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How Do You Cut A Memory Foam Mattress

Is It Ok To Cut A Memory Foam Mattress

Cutting a Foam Mattress in Half

Its perfectly fine to cut a memory foam mattress. Youll just have to know exactly how much you want to cut off because you want to get your cut right the first time without dealing with the hassle of spray adhesive.

There are many reasons you might want to cut your memory foam mattress to adjust its size. Some of those reasons include:

  • To put it on a smaller box spring
  • To use on a custom base
  • To customize for an unusual area, like a van home
  • To split one big mattress into two smaller mattresses
  • To use the excess memory foam for padding, pillows, craft projects, or other purposes

Foam Mattress Cutting Services

Did you know that there is a company called Foamite? This service offers foams that have a different feel to the touch, densities, and different shapes. All you have to do is pick the right density and dimensions.

$4.89 $71.74

Please, note that they offer a memory foam cut to size instead of cutting your own old mattresses.

How Do You Shorten A Memory Foam Mattress

Use an electric saw to cut horizontally through your memory foam mattress.

  • Determine the size and dimensions of the mattress that you want.
  • Take off the mattress cover.
  • Make sure you have a ruler, a marker pen, and measure your saw blade so you know how deep it cuts.
  • Measure and mark where you want to cut.
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    Can You Cut Up A Memory Foam Mattress

    Yes, you can! Just take a hot knife and cut through it. Memory foam mattresses are not just compressed. It is made of tiny particles which are bonded under high temperatures and pressure. Therefore, you can use a hot knife to cut memory foam.

    However, you should use a hot knife specifically made for the purpose rather than your kitchen knives. A hot knife is a heated blade that can be used for smoothening the surface of certain materials.

    It is made of a composite blade that has a material such as asbestos that resists high temperatures. There are different blades with different shapes, but all can be used to cut things. It can also be used to cut through broken glass, as in the following video:

    Gathering The Proper Tools

    How to Cut and Size Your Personal Memory Foam Mattress

    First off, youre going to need the right set of equipment to handle this task. Normally, you should be able to find most of these supplies at your local hardware store, as theyre typically common.

    Youll need a saw, a bolt cutter or wire clippers, boxes to store any loose parts you get from the process, eyewear to protect your eyes, some durable gloves, preferably cut-resistant ones, a good pair of pliers, a utility knife and a box cutter. Make sure that you get all of these, as you dont want to make multiple trips back to the store.

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    Buy Your Egg Crate Pad

    Of course, you have to find good quality and the most recommended egg crate pad to buy.

    It needs to be worth it since the purpose of it is to make things better.

    You can find one from local shops near you or even online.

    You can ask the staff at the malls, furniture shops for their best seller egg crate mattress.

    When shopping online, you can check the star ratings, comments, and reviews of those who have already bought the product.

    Make Sure You Have A Ruler A Marker Pen And A Sharp Knife On Hand

    Most importantly, make sure that you have your mattress and bedsheet in front of you.

    The size will determine how many times you will need to cut it. Before cutting, do a quick measurement to ensure that each section will be at least 4 inches apart from one another! Check if the place where you will be placing the mattress has enough room for it!

    Determine the size and dimensions of the mattress that you desire.

    For example, if you want to create three mattress pieces measuring 4 x 6 each, you need to find the center of your mattress first.

    To do this, use a marker pen and draw lines connecting one corner of your mattress with the other until it reaches its widest point! You can also lay down on your bed and imagine a line connecting one corner of the mattress to another.

    Draw a diagonal line from one corner to the other, measuring 4 on each side. Make sure that it is from the widest point of your mattress! You can also print a pattern online and trace around it until you get a perfect fit!

    Remove the mattress cover.

    Place the ruler on the widest point of your mattress and make a mark with your marker pen! Do this all along the width of your mattress.

    Take off the cover and place the ruler on any one corner horizontally. Make a line at 2 to create extra space for cutting.

    Measure and mark where you want to cut.

    Make a mark every 2. This will allow for a comfortable fit to your bed frame or any other bed where you plan on placing it!

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    How Do I Cut My Memory Foam Mattress

    There are various ways to cut your memory foam mattress you can use a utility knife, scissors, extra-large scissors, long serrated bread knife, handsaw, or cutting services offered by many companies today. Make sure that the blade of your utility knife is very sharp, that you use a marker to draw lines before sawing the memory foam mattress, and that you place it on flat ground when cutting.

    Can You Cut A Memory Foam Mattress To Size

    How to cut memory foam

    Yes, you can cut memory foam mattresses in half, but you need a very sharp and high-quality knife to do that. Also, you should cut it when it is at room temperature, and you should use tape to secure the corners before cutting it into two. Finally, it is better to cut it in the middle of the mattress, not on the edges.

