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Are Memory Foam Mattresses Hot In Summer

Choose An Appropriate Bed Frame

Will my memory foam mattress sag and make me hot at night?

Even the savviest sleeper might not realize how important their bed frame is to their sleep experience. To decrease heat retention, choose an open, supportive bed frame such as a slatted bed frame. The slats allow for air circulation through the mattresss base layer, reducing the overall heat that could get trapped in the mattresss foam layers.

But, what about the presence of a box spring? You may be wondering, does a memory foam mattress need a box spring or does a bed frame offer enough support? If heat retention is a concern, its important to note that box springs may impact the level of airflow required of cooling memory foam mattresses to perform at its finest, especially if placed directly on the ground.

A Cooling Pad For Your Bed

If you really want to put sweaty nights to bed, you can buy an electronic cooling pad for your mattress. We tested the Chilipad Sleep System, which is available in twin to king bed sizes, and though it was a few steps away from perfect, our tester thought it has the potential to change your life and sleep. If you, like me, only have a fan and an open window at your disposal, and often find that your bed becomes bog-like with sweat in the night, it could change your lifeor, at least, the way you sleep, she writes.

Online reviewers seem to agree. The product has 4.5 stars from more than 1,100 write-ups. One raves: Ive tried numerous mattress toppers, different blankets, fabrics, and nothing has improved my sleep as much as the Chilipad Sleep System.

Why My Mattress Is Too Hot

Your mattress tends to get hot during summer months. When you sleep, your body goes through different stages of the sleeping cycle. During some of these stages, your body temporarily loses its ability to sweat. This in return causes your body to heat up during night.

Your mattresss tendency to get too hot will depend on what it is made of. There are a lot of options available on the market to suit different preferences and needs. Some people might need mattresses that have a cooling system while others need mattresses that retain heat. Make sure that you conduct enough survey before you make a purchase.

Your body will feel different during different times of the day. So what feels comfortable at the beginning of your sleep might feel too hot or too cold later on.

When your bed is too hot to sleep, you are more likely to have insomnia episodes. You will not be able to have 6 to 8 hours of continuous sleep. There are a lot of solutions that you can adopt if you are struggling with a mattress that gets too hot.

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Invest In Breathable Bedding

There are a variety of options when it comes to sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers. If youre looking to cool down, consider choosing sheets made with natural, temperature regulating fibers like bamboo. In addition to being moisture wicking, bamboo sheets and pillow cases will help keep your body temperature down, thereby reducing the heat transferred to your memory foam mattress.

Open The Bedroom Windows

Do Memory Foam Mattresses Feel Hot?

Even on the hottest nights when bedroom temperatures may soar to unbearable levels, the outdoors typically remain cool. This is due to the often cool breeze that circulates in those environments.

This is why opening the bedroom windows can be such an effective tactic for cooling down your sleeping surface. The results may be quite dramatic if the bed is situated close to a window that allows lots of air into the bedroom.

For consumers whore lucky enough to have multiple bedroom windows, opening all of them could be the key to ensuring a rush of cool air that can lower the overall bedroom temperature while cooling down the memory foam surface.

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Choose A Cooling Mattress Topper

Cooling toppers are a great way to cool your mattress down while also providing an extra touch of comfort. A topper is a layer that sits on top of your mattress to give it a new lease of life.

All you need to do is pick the cooling topper that suits you and enjoy an instantly cooler night’s sleep. They’re easy to remove, too, so you can take it off depending on the season and how warm or cold you feel in the night.

Cocoon Chill Hybrid Mattress

The temperature-regulating materials in this mattress are sure to appeal to sleepers who want to sleep cool. Even more cooling than the original, this bed includes premium coils for added airflow and a cooling cover that wicks away moisture.

Avoiding back pain requires a mattress that keeps the spine in a neutral alignment, which is something the hybrid Cocoon Chill does very well. Its firm support should make it a hit especially for folks who suffer from lower back pain. Lightweight stomach sleepers will also find much relief with this mattress. As for cooling, theres a Phase Change cover, that helps defend against hot sleeping.

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When Its Time For A New Mattress

If youve tried everything in your power to make your memory foam mattress sleep cooler, and havent found much success, it may be time for a new mattress. Additionally, if your bed is 6-8+ years old, or no longer as comfortable as it once was, its probably time for a new mattress.

If you choose to buy a new bed, look for mattresses with good ratings for temperature neutrality. Innerspring and hybrid beds tend to perform well, as they have better airflow than all-foam designs. If you do choose another memory foam bed, look for one thats made with cooling technology like cooling gel, and be sure to check reviews to gauge the beds cooling abilities.

