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Where Is Big Fig Mattress Located

How To Assemble The Adjustable Frame

Big Fig Mattress – New Updated Foundation Assembly and Unboxing

Lay out all the pieces on the floor, following the labels on the side rails for proper orientation . Keep the protective material on to protect the frame and your floor . Screw in the legs until tight, then connect the crossbars to the side rails. Then connect the power cables to the control box dont connect the power cord into the outlet yet. Then, youll start adding the platforms of the frame and it will finally start looking like a real bed . Once you finish adding the platforms, you can plug it in and start testing it out with the remote . The assembly isnt too difficult, but it is a little nerve-wracking and there are a lot of small pieces to connect.

Comfort & Support That Will Last 20 Years

The Big Fig Mattress is soft and comfy while still being bouncy, supportive, and strong. Our high-quality materials are ideal for bigger figure sleepers – and this is what makes it special! No matter your sleep position, the Big Fig is designed to cradle and support your body without the sinking feeling found in other mattresses. The more pressure you put on it, the more it reacts to support you.

This Is When I Discovered Big Fig Mattress For The Very First Time

Designed, built and tested in 2016, the mattress company originally touted itself as the first mattress built specifically to meet the needs of sleepers with a bigger figure. Reading up on the mattress, it is built specifically to support up to 550 lbs, or a couple with a distributed weight of 1100 lbs. Not too bad!

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Where Can I Get A Free Mattress

If you find yourself personally in need of a free mattress, then we hope this article will also prove useful to you. All of the charities, thrift stores, organizations, and online websites listed above facilitate accepting mattress donations. This, in turn, means they also help pair the donated goods with less fortunate people.

Contact a charity that you believe helps people in your specific situation. You can also begin searching for free mattresses on Craigslist, etc. until you find what you need.

Construction Of A Big Fig Mattress

Big Fig Mattress Review

Going back to the Big Fig mattress itself, it starts with a thin slab of high-density foam that conceals all of the pocketed coils. How many coils are there, you ask? Great question, Slumber Yard reader. There are a whopping 1,600 individually wrapped KING SIZE coils, about 50% more than most innerspring mattresses youve probably slept on.

Above the coils are three layers of poly foam to provide a comfortable transition layer between the coils and latex foam, and to also protect your mattress from sagging. Finally, at the top is perforated latex foam for comfort and good airflow.

Since we mentioned the WinkBed cover we should talk a little bit about the Big Fig mattress cover. Its a quilted cover with infused thermogel to help cool you down. Its not exactly cool to the touch, but itll help with overall temperature regulation.

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What Are The Firmness And Feel Like

Big Fig describes its mattress as medium firm, which the company puts between a 6 and a 7 on the 1-10 firmness scale. Our testing team agreed, placing it at a 6.5 . This places the mattress in the sweet spot between 5 and 7 that appeals to a majority of sleepers.

The gel-infused padding and latex in the Big Fig are quite plush and offer some initial contouring, but sleepers quickly come in contact with the dense polyfoam layers underneath. This leads to a sensation of sleeping on rather than sleeping in the mattress, and prevents the sinkage that heavyweight individuals often encounter on softer mattresses.

While the mattress is geared towards heavier individuals, it also provides sufficient pressure relief for most average weight sleepers. In contrast, lightweight individuals dont sink as far into the mattress and will find the mattress firmer. This causes pressure build-up in areas like the hips and shoulders.

What Is A Big Fig

The Big Fig mattress is a 13 hybrid mattress made especially for people whose weight exceeds 250 pounds. The various technologies Big Fig uses when making their mattresses work to specifically address and tackle common problems heavier people encounter with their mattresses, like sagging or lack of durability.

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Big Fig Foundation Included

If you measure a Big Fig youll find its about 13, which isnt quite as thick as todays competitor, WinkBed. You might be wondering how theres any way its going to be just as supportive or even more so than a WinkBed. Well, something Big Fig offers that WinkBed doesnt is a foundation included in your purchase.

Its constructed with 18 2.5 wide slats and double center rails, making it able to support five times more than your average foundation. In other words, you probably wont be finding this baby over at Ikea.

Tested And Warrantied For 20 Years

“A mattress that’s built to fit me” – 30 sec UGC

We sent the Big Fig Mattress to a third-party testing facility to simulate 20 years of use, and the mattress showed virtually no signs of wear after the test.

We fully back the Big Fig Mattress with a 20 year warranty. This includes both Free Repair and Free Replacement for the entirety of 20 years.

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Big Fig Mattress Technology Details

Big Fig is a 13-inches thick mattress, combining five different layers of foam and innerspring, covered with a Thermogel quilted top to regulate temperature.

