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How To Break In A Mattress Faster

Why Does A New Mattress Feel Firm

How to Break Beds Fast in Roblox BedWars

Some types of mattresses feel firm when theyre brand new, and they can take some time to settle. This is especially true for memory foam. Some online companies compress their beds in a box for shipping. When a company does this, youll find that it will already be soft.

However, if your bed arrives fully intact, expect a bit of an adjustment period. It might be 30 days or more. Just like when you buy shoes and have to break them in to get rid of that new feeling, the same holds true for this type of product.

Whats A Certified Sleep Coach

Our writers are sleep coaches certified by the Spencer Institute, which has been training coaches since 1992. Becoming a certified sleep coach means that our writers are well-versed in various sleep science matters, taking us beyond being just a group of mattress reviewers. The certification allows us an in-depth understanding of what were talking about when it comes to advising readers on better sleep habits.

How To Break In A Baseball Glove Fast

The quickest way to break in a glove is through a combination of warm water and manhandling. Wilson Sporting Goods Shigeaki Aso one of the worlds leading glove gurus breaks the process down in the video below.

  • A soft surface
  • Glove mallet/glove hammer

Before we dive into the specifics, its worth noting that despite Asos esteemed reputation, there is some debate about the efficacy of his method.

Aso is a professional leather worker who crafts the finest gloves in the world. He knows what hes doing. Asos method uses water, which makes the leather easier to work with but can leave it dry and brittle if not applied correctly. So, if you choose this approach, follow the instructions to the letter and understand that mistakes can damage your mitt.

There are two types of glove hammers you can use for this approach: one of them has a ball shape at the end of it to form the pocket, and the other is more of a flat-end tool you use to simply whack the glove.

Mizuno brand glove mallet with rounded end.

To break the glove in using this method, fill the cup with hot water and pour it over the glove. This loosens up the leather and makes it more malleable. Do not soak the glove, as that will lead to saturation and subsequent over-drying.

With the glove slightly wet, you want to focus on putting as much pressure as possible on the area noted by the yellow arrow in the picture below. This is the area that needs be pliable .

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Buy The Right Mattress: The Best And Worst Types Of Mattresses For Sagging

We briefly covered this earlier when discussing if some mattresses are better than others, but it can behoove us to dig in a bit more.

Mattress quality is one of the most important factors when it comes to the likelihood of sagging early on. Low-density memory foam can break down faster than high-quality, high-density memory foam. Similarly, high-gauge coils too can deteriorate quickly leading to a lack of support.

This means that you should look for the following:

Outside of bed quality, there are some general rules as to which types of mattresses are more susceptible to sagging. Here is our list, starting from the least likely to sag.

How To Break In A Mattress The 4 Best Ways

Having a mattress nightmare? One

To those who want to know how to break in a mattress, we have four tips to share! If youre familiar with memory foam mattresses like Zinus, then you know that its only after a certain period will it reach its proper form. The same is true to most beds, which is called breaking in.

We will discuss the essence of this period and what you can do to hasten it. However, always check the recommendations from your manufacturer if there are specific instructions to do. So without further ado, here is how to break into a mattress the best way.

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Consider Exchanging Or Returning The Mattress

Having a comfortable mattress is critical to your quality of sleep, so if your gut is telling you this just isnt going to work out and youre waking up in pain every morning, then by no means should you suffer through the rest of the break-in period. But your first impression may not always be indicative of how comfortable youll feel on the mattress. Thats why laying on a mattress for a few minutes in a mattress store doesnt give you an accurate representation of how well youll sleep on that mattress long-term. So dont be let down if your mattress doesnt end up being what you expected it to be theres really no way to know until you try itfor a good while.

How Long Does It Take To Adjust To A New Mattress

In general, it can take at least a month to get used to a new mattress. By then, it should start to feel softer and more comfortable.

It can take some time for your body to adjust to a new mattress. Some people adapt quicker than others. Its going to feel significantly different to your old, worn-out mattress. Furthermore, its not uncommon to find a new mattress uncomfortable or even cause back pain, even though it may be supporting your body correctly. This is because you would have become accustomed to the feel of your old mattress.

The type of mattress you choose can also make a difference in the adjustment period. For instance, if youre switching from a traditional sprung mattress to a memory foam mattress, it may take longer to adapt due to the unique feel of the memory foam material. A memory foam mattress reacts to body heat and gradually moulds to the body. Some people may find this sinking in feeling strange at first. Some memory foam mattresses may also feel warmer to sleep on. As memory foam cradles the body, heat can sometimes get trapped within the mattress. In contrast, a traditional sprung mattress will immediately conform to the body and will generally feel cooler to sleep on.

Likewise, if youre moving from a soft to a firm mattress or vice versa, it can also take some time for the body to adjust to a different feel.

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How To Break In A New Mattress: What To Do And How Long It Takes

If your new bed feels uncomfortable, these tips can help you break it in faster.

Lindsay Boyers

CNET Contributor

Lindsay Boyers is a certified nutritionist and published book author who writes articles and product reviews for CNET’s health and wellness section. Her work also appears on mindbodygreen, Healthline, Verywell Health and The Spruce. When she’s not actively searching for the best products at the best prices, she’s most likely creating new recipes, reading in her hammock or trying to force her cats to love her.

Picture this: You buy a new mattress and set it up on your bed, adorned with freshly washed cotton sheets and a newly fluffed pillow. You slip into your bed with high hopes, close your eyes and then… you toss and turn all night and wake up sore.

Wait a minute. That’s not the magical experience you envisioned when you shelled out a month’s worth of rent on a new bed. So what gives? Did you make a huge mistake? Did you pick the wrong mattress? Not necessarily.

Discomfort after sleeping on a new mattress is actually quite common. That’s because it can take some time for your body to adjust. But how long does it take? And is there anything you can do to speed up the process if you’re impatient ? Read on to find out.

Does A Warm Room Help Make Memory Foam Expand Faster

How To Break Beds FAST In Roblox BedWars

A warm room will make a memory foam expand faster. Although memory foam expands just fine at the normal room temperature but if you place it in a warmer room the pace of expanding may speed up.

The effect of heat on memory foam doesnt end after the expansion is complete heat helps to keep the memory foam softer over time by reducing the viscosity of the material and increasing its fluidity. So, if your memory foam is placed in a warm room it is likely to stay soft. Please check your manufacturers instructions to learn what temperatures the product can be safely exposed to since different products react to heat differently.

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How To Tell If Your Mattress Is Too Firm

You might be wondering if your mattress is truly too firm or if its just all in your head. If youre experiencing morning aches and pains or consistently feel tired after a full nights rest, the culprit is probably your mattress.

Waking up with lower back pain, sore shoulders, or a stiff neck are all signs of a mattress that isnt soft enough to relieve pressure. Similarly, you might wake up with numb limbs or a tired feeling, even after a full eight hours of sleep.

Now, there could be medical reasons why you might be waking up sore and stiff, such as arthritis. You can usually settle the question of whether you have a bad mattress or a medical condition by spending a night elsewhere.

If you get a better nights rest on a hotel mattress or in a friends guest room, then you probably have a bad mattress.

So How Long Does It Take

It takes approximately 1 – 2 months for a new mattress to break in. Dont fret if it feels different from whats felt in the store. Even a soft mattress will feel firm in the beginning. If youve done proper research, then youll have nothing to worry about. Its simply the final process of getting anew mattress.

Keep in mind that your body needs to get used to your new mattress, too. Your average mattress will last 7 – 8 years, so youre probably still used to your old one. Expect it to take about 1 week for you to get used to it. Do you remember buying a new pair of shoes? They felt different, right? The same will be for your new mattress.

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How Do I Know Its Not The Right Mattress For Me

Most mattress companies will ask you to sleep on the bed for a certain number of nights before choosing to make a return or exchange. It takes time to adjust to the feeling of a new mattress. If youve waited the full amount and still dont like the feel, then you may want a different firmness.

After the break-in period, there are some signs that its really not the right mattress for you. Experiencing discomfort in the hip and shoulder areas can mean youre not getting enough pressure relief. Especially if youre having limbs fall asleep, or youre getting a numb or tingly feeling. In this case, you may want to go for something softer.

If youre experiencing back pain, especially in the lower back, it likely means youre not getting good enough support. If you feel like its because youre sinking in too much, a firmer mattress may work. If theres a gap under your lower back, look for something softer that could fill that in and contour to your body better. Beds have different types of support systems, so you just need to find what works for you.

One thing you can try before deciding to return your bed is adding a mattress topper. This can help customize the bed to your preference if its almost there but not quite. As long as you have the support you need, a topper can help get you to the right comfort level.

Bundle Up With Blankets And Soft Bedding

Whats the Adjustment Period for a DreamCloud Mattress?

If you dont have the money for a mattress topper, you can still soften up your mattress with a few blankets and specialized bedding. For example, while most people sleep under a comforter, placing a comforter on top of the mattress pads the bed, softening a too-firm feel.

Layering blankets on top of your mattress isnt the most comfortable way to sleep. However, its a good stop-gap measure while you shop around for a more permanent solution.

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Sleep On The Mattress Every Night

If youre not sleeping as well as you expected to after the first few nights on your new mattress, your first instinct might be to migrate to the couch. Resist the urge. The more consistently you sleep on your mattress, especially within the break-in period, the better your body will start adjusting to your mattress and vice versa.

What Do I Think About Mattresses Breaking In

I think customers are correct. Mattresses are failing too quickly. It is my feeling mattresses dont simply break in with use rather they wear out to quickly from cheap materials. Polyurethane foam, coil springs, or both can and do fatigue and fail, though in my opinion coil springs are not the issue.

So what can I do about a sagging mattress?

If you are having problems with your mattress sagging discuss with the retailer or the manufacturer from where you purchased your bed. If you dont, the issues of sagging failing mattresses will never be resolved. Push the issue and push for replacement of your mattress if it is failing prematurely. Then and only then with enough negative complaints will the industry be forced to respond by building mattresses with better longer lasting comfort layers.

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What If Theres Still Discomfort After The Break

If you think the mattress did not soften after its break-in period, you can opt for additional support like a topper. It can help add weight on the mattress which can soften the material. Whats more, if you feel like returning the mattress, the brand or manufacturer will allow you so, depending on their policy.

Use A Mattress Topper


Buying a topper is one of the quickest, most effective, and cheapest ways to make a hard surface softer. By adding a supportive layer to the top of your bed, you can enhance pressure point relief and contouring. There are different materials available, including latex, memory foam, wool, cotton, feather, polyfoam, and down alternative.

The most popular option is memory foam. If you go with this variety, get something that is under two inches thick and a lower density for extra softness.

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Open The Box Within 72 Hours

Once your mattress in a box arrives at your doorstep, itâs out of its element, and subject to a new climate and atmosphere. Because of this, we strongly encourage you to open it within 72 hours of receipt. Leaving it cooped up much longer than that could result in extended recovery time, not to mention, more time spent in the box means less time for you to try out your new mattressrisk free for 100 nights. So do yourself and your new investment a favor, and break into that box as soon as youâre able.

How To Flip A Mattress

welcome to our how to flip a mattress post. If you grew up using an innerspring mattress, flipping must have been part of the general care. While flipping a mattress may look like an old-age process, it ensures it wears down evenly over time. Besides, it helps to distribute weight across all parts over a long time.

After the flipping, the part that was resting on the bed frame will face up. How often you should flip will depend on the mattress in question. While this simple chore will prevent depressions and sagging, the number of times will also depend on who uses the mattress.

Most innerspring and some foam mattresses are designed to be flipped. And because they have two sleep able surfaces, you can use the side you prefer. If youre not sure how to flip your mattress, youve come to the right place. Here is a quick guide on how to flip the mattress.

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Dont: Use Shaving Cream

One of the most common tips for breaking in a glove is to use Barbasol shaving cream as a conditioner. Back in the day, shaving cream contained lanolin, a natural oil that comes from sheep.

Lanolin happens to be a pretty good leather conditioner. But today, almost no shaving contains lanolin. Barbasol shaving cream has a little bit, but not a meaningful amount.

What all shaving cream does contain is a heap of chemicals and artificial compounds that were not designed to treat leather.

What happens when you use shaving cream during the glove break-in process?

Well, by now you may have realized that the nemesis of a well-conditioned glove is dryness. As with heat, the chemicals in shaving cream can pull moisture out of the leather. On top of that, some of the chemicals have compounds that can actually break down and weaken the leathers fibers.

Opt For Breathable Sheets

How and When to Break in a New Mattress

The amount of softness and conformability you get with a memory foam mattress depends heavily on the amount of heat reaching the sleeping surface. Hence, the type of sheets you use can significantly affect how quickly your memory foam bed breaks in and become more comfortable.

It would be best if you opted for extremely breathable sheets to maximize the amount of body heat transfer and increase the chance of the foam molding properly to your body and reaching peak comfort levels.

A good range to aim for is the 350-500 thread count range, as these sheets offer significant levels of softness and comfort without blocking out too much body heat.

Recommendation: This 400-Thread-Count 100% Cotton Sheet Set from California Design Den offers a lightweight, breathable layer that lets all your body heat pass through to break in your memory foam mattress faster.

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