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Cube Pillow For Side Sleepers

Who Should Try The Pillow Cube Pro

Pillow Cube Review: An Oddly Shaped Pillow for Side-Sleepers
  • I agree with the makers of Pillow Cube this is a great pillow for side sleepers. As a side sleeper myself, I found that my head was nicely supported.
  • Side sleepers with neck pain should definitely check this pillow out. It will help keep your neck in line with the rest of your spine, which helps prevent neck and back pain.
  • Back and side combination sleepers should really like the Pillow Cube Pro. Unlike the original Pillow Cube, which is cube-shaped, this pillow has a rectangular shape so you can easily toss and turn without moving the pillow.
  • Hot sleepers should be happy with this pillow. Its made with a breathable cover and its foam is designed with cooling in mind.

What Makes Your Product Special

Designed by side sleepers for side sleepers, every part of this amazing pillow is crafted to give you the best sleep experience of your life. The cube shape perfectly fits in and supports the 90° space between your head and neck, aligning your spine. We use a Proprietary Cooling Memory Foam Core to keep you cool all night long so youâre not flipping the pillow to find the âcoolâ side.

What Pillow Materials Are Best For Side Sleepers

Based on our hands-on tests, weve noticed that the best pillow fill materials for side sleepers include memory foam, latex, buckwheat hulls, and other components that offer sufficient support without feeling too firm. However, the amount of comfort a pillow offers side sleepers depends on a few other factors. The most common pillow materials are outlined below.

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What Size Pillows Are Available

The most popular pillow sizes are standard, queen, and king. However, some manufacturers offer additional sizes to accommodate sleepers with different preferences. The following table lists facts and figures for the five most common pillow sizes. For the dimensions column, please note these are average measurements that will differ from brand to brand.


How Does Pillow Cube Work

Pillow Cube Side Sleepers Kickstarter

The cube design of this pillow means youre sleeping on a right angle. That might sound uncomfortable, but it actually allows your neck to remain perfectly aligned with your spine when you lie on your side.

A good supportive pillow is a key component when thinking about proper sleep and body alignment, explains Darlene Flores, a chiropractic physician, about finding the best sleep products. You want to look for a pillow that assists in maintaining the curvature in your neck while sleeping on your side or on your back.

According to Samuel Spillman, DC, of Balanced Chiropractic & Physical Therapy in Charlottesville, VA, side sleeping is the optimal position for spinal health. Pillow Cube also describes side sleeping as the healthiest option, purporting that it improves circulation, reduces acid reflux, provides better REM sleep, and reduces snoring.

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Does The Pillow Cube Get Hot

The memory foam core of the Pillow Cube is made of temperature-regulating Comfort CarbonTM material, which battles heat retention. My husband is a hot sleeper who often prefers cooling sheets and pillows, and he attests that he doesnt need to flip this pillow during the night.

However, the microfiber pillow case made for the Pillow Cube can trap heat. This is a nuisance considering that the unique shape of the pillow doesnt lend itself well to standard pillow cases with which to swap. But Pillow Cube does make a silk pillow case to solve that problem.

Pillow Cube Vs Tuft & Needle

Another pillow thats made of a solid piece of foam is the Tuft & Needle pillow.

Both the Pillow Cube and the Tuft & Needle pillow have a 5 loft, so they should be able to keep your head elevated during the night.

The Tuft & Needle pillow, however, is a custom cut piece of aerated foam and is the standard shape for a pillow. This makes it a good option for people who tend to toss and turn. Back sleepers should also find the support they need in this pillow. The Pillow Cube is ideal for side sleepers.

The foam thats used is Tuft & Needles proprietary Adaptive Foam, and it feels much more responsive than the traditional, slow-moving memory foam found in the Pillow Cube.

While the original Pillow Cube doesnt feature anything specific for cooling outside of a breathable cover and temperature regulating foam, it does come in the Ice Cube option. The Tuft & Needle pillow has foam infused with graphite and cooling beads which will pull heat away from your body. Its also perforated with holes for airflow as well.

Who Should Get the Pillow Cube?

  • Strict side sleepers
  • Fans of slow-moving memory foam

Who Should Get the Tuft & Needle Pillow?

  • Hot sleepers

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How Did You Come Up With The Idea For This Product

I was tired of unsatisfying side sleep. I would have to bunch up, fold, and stack pillows just to get the neck support I needed. I was determined to find the solution for all side sleepers. A friend of mine told me about how Japanese side sleepers used wooden boxes to align their spines. I loved the stability and support these early models gave me, but I didnât like pulling splinters out of my neck. I decided to create something supportive and soft.

How Does The Pillow Cube Work

Pillow Cube Pro Review – Best Pillow for Side Sleepers? (Giveaway!)