You can also shop for mattresses that are specifically designed for better temperature regulation. For hot sleepers, purchasing a specialized mattress can make a huge difference in overall sleep quality. For more information, see our guide to the best cooling mattresses.

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A Unique Memory Foam Feel

Best Memory Foam Mattress For Hot Sleepers 2021 (Top 5 Beds!)

Many users of memory foam report that it has a unique and recognizable feel. It hugs and contours to your body as you compress the mattress, providing exceptional pressure relief and support, and is particularly helpful for those struggling with aches and pains.

The material will gradually shape to match the outline of your body, meaning the mattress is essentially customized for your needs each time you lay down. When you get up, the material will regain its original shape, readying itself for the next use.

Another feature the material has that can be advantageous in the mattress application is the motion isolation it offers. Motion isolation means there is very little transfer of energy from one side of the mattress to the other. If your partner is tossing and turning in the night, for instance, you are unlikely to feel much of anything as you sleep.

This is not a feature that can be claimed by a traditional spring mattress, and it is a big part of its popularity. Viscoelastic properties are what makes it unique, and its worth noting that poly foam without viscoelastic properties is not memory foam.

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A Hot Water Bottle By Day Ice Pack By Night

Hot water bottles have a deceptive name, as many can be used as cold packs, too. Of course, using one wont cool your whole body, but you can use it strategically on places with like your wrists, neck, and chest. This can quickly lower the temperature of the blood running through the veins, allowing you to feel cooler overall. Just be sure you dont do it for too long, and use a cover to protect your skin.

The Attmu Hot Water Bottle is not only well reviewed but also inexpensive, and it comes with its own knit cover. The water bottle is beloved by reviewers, with over 3,000 ratings and 4.5 stars, for its versatility year-round. One writes, its great for freezing and sleeping with it on a 100-degree night with no AC.

Memory Foam And Temperature

Memory foam was originally designed to be very energy absorbent. This means that on a particularly hot night, your mattress will be absorbing the heat around it as well as your body heat. Traditional memory foam mattresses are relatively dense, leaving little room for airflow within the mattress itself.

In addition, because memory foam is made up of a synthetic and non-breathable material, the heat that is absorbed builds up in the mattress, and then is directed right back at you, instead of simply being dissipated. In fact, the memory foam material actually uses your body heat to contour your body and mold itself to your particular shape.

As a result, the longer you sleep on it and the hotter the environment, the hotter the mattress will feel. This is why memory foam mattresses may feel like they get progressively hotter as the night goes on. If you sleep with a partner, your problem can get doubly worse, because now youre dealing with two warm bodies heating up that energy absorbent mattress.

Add all this up, and youve got a potential for some sleepless nights on memory foam, especially if you prefer to sleep at a cooler temperature.

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Are There Affordable High

As competition in the online mattress space heats up, both established and startup brands are looking to diversify their offerings, and one way theyve done it is to source higher-end materials, while still keeping their prices low. These constructions put a premium quality that is packed into impressively tall mattress profiles.

Memory beds in this space are emphasizing performance and quality, sourcing only the highest quality foams with additives like gels, graphite, and copper that update features like temperature control. Beds with performance foams are often priced quite high in the retail space, but an online sales model can make quality more attainable and affordable.

There are several ways that online companies manage to keep their prices low while still offering excellent value. Some own their manufacturing facilities and reduce the overhead that way. Online sales and made-to-order beds also cut down on the costs of storing inventory or displaying them in storefronts.

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What Are The Best Hot Mattress Solutions

Hot 10"  Cool Medium

Feeling too hot at night might affect the overall quality of your sleep and when you feel too hot to sleep, you will probably deal with interrupted sleep. Natural fibers and materials are usually better for feeling cool while you sleep. When you are trying to find a solution to your hot mattress, you must take a lot of factors into consideration. Your natural body temperature, your partners preference, the nature of the mattress material and the nature of the covers. The answer to your problem could be as easy as changing the sheets or the mattress topper. Or you might have to invest in a different type of mattresses that wont heat up as much. Experts confirm that the quality of your sleep can affect the overall quality of your life. So make sure that you are making the right decision when you are buying a mattress.

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Choose The Right Sheets

Breathing bedding made from the right material can make your sleeping environment more breathable versus insulating.

Look for natural materials with high breathability, like bamboo and cotton. Natural fibers wick away moisture and help you stay cool. Avoid polyester bed sheets, like flannel, as they have a habit of insulating heat.

