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Can A Memory Foam Mattress Go On A Box Spring

Why Have A Box Spring

Do I Need a Box Spring for my Memory Foam Mattress?

So there are a few reasons that people have historically bought box springs. Yes, they provide additional support , but they also bring up your bed to a desirable height. Its not always fun to have to creak out of the most comfortable mattress, and then prop yourself up to get up some people just want to swing out of bed and start the day.

For those people, a box mattress is a good idea. It will keep your bed at the height you desire, and it will create a level surface for your mattress to lie on. The added support and height isnt required, but sometimes people enjoy configuring their bedding in this manner. If you like some verticality when you snooze, maybe having a box spring is for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adjustable Beds

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Gel Memory Foam Mattress

A gel memory foam mattress is made out of the same material that you might find in inserts made for your shoes. This type of memory foam is great for those require a little bit of extra support.

Its also perfect for those who find themselves feeling overheated when sleeping on a typical memory foam mattress. Gel memory foam doesnt have the same heating effect of traditional memory foam and can keep those sleeping on it cool and comfortable.

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King Size Bed Foundation

76 inches by 80 inches

A king size mattress is excellent for couples who are looking for more space. Kings offer enough room to accommodate both you and your partners needs, but they do require a larger bedroom to comfortably fit. Since the standard US bedroom is 11 by 12 feet, a king bed leaves little room around the bed for movement or additional furniture. A master bedroom may be more suited for this size mattress.

Do You Need A Box Spring Or A Solid Foundation With A Foam Mattress 11 Inch Designed to Sleep Tencel Infused Memory Foam ...

All you need for your foam mattress is a solid base. Closely laid wooden slats, a metal base, a bunkie board, or even the floor will all do just fine in place of a box spring. That said, if your box spring is rigid and firm , it should be okay to use with a memory foam or latex mattress.

Typical foundations on the market today are either steel frame and steel frame/wood slat combinations or come with a nice zippered cover, and a solid wood top or even tacked cardboard. They are ideal for memory foam or latex mattresses because they provide a solid, uniform bottom for the foam cores. The less give you have, the better.

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What Mattress Is Best For A Slatted Bed

Most mattresses can rest on a slatted foundationincluding memory or latex foam, hybrid, or innerspring beds. If you have an innerspring mattress and prefer to use a box spring for height, just be sure the foundation can support the weight of the box spring and the mattress.

Because slatted foundations dont add height, only support, if you have a memory or latex foam mattress, or a hybrid, it is best to pair a slatted bed with a bunkie board. Bunkie boards provide both support and height without the use of a box spring.

It May Make Your Bed Uncomfortably High

For generations, traditional beds have been mainly composed of a couple of essential components the foundation and the mattress itself.

A foundation is the mechanism or support base that sits beneath a mattress. To make your memory foam mattress work properly, you need a solid and sturdy foundation.

The foundation has three major purposes:

  • It creates a flat and hard foundation, allowing the mattress to lie in a horizontal position.
  • The foundation helps reduce mattress wear as well as absorbs some of the impact caused by body weight.
  • The foundation raises the whole mattress to a pretty convenient height, so people can, with greater ease, get in and out of bed.

So, when you add a new memory foam mattress on top of an old one, youre adding more elevation to your bed. A 4-inch foam mattress may make your bed so high that you might need to use a stool to get up on it.

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Can Bedbugs Hide In Memory Foam

Emphatically yes!

Just as I stated earlier on, bedbugs are the one things that can bring your mattress to total ruin if you arent careful, and most times they come from outside.

They dont just happen on their own.

Like I stated earlier on, great care should be taken when spending the night outside the confines of your home so that you dont bring them back with you from your journey.

Dont Allow Regular Jumping On Your Mattress

Lucid 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress & Metal Box Spring Replacement Review!

I often got in trouble with my mum while growing up, and its only now that I am grown that I now see reasons for her being so mad at me.

If you have kids at home, try as much as possible to ensure that they dont jump on the mattress.

This can cause permanent sagging to your mattress due to the sudden and unnatural pressure that comes with it.

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What Is A Box Spring Anyway

If you’re unfamiliar, a box spring is the fabric covered metal or wood structure that sits beneath your mattress. On the inside, it’s often constructed with bars or slats that span the entire width or length of the frame, providing an even surface for your mattress to rest upon.

A box spring serves a few different functions:

  • Provides an even and sturdy foundation for your mattress
  • Absorbs impact from movement
  • Allows the user to customize the height of the bed

Despite the array of mattress foundation options, if you like the idea of having a box spring, there are a few different types you can consider.

