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What Type Of Mattress Do They Use In Hotels

Hypnos Beds & Mattresses

What type of mattress is used in 5 star hotels?

The much-sought for question has finally been answered, and the answer is so shocking that it may take a while to sink in. The mattresses you find at Holiday Inn are supplied by British company Hypnos Beds. This is not just any mattress supplier: this firm actually manufactures most of its own products right here on U.K soil!

How To Pick The Right Hospitality Bed

Bolsa® Fabric-Encased Coils

In hospitality, sleep is business. If sleep is good, business is good, and vice-versa. Nothing will chase away guests faster or encourage bad reviews than a poor nights sleep due to an inferior mattress and bed.

Picking the right hospitality bed is an investment in your business and a decision that could be instrumental to the success of your company. So how do you choose the right bed?

The best hotels will choose double-sided mattresses, with fantastic edge support and agreat coil system.

The right hospitality bed will be comfortable and long-lasting, with sturdy, high-quality heavy foundations. Dont underestimate the importance of an expertly-crafted mattress in providing your guests with a wonderful experience.

When choosing, keep an eye out for the warranty offered.

The Marriott Bed By Jamison The Official Marriott Mattress

What kind of mattress does Marriott use? What mattresses do Marriott Hotels use? These are easy questions! They are Jamison beds.

The Jamison bed is the mattress used in Marriott Hotels worldwide. Lets look at the details of what is, in our opinion, is the most comfortable hotel bed.

See the Price of the Marriott Hotel Bed

Its also one of the best hotel beds to buy and arguably the most popular hotel mattress option in the world.

According to its product description, this hotel bed is a resilient high-density soy-based comfort foam designed to equalize body support thereby improving blood flow and allowing for more restful slumber.

The Marriott Mattress is designed to remain firm for years of restful nights and enjoys a quick-recovery feature that reduces the sinking feeling that accompanies nights on other mattresses. This top hotel bed offers medium to firm support.

PSif you cant afford the Marriott Bed you can probably afford a .

All parts of this top hotel bed are hypo-allergenic which helps protect against dust and allergens. Plus, it is darned comfortable which is why it is one of the top-rated hotel mattresses .

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Why Are Hotel Beds So Comfortable

Hotels understand that weary guests are going to want to stay somewhere they can fully rest and recharge after a long day of traveling or exploring. Thus, all hotels from budget chains to 5-star properties invest plenty of research and money in creating the best sleep experience for their customers. That includes using premium materials that’ll last for hundreds of stays.

Some of that comfort may also be psychological. Think about it you enter your hotel room where the sheets are fresh, the lights are dimmed and the room temperature has a very slight chill. Combine that with overwhelming sense of exhaustion and you’ll drift to sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.

Still, if you can’t get that lush feeling of a certain hotel’s bed out of your mind you can replicate as much of that experience as possible in your own home by purchasing pillows and mattresses exclusive to your favorite property. However, if that’s cost-prohibitive, start small and pick up one of the best mattress toppers for a cost-effective way to immediately upgrade your sleep.

Contract Beds: What Firmness Can I Get

What Kind of Mattresses Do Hotels Use?

If you own a hotel or B& B, you’ll understand how important it is that your guests enjoy a great night’s sleep. Our hotel beds are available in a range of firmness options for you to choose from:

Hotel beds need to be built to last, and the same can be said about hotel mattresses. Firmer mattresses offer durability and support for longer, so they’re ideal for your hotel, B& B or educational establishment.

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Who Uses Our Hospitality Beds

Our hospitality beds are already widely in use across the midwest hospitality industry we are proud to be the trusted provider of hospitality beds for a great variety of businesses and organizations in the area.

Though hotels and motels are the types of customers you may have already expected to see here, our valued customers are not limited to this industry alone. We supply premium, hand-crafted beds to everything from summer camps to fire departments.

Here are just a few of the customers we are happy to serve:

  • Affordable Housing Organizations

Invest In A Mattress Topper

An easy addition to make to your mattress to make it feel up to the high-end hotel standard is a mattress topper. Mattress toppers fit over the top of your mattress to give it a new lease of life and they offer enhanced comfort and support while you sleep. This means it’ll feel just like you’re falling asleep in a relaxing hotel.

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Why Should I Buy A Contract Bed

You should buy a contract bed if you own educational or commercial premises with bedrooms. If you own a business that hosts guests, purchasing a contract bed isn’t a choice, it’s a requirement by law. If your beds aren’t ‘Crib 5’ compliant, you will be putting your guests at risk and your insurance will be invalid in the event of a fire.

Are The Mattresses Used In Hotels The Same Throughout The Chain

Innerspring vs Memory Foam Mattresses – Which Is Better For You?

While beds like The Hampton Bed ® manufactured exclusively by Serta® for Hampton Inn Hotels and the Marriott Bed by Jamison can be found companywide, which is not always the case. Smaller brand hotels like Drury Inn, Drury Suites, Drury Plaza Hotel, and Pear Tree Inn by Drury are likely to use locally built mattresses such as Denver Mattress, Co., Campbell Mattress Co., Justice Mattresses, and others that typically cost less for consumers and may even offer better quality and comfort.

