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How To Build A Mattress Foundation

Better Mattress Foundation: Platform Beds Vs Box Springs

Wooden Foundation Assembly Video

Though they have a higher upfront cost, consumers who invest in a quality platform bed can save money in the long run for the same reasons we discussed with non-platform wood foundations. They wont break down over time like box springs do.

And depending on the exact model you choose, you may not have to worry about spending more money on a headboard and footboard. Most platform beds come as one unit, meaning the headboard, footboard, and bed frame are all attached as one unit. Keep this in mind as youre considering how much platform beds cost.

Assembled Mattress Foundation With Legs


A mattress foundation is the best way to improve the circulation, height, and support of your bed for a better nights sleep, making it important to consider when you are making any new mattress purchase. The foundation helps to give your bed support and maintain shape. When searching for a mattress foundation, you will need to take into account such things as size, height, and shape. Youll also want to consider the materials your foundation is made from, as materials like metal could catch on your mattress and leave tears, while materials like wood are known for being sturdy and long lasting.

The best way to get your mattress foundation is fully assembled! Sleep Essentials offers several options for fully assembled and shipped mattress foundations. That means you can enjoy an elegant foundation in your bedroom and a more supportive nights rest without the hassle of assembling the foundation yourself. Our team of experts will easily handle the assembly of your foundation and have it shipped to your doorstep via FedEx.

A poor foundation could mean that you need to replace your mattress a lot sooner than you were hoping. By adding a pre-assembled foundation to your mattress purchase from Sleep Essentials, you are helping to protect your sleep investment.


Benefits Of A Mattress Foundation

The benefits of a slatted mattress foundation are as boundless as your nighttime imaginings. They include:

  • Surreal sleep time support The compact designs of mattress foundations support your mattress, while still allowing for added bounce.
  • Expansive compatibility Many types of mattresses fit within mattress foundations. Whether its a memory foam mattress, an innerspring mattress, or a hybrid mattress, slatted foundations give all types of cushions a place to sleep.
  • Swift assembly and takedown Consisting of only a few key components, mattress foundations are easily assembled and disassembled in a matter of minutes. The assemblies are often toolless, needing only a few pushes and tugs to complete the framework.
  • Dreamy durability Over time, box springs foundations break down, caused by wear and tear of the coils. In comparison to box springs, slatted foundations support a firm sleep for longer periods of time.
  • New heights Pairing your mattress with a foundation gives it an extra lift. Mattress foundations keep your comforters and sheets far from the dirt and grime collecting on bedroom floors. They also create adequate airflow to avoid a case of mildew mayhem.
  • Mattress stabilization The form-fitting structure of a mattress foundation keeps your mattress in place during long nights of tossing and turning. While you may travel to far-off lands in your dreams, a mattress foundation ensures youll still be in the same place when you wake up.

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How To Raise A Box Spring 3 Simple Methods

A box spring is a type of bed base that is widely used to provide a solid foundation for a mattress. Traditional box springs are typically made of a wooden frame that has an innerspring system and is covered in fabric, but modern box springs usually dont contain any springs. The primary purpose of a box spring is to absorb body weight and provide firm support for the mattress. Box springs will increase the height of your bed and may make it easier to get in and out of bed if your bed is low. However, you may want to raise your box spring to increase your beds height even more. But how do you raise a box spring, and how long does a box spring last?

To raise a box spring, try these tips: first determine how much you want to raise your box spring, add slats to your bed frame to raise your box spring a few inches, put the box spring on top of a thick bunkie board for more height, make a custom platform out of plywood for significant changes in box spring height.

The height of your bed can have a significant impact on how well you sleep and the way you get in and out of bed on a daily basis. While a low bed may not be not an issue for children or for people without mobility issues, elderly people might have serious problems if the height of their bed frame or mattress is not suitable for them. For more information about the difficulties elderly people may face when getting up from a low surface, see this study.

Do I Need A Box Spring For My Mattress Your Top Alternatives Revealed

Today I saved $150 by building my own bed foundation ...

If youre in the market for a mattress and wondering if you need a box spring, then this article is for you

The short answer is no, you dont need a box spring for your mattress! What you need is a foundation, which doesnt necessarily have to be a box spring. In fact, youll be happier if you choose a box spring alternative instead.

If you read until the end of this post, youll have all the information you need to make an educated decision on what bed foundation will best protect your mattress investment.

Why do you need a mattress foundation?