Most pillows are rectangular with a knife-edge or gusset edge. The Cube Pillow is all 90-degree angles. The reasoning behind this design is that you can bring your shoulder right up to the thick edge of the pillow for optimal neck support. Anyone with neck pains can attest to the benefits of a supportive pillow. With the cube pillow, you get the best support for your head and neck to take the pressure off your shoulders. There are other side sleeper pillows on the market with a similar concept but instead of a cube shape, they cut a crescent into the pillow to tuck your shoulder into.

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Who Is The Pillow Cube Not Good For

  • Stomach sleepersinstead, try the lower loft Belly Sleep pillow, designed especially for stomach sleepers
  • Combination sleepersinstead, Layla pillow has a more responsive memory foam feel that can also be adjusted to your primary sleeping positions
  • Those with broad shoulders instead, the Coop Eden pillow comes overstuffed with a 9 loft plus, you can add extra fill for a firmer feel.

How To Find The Right Size Pillow Cube

Essentially, you want to figure out how much space there is between your head and mattress when you’re lying down. You want your neck aligned with your head, not curving up or down. A video from the company suggests putting your head on a stack of books and adding and subtracting books until you find the right height. You then measure the stack to find your pillow cube height. Mattress firmness also factors into the equation.

When I emailed the company about testing a sample, they simply asked for my height and mattress firmness. The pillows come in three heights: 4-, 5-, and 6-inch.

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Heavyweight Sleepers Over 230lbs

As a heavier person myself, I think the Pillow Cube is a great choice for heavier side sleepers. I didnt feel my head sink too far into the foam, so I still got a good amount of support.

Heavier back sleepers may be able to compress the foam more, and could sleep comfortably. But ultimately, it would be better to find something with a lower loft.

Its a similar story for stomach sleepers. You could compress the foam enough, but again, Id really not recommend this for stomach sleepers of any kind.

Which Pillow Cube Should I Choose

Pillow Cube Pro

The original Pillow Cube and Pillow Cube Pro are made of the same supportive memory foam and polyester-spandex pillow case. The only difference is sizing. The original Pillow Cube has more of an actual cube shape thats 12 x 12, while the Pillow Cube Pro looks more like a traditional pillow with 12 x 24 dimensions.

Strict side sleepers should fare well on the original model, but those who move from their sides to their back will want the wider Pro. You can choose from different heights to make sure you get the right pillow for your body type. The original is available in 5 and 6 lofts, and the Pro comes in 4, 5, and 6 lofts.

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What To Consider When Purchasing A Pillow For Side Sleepers

In your research for a pillow that is compatible with side sleeping, youll no doubt come across pillow manufacturers who claim their products are suitable for all sleep positions, or that their pillows construction and materials offer universal comfort for all sleepers regardless of body type or personal preference. These marketing claims are misleading. Each pillow is uniquely designed to provide a distinct feel. Given the demands of different sleep positions, any pillow you select will be better suited to some sleepers and less so for others.

Rather than using marketing jargon to guide your pillow search, focus on the following attributes instead.

Can You Sleep On Your Back On The Pillow Cube

Some back sleepers may find enough comfort and support on the Pillow Cube. However, this pillow was specifically designed for side sleepers, so it may not work for back sleeping depending on your body type.If youre a back/side combination sleeper who spends most of the night on your side, the Pillow Cube could work!

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Does The Pillow Cube Work For Hot Sleepers

My Pillow Cube experience wasnt a toasty one, but theres no getting around the fact that the Pillow Cube is a solid chunk of memory foam. As such, it may not be the best fit for hot sleepers. The company does offer a cooling pillow upgrade, so check that out before completely giving the Pillow Cube the cold shoulder.

Look Inside The Pillow Cube

Pillow Cube | The Best Pillow for Side Sleepers

Youd be forgiven for mistaking the Pillow Cube for a yoga block or funky throw pillow. It doesnt look like a regular pillow, but thats the trade-off for designing one of the best pillows for side sleepers.

The Pillow Cube is made from a single piece of high-density memory foam with a medium-firm feel. The foam compresses quite a bit, and it feels denser with increased pressure. Without the pillow cover, the foam has a grippy, doughy feel.

The pillow cover is made of quilted polyester and spandex. It feels a lot like the material used to make sports jerseysa little slippery, but soft. Personally, Id want to use a pillow case over the cover, since I never was a huge fan of my old rec soccer jerseys. The company sells a collection of funky pillow cases designed especially for the Pillow Cube .

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What Should You Try Instead

Just because you sleep on your side doesnt mean you need a special side-sleeping pillow, Kirschner said. In all the pillow tests weve conducted at Wirecutterwith dozens of people representing different body shapes and sleep positionspillows aimed at a specific sleep position almost never performed well, even for the targeted type of sleeper.

We think the most important thing is to find a pillow that can be customized to fit your bodys needs, even as those needs change from night to night . If you switch positions as you sleep, or you like to fluff or bunch up your pillow to make it feel just right, any solid foam pillow will probably be a challenge for you. Everyone has a multitude of different sleep angles that amount to a fingerprint in terms of uniqueness, Chhatre told us. He added that the ideal pillow, even for side-sleepers, allows you to adjust more than simply the height. We agree, and over years of testing, our sleep panelists have typically preferred pillows with removable filling that let you tweak the height, the density, and even the shape . We have plenty of recommendations in our pillows guide to help you find the right fit.