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Shopping Online Vs In

Of course, shopping for a mattress in a store is great because you can lay on the mattress and get a real feel for it before bringing it home. However, mattress shopping online has never been easier. Mattress brands largely offer a generous trial period and return policy, giving you the peace of mind to go ahead and order a mattress online without being completely committed to buying it. Youll also pretty much always get free shipping and free returns, and most brands make the process of ordering as easy as possible.

Why Are Hotel Mattresses So Comfortable

In addition to creating an ambiance of comfort and luxury through white beddingdeemed the halo effecthotels rely on high-quality mattresses to provide the perfect level of comfort, support, and pressure relief to help guests have an excellent sleep. Upscale hotels usually use luxury mattresses that are either hybrid , traditional innerspring , or memory foam mattresses. Hybrid mattresses are becoming particularly commonplace, as they strike the balance between supportive innerspring coals and body-cradling memory foam. These mattresses provide targeted support to the lower back and reduce pressure buildup under the shoulders and hips for side sleepers. They are also designed to minimize motion transfer, which allows guests to sleep peacefully without getting disturbed by a potential bed partner. Using special materials like breathable fibers and copper innerspring, high-quality hotel mattresses also help regulate temperature and promote air circulation to keep your body cool as you sleep.

The majority of luxury hotel beds also have plush mattress toppers on their mattresses. Often made of memory foam or latex, these mattress toppers further cradle the body and conform to your every contour for a delightfully comfortable yet supportive feeling.

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Why Are Westin Beds So Comfortable

Full body support and comfort: The Westin Heavenly Bed offers exceptional soft comfort through its soft box top and foam layers. Moreover, the pocket coil innerspring system helps make this more comfortable with individual coils that support where it is needed the most.

How can I make my bed like a 5 star hotel?

Whats the best mattress on the market today?

Best Mattress Overview

Why Are Hotel Mattresses So Comfortable And Where To Get One From

The Mariott Hotel Beds and Bedding are so comfortable? What type of ...

Its a fact that there is no place like home however, there is something special and comfy about hotel room beds that often entice us to have a long vacation. If you have ever slept on a cushy hotel bed and felt like being in heaven, youd probably be wondering where these luxury hotels get their beds from.

The fanciest hotels get specifically made beds and mattresses online or from a special manufacturer. Some of the high-end mattress topper manufacturers say that they also sell their products to average consumers.However, others create latex mattresses or any other type of mattress exclusively for certain hotels. This means that not every mattress used in a luxe hotel is available for purchase for average consumers.

So, this gives you the answer to the question why are hotel mattresses so comfortable? But what kind of mattresses do hotels often use? Lets find out!

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How Often Do Hotels Replace Mattresses

Most hotels replace their mattresses every three to five years, though the specific timetable varies between establishments based on volume, usage, and budget, type of mattress, and mattress brand. Most mattresses are designed to last upwards of 7-10 years or more, but hotel mattresses are typically replaced more frequently because comfort and support of the mattress is paramount to their business and their mattresses often get heavy use.

Editors’ Recommendations

What Mattresses Does The Ritz

The Ritz-Carlton’s signature bedding balances luxury with support. Its renowned Ritz-Carlton Pillow contains a blend of down, duck feathers and Lyocell fibers, plus a triple-chamber cotton cover to keep it fluffy and full. There’s also a Down Alternative version that has an eco-friendly fill crafted from recycled bottles but it’s still quite luxurious.

Custom-made for the hotel chain, the hybrid Ritz-Carlton Bed boasts a plush-top construction, reinforced foam-cased edges and gel-infused memory foam layers so hot sleepers won’t have to fuss with the thermostat at night. To add style to substance, the trim of the mattress is adorned with elegant fleur-de-lis.

Transform your bedroom into a 5-star hotel by visiting the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Shop , where you can purchase its famous pillows, beds, linens and more.

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What Kind Of Mattress Do Luxury Hotels Use

To create a luxurious sleep experience for guests, many luxury hotels use hybrid mattresses to cater to a wide range of sleeping requirements. For example, a hybrid mattress could contain a mix of technology to:

  • Relieve allergy symptoms
  • Provide a cooler sleeping environment
  • Ease aches and pains
  • Provide enhanced hygiene and breathability

Some of the top hotels and resorts even offer custom-designed mattress to give their guests a unique and luxurious nights sleep.

Blankets Comforters And Duvets

How to create a Five-Star luxury bed at home

These terms may be used interchangeably. Basically, acomforter is an outer shell, usually cotton, filled with polyester, down, or asimilar insulating and fluffy fill. Thinner comforters are sometimes sold as blanketsand thicker, fluffier comforters are sold as duvets.

A comforter or duvet may have a duvet cover to protect it.

Many of us are familiar with the hassle of wrestling a duvetcover on and off. Many hotels practice a neat trick:

  • To protect your duvet sandwich your duvet between two top sheets. This is calledtriple-sheeting.