The Gel Infused Latex top is 0.5 inches thick. It provides a cool and plush support for a comfortable nightâs sleep. The layer has cooling properties thanks to the ventilated and gel-infused construction regulating airflow and maintaining optimal temperature. Latex also offers responsiveness, helpful when you change positions and avoid sink-in feel.

Next are three layers of high-density durable polyfoam each with a 1.5 inches thick profile. These layers are designed to promote a stable and resilient support. Due to structural rigidness, the mattress offers exceptional support at core pressure points to ease off the pain from pressure points. Big Figâs contouring features come from these surfaces, allowing proper cushioning at lower back.

The 7 inch thick pocketed coils are wrapped individually to isolate movement. It is highly suitable for those who share the bed as you get guaranteed undisturbed sleep. The innersprings are hand-tufted to ensure durability and integrity. Resilient string fasteners are placed evenly in the mattress to avoid lumpiness or sagging.

For A Cooler Night’s Sleep Try Sheex Sheets And Bedding

Founded by two former basketball coaches, this athletic gear-inspired bedding brand offers up soft, silky sheets, pillows and comforters that promote a cooler night’s sleep.

My roommate, who is much smaller than I am, also liked the bed. In fact, after several jokes that I was going to make him fill out a questionnaire for this article and fiddling with the adjustable frame until we cried laughing thinking wed break it, exhaustion finally set in and we both accidentally fell asleep.

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What Does The Big Fig Feel Like

In terms of feel, the mattress has a balanced hybrid feel. The top layers are responsive with some bounce, so it is quite easy to move around on the Big Fig and switch positions. While it does incorporate foam in its construction, it does not let people slowly sink into the mattress like classic memory foam does. If people prefer that quicksand feeling, this might not be the mattress for them.

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Big Fig Makes the Best Mattress for Plus Size People

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Any bed chosen on our online store or at any of our convenient locations will be the perfect bed to assure sleep happens for you!

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Can You Donate Mattresses

First things first, is it possible to donate old mattresses or only new ones? The answer is yes, you can donate an old bed but only if it meets certain standards. While donating a mattress may seem like a good idea regardless of its condition, this is not the case. Mattresses can only be accepted as a donation if they are still in fairly good condition. A mattress with any rips, tears, discolorations, stains, or deep compressions will be rejected in most organizations. This is because mattresses are hard to transport and dispose of. Hence, they want the recipients to get as much use as possible out of each donation.

This might go without saying, but no one will accept a donated mattress, in any condition, if it has any evidence of being infested with bed bugs. A mattress that could possibly be contaminated with bed bugs or even dust mites should immediately go to the landfill site or dump.

What Kind Of Bed Frame Does The Big Fig Need

The company says you can put the Big Fig on any surface, box spring, or frame that can evenly and properly support the weight. They specifically say you can use a platform bed, adjustable frame, a frame with a built-in base or wood slats, or a sturdy foundation. You can also buy the Big Fig foundation, which has 18 slats and double center rails. The company says it supports five times the weight of your typical foundation.

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Who Is Big Fig Right For

If you are a plus sized person, this mattress simply can’t be beat — Big Fig has really delivered amazing attention to detail at making a perfect bed for heavier folks, and over 90% of their reviews receive a 4 or 5-star rating. Although this mattress comes at a higher than average price point, it has a great trial period and high marks on customer service!

The Big Fig Bed Frame

Big Fig Mattress Review – The Mattress Made For Large People?

This product was designed and engineered to create the perfect tandem with the mattress that Big Fig produces. It acts as the best support for it.

For its manufacture, recycled railway steel is used, which makes the construction super durable and reliable. Below are the main positive features of the Big Fig Bed Frame:

  • It is very reliable and can withstand weight up to 2000 pounds. When buying this product, you can be absolutely sure that it will support your weight in total with the weight of the mattress.
  • An extra strong material, from which the frame is made, makes it durable and virtually indestructible.
  • The legs of the frame are equipped with special nozzles that have a protective function, as well as provide a stable position of the frame on a floor.
  • Easy assembly of the structure will allow you to install it yourself and eliminate the need to spend money on calling the master to install it.
  • Simple design and soft colours will allow the frame to fit into absolutely any interior.
  • Size

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    Our Review Of The Dreamcloud Premier Hybrid Mattress

    Pros: Impressive 365-night trial period, lifetime warranty, made with CertiPUR-US certified foams, good heat dissipation, great motion transfer, excellent edge support, easy to move with side handles

    Cons: Could maybe be more supportive for stomach sleepers

    We think the DreamCloud Premier Hybrid Mattress is the best mattress you can buy. It’s also our top pick for the best hybrid/innerspring mattress and a tremendous mid-priced pick, coming in at $1,399 for a Queen.