Without a proper foundation, your mattress will sink and become uncomfortable. But whats even worse than the lack of comfort this sinkage causes is the lack of support. If your mattress doesnt evenly support your body as you sleep, then youll likely wake up in the morning with aches and pains. When it comes to lack of support, boxsprings are a primary offender.

There are several box spring alternatives that will provide a better foundation for your mattress to rest on. Alternatives like platform beds, wood foundations, and adjustable beds are longer-lasting than boxsprings. Using one of these alternatives means youll have appropriate support and firmness for your back throughout the night.

So even though box springs used to be considered a practical and functional part of your beds setup, they have become largely outdated. There are better options to choose from now! But you may be wondering

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Building Your Own Mattress

It’s easy! Select from the parts below, add it to your cart and watch your mattress build as you add another component. You can then compare with any mattress on web if you know how it is made. The main advantage of do it yourself is the Zipper cover, where you can change or adjust your mattress with different components.START BY SELECTING ANY IMAGE, Select componet, and add each to cart.

Step 1: Support Layer

Option 1: Quantum® Edge Elite Pocketed Coil

Quantum® Edge Elite is a pocketed coil unit that gives consistent support to the edge while actively responding to your body’s natural movements. The Quantum® Edge Elite also has strategically placed comfort zones to help support the back, hips, and shoulders while helps to absorb your partner’s movements. This pocketed coil system is 2% more durable and bends 24% easier than foams, which makes it perfect for adjustable bases. Innerspring also transfer heat efficiently than foam and is more refreshing with initial contact.

If you would like additional information about our pocketed coil, check out the full product page here.

Option 2: Dunlop and/or Talalay Latex

If you would like additional information about our latex, check out the full product page here.

Step 2: Comfort Layer

Option 1: Dunlop Latex

If you would like additional information about Dunlop latex, check out the full product page here.

Option 2: Talalay Latex

If you would like additional information about Talalay latex, check out the full product page here.

Why A Good Foundation Matters

A supportive bed base is just as important as the mattress itself. Like weve mentioned, an appropriate base can make the difference in keeping a mattress warranty valid. Foundations ensure that mattresses are properly supported and increase their longevity. They also allow for the customization the height of the mattress and provide air circulation benefits for cooler sleep. Lastly, they act as a protectant by raising mattresses away from dust, dirt, and mold.

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How To Choose The Best Mattress Foundation

When choosing your mattress foundation, there are a few things youll want to pay close attention to. Some might be more important to you than others, but ultimately you should be searching for something that offers supreme support for your comfort and well-being.

Pain is not beauty when it comes to mattress foundations, so make sure youre prioritizing things like comfort and durability rather than aesthetics. Most of these foundations will be hidden under bed skirts or covers anyway.

Here are some factors that might influence which type of foundation you ultimately choose:

Choose Your Mattress First

How to Assemble the BedInABox Mattress Foundation- with Review

The type of mattress you have, or want to buy, will help determine which bedframe will suit you best. Certain mattresses work best with certain types of foundations, and most mattress brands will recommend foundations for you to consider. The size of your mattress also plays a role in the amount of support youll need. Larger mattresses, like a queen, king, and California king, need more support in the center to prevent them from sinking.

If you dont want to deal with a separate frame and foundation, look for a platform bed, or make sure your foundation provides as much lift from the ground as you desire.

Make sure your mattress properly fits in your frame or foundation too big and your mattress will shift and slide around, too small and you wont get the necessary support and could even slide your mattress out of the frame throughout the night.

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Recapping This Box Spring Alternative

In the world of mattress foundations, ready-to-assemble wood foundations provide the best bang for your buck. When compared to a box spring, they provide more ventilation, last longer, and look better. If you decided to buy one, make sure the wood is made from premium white pine instead of cheaper alternatives. Doing so will protect your investment and make you wonder why you ever even considered a boxspring in the first place!

I recommend wood foundations as the best boxspring alternative for most folks, but if a modern-looking bedroom is extremely important to you, then you may want to keep reading. With a little extra money to spend on a high-quality mattress foundation, you may find exactly what youre looking for in a platform or adjustable bed.

Different Types Of Sleep Foundations

While a bed foundation is necessary, a bed frame isn’t always, as long as there is enough surface area to support the span and weight of you, your mattress and your bed springs. Keep in mind though, if you ditch the bed frame, you are missing out on a ton of storage space underneath, not to mention the added height it gives your mattress foundation. There are several different types of foundations to keep in mind, typically depending on the type of mattress you prefer.

Before selecting your new foundation for your bed, make sure to check the warranty and speak with your mattress provider. Speaking with a specialist will ensure that you are getting the right foundation to fit the needs of your specific mattress. All in all, any foundation is better than the floor!

