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What Is A Bunk Mattress

How To Choose A Bunk Bed

How to buy a mattress – Which? guide

Understanding what you need in a bunk bed is the first step in narrowing down your options. A bunk bed designed for two small children is different in construction, price, and style than one for adult sleepers.

Once you decide on the main reasons you want a bunk bed, establishing a budget is your next step. In addition to the structure itself, youll need mattresses, which can increase the expense. We recommend comparing bunk bed models to find the option that best suits your needs.

Other Criteria To Consider

Though weve described a few essential criteria above, there are a few more important things to take into account when choosing a mattress for a bunk bed.

  • Safety should be your top priority. A safe bunk mattress is not just a thin and lightweight mattress. We also recommend taking a close look at the materials. They all must be certified – that will prove that only non-toxic materials are used. By the way, safe beds dont have that super-strong chemical odor, which is a good bonus for sensitive sleepers.
  • The reputation of the brand and customers feedback. Youll hardly become the first buyer of a mattress – someone did it earlier, and there is a good chance that they wrote a detailed review. Dont ignore other customers experiences – use it to learn everything about the beds pros and cons.
  • Price. There are tons of different mattresses on the market. Some of them are extra cheap , some are mid-range, and some are fairly expensive. The most important thing to remember is that you can find a good mattress in any of these categories.
  • Federal standards. Of course, this industry is also regulated by the authorities. Make sure that the mattress meets all the standards – feel free to contact support to ask questions if necessary.

Safety and comfort should be your top priorities. Yes, research will take some time, but its always worth it.

An Unbeatable Nights Sleep In Your Rv Is Just One Bunk Mattress Away

Few things are better than getting out to explore the many wonders of this beautiful country. Whether traveling to visit family and friends, to discover new culinary delights, or to tick another landmark off the ol bucket list, there are several ways to get from point A to point B.

Trains, planes, busses, and automobiles are all perfectly viable means of transportation. However, a wise man by the name of Ralph Emerson once said, Its not the destination, its the journey. I think its safe to say that if Ralph were alive today, hed be one of the 9 million Americans who have discovered the true joy of traveling in an RV.

RVs are the ultimate road trippers dream. They give you the option to take the creature comforts of home with you on the road. To make your RV truly feel like a second home, however, you may consider doing a few upgrades before you embark on your next long-distance journey.

One of the number one ways you can give your RV a comfort boost is by replacing the hard as a board stock RV mattress with something that adds to your experience, not detracts from it.

In this comprehensive review guide, we RANK the Top 3 RV Bunk Mattresses available in 2021, providing you with everything you need to consider when making the upgrade.

If you are looking to skip the background information, here are the top 3 RV bunk mattresses for 2021:

The Elation RV Mattress

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Nest Bedding Big Kid Bed

Price: $

The Nest BKB comes in twin, twin XL, and full sizes. It uses CertiPUR-US certified foam and provides firm support. Its shipped bed-in-a-box style.

This childrens mattress gets high marks from users for comfort, edge stability, and motion isolation. Users also say it provides a cool nights sleep, with minimal heat retention.

At 7 inches, users found this mattress sturdier than other thin mattresses.


Some users complained of an off-gassing smell.

This mattress may also be too firm for some sleepers.

Serta Sycamore Futon Mattress

Bunk Beds with Desks  HomesFeed

Price: $

If you have a twin over futon bunk bed, this foam mattress will work for the bottom bunk. It comes in full and queen sizes only. Materials include a durable, woven cotton cover, cotton batting, and CertiPUR-US certified foam.

Since futons tend to be on display, this bendable mattress is available in more than one color.


This mattress isnt meant for use on a twin or top bunk. It comes in full and queen sizes only.

You can use it on the bottom level of a bunk bed, directly on the floor, or on a standard futon frame.

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Full Bunk Bed Mattress Size

Full, or double, bunk bed mattresses measure 75 by 54 inches. While full mattresses are typically used on the bottom bunk, people can use them for the top bunk as well. A full-size mattress works best for single sleepers. They can technically fit two people in case theres limited space, but they are not comfortable as a consistent sleep situation for two people.

What Is A Bunk Bed

A bunk bed consists of two bed frames designed to affix on top of one another. Access to the top bunk usually requires a ladder or stairs. The main advantage of bunk beds is that they save floor space.

These stackable beds are especially popular among parents whose children share a bedroom. However, many adults also use bunk beds. Those who like to entertain can accommodate more friends and family by investing in a bunk bed. Likewise, people who rent out their homes can use bunk beds to allow for extra guests.

While standard twin over twin bunk beds are common, shoppers have plenty of other options to choose from that may better suit their needs. Different configurations may include combinations of twin, full, queen, and even king sizes. Some also include storage underneath the bottom bunk to help save closet space.