    Along with the Birch Mattress by Helix, the DreamCloud Premier Hybrid Mattress was one of the only beds we tested to do well in every category we assessed. The unboxing process was seamless. Though the mattress is on the heavier side, it’s easy to move since it has handles sewn into the left and right sides and doesn’t flop around.

    The DreamCloud had the most significant raw temperature drop in our heat dissipation tests. The motion isolation and edge support are splendid for couples sharing a bed, even if they have different sleeping styles, since the mattress’ average firmness will appeal to most sleepers. And, the Premier Hybrid is made of high-quality materials, including CertiPUR-US certified foams.

    Lastly, but importantly, if you don’t like the mattress in your first year of ownership, you can return it for a full refund. If you keep it, the bed is covered for life.


    Construction: Whats Inside Big Fig

    People who are heavier will often wear a standard bed out faster. For this reason, the manufacturer has constructed this mattress with materials that should hold up well through the 20-year warranty.

    The cover is blended with Thermogel treated fabric that draws heat away from the body, allowing sleepers to rest on an actively cool surface. It has also been hand tufted to help ensure that the construction does not shift over time.

    • Below the cover is a layer of Gel-Infused Perforated Foam, which allows for maximum breathability and comfort.
    • Further down youll find three sheets of poly foam for no-sag cushioning performance. This firmer layer adds necessary support and has an immediate response to pressure, so sleepers should never feel like they are sinking too deeply into this bed.
    • The innerspring unit that follows consists of 1600 individually wrapped coils. This 8-inch layer performs well under pressure and provides deep level support, stability, and bounce.
    • The base layer is made with high-density 80 ILD Edge Foam that equips this bed with extra supportive sides.

    Included with every purchase is the Big Fig Foundation. The company claims this supports up to 5 times the weight of a standard foundation and can hold up to 1100 pounds.

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    What Types Of Mattresses Should Heavy People Avoid

    • Memory Foam Mattresses: Foam mattresses will not offer enough support for a heavy or overweight person. Heavy people will sink too far into foam and risk sleeping in improper alignment.
    • Latex Mattresses: Latex mattresses are not ideal for heavy people either. If you are a plus-sized shoppers looking for a latex mattress, be sure you look at the measurement for Indentation Load Deflection and only shop mattresses with ratings between 24 and 31. Latex foam mattresses in this medium-to-firm range offer better support, alignment, and durability for heavy people.

    Here Are The Main Attributes We Look For And How We Test Them:

    Unbiased Big Fig Mattress Review 2019

    Comfort: This is a reasonably subjective characteristic based on the firmness of a mattress, how hot it sleeps, and how supportive it feels. My firmness measurement is based on testing dozens of beds and developing a feel for soft, average, and firm mattresses. I also consider heat dissipation, which I gauge using a laser thermometer to measure the temperature before I lay in the bed for at least one hour, immediately after I get up, and two minutes after I get up.

    Motion isolation: If you’ve ever spent the night with someone who moves around a lot in their sleep, you know how vital motion isolation is. Without it, your sleeping partner’s movements will jostle you awake throughout the night. To test motion isolation, I place a 12-ounce can of soda pop in the middle of the mattress. Then I drop a 15-pound bowling ball from four feet above the bed, so it lands 12 inches from the can. If the can falls over time and time again, the motion isolation is not very good. If the can stays upright, the bed does an excellent job of dampening motion transfer.

    Trial and warranty: I look at the details of the warranty and home trial period, whether the mattress is available in showrooms, and whether there’s white-glove delivery. The only way to know if a bed is right for you is to sleep on it for several nights, so we looked for loopholes in the fine print of the return policy and let you know about them.

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    How To Shop For A Mattress

    Buying a mattress no longer requires heading to a showroom and having a salesperson lurk over you as you lie on a bed for 10 minutes to decide if it will suit you for the next decade. We put together a handy guide of what to expect if you’re shopping for a mattress online at nine popular brands.

    To help you shop for a mattress, we spoke with Dr. Luis Javier Peña-Hernández, a lung and sleep health specialist at PCSI.

    Big Fig Mattress Review Verdict

    Yes, the Big Fig mattress is on the expensive side, but we believe its a great choice for heavier people. Its thick, durable and extra supportive, which are three staples big folks need. If youre an average or petite sized person, though, you may want to save your money and go with a less expensive mattress.

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