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What Is The Coolest Mattress Topper

How Much Do Cooling Mattress Toppers Cost

Best Mattress Toppers (Top 8 Toppers!) – Which One Is Best For You?

Entry-level cooling mattress toppers start around $100 or less. You can find plenty of good mattress toppers at this price. But theres not a lot that distinguishes them from each other.

The most expensive cooling mattress toppers may cost up to $500 and beyond for luxurious materials, artisanship, technology, and sometimes just brand name.

We focus primarily on cooling mattresses that are $100 and up, and we include options under $100 if youre just looking for an entry-level cooling mattress topper that gets the job done.

Pricing can also vary from seller to seller. Weve included a quick price guide for each mattress topper featured below. Pricing is based on queen-size toppers:

  • $ = under $300
  • $$ = $300$450
  • $$$ = over $450

Some cooling mattress toppers may be deemed as a medical expense and can be paid by a health savings account or be covered by some health insurance plans.

With that said, here are our top recommended cooling mattress toppers in order of price tag.

  • Features: graphite layer for cooling, organic cotton cover
  • Best for: a firm, cool sleep

Graphite is a popular material for drawing heat away from sleepers. This topper is 3 inches thick, with one layer infused with cooling graphite, and its also designed to relieve pressure points.

Slippage is one area of concern when shopping for a mattress topper. This pick features an elastic anchor band to secure the topper properly to your mattress.

How To Make A Mattress Firmer

A person looking to improve the firmness of their mattress can also try the following tips:

  • Use a mattress topper: A firm mattress topper can make a softer mattress firmer. A person can choose whether they prefer the feel of memory foam or a latex topper.
  • Flip the mattress: If a person has purchased a double-sided mattress, flipping it and sleeping on the other side may give it a firmer feel.
  • Regularly check layers, box springs, and platforms: If a person finds that the layers, box springs, or platforms have worn out in their mattress, this may be affecting the firmness of the mattress. A person can replace these as needed.
  • Place the mattress on a hard surface: This may involve placing a plywood support between the mattress and the bed or moving the mattress to the floor.

Below are some frequently asked questions about mattress toppers.

Why Its Good For Latex Lovers

  • The fill of this topper is a layer of Talalay latex foam, which is naturally cooling.
  • The latex foam is responsive, bouncy, and supportive. You shouldnt feel like youre sinking into the material.
  • This topper is 3-inches thick, which adds a nice bit of depth to your mattress.

If this topper sounds ideal for your needs, be sure to check out my full Birch Living mattress topper review!

The Birch topper uses natural materials like organic cotton and Talalay latex and is a GREENGUARD Gold certified product.

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Browse Cooling Mattress Toppers Customer Reviews

Love, Love, Love It

This topper, combined with my flannel sheets and down comforter, make the ultimate “nest” out of my bed.


I needed some info as to what would be best for me and after talking to Lilian Van I got this topper and it really did the job for me. Excellent high quality topper and very well made.

Extremely Comfortable topper

This topper cradles your body without getting hot!

I was skeptical

I sweat really bad at night, and I was willing to try anything to help. I was skeptical, but this cooling pad actually helps tremendously. Not only am I not sweating profusely at night, Im getting a full nights rest, which I havent had in months. I would recommend this to anyone with night sweats.

Quality and comfort

This topper is by far better comfort and quality than our previous one. We also have their mattress which is fantastic. If you are on the fence as to whether you should order something online without being able to touch it then let this help with the process. Go for it you will not be disappointed.

foam topper makes an old bed feel new again

The foam topper did the trick for reviving an old, hard mattress. The seem to be high quality too and aired out quickly. I’m glad that I can trust the products from Nest Bedding.

Love it! The only topper

Love it! The only topper my girlfriend can sleep on!

Alexander hybrid firm

The Alexander Signature Cooling Topper is TOPS!

The topper added an additional


How Do You Keep A Mattress Topper From Sliding

Five Queens Court Elite Pillow Top Sateen Cotton Mattress Topper ...

Sliding is one major complaint about mattress toppers, but you can prevent it by buying a topper with anti-slide designs. Some mattress toppers come with straps on each corner which you can secure around your mattress to keep your topper from moving. You can also look for toppers constructed with a grippy material on the bottom that keeps it secure on the bed.

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How We Tested The Toppers

Over the course of two days, members of The Spruces editorial team tested 11 total toppers at The Lab. We evaluated each topper on its ease of set up, comfort, and airflow, rating it on a scale of 1 to 5. Eight of the 11 made it onto our final list.

To test the ease of setup and overall design, we timed how long it took to unbox and arrange each topper and took note of any smells or defects. To assess comfort, team members placed items between the mattress and the topper before having the tester lay in bed, judging how easy it was to feel any of the items through the topper. Our testers also assessed the breathability and heat retention of each topper, using a surface temperature tester to determine the difference between the area where the tester was laying down and the area that did not have a tester on it.