Choosing sheets with a thread count that promotes airflow is just as important as choosing the right fabric. Natural, breathable materials can retain heat if they are thickly woven, although a weave that is too loose wont be durable. For example, cotton sheets are most breathable and durable between a 200 to 350 thread count range.

If You And Your Partner Like Different Temperatures:

  • There are products that heat and cool sleep surfaces. They can be an ideal solution for couples that have different ideas of comfort, as dual models allow each person to choose different temperature settings.
  • You can use different types of comforters to suit your preferences. The hot sleeper can opt for a lighter-weight blanket while the cold sleeper can use a heavier one.
  • Using temperature balancing and moisture-wicking fabrics like wool and bamboo for mattress covers and sheets can help keep you both happy.

If you are too cold or too hot at night, it can be frustrating and difficult to fall asleep, and it can also affect how well you sleep throughout the night. One of the best ways to stay comfortable is to be conscious of how different materials interact with body heat when choosing mattresses and bedding. Generally, natural fibers prove more breathable which can help keep you cooler, and dense foams tend to be better at insulating and retaining body heat.

Read our take on why mattress reviews are essential to the bed buying process

When trying to find a solution, consider how how you sleep, your natural body temperature, your partners preferences, your mattress and your bedding. The answer could be as simple as changing your sheets, adding a mattress cover, or opting for two covers, or you could upgrade to a bed that is a better fit.

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What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Summer

Summer is here, and it is finally time to switch over from winter coats and blankets to lighter, breezier things.

Most people revel in the summertime months, but one area that can be a struggle is the warmer nights. Sleeping hot can be uncomfortable and disruptive so that a person doesnt get the rest they need.

There are lots of reasons a person might get hot at night night sweats can be a symptom of being sick, the heat might be radiating off of a partner, or the blankets and pyjamas might just be wrong for the season.

But another often overlooked factor is that the mattress might be retaining too much heat, making it the wrong fit for a persons body. When a person sleeps at night, body heat transfers to the mattress, which then retains the heat. And it goes on like that as the body tries to regulate its temperature and the mattress continues to absorb the heat radiating off of them.

So knowing that its about to get hot out there, you might want to ask yourself the question: What type of mattress is best for summer?

There are a few options out there that are great for helping the body stay cool at night.

Cooling Gel Memory Foam

Layla Mattress Topper Review – Memory Foam For Hot Sleepers?

Foam mattresses of the past were known for retaining heat and hot sleepers turned their backs on them. New memory foam options, however, contain the latest sleep technology fibres plus cooling gel beads that absorb and release excess heat within the mattress, leaving the surface a lot more comfortable. You can find these in mattress toppers or full mattress options.

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How To Make A Memory Foam Mattress Sleep Cooler

    Memory foam mattresses are prized for their comfort and close conforming. Unfortunately, the same properties that make them so comfortable also tend to make them sleep hot.

    Memory foam is notorious for trapping body heat. Its density makes it less breathable than other materials, while its body-hugging properties make it more likely to absorb and contain the body heat of the sleeper.

    The properties of memory foam can result in an uncomfortably warm sleeping experience, particularly on summer nights. But is there anything that sleepers can do to minimize the heat retention of memory foam? Well detail some effective methods to make a memory foam mattress sleep cooler.

    The Ideal Sleeping Environment For Hot Sleepers

    Your mattress isnt the only thing you should focus on when trying to find ways to sleep cool. Instead, consider your entire sleep environment. Many mattress and sleep accessories can help or hinder your efforts toward temperature neutrality.

    Figuring out the ideal sleep temperature for your body is a step you can take toward a better nights sleep. Then, opt for bedding items that will help support your goal of staying cool throughout the night.

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    The Stats On Memory Foam And Heat

    • About 8% of memory foam mattress owners complain about heat. To put this in perspective, about 4% of innerspring mattress owners complain of heat and about 7% of latex mattress owners complain of heat.
    • High-density and closed-cell memory foam is most likely to receive heat complaints.

    According to the numbers, memory foam mattress owners overall are somewhat more likely to complain of heat, however the total percentage remains fairly low, with about 1 in 13 people having an issue. So why the big myth about about memory foam and heat? Well, when we are upset or annoyed about something, this tends to come out more in reviews than things that do not bother us or are not noticeable. And, people that have had an unpleasant experience are more likely to leave a review than those who have had an average experience. For a minority of people, heat can be an issue when it comes to mattress comfort but by understanding the different types of memory foam and what to look for, you can avoid the heat issue and keep comfortable.


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