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Mattress Foundation Vs Bed Frame What Do You Really Need

The terms mattress foundation and bed frame are often used interchangeably. However, mattress foundations and bed frames are different things. A mattress foundation is the surface on top of which a mattress rests, usually on top of a bed frame: its purpose is to support your mattress and your body as you sleep and to protect and increase the lifespan of your mattress. A mattress foundation is essential for some types of mattresses, such as memory foam and latex mattresses. A bed frame, on the other hand, is the portion of a bed that surrounds the mattress and holds it up off the floor. Bed frames often consist of four side panels, legs, a headboard, and a footboard, but many of these features are optional. However, you may be wondering what some of the other differences between mattress foundations vs. bed frames are and what you really need.

The main difference between mattress foundations vs. bed frames is that mattress foundations are usually placed on top of a bed frame and provide a flat and sturdy support surface for mattresses. Some bed frames have mattress foundations built-in. You need a mattress foundation if your bed frame doesnt have built-in support like slats or a bunkie board.

Youll Hear Me Go On And On About This One Tool Throughout The Build But I Honestly Cannot Give It Enough Praise

Wood Mattress Foundation

You may wonder why we would spend the money on something like this when we could have just swung a good old hammer around?

It was a massive time saver!

This one tool easily shaving days off the overall build, allowed us to nail in places where we just could not swing a hammer and best of all its cordless .

I highly recommend getting one for your build and you can always sell it afterwards if youll not need it again.

That was my initial plan but Ive found Im always building something at the cabin and this has made those projects so much easier and faster.

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Use A Mattress Foundation

You can make your bed higher with a mattress foundation. Foundations are a type of low to the ground bed frame with a solid surface for your mattress. They also protect your mattress from sagging and increase the life of a mattress. Moreover, you can get a bit of storage space under your bed.

If you tend to sleep warm, foundations can help cool down your bed. Thats because they allow airflow under and around your bed.

Simple Traditional Bed Frame

Cost: $75 $100

This lovely creation from Ana White does NOT come with pictures, only Google Sketchup blueprints. If that is a deal-breaker then I would suggest finding a similar bed on this list, there should be plenty

The headboard is a bit specific though and really sets the look of this bed, careful planning will be required here.

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How Do Adjustable Beds Improve Aches And Pains

Its no secret that raising your head up as you sleep has big benefits for both snoring and sleep apnea. So if you have these problems, keep an eye on adjustable beds because they may just solve your nightly annoyances.

People with lower back pain are typically advised by doctors to invest in an adjustable bed because of the superior support these foundations provide the spinal column. More support for your spine can lead to fewer body aches.

According to Spinal Health, adjustable beds can help relieve a number of back back conditions, including but not limited to degenerative spondylolisthesis, osteoarthritis, and spinal stenosis. If you have any of these issues, then please consult a doctor before ordering your new bed.

Newer adjustable models now have unique lumbar support features where the adjustable base helps raise the mattress to support the lumbar area of your lower back. This helps tremendously if you have lower back pain. Truly amazing technology!

Because adjustable beds raise your feet with the push of a button, youll love this mattress foundation if you suffer from foot pain, ankle pain, or even restless leg syndrome.

Raising the bottom section of the base provides a slight incline, which takes pressure off your lower body. Then whenever you desire, you can lower it back down to a flat position.

Is A Mattress Foundation The Same As A Box Spring

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Mattress foundations and box springs are different in construction and durability, though they may look the same from the outside.

A box spring is a wooden box with heavy coil springs that take some of the load off of your mattress. Also made with metal, a torsion module foundation works similarly to a box spring, but instead of coil springs it has torsion bars, which are heavy wire bars typically bent at 90-degree angles . Both are covered with fabric so they have an upholstered look.

True box springs work perfectly well for most traditional innerspring mattresses, but they aren’t supportive enough for today’s heavier foam, latex and hybrid beds. Box foundations, on the other hand, look like a traditional box spring unit from the outside, but instead of springs, closely spaced wood or metal slats extend across the bed from side to side, creating a surface that can better support heavy mattresses. A box foundation is still covered with fabric, so it has the same appearance as a box spring.

Box foundations vary in height. Most are 8″ or 10″ tall, but you can also find 4″ or 6″ low-profile versions, handy if you have an extra tall mattress but don’t want to be so far off the ground.

You can place a foundation right on the floor, or on a bed frame of your choice, depending on the look you’re going for.

Below: Box foundation

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