Its Sleep Week at Wirecutter! Read more about the best Sleep Week deals on our expert-recommended mattresses, bedding, and more for your bedroom.

Further reading

Pillow Cube Review Overview

The Pillow Cube is not a traditional pillow! Making its debut in 2019, it made us rethink the way pillows could look and how they work. Made by side sleepers, for side sleepers, the Pillow Cubes unique shape will be a natural fit for this sleeping position.

Since its debut with the Pillow Cube classic, also known as the Sidekick, its launched the Side Sleeper Pro, and a cooling pillow cleverly called the Ice Cube. For this review, I received the classic Sidekick. Heres a quick overview to see who will enjoy this pillow and who might not enjoy it:

Who Might Like the Pillow Cube Sidekick:

  • Side sleepers

Who Might Not Like the Pillow Cube Sidekick:

  • Stomach sleepers
  • People who prefer down or down alternative pillows
  • Side sleepers who toss and turn

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Whats The Best Way To Use A Pillow Cube

Pillow Cube is designed specifically for side sleepers. For stomach sleepers or back sleepers, this might not be the ideal pillow for you.

Side sleeping is generally better for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea, which are problems that can affect those who mostly prefer sleeping on their sides.

It also helps neck and spinal alignment so it can reduce pain by supporting your head instead of putting pressure where there isnt any support already present.

If you do choose to use this as a top layer pillow because of its squishy feel, it wont be as supportive as a memory foam option, but if you want to invest in a solid pillow, this should be your top choice.

Depending on where you prefer additional support, the Pillow Cube works best for side sleepers if placed under the neck or between the knees. It provides good compression when using directly on your body but not as much lift as other memory foam options.

How High Should A Pillow Be For Side Sleepers

Best Pillows for Side Sleepers

A loft of at least four inches is a side sleeper’s best bet in maintaining neutral spine alignment. That elevation relieves pressure on the shoulders and keeps your head at a nice upward angle to prevent neck strain and maintain a healthy posture.

Firmness matters, too. Regardless of whether the stuffing is down, down alternative, gel, polyester, memory foam, or some unique combo of a few, your pillow needs to be firm enough to keep its shape throughout the night and buoyant enough to keep your 10-pound head afloat instead of sagging down in the middle. Sturdy fill also has a way of puffing up around the area being pressed down, keeping your head still and up on its side.

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Pillow Cube Vs Eli & Elm

One of our favorite pillows for side sleepers is the Eli & Elm Side Sleeper Pillow. With side sleeper in its name, its one of our best pillows for side sleepers. But whats different about it when compared to the Pillow Cube?

To start, both pillows have a fairly unique shape to them, with the Pillow Cube being a cube, and the Eli & Elm pillow being a U shape. This shape in the Eli & Elm pillow perfectly accommodates your shoulder. Likewise, the Pillow Cube was designed to fit your shoulder more naturally, too.

However, the Eli & Elm is full of polyester fibers and latex noodles. Youre able to unzip the inner lining of this pillow and take out or add in fill as needed to adjust the height. The Pillow Cube is just a solid piece of foam, so theres no way to adjust the height here.

Because of those latex noodles and polyester fibers, the Eli & Elm pillow feels much more responsive than the Pillow Cube. The cube is a single piece of slow-moving memory foam so youll sink into it a little more.

The Eli & Elm might be a good option if you toss and turn at night due to its length. The Sidekick is better for side sleepers who stay put at night. But if you prefer the slow-moving feel of foam, you can always opt for the Side Sleeper Pro cube.

Finally, in terms of price, the Sidekick is a bit more affordable than the Eli & Elm.

Who Should Get the Pillow Cube?

  • Fans of slow-moving memory foam
  • Side sleepers who tend to stay put during the night

What Else Should Side Sleepers Look For In A Pillow

No one is expecting you to switch pillows every time you change sleeping positions. But if you know you’re a diehard side sleeper for a decent portion of your eight hours, or you’re a pregnant person who must now navigate doctor’s orders to sleep on your side, shopping with these features in mind could decrease your middle-of-the-night fluff and flip sessions.

Once you find a good loft and firmness, you can start shopping based on personal preference:

The prices listed are the starting prices for each pillow, but know that most of these will increase if you buy a bigger pillow . Here are the best pillows for side sleepers and side binge-watchers in 2022:

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Can You Use A Normal Pillowcase With The Pillow Cube

Technically you can, but the excess material just kind of flops around, looking sad. It’s probably not a huge deal for most people, but it’s something to be aware of if you make sure your bed looks picture-perfect every morning.

Also, Pillow Cube’s website says the pillowcase and outer cover are machine-washable, but the instructions on the pillowcase’s tag said to hand wash. I put it in the washing machine on cold, and it still fits.


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