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Which Futon Mattress Is The Best

Top 5 Futon Bed Reviews

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Now that you have an idea of what to consider when purchasing a futon mattress, lets have a look at some of the best options currently available on the market.

Editors Choice

The Mozaic Trupedic is our choice for Best Budget futon mattress. This product offers the benefits of a top-quality mattress but at a price well below the competition for consumers on a budget.

The mattress is 8-inches thick and features a foam build wrapped in cotton with an upholstery-grade polyester cover on the outside. For those looking for a locally made product, the Mozaic Trupedic is also made in the USA.

According to their site, the company believes futon mattresses dont have to be boring, and this product comes in a stylish dusty blue color that should accommodate varied home decor aesthetics.

Why we chose it

  • The mattress is listed as medium-firm, which means it should be an ideal fit for back, stomach, and side sleepers a convenient option for those who plan to also use their futon as an overnight bed for guests.

Mozaic Queen Size 12 Thick