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Which Mattress Is Best For Your Back

Saatva Classic Mattress Best Overall Mattress

Best Mattresses For Back Sleepers – Which Mattress Is Best For Your Back? (UPDATED!)

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At any given time, 31 million Americans suffer from back pain. Sometimes, the agony gets so severe that they miss work and all the other fun things in life.

A mattress that supports your lower back, regardless of your weight, is a plus in alleviating back pain.

Heres how the Saatva Classic mattress has got your back:

  • A plush Euro-pillow top cushions your pressure points backed by a coil-on-coil support layer that supports your weight so that you dont sink into the mattress.
  • A special high-density memory foam lumbar pad surrounded by active wire support thoughtfully placed at the center of the mattress eases tension from your lower back.

If youre a hot sleeper or are allergy-prone, youll enjoy the 100% organic, moisture-wicking cotton cover.

What To Consider When Purchasing A Mattress Topper For Back Pain

There is a wide variety of different mattress toppers on the market that claim to do a number of different things. Rather than getting caught up in jargon and marketing claims, we encourage shoppers to look at the specific factors that contribute to whether or not a mattress topper will feel comfortable for them. Below, well share some of the most important things to take into consideration as you select a mattress topper.

Cocoon By Sealy Chill Memory Foam Mattress Best Cooling Mattress

If you love the cushioning feel of memory foam but hate how hot it gets at night, the Cocoon Chill Memory Foam Mattress has found a way around this with an innovative Phase Change Material cover.

When its too hot, the cover absorbs heat from your body and when temperatures drop, it releases heat back to you. Pretty chill, right?

The mattress comprises three foam layers

  • Perfect Fit memory foam that contours to your body
  • A highly responsive layer of memory foam that enhances movement
  • High-density support polyfoam that gives the mattress stability and a medium-firm feel ideal for back sleeping

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How Back Pain Affects Sleep

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Back pain is a widespread problem that affects an estimated 80% of adults at one time or another. It can make all types of daily activities difficult including walking, working, sitting, and lifting even lightweight items. Unfortunately, back pain complicates sleep as well, making it hard to find a comfortable position to fall asleep and keep sleeping soundly through the night.

Research studies have found that over half of people with lower back pain report sleeping problems. These negative impacts on sleep arise in people who have both sudden and short-term back pain and those who have long-term, persistent back pain.

People with pain tend to have fragmented sleep that occurs from waking up during the night. Upon waking up, getting back to sleep can be difficult because of ongoing aches and discomfort. Pain can also contribute to stress, depression, and anxiety, all of which can be detrimental to quality sleep.

Back pain sufferers can take a number of steps to try to feel and sleep better. Getting medical help for serious back problems may help reduce pain. Treatments depend on the cause and nature of a persons symptoms and can range from surgery to physical therapy to pain-relieving medications.

Are Spring Mattresses Good For Your Back

Are Soft Mattresses Good For Your Back. The 7 Best Soft ...

If you struggle with back pain and youre thinking about buying a new mattress then you might be wondering if a spring mattress is actually good for your back or if you should go for an all-foam memory foam or latex mattress instead.

A spring mattress can be good for your back if you go for a hybrid spring mattress thats topped with high-quality natural latex or memory foam, has the correct firmness for your body weight and sleeping style, and has more than 400 individually wrapped 13-15 gauge coils in a queen-sized mattress.

The rest of this article shows you how to buy a spring mattress thats good for your back in 5 steps.

Alternatively: if youre looking for a new mattress with springs thats good for your back then check out the Awara hybrid spring latex mattress here where you can save $300 by buying through the links on that page.

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What Makes The Dreamcloud Stand Out

  • The DreamCloud is a firmer mattress option for people with back pain.
  • The mattress will also be a great option for hot sleepers. The coils promote airflow, and the foam on top features cooling infusions as well.
  • For a hybrid mattress, the DreamCloud is competitively priced.

Read our full DreamCloud mattress review.

What Makes The Saatva Stand Out

  • At a 7/10 on the firmness scale, the Saatva mattress is very close to medium firmness, with a fantastic balance of comfort and support.
  • The coils promote airflow through the mattress so that it doesnt trap too much heat.
  • Sagging shouldnt be an issue on the Saatva. Its an exceptionally durable option that should remain comfortable and supportive for years to come.

Read our full Saatva mattress review.

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How To Tell If Your Bed Is Causing Back Pain

According to Spine-Health, there are correlations between getting a good nights sleep and alleviating back pain. For example, if youre not sleeping well, your body cannot produce the correct hormones needed to heal your body as you sleep, thus alleviating pain. Here are some telltale signs that your bed may be the culprit:

Reduce Inflammation Through Diet And Exercise

Best Mattresses For Back Pain – Our Best Mattress Picks To Relieve Your Back Pain!

