test for your mattress at home for between 30 to 365 nights depending on the company. Its always best to test your mattress out for at least 30 nights to get accustomed to your new sleep surface before deciding whether or not to return it.

This article is for informational purposes and should not replace advice from your doctor or other medical professional.

Michelle Zhang, Wellness Writer

Michelle Zhang is a regular contributor to our Zoma blog and is our go-to sleep researcher. In her time with Zoma, Michelle has researched and published many articles on widespread sleeping habits and troubles. In her time outside of Zoma, Michelle is an occupational therapist and long-distance runner. She believes leading a healthy lifestyle is the key to getting better sleep at night. Michelle’s work has been featured on Men’s Journal, The Frisky, and The Mighty.

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Benefits Of Plush Mattresses

Considering what we know about firmness level, a plush mattress simply means that it will conform more to the shape of the sleeper rather than holding a more solid, rigid state. Though they may not be the right choice for some sleepers, well-constructed soft mattresses are still able to deliver more than enough spinal support for most.

Heres an overview of the benefits some sleepers can enjoy from a plush mattress:

  • Peak comfort You cant ignore how plush and luxurious a soft mattress feels. Cushioning and cloud-like, they seem to hug you as you sleep. As long as youre not syncing too deeply into an unsupportive mattress, chances are youll love a plush pillowtop layer.
  • Physical relief Soft mattresses have a more forgiving surface for chronically sore bodies, especially joint pain, aching muscles, and aging populations.
  • Shape-conforming support Well-designed mattresses are able to encompass both adequate support from the base up and a plush upper layer for top-down softness. When laying on softer memory foam, the parts of your body that arent necessarily flush with the mattresships, shoulders, and so oncan sink into the foam as it conforms around your curves and edges.

Pillowtop Vs Eurotop Mattresses

Pillowtop and Eurotop are often used interchangeably to describe an extra layer of soft padding sewn to the top of a mattress. However, there is a difference between the two. A pillowtop is an extra layer of padding sewn directly to the top of the mattress to provide uniform and adequate comfort and looks like its name describes, a pillow on top of the mattress.

A Eurotop is similar, but instead of looking like a separate layer, it is sewn flush to the mattress. Both of these create an added soft layer between you and the initial mattress comfort layer. Keep in mind that these are thin layers only and are not used for support, but only for added softness.

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What Is A Plush Mattress Definitions And Your Questions Answered

What is a plush mattress? The answer isnt very clear because mattress companies use the word plush in different ways. Some describe a mattress as plush when they are describing a mattress that is soft. Others use the word plush to describe a firmer mattress that has soft materials on the top, like a pillow top. Confused?

I like to think of them as a mattress thats going to give you the support you need, while feeling soft and cloud-like to lie on. If youre researching firmer mattresses and you come across the word plush, the company is probably trying to make their mattress sound more luxurious and have added a pillow top or soft cover.

Luxury plush is another term youll probably come across, and I often see this used when describing tall mattresses with lots of softer, contouring comfort layers.

Read through my FAQ to get all the answers you need about plush mattresses, along with some helpful recommendations along the way.

What Is The Difference Between Firm Medium And Plush Mattress

What Is a Plush Mattress

The main difference between firm medium and plush mattress is that firm mattresses do not offer much pressure relief while plush mattresses and medium mattresses offer pressure relief.

Firm, medium, and plush are three types of mattresses, categorized according to their softness and firmness. Each of these options has its own pros and cons.

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What Is A Euro Top Mattress Vs Plush

Euro top and plush/Pillow top mattresses are often interchanged, but they are different.

On the one hand, the Pillow top is an extra layer of padding sewn to the top of the mattress. The importance of the additional layer is to provide additional comfort to the user. From the design, this type of mattress looks like a pillow on top of the mattress.

On the other hand, the Euro top is an extra layer that is sewn flush to the mattress.

What Benefits Does A Hybrid Bed Offer

A hybrid bed can help make you much more comfortable than older traditional mattresses. They offer conforming comfort, stable body support, pressure relief, and proper alignment for your spine. In other words, the right hybrid mattress can make you feel nearly weightless allowing you to get better REM sleep. An added benefit is that most hybrid mattresses can be combined with adjustable bases for the greatest comfort!