Mattress type is a critical factor to consider before purchasing a bunk bed. Most bunk beds require low-profile mattresses. Heavy mattresses can pose serious risks for sleepers on both the top and bottom bunks. Buyers should pay attention to their bunk beds weight limits to ensure safety. While bunk beds are typically made of durable metal and/or wood, they may not hold up under excessive weight.

Choosing the right bunk bed for your family comes down to lifestyle, personal preference, and budget.

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Does The Bunk Bed Or Mattress Need A Foundation Board

Traditional box springs raise the mattress too high up for bunk beds to be safe. Your mattress will probably sit directly on a bunkie board, wooden slats, or crossbars.

To ensure comfort for the sleeper, make sure the mattress you choose works with your bunk beds foundation, especially if the crossbars are made from metal.

How To Make A Bunkie Board

Best Air Mattresses – Our Top 4 Air Beds!

Instead of buying a bunkie board, you can make one yourself. Weâll walk you through it step-by-step.

To make a DIY bunkie board, follow these instructions::

  • Get a sheet of plywood: Thin plywood is best.
  • Measure your bed base: Remove your mattress from its current foundation and measure the inside length and width with a tape measure. You will want to subtract 1-2 inches for each measurement so the plywood fits correctly instead of being flush.
  • Cut your plywood: Once you acquire a thin sheet of plywood and take your measurements, youâre ready to cut.
  • Sand the edges: Smooth out the edges of your board with sandpaper or a sander.
  • Measure and cut quilted upholstery fabric: Cut one piece in the exact measurements of your bunkie board and a second piece that adds 6+ inches to each side.
  • Adhere the fabric to the board: Use upholstery spray adhesive to adhere one sheet of fabric to one side and the other on the opposite side of your plywood board.
  • Staple the excess fabric: Fold in the remaining fabric and staple it in place.
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    Rv Mattress Size And Fit

    Now that you know the ins and outs of the materials that lay the foundation for a good nights sleep, youre probably thinking Cant I just hop on over to the nearest mattress store and buy a replacement?. While that might sound like the easiest solution, the reality is a bit more complicated.

    Most regular mattress stores stock just a few standard sizes, the likes of which probably wont fit in most RV or camper bunks.

    Most RV makers have had to get creative with the use of space in order to fit all the comforts of home in such limited square footage. This means most RV bunk beds are odd shapes, requiring either specialty RV mattress sizes or, in some cases, custom mattresses.

    At Mattress Insider we specialize in custom mattresses, including RV bunk mattresses of any size or shape, enabling you to get a perfect fit without sacrificing quality or comfort.

    Can Adults Sleep In Bunk Beds

    Theres no age limit on bunk beds however, adults should look for heavy-duty or high-capacity bunk beds if they want to sleep on a bunk bed regularly. Heavy-duty bunk beds have between a 250 to 800-pound weight capacity for the top bunk, while child-specific bunk beds only have a 150 to 220-pound weight capacity.

    A larger bunk bed size is ideal for adult sleepers so they have enough space to stretch out and enough legroom for comfort. Also, a bunk bed should have enough overhead clearance so an adult can sit upright comfortably on the top bunk.

    When sleeping on top bunks, keep in mind that top bunk mattresses are usually quite thin . Thin mattresses likely thin foam comfort layers and wont properly relieve an adults pressure points or cushion their spine and hips. An adults weight may also impact a thin mattresss durability, causing any coils or foam to break down and require repairs or replacement.

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    Do Bunk Beds Need Box Springs

    Box springs arent required for bunk beds because theyre too tall and, as weve noted, too tall of a bed is dangerous for top bunks. Also, a box spring only works for an innerspring mattress, and nowadays, most people prefer a latex, hybrid, or memory foam mattress.

    Rather than adding a base to a bunk bed, most bunk beds have slats or a bunkie board to support the mattress.

    The Thickness Of The Mattress

    Hardwood Twin

    Another vital point to consider is the mattress thickness. You may overlook this when using regular bunk beds. However, bunks have limits. You also need to look out for some safety precautions. Typically, a thin mattress is ideal for the bunk bed. A mattress that is 6 or 7 inches thick is a top choice.

    A mattress that is too thick may cover the rails. Using a thick mattress renders the guard rails useless. There must be space between the mattress top and the guard rail. This space should be about 5 inches. However, it depends on the beds design. Estimate the measurement of the bed to get the best fit.

    For bottom bunks, you may not be cautious about thickness. However, a thicker mattress gives less headroom. You might consider a thinner mattress for the bottom bed too. Note that a child would need space to sit up.

    Also, a thinner mattress protects sleepers. It ensures they dont hit their heads when sitting up in bed. Besides, narrower mattresses are lighter. Changing the sheets is, therefore, less stressful.