Remember in the old days of hotel bedspreads? Those didntget laundered as often as you probably thought. Naked guests would sit on thoseall the time

No more now a fresh clean top sheet is the new bedspread. Itcan be changed out and laundered along with the sheets.

In Europe, sometimes they skip the flat sheets altogetherand you sleep directly under a covered duvet.

And obviously, all the blankets, comforters, and duvets arefully machine washable.

Down and Down alternative fills predominate. Somehotels also provide lightweight, midweight, and heavyweight versions of each.

Blankets, comforters, and duvets

*Sheraton sells both a 100% down duvet with a 100% cotton cover, as well as a white down blanket with a cotton blend cover. **The Ritz-Carlton sells both a 100% down duvet, as well as a duvet of 70% down, 30% Lyocell fill both with a 100% cotton cover.

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Choose Flat White Sheets

Putting crisp flat white sheets over your mattress provides a hotel-like look and feel.

Choose flat sheets instead of fitted sheets to avoid loose overstretched elastic corners and to create a smooth and wrinkle-free fit.

Go for cotton percale sheets because they have around 200+ thread count, whilst promoting more softness and breathability in comparison to other fabrics plus they last longer.

Choose white sheets to bring freshness and a sense of tranquility to the room, as this is the color scheme that is used in hotel rooms.

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What Size Contract Bed Can I Get

Selecting the right size contract bed is easy, with our handy size guide. Take a look at our wide selection of contract bed sizes.

Contract bed size
Superking Zip & Link 6â² x 6â6â³

Need to convert your beds from doubles to twins? A superking zip and link bed is the ideal solution. Superking zip and link beds give you the option of one luxurious superking size bed, or you can split it into two single beds when needed. This makes it easy to adjust the room to suit the needs of your guests.

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Sealy Waltham Latex Advantage Mattress

Pressure-relieving exactly where you need it most

If youre looking for a luxurious nights sleep, then the Waltham may be for you. With a soothing latex layer to provide pressure relief and blissful comfort, itll feel just like youre sleeping in a hotel. The PostureTech Core Support springs gently care for your back and the zonal support will relieve pressure from your joints.


  • Medium firmness level for the best of both worlds
  • PostureTech Core Support springs encourage healthy posture


  • You may prefer memory foam instead of latex – read more
  • This mattress isnt suitable for commercial use

Really comfortable and best sleep I’ve had for a long time


What Type Of Mattress Do Hotels Use

Hotel Mattresses Guide 2017

Three types of mattresses are widely famous amongst upscale hotels. They are:

  • Hybrid Mattress: Hybrid mattresses are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer a compromise between supportive innerspring coals and body-cradling memory foam. These beds reduce pressure buildup under the shoulders and hips for side sleepers.
  • Innerspring Mattress: Innerspring mattress remains the most common of the three mattress types. They have been around for a long time now and are relatively affordable. These mattresses also offer good comfort and support to the body while sleeping.
  • Memory Foam Mattress: Memory foam mattresses are also among the most famous hotel mattress types. They conform to the body’s contours, providing pressure relief and helping in reducing tossing and turning during the night. This one feature leads the sleeper to a deeper, more restful sleep. Memory foam mattresses are also durable, making them a good choice for high-traffic areas such as hotel rooms.

Even though the mattress quality and its features differ, specific standard criteria need to be fitted well while choosing a mattress for a hotel.

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Radisson Blu Edwardian Eco Luxury Latex

Latex and memory foam are similar among types of mattress, but most will agree that latex mattresses are better than memory foam. The Radisson Blu Edwardian ECO Luxury Latex Mattress conforms to the contours of the body in order to relieve pressure and offer a better sleep experience. This may be the best on this list.

Unfortunately its not possible to buy this mattress from a shop or online. We recommend a reputable company such as Silentnight.

Use A Mattress Topper

Investing in a mattress topper can adjust the firmness of your mattress and enhance how it performs without going to the expense of buying a new mattress.

A mattress topper is an extra cushioning layer that sits on top of your old mattress and increases its level of comfort.

It cradles your body and relieves the pressure points on your hips, shoulders, and knees.

Opt for memory foam or latex models to absorb motion so that you can sleep without disturbances from your sleeping partner.

If you want to spend less money and sleep cooler throughout the night, then pick a featherbed instead of a mattress topper because it provides a very soft and fluffy sleeping surface that regulates body temperature and alleviates body aches.

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Do Hotels Use Soft Or Firm Mattresses

Most hotel beds have medium-firm mattresses, which fall roughly in the 5-8 range on the 1-10 mattress firmness scale. Medium-firm mattresses often strike the optimal balance of support and pressure relief for back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers alike, which is why theyre an ideal choice for a hotel with a constantly rotating clientele. Back and stomach sleepers still get the firmness they crave, while side sleepers can get the body contouring and give in the mattress necessary to accommodate bony shoulders and hips digging into the mattress.


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