When your joints are already inflamed from your daily activity and eating habits, youre sure to experience pain during the night. To help eliminate your back pain in bed, try reducing or eliminating foods that cause inflammation, such as refined bread and other carbohydrates, fried foods, sugary beverages, and red meat.

Instead, aim to eat foods that help you sleep and that fight inflammation, such as fruit, tomatoes, olive oil, leafy greens, almonds, and fatty fish like salmon and tuna. You may be surprised at how your morning back pain is improved after just a couple of weeks of eating well.

Muscles and joints that are stretched regularly can also improve pain levels when youre lying in bed, so try doing yoga several times per week.

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What Materials Are Best For Back Pain

The material and, naturally, the construct quality of the mattress can frequently make a big distinction to neck and back pain.Naturally, you will likely wish to keep a close eye on your budget when purchasing a brand-new mattress. However, when it comes to neck and back pain, it is advisable not to go too cheap or the mattress may simply not be excellent enough for your needs.

Having said that, its more than likely not necessary to purchase the most costly mattress you can discover, in most cases.

Expensive doesnt always equal better! Whats more vital is that you find the very best mattress for your particular requirements.

We have listed 3 alternatives for you in the budget area of this short article if budget plan is a top priority for you.Regarding mattress products, for basic pain in the back consisting of the lower back and hip pain, some sources specify that mattresses made from high-quality latex are the best.

Memory foam mattresses are likewise often suggested for neck and back pain and can provide an excellent level of support and comfort.

Pocket-sprung mattresses are not concerned to be as good as a latex or foam mattress for neck and back pain.

Soundasleep Dream Series Air Mattress

Who said mattresses have to be limited to the bedroom? The SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress is perfect for any room in your house, with a dreamy night of sleep. The angled side seams prevent rolling off the edge, while 40 internal air coils provide extra support and durability. The patented 1-Click internal pump makes inflation and deflation quick and easy. And with its in-home design, its ready to go whenever you are!

If you are looking for a mattress that can be used as a temporary solution to sleep while watching TV or doing homework on the living room floor, then this product is right up your alley. This is a great portable air mattresswith an efficient inflator and deflator. Moreover, its bottom provides extra firmness and stability during sleep.

The Dream Series Air Mattress has air in its internal coils, which provides the highest support quality. The internal air coils are supposed to provide support and durability without being too firm or too soft. This portable air bed can be deflated quickly with a one-click system located at the bottom side of the mattress.

What I Like

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Our Recommended Foam Mattress Puffy

If you would choose a foam mattress then our leading option for neck and back pain is the Puffy Mattress.

The Puffy is made from numerous layers of high-quality foam and uses a medium firmness level. These mattresses are also designed to offer extraordinary pressure relief.

The Puffy mattress has a low-density memory foam layer, that makes the sleep surface extra comfy.Then the Puffy mattress will likely be a fantastic choice for you, if you are a lightweight sleeper, combination or side sleeper.

If you are a much heavier individual, then you might do much better with the Idle Sleep Latex mattress, above, or the Haven Premier mattress, listed below.

If you sleep on your stomach then take a look at the Amerisleep AS2 mattress, likewise below.

Amerisleep As2 Hybrid Mattress

Top 5 Best Firm Mattress (for Your Back)
  • Type: hybrid
  • Height: 12 inches

Amerisleeps AS2 Hybrid mattress combines the pressure-relieving benefits of memory foam with the support of pocketed coils. The result is a medium-firm mattress that contours to your body and relieves pain-causing pressure points.

The company says its proprietary memory foam is more responsive than traditional foam, so you dont get that stuck sensation if you tend to roll around while you sleep.

The mattress comes with a 100-night trial period and free shipping and returns. It also has a 20-year warranty.

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The Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

  • Price: $
  • Type: hybrid
  • Height: 14 inches

Sleepers who go from their side to their stomach to their back can end up with low back pain if the mattress doesnt adapt to their changing sleep shape.

The DreamCloud mattress features gel memory foam and individually wrapped coils. Together, they gently contour to your body and eliminate pressure point pain to keep your body properly supported, no matter how youre sleeping.

DreamCloud comes with a full 365-night trial, and the mattress is guaranteed for life.

Best For Side Sleeper: Lucid 10 Hybrid Queen Mattress

Lucid 10 hybrid bed mattress is the bamboo charcoal implanted bed mattress which helps eradicate smells and drags away humidity from the skin while resting.

This mattress is normally hypoallergenic and its constructed with excellent changeover bed foam. The foam is implanted with natural Aloe Vera that assists your body to rest in a soothing and comforting atmosphere while endorsing smell free freshness.

Using Lucid 10 youll receive a moderate plush experience with the natural coils, memory foam, and transition foam which create the smooth and mild feel and also an equally balanced coating of assistance.

This memory foam mattress is backed with a long warranty that protects against manufacturer defects. You will also receive a 100-night risk-free trial in a case that you are unsatisfied with the mattress.