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    How To Cut Up A Memory Foam Mattress Topper

    A memory foam mattress topper is a great way to revitalize an aging mattress or soften a new mattress that is too hard. Whether youre making your own topper or buying a new one, you may have to trim it, so it fits the actual mattress. Luckily trimming a memory foam mattress topper is quite simple.

    Start by deciding what size topper you will need. For instance, if its for a twin bed, it will be 39 x 75 inches a long twin mattress will be 39 x 80 inches.

    If you want a topper for the foam you cut up previously, just use the same measurements. Just like you did when making your outline for the memory foam mattress, add the in buffer.

    Next, lay the topper on a raised flat surface, and make an outline of where you need to cut. With a carving knife or a pair of scissors cut along the outline you made, often stopping to ensure you havent gone off course. Trim off the excess and refit the mattress cover.

    How To Cut Foam To Make The Perfect Camping Mattress

    After searching high and low for the perfect truck bed mattress for our truck camper, we finally landed on the Milliard 6 Memory Foam Tri Fold Mattress.

    It was exactly what we needed, but there was one problem.

    The foam mattress was about 3 too long, and , didnt have the corner section cut out like we needed for our propane tank storage!

    We know many other DIY campers need an odd sized mattress like this, or pieces of foam cushion that get puzzled together to create a sleeping space.

    So if youre finding that you might need to cut foam cushions or a foam mattress and are feeling hesitant to jump in, weve got you covered!

    It is pretty easy to do and I bet you already own all the needed supplies.

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    Why Are Gel Memory Foam Mattresses So Popular

    In general, foam mattresses are really popular because they cancel movements, they provide full body support and they can actually last you for years.

    Before we had memory foam mattresses, we slept on very uncomfortable mattresses made from non reactive materials that pretty much meant you were sucked into the bed, and when you got up, the mattress never really returned to its original shape, think of an old couch you used to have, after a while, its not staying in the same shape right? Thats the same idea here.

    So obviously, when manufacturers introduced the gel memory foam or even the regular foam memory mattress, people were hooked, and pretty much no one buys and other mattress in these days. So here is a recap of why memory foams are so poopular:

  • They are very comfortable
  • The biggest advantage of sleeping on a gel memory foam mattress is the fact that the mattress does not run hot so much during the night. With a foam mattress, your body heat is trapped causing issues for the person sleeping, but with gel foam mattresses, the gel actually increases air circulation so the hot air is able to escape and the person sleeping gets to have a much cooler sleep.

    Why Should I Cut My Memory Foam Mattress

    5 Best Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

    If your memory foam mattress is too soft for your taste, you may decide to cut it yourself or have someone do it for you. Cutting a memory foam mattress will make the product harder, but its thickness and continuity will be affected. However, cutting a memory foam pillow or mattress topper has more serious consequences, affecting both its thickness and continuity.

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    What If There Is A Fiberglass Fire Barrier

    This is important to consider when youre cutting up your mattress, as you could potentially get fiberglass everywhere if youre not too careful. Be sure to carefully dispose or recycle the material after removing it. If youre not entirely sure how to handle it, you could consult with a local recycling center as to what to do.

    Take A Marker And Ruler

    Now you have taken the measurements of the place where you want your mattress to fit. Now you need to take a marker and mark how much you need to cut your mattress but make sure to have some margin while drawing the lines with the marker.

    Because those marked lines would help you cut the perfect size that would fit into your place and avoid any kind of miscutting, it will save your time and, most importantly, money.

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    Placing It Inside The Vehicle

    Make sure you keep the rolled bundle horizontal and dont stand it up tall. This could potentially harm the material, which will also void the warranty.

    Once everything is rolled up, its a straightforward process to get into the car. An SUV or truck bed will make things easier, but even if you have a small car, youll still be able to transport the bed if you can fold down the back seat.

    If youve got a long trip from the bedroom to your vehicle, this may require two people. Alternatively, consider rolling it carefully along the ground.

    And, now that you know how to move a mattress, you can help your friends when its time for them to move without having to do any heavy lifting.

    What Are The Risks Of Cutting A Memory Foam Mattress


    First, memory foam is made up of chemicals, so cutting this type of material may be harmful to the environment. Also, some mattresses contain harmful substances, like the ones mentioned above, that may be released. Finally, the memory foam may be very easily spilled, meaning that stains may be left on the mattress once cut into pieces.

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    Start With Measuring Your Van

    Youll be surprised to find that many campervans will be able to easily fit a queen-sized mattress or even larger! Mattress sizes are standard so you can use the chart below to see what is going to be the best fit:

    Mattress Type

    RV mattresses have unique sizes that include short-queen and bunk style.