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What Position Do You Normally Sleep In At Night

Before mattress shopping, take special note as to what position you sleep in most often. Do a little bit of research on yourself when choosing a mattress. Make sure to note what position you naturally go to when you fall asleep and what position you find yourself waking up in. Waking up in a different position means that is probably the position you spend most of your sleeping hours in therefore, it is also the position youre in the bulk of the night. This will determine what firmness you will need in a mattress.

If you are a side sleeper, you should look into purchasing a plush or medium mattress. You will need the extra comfort layers to provide pressure relief for your hips and shoulders. Generally, people with a curvier figure need the added cushion found in plush mattresses.

If you are a back sleeper, a medium-firm mattress will be a good fit. Medium-firm mattresses are designed to provide the perfect balance between contouring comfort and pushback support.

If you are a stomach sleeper, a firm mattress is your best bet. A firm mattress provides you with the solid surface youll need to reduce back pain caused from spinal compression often associated with this sleep position.

Plush Vs Firm Mattress: Which Is Best For You

Firm Soft Plush Mattress

By Michelle Zhang, Wellness Writer

Plush and firm mattresses offer vastly different sleeping experiencesplush mattresses offer lots of cradling, while firm mattresses provide a solid sleep surface. Mattress firmness determines the immediate sensation of your mattress and its pain and pressure relief capabilities.

However, plush beds arent the most comfortable mattresses in the world, just like firm beds arent the most uncomfortable mattresses in the world. Your comfort all comes down to your sleeping position, size, and whether or not you share your bed.

Our quick guide goes over the difference between plush and firm mattresses and how to know what level of firmness is right for you.

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Is A Plush Mattress Right For You

The idea that you must sleep on a firm mattress in order to be supported and wake up without back pain is one of the most common myths in the mattress industry. This is simply not true! What you need for a good night of sleep is a supportive mattress, and this support can be found in all comfort levels. A mattress that is firm but yet poor quality will not support the body evenly, possibly only supporting your body’s heaviest parts. This does not allow your muscles to rest, as they must work periodically throughout the night to find a comfortable position and maintain the correct posture. This certainly doesnt sound like a very restful night of sleep.

Everyone defines comfort in their own way. This is because we are all different shapes and sizes. What is comfy and cozy for one person may be horribly unpleasant, too hard, too soft, or too hot for another. Think of Goldilocks and the Three Bears! What youre looking for is a high-quality, supportive mattress. Many people find this in a plush mattress. Before we go into our favorite plush options, lets first look at what does a plush mattress mean?

Are The Mattresses In Hotels Plush Or Firm

The majority of hotel mattresses are in the medium to medium-firm firmness category. Extreme mattress firmnesses, like plush or firm, are unlikely to appeal to the majority of visitors, resulting in complaints. For most people, medium and medium-firm mattresses are a good compromise, making them ideal for hotel use.

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Is A Plush Mattress A Good Mattress

A plush mattress is a good mattress if it suits the needs and preferences of the sleeper. So what is a plush bed good for?

  • People weighing 130 pounds or less will feel cozier in a plush mattress because some firm or even medium-firm beds can feel harder than they are on lighter individuals
  • Side sleepers need cushioning to relieve pressure on the shoulders and hips, which makes a plush bed ideal for them

What Does Extra Plush Mattress Mean


Plushultra plush mattressmattresssuper plushextramattresses

. People also ask, is a plush mattress good for your back?

A plush mattress simply doesn’t offer enough support to maintain good back health or to relieve pressure points in order to reduce back pain. In most cases, a firm mattress will provide the kind of balanced support that is better for your back.

Subsequently, question is, is a plush mattress good for side sleepers? Side sleepers can benefit from mattresses with plush memory foam comfort layers, which hug their pressure points and provide stabilizing, comforting pressure point relief. Benefits for side sleepers: Close conforming and good pressure relief. Excellent motion isolation and no noise.

Similarly, you may ask, what does plush mean on a mattress?

A plush mattress is a mattress with a soft feel. It’s the type of mattress that you gently sink into, cradling and hugging you as you fall asleep.

Do plush mattresses sag?

Plush It UpA plush mattress has quilting under its surface fabric and is softer than firm and extra-firm alternatives. People who sleep on their stomachs might feel that a plush mattress is too soft and doesn’t provide the support they need. A pillow top mattress would be even more uncomfortable for a stomach sleeper.

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