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    Full Over Full Bunk Bed

    The construction of a full over full bunk bed is nearly identical to that of a standard twin over twin bed. However, these slightly larger bunk beds can accommodate two full size mattresses. Depending on the weight capacity, this style may be able to support up to four sleepers, but most are designed to accommodate one average-sized adult per sleep surface.

    Full over full bunk beds are usually best suited for older children sharing a bedroom and families that need extra sleep surfaces for guests. While full over full bunks provide extra room to move around, they also take up more floor space and are usually more expensive, starting at around $400.

    Bunk Bed Mattress Buying Guide

    Perhaps the most obvious consideration when selecting a mattress for a bunk bed is whether it fits into the bunk beds design. However, there are other factors to take into account including the type of bunk bed youre purchasing it for, budget, safety features, and more. In this buyers guide, we share everything you need to know prior to purchasing mattresses for your bunk bed.

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    How To Measure For A Properly Fitted Rv Bunk Mattress

    First, lets find out whether your RV bunk will need a custom mattress or can be replaced with a more common pre-made size. Your first course of action is to get a proper measurement.

    To start, remove the current mattresses from the bunks you plan on replacing. Then, rather than measuring the old mattresses, take your measuring tape and measure the length and width of the plywood surface your mattress will sit on top of. The reason you always want to measure the surface instead of the old mattress is that older mattresses can warp over time, making the measurements less accurate. This step is especially important when a custom mattress is required to ensure your new bunk mattress is a perfect fit.

    The next measurement youll want to take is the amount of headspace between the plywood and the ceiling. This is so you can determine the ideal mattress height for your space. Ultimately, you want to leave yourself with at least 24 inches of space between the top of your new mattress and the ceiling so that you can comfortably slide in and out of bed.

    Measure The Height Of The Side Railings

    Memory Foam vs. Hybrid Mattress – Which Is Best?

    Mattress height is a significant factor. For safety reasons, your top bunks mattress shouldnt be higher than the side railing.

    There are 36,000 bunk bed-related accidents each year in the United States. High mattresses can cause the sleeper to roll out of bed. For most bunk beds, the top bunks mattress should not exceed 7 to 8 inches in height.

    If youre adding a thick mattress topper for softness or waterproofing, your mattresss height should be low enough to accommodate that extra height.

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    Tips For Buying A Bunkie Board

    First, decide if this is the right bed support for you. Do you have a low profile bed that needs a thin layer of support? Do you have a foam mattress, an old iron bed, or a bunk bed? Is your mattress starting to sag through the slats? If the bunkie board seems like the right choice for you then go online and do some research.

    Here are some things to consider when deciding what and where to purchase.

    • Do you need a folding bunkie board?
    • How much do you want to spend?
    • How thick do you want it to be?
    • What do you like the look of?
    • What color options are available that match your decor?
    • If you want to pick up and self-transport, what stores sell bunkie boards that are close by?
    • Who ships for free if you are purchasing online?
    • What brands get the best ratings?

    Most furniture stores, mattress stores, and many big box stores, sell bunkie boards. You can order on line and have them shipped to your home. The average cost for a twin size is around $50. For queen and king sizes you can spend from under $100, to close to $200 at some higher end stores.

    Wherever you decide to purchase, these bunkie boards can add real support to your mattress and ultimately improve your sleep.

    Is A Bunk Bed A Good Idea

    Bunk beds are a fun, space-saving bed frame if you live in a small home or apartment or have a small bedroom. After all, you can fit two, even three people in the space of one as long as your ceilings are tall enough. Some bunk beds come with storage options as well so you can maximize your space.

    A bunk bed is a good choice for a guest room, a kids room, vacation homes, and cabins. While many of us only associate bunk beds with childrens rooms or dorms, they come in all shapes in sizes to fit single adults and couples as well.

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    The History Of Bunkie Boards

    Originally, large single plank pieces of wood, were used on bunk beds to buttress the mattresses, hence the name bunkie boards. These have since morphed into boards made from a variety of materials like plywood or composite to reduce the cost. They are then covered with fabric of some sort and are intended to be used like a box spring with no cover.

    Bunkie Boards are flexible, user friendly tools. They can be easily stored, shipped, or transported and come in folding models. Bunkie boards are not just for bunk beds and come in all bed sizes. They are generally 2 inches or less in height and add very little to the overall elevation of the sleeping platform. They are lightweight and easy to move or store as needed.

    Are Bunk Bed And Twin Mattresses The Same Size

    Jamie Single

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    In many cases, a twin-sized mattress is exactly what is needed for a bunk bed. When it comes to a typical bunk with both mattresses the same size, most manufacturers make the bunk bed to accept a standard twin mattress. But not all bunk beds are created equally — some feature a twin bed on top, a full on the bottom or even a futon for the bottom bunk area.

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