    Use An Electric Saw To Cut Horizontally Through Your Memory Foam Mattress

    To use an electric saw to cut memory foam mattresses and mattress covers horizontally, follow these step:

    • Determine the size and dimensions of the mattress that you want.
    • Take off the mattress cover.
    • Make sure you have a ruler, a marker pen, and measure your saw blade so you know how deep it cuts.
    • Measure and mark where you want to cut.
    • Cut the memory foam mattress or mattress topper carefully on a flat surface without compressing it.
    • Trim off the excess and fit the mattress cover.

    Determine the size and dimensions of the mattress that you want.

    Consider the thickness you want to have. If you are fitting your memory foam mattress into a smaller space, like a boat or van, it should not be too tall. Since memory foam can be flattened easily, it may be better to have a medium density overlay on top of a very high-density mattress. This will prevent the mattress flattening but ensure comfort. Some brands of memory foam are designed with this in mind and will have layers with different types of memory foam.

    Take off the mattress cover.

    Make sure you have a ruler, a marker pen, and measure your saw blade so you know how deep it cuts.

    You will need the following tools to take measurements: long ruler or tape measure, marker pen, an electric saw, and an electric saw blade. It is important that you measure the blade of your saw to find the depth of foam it can reach.

    Measure and mark where you want to cut.

    Trim off the excess and fit the mattress cover.

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    Memory Foam Mattress Topper Cut To Size

    Some memory foam mattresses come with a layer of fiberglass. This material is included as a fire retardant and after you cut the fibers may get all over you or all over the place. You would need to enclose this type of mattress in a cover that completely surrounds the mattress.

    The topper is probably the easiest mattress to cut. It is not that thick and you can use a strong pair of scissors to do the job quite quickly. As for measurements, you can lay the topper on the floor and put the mattress it will go on over top. Then trace the outline to get the exact shape you need.

    After doing that, you just make your cut and your project is done. Or if you do not want to cut the mattress, you can always do an internet search for a foam cutting service near you.

    Most likely these services may be one part of a business dealing with mattresses so you would have to read the ads carefully to see who does or doesnt offer this service. But as long as you have a sharp cutting tool, you should not need this option. It is not hard to cut a topper.

    Is The Mattress Pad And Mattress Cover The Same

    ComfiCel® Cool Memory Foam Mattress

    While reading the question, you might get to think that it isnt since it was two different names on it, right?

    I will give you more things to avoid confusion and to clarify it out.

    A lot of people make things complicated that they believe one piece of information is right.

    A mattress pad is like a mattress, and it has some thickness on it containing some foam.

    Or when you say mattress pad, it must be a topper for a bed to add in comfort.

    People often use it to add bulk and thickness to ones mattress, feeling uncomfortable or no longer suitable for sleeping.

    Mattress pads ensure that you will have a good sleeping surface. It stands as a temporary solution for a mattress that is losing its support.

    It is not necessary to add a mattress pad to your mattress. And that is one of the things they differ on. A mattress cover is a must on your bed.

    Your mattress wont be complete if there is no mattress cover on it. The mattress cover would serve as protection for the whole bed.

    If you wish for a long-living mattress and something that could grow old with you, you have to make sure it is protected.

    Dirt, fluids, and even the odour that create contact with the mattress can damage it slowly.

    One thing that you can do is to avoid such by adding a cover to it.

    It is up to you if you would like to purchase one.

    You have to consider the purpose of it and the material of it. Bed covers are usually thinner than mattress pads.

    Thats the truth behind everybodys confusion.

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    Which Kind Of Knife Should You Use To Cut Memory Foam Mattresses And Mattress Toppers

    You may use a serrated or non-serrated knife. A serrated knife will be easier cut in a sawing motion, but it will leave a serrated pattern on the surface of the foam after you have cut it. On the other hand, if you have a non-serrated knife which is sharp enough you will only need to pull your hand slowly through the material as you are cutting, pausing to take out the knife and get a better grip.

    If the mattress is thin enough, you may use heavy duty scissors or shears. Utility or craft knives are also useful because they are very sharp.

    Electric knives and saws are easier but remember that you will also need to keep the foam in place to avoid distorting the material.

    You may use a hot wire. This is very good for carving intricate shapes out of harder density memory foams, but you will need to be very careful and steady using this piece of equipment. If you stop, the foam will melt in one spot and may look messy. Generally, it is not necessary to use a hot wire unless the foam shape is small, and the density is very hard.

    Having a sharp knife is a priority when cutting memory foam mattresses and mattress covers. Photo credit: My Sunday Tools.


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