More Box Spring Alternatives

When youre shopping for the best foundation for a memory foam mattress, youll have a range of options. There are platform beds, panel beds, and adjustable bases, to name a few.

Just remember to check that your choice has the support a memory foam mattress needs. You might also want to check the height of the under-bed area, to calculate the amount of storage space the bed provides.

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What’s Special About Latex Mattresses

Latex is far more bouncy than memory foam . It is also much firmer. There are two different types of latex used for mattressesânatural and synthetic. Synthetic latex mattresses have a bit less bounce and may feel more similar to memory foam.

Pros of latex mattresses:

  • Natural latex is all-natural and easy on the environment, making it a great choice for environmentally conscious people.
  • Latex mattresses have lots of little holes punched in them, helping to promote air flow and keep the bed cool while you’re sleeping.
  • This increased air circulation means latex mattresses are less prone to developing mold and bacteria.

If you’re considering latex, the Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress is an excellent choice. It’s a bit pricey, but the quality is very high and the components are all naturalâ100% natural latex foam, organic wool, and organic cotton.

Can I Put A Memory Foam Mattress On Top Of A Box Spring

Morpilot 10 inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress/bed in a ...

A night of good quality sleep is crucial for everyone to keep their physical and mental health in check, and theres no denying that. When you start to search for mattresses or box springs, you will find many available options along with combinations of box springs and memory foam mattresses. Also, there will be a lot you need to consider too before placing the order. This is why visiting a mattress store where you can talk to sleep experts and buy the best box spring is suggested.

Traditionally, mattresses come with box springs but do memory foam mattresses come with box springs, or you need to buy both separately? These questions are not too hard to answer but lets discuss the characteristics of memory foam mattresses and what is a box spring.

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Traditional Foundation Vs Box Spring

Traditional box springs are built with wooden frames, steel springs, and widely spaced slats. The slats absorb movements by reacting to weight and evenly distributing pressure, preventing sagging and wear in the mattress.

When a memory foam mattress is placed on a box spring, the box spring flexes, causing the bed to sag in the middle, rolling sleepers toward one another.

Box springs coils are spaced more than 2.75 inches apart, which can cause the memory foam mattress to dip below the coilsthis leads to unevenly distributed weight and premature disintegration.

Foundations are sturdy structures with evenly spaced slats or a solid platform. Unlike box springs, foundations dont flex under weightthis prevents the mattress from bending in the middle. Bed slats and box springs have advantages and disadvantages.

Can You Put A Memory Foam Mattress On The Floor

You can place a memory foam mattress directly on the floor, but we dont recommend it. Placing your mattress right on the floor makes it more susceptible to dirt, germs, and moisture build-up, and moisture within your mattress can damage its foam layers and cause premature deterioration. While placing your mattress on the floor works as a short-term solution while you find a bed frame, its not the best long-term set-up.

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Do Memory Foam Mattresses Need A Box Spring: Conclusion

If you want to get the most out of your memory foam mattress, then it will need to be placed on a solid and heavy foundation. Some box springs are fine as long as they are well-made, solid and dont have huge amounts of space between the slats.

While you can strengthen your box spring by adding a bunkie board, its best to use a solid or slatted bed frame that is designed to work more efficiently with an all-foam mattress. Your sleeping position doesn’t effect this either, so whether you have a bed designed for back sleepers or you have a mattress for side sleepers, the approach is the same.

While box springs are the ideal fit for innerspring mattresses, providing breathability, support and minimizing motion transfer, if youre thinking about making the switch to a memory foam mattress, you might want to invest in a new bed frame at the same time.

This neednt be expensive, and plenty of brands offer discounts when you buy a bed frame and mattress together. You should be able to use your new frame with all types of mattresses, including memory foam and innerspring, making it a worthwhile investment in the long run.

Some brands like Nectar and Casper say their all-foam mattresses work with every bed base including box springs, so we’d recommend checking with the manufacturer to see whether your chosen memory foam mattress can be used with a box spring. This information is normally found in the FAQ section.

Is It Okay To Put A New Memory Foam Mattress On Top Of An Old Spring Mattress

Do You Need A Box Spring? – Everything There Is To Know!

By: Author Harris

Memory foam mattresses have become prevalent in bedrooms as people seek for solutions that will help them improve their quality of sleep. If youre thinking of buying a memory foam mattress for yourself, have you thought about what youll do with your old mattress?

One of the first questions that come up is whether it is okay to put a new memory foam mattress on top of an old spring mattress. The simple answer is yes. Doing so shouldnt adversely affect the benefits you would get from sleeping on a memory foam mattress.

However, there are some considerations that you should be mindful of. Read on if youre interested in learning about the pros and cons to sleeping with both an old spring mattress and a memory foam mattress.

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Using A Traditional Box Spring

Furniture and bedding experts tend to agree that a box spring is not necessarily needed for a memory foam mattress.

The primary benefit of a box spring is that it absorbs the movement from the sleeper. However, memory foam is already designed to absorb the shock of a sleepers movementand minimizes any disturbance this may cause.

As far as memory foam support, any type of bed frame that keeps the mattress supported will help keep its shape over time. You dont necessarily need a box spring in order to do this. However, you can use a box spring as the foundation for your mattress in order to ensure that it lasts as long as possible.

Have The Wood Cut According To Size Beforehand

It can be quite a hassle to cut the wood yourself. Unless you are a veteran carpenter or if you have the right tools, it is highly recommended to have the wood cut beforehand.

The lumber company can do the cutting for you. Furthermore, you will be sure that all the measurements are strictly followed and you will not have to worry about wasting wood because you havent cut it to the right measurement. It can certainly help if you have prepared the measurements beforehand. Here is a chart that you can use.


Chart source: MoneyRhythm

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Using A Box Spring For A Foam Mattress

So why exactly can’t you use your old box spring? According to Casper, the slats on older box springs are too far apart to support the weight of a foam mattress, and that lack of support can cause it to sag. Instead, you need a platform with slats that are much closer together.

Casper’s redesigned box spring, “The Foundation.”

Casper sells The Foundation, a redesigned box spring that’s made to sit on a normal bed frame. It has slats that are closer together to support the Casper mattress.

Some other mattress companies, like Nectar, suggest that you actually can use your existing box spring to support a foam mattress, as long as it is supported by a metal bed frame, like this.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that most companies will encourage you to buy their brand-specific product to support the mattress, which of course, is advantageous for their bottom line.

Even if you’d rather skip buying another product, it may be worth considering getting a new platform because of the warranty issue. To be safe, check the warranty on your new mattress and verify with the company that the platform you decide to use will not void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Buying a new foundation from your mattress company isn’t the only way to support your new mattress. You can also create a flat surface with a bunkie board or a piece of plywood. Nectar has step-by-step instructions on how to do that.

What Is Box Spring

Can You Put Memory Foam Mattress On A Box Spring

As the name suggests, it is a huge box with many springs inside it and with some type of fabric on top. Box springs have been bought and used since the beginning of the 20th century when innerspring mattresses were on the rise . The strong base made of a wooden or a metal box with springs in it and wrapped in fabric, placed between the mattress and the frame, could slow down sagging significantly, prolonging the life of mattresses.

People choose box springs not only as a preventive measure for sagging: they are often used to add some height to the mattress/bed or to absorb shock if sleepers tend to move a lot in the sleep.

A box spring is usually placed on a wooden/metal bed frame connected to a headboard and footboard. The term box spring is often mistakenly used to describe a mattress foundation it is somewhat a misnomer in the modern world but it is widely used and people have got used to it.

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Can I Put A Memory Foam Mattress On A Sheet Of Plywood

After buying a memory foam mattress, the next question that arises to mind is its proper foundation. What should be the support base that sits underneath a memory foam mattress made up of?

To be precise, whether you are using a memory foam or a latex mattress, all require a solid, undeviating foundation to work suitably. You can choose from Box springs such as wood and steel springs or Foundations like wooden slats, a Bunkie board, or even the floor.

If we talk specifically about memory foam, we should always go for a solid base in place of a box spring, like Closely laid wooden slats, flat plywood surface, a metal base, a bunkie board.

Can You Put A Memory Foam Mattress On A Slatted Base

As mentioned earlier, memory foam mattresses are pretty heavy compared to traditional mattresses. It means they require more support. There are different types of foundations that can be used for memory foam. One of them is a slatted base.

A slatted base a type of foundation that can be used on a bed frame to create support. It sits at an excellent height off the floor, and it has a clean, modern look.

The technique is to place the wooden planks by spacing them evenly below the mattress. This ensures the mattress aligns the back correctly and the memory foam wears evenly.

The slats should be screwed or placed no more than 2-3 inches apart or less. Make sure that the slats are close together. Here is to noted that plywood could also be used over the slats to create that solid, uniform bottom if your mattress is big.

Further, slatted base foundations for memory allow mattresses to breathe. And maintain a good level of air circulation. This type of foundation is easy to assemble and available in Full, Twin, Queen and King.

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