Key Features

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Look At The Quality Of The Spring Support Core

Whilst the firmness setting and the materials used in the upper comfort layer will have a significant impact on how comfortable you will feel in the mattress, its actually the much thicker support layer that will have the largest impact on how well your back is supported.

Going for a high-quality hybrid spring mattress goes a long way towards ensuring that youre getting a mattress with a good level of support.

But more specifically, you should consider the coil type, coil gauge, and the coil count as follows:

Coil Type

For the best possible support for your back, look for individually encased coils because they will adapt more precisely to your body shape to help you attain the best posture and minimize motion disturbance.

This contrasts with the coils used in traditional spring mattresses that are often connected and therefore dont adapt as precisely and transfer movement more easily .

Coil Gauge

Mattress coil gauges typically range from 12 to 15 with 14-15 offering a mattress with more give and a gauge of 13 or lower contributing to a firmer mattress.

Lower coil gauges are often better around the edge of the mattress to improve edge support and guard against sagging.

Coil Count

For a queen-sized bed, look for a coil count of at least 400 to ensure that there are enough springs in the mattress to help keep your back supported and maintain good posture across the entire surface area of the mattress.

Saatva Solaire Adjustable Mattress

Best Mattress for Back Pain 2021 – Our Top Picks To Help Relieve Your Back Pain!

Saatva is a company that offers what they call the perfect mattress with luxury comfort, pressure-relieving support, and breathability. They are able to provide this level of quality because their mattresses are customizable with 50 precise firmness settings on both sides. This allows the customer to adjust the mattressto their exact preferences while still experiencing Saatvas luxurious feel.

Another reason for Saatvas success is its patented foam system, which combines latex and memory foam properties for increased moldability and durability. The result is a cooling mattress that will keep you cool during warmer months while also providing deep support when you need it most.

The Saatva Solaire is a popular hybrid mattress that combines memory foam and latex to provide you with a cooling hybrid mattress. Its available with adjustable firmness levels and various sizes. The bed comes with a 25-year warranty and a 180-days sleep trial for added comfort and support.

What I Like

  • The Saatva Solaires construction is unique compared to other beds on this list as it uses a more hybrid approach than most other hybrid mattresses do.
  • The Saatva Solaire adjusts to your personal preferences. Because the mattress uses adaptive foam technology, it will mold to the specific contours of your body, relieving pressure and providing you with optimal comfort. This makes it one of the best mattresses for back pain sufferers and pregnant women.

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What To Look Forward To

The 13½-inch-thick WinkBed in Luxury Firm, a pick in our guide to the best innerspring mattresses, was recently redesigned: The company replaced the microcoils in the top layer with polyfoam and added more support coils to the lower layer. We previously recommended this medium-firm innerspring as a good option for back-pain sufferers who prefer a billowy surface. Were planning to test the redesigned WinkBed soon, and we will update this guide with our assessment of how it may now work for back-pain sufferers.

Kelli Pate contributed to this guide.

Find Your Perfect Supportive Mattress With Texas Mattress Makers

So, is a firm mattress better for your back? Not necessarily. Like weve said before, it all depends on you. Every sleeper has a unique set of needs and personal preferences that can be catered to with the right mattress. You can easily find a supportive mattress but still have it feel the way you want it if you have the right components in the support layer. We recommend that you visit our showroom so that we can test out different mattress types and comfort levels so that you leave with the most supportive mattress possible. If you cannot come to one of our five showrooms, then you can also chat with our experts on our website.

Texas Mattress Makers offers quality mattresses handmade right here in the state of Texas. Unlike other manufacturers, our passion lies in helping you find the perfect mattress that will last you a lifetime, not just a few years.

You can shop by either comfort level, mattress type, mattress size, or budget, or come and visit any of our convenient Houston locations today!

More Beducation by Texas Mattress Makers:

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Best Mattresses For Back Pain Of 2021 2022

Selecting the best mattress for back pain can certainly be the big difference between worsening and relieving the back pain.

If you experience chronic pain, shoulder pain, lower back discomfort, or simply all three, this is important to get the top mattress for the back pain which offers enough support and assists relief.

Although people may ignore the value of a great mattress, the reality is, an excellent mattress can both enhance the quality of your life and worsen that.

If you are resting on an uncomfortable, old mattress, youll not just have to withstand sleepless nights, still also the irritating back pain which comes with this.

If you have visited this post, possibilities are you are thinking about having a completely new mattress. Thats a great choice, as a good, new mattress can be the top remedy for the back pain difficulties.

For making your decision simpler, we have decided to provide the list of presently top mattresses on the marketplace.

We consider this list will definitely help you coloring an image of exactly what you want and how various types of the mattresses can prevent and relieve back pain. Here is the list of the top 15 mattresses for back pain.

This TUFT and NEEDLE Queen Original Mattress for Back Pain is a two-layer, simple foam bed along with a hassle-free design that does not compromise quality.

The best mattress which matches that desire is the Adaptive T& N Foam.

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