The Spruce / Phoebe Cheong

Certified To Help You Sleep Better

There is no better way to guarantee youre getting a top-quality mattress topper than to see if its certified by reputable grading scales. In this case, the options that are CertiPUR-US certified get one step up from their competition.

The CertiPUR-US program is a non-profit that started in 2008 with the mission to inspect and verify the quality of foam used in bedding and upholstery. This program began with the hopes to prevent foam from being made from environmentally damaging chemicals or those that failed performance tests.

When a mattress topper is CertiPUR-US certified, you can rely on the durability, performance, and safety of the materials in the product, giving you peace of mind as you dip deeper into that end-of-the-week slumber.

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What Else We Recommend And Why:

Saatva Graphite: This is the only topper that did a great job of cooling that didn’t make it into our guide. It didn’t get too hot while sleeping on it and dissipated the heat well. It also felt comfortable and supportive and is made in the US of CertiPUR-US certified foam. The main negatives were its poor motion isolation and the fact that it shifted on the mattress, despite attaching to it. Still, this is a good option if our top picks aren’t available.

What Mattress Topper Firmness Is Best For Heavy People

Best Mattress Toppers – Which Is Right For You?

A softer mattress topper can result in poor sleep and back pain. So, the best option for heavy people is a medium-firm or firm mattress topper. This type of mattress topper offers more support and is better able to distribute weight evenly. Also, a firm mattress topper will last longer than a softer one, making it a more cost-effective option in the long run.

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Why Trust Verywell Health

As a seasoned health writer and editorand someone with insomnia and occasional back painElizabeth Yuko understands how much of a difference having the right mattress topper can make. Shes always on the lookout for new products, techniques, and services that can help people cope with sleep difficulties, stress and other health challenges.

Best Mattress Topper For Back Pain

If you suffer from back pain, first of all, I feel for you, and it’s important to find a supportive option that provides relief. Walmart decided to enter the online bedding game and came up with the Allswell brand, which has quality toppers at super affordable prices.

The Allswell copper gel-infused bed topper is 4 inches thick and adds a significant amount of support to your mattress. Especially if your bed is on the thinner side — less than eight inches in height. Back pain sufferers benefit from thick, supportive surfaces, and this one is more hefty than many of the different toppers out there, including the ones on this list.

It has a medium-firm profile around 7 out of 10, with 10 being the firmest. It’ll ensure your spine is supported and kept in a neutral position, whereas a soft surface will allow your back to sink and promote an unnatural, uncomfortable curvature.

The Allswell copper gel-infused topper is made with memory foam and in turn, has a slow-responding memory-foam feel. Still, it’s not as obvious as DreamFoam , thanks to the poly foam layer underneath. The topper is also infused with copper gel to help draw your body heat away from you. It doesn’t feel cooling by any means, but it didn’t retain heat like traditional memory foam can.

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People Who Do Not Sleep Well

Researchers in a 2015 review identified the following factors that can affect the quality of sleep:

The review emphasized sleep quality in older adults, stating that aging itself can affect the sleep cycle and make people more likely to wake up.

Researchers found results that suggested a medium-firm mattress can improve sleep quality from the first week of use. However, they called for further studies to investigate longer-term effects.

The Best Firm Mattress Toppers In 2022

Contura 3 Inch GelLux Gel Infused Cooling Foam Mattress Topper, King ...

We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Heres our process.

If a person feels that their mattress is too soft or lacks support, using a firm mattress topper may help. A topper can be an easy and affordable way to add firmness to a mattress without replacing it.

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How Do You Know Which You Need

All cooling mattress toppers and pads will offer some degree of cooling. The clincher is going to lie in how much cooling and what other features you need.

Back pain and pressure point issues demand a topper made of latex or gel-infused memory foam. Your choice of these two materials will be influenced by your budget.

If you just need a cooler surface to sleep on, coupled with mattress protection to extend the life of your mattress, then youll be fine with a cooling mattress pad.

You can go either way in the case of allergies, depending on whether you also need more support for pressure points and back pain. Youll find more hypoallergenic options in mattress pads, however.

If you suffer from hot flashes and night sweats, youll find the most relief from newer temperature-sensitive materials like Outlast technology which is able to monitor your skin temperature for changes and respond with cooling or warming.

What Type Of Mattress Topper Is Best At Cooling

Most mattress toppers are made from memory foam, polyfoam, gel, or latex. Each of these types offers benefits and disadvantages, so its important to consider your goals when choosing a mattress pad. To help you stay cool, look for a mattress topper that will allow airflow to release body heat.

Mattress pads made with memory foam may not be the best option for cooling, as memory foam tends to trap and hold onto body heat throughout the night. Gel-infused mattress toppers may help you stay cool early in the night, but some people report that the cooling effects do not last throughout the night.

Two options that may be best for cooling are mattress toppers made from polyfoam or latex with an open-cell design. An open design allows more airflow so air can escape rather than being trapped in the topper.

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Why Is Cooling Important For Sleep

Thermoregulation, or how your body heats and cools itself, is tightly linked to the circadian clock. This circadian rhythm is responsible for your body losing heat in the evening hours just before sleep. This heat loss is what tells your body its time to wind down and head to bed. The circadian rhythm is also the reason your body starts warming up again around 4 a.m. as your body prepares to wake.

Your sleep can be disrupted by temperatures below 54 degrees Fahrenheit and above 75 degrees. The sweet spot for many falls between 60 and 67 degrees. The right sleeping temperature for you to have a cool nights sleep may be affected by:

  • Season
  • Stage of life
  • Daytime activity level

How Can I Stop Myself From Overheating At Night

What is a mattress topper and how to choose the best one?

There are a few ways to prevent night sweats. First, turn the AC down before you to go bed. Next, wear loose clothing to bed and use breathable bedding, as well. Cotton sheets are a go-to for hot sleepers because theyre super airy and great at wicking away excess body heat. Lastly, find a mattress that wont retain heat. When looking at foam beds, look for plant-based materials and cooling technologies. Hybrids are also loved by hot sleepers since their coil systems allow for a lot of airflow.

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Best Soft Mattress Topper Overall: Amerisleep Comfort Lift

  • Price Range: $199 to $349
  • Material Type: Memory Foam
  • Firmness: Soft or Firm
  • Best for side sleepers and petite individuals
  • Available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king


  • Breathable cover wicks away heat and sweat

  • Plant-based memory foam cushion

  • Also available as a firm mattress topper

Save with Free Shipping on the Amerisleep Comfort Lift with our discount code.

Among the best of the best memory foam mattress toppers, the Comfort Lift by Amerisleep offers contouring pressure relief thats dynamic and breathable. The plant-based memory foam in this topper fixes traditional memory foams breathability and responsiveness issues. That means if you want a cooling and bouncy memory foam mattress topper, this is it.

The Bio-Pur® memory foam swaps some of the petroleum products in traditional memory foam with plant oils. This helps increase the foams temperature controlling power so that it doesnt retain body heat but instead pushes it out of the mattress topper.

The breathable cover also helps with temperature regulation. It pulls cooler air into the foam so that you can stay cool all night long all while maintaining the contoured pressure relief for which memory foam is famous.

The Comfort Lift doesnt just offer superior contouring and cushioning. It is the soft version of the Lift, but there is a firmer option. The Support Lift is a perfect alternative for those who find the Comfort Lift is not supportive enough for their needs.

What Is A Soft Mattress Topper

A soft pad is a great option for sleepers who feel like their bed is to firm. These materials are plush and thick enough to provide some additional cushioning. This can help sleepers who need additional pressure relief than what they are currently experiencing from their bed.

These materials are less dense and can adjust to the lumps and sags in your mattress, renewing the feel of your sleeping surface by making level and comfortable once again.

These product come in a variety of thicknesses and designs. Materials that are typically used are down feathers, a down alternative, latex, polyfoam, or memory foam. Each of these has its own unique feel. Thickness can range from anywhere between 1 and 8 inches.

Choosing between thickness and material type is going to based on the customers own preferences, body type, and sleeping position.

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Things To Know About Soft Mattress Pads

A softer pad may be better suited for people who sleep on their sides. Plusher materials can help to wash away pressure in the hips and shoulders.

Soft pads are also a good option for lighter individuals who want to be able to sink just a bit into their mattress. Heavier folks can enjoy a soft top if they want to relive some strain that their firmer bed is causing.

Back sleepers who experience back pain should benefit from a soft option as they are designed to help distribute the sleeper’s weight and ease their weight into the firmer layers of their bed.

A soft top is an all around good option for people who just prefer a more plush feeling on their sleeping surface.

Soft toppers are often used for people recovering from injury and people who are often sore from working out, playing sports, or living an otherwise healthy and active lifestyle.

What’s The Difference Between A Mattress Topper And Pad

Best Cooling Mattress Pad 2020

If you have decided to enhance your mattress, you may have noticed terms like mattress topper and mattress pad without being certain of the difference. A mattress topper is a thicker layer, typically up to three inches, that changes the comfort of your existing mattress. Toppers are generally made with foam, latex, fiber, or wool. They create a buffer on top of the mattress, but they are not specifically designed to protect the mattress. Rather, they enhance the mattress with a softer feel and specific features like pressure point relief, temperature regulation, and motion isolation.

Mattress pads are thinner, typically a quarter-inch to an inch thick, and fit over the top of your mattress. These pads are constructed with thinner materials like cotton or other fibers and offer protection for your mattress. Depending on the thickness, mattress pads can make your mattress feel softer. The primary reason for having a mattress pad is to protect your mattress from normal wear and tear, stains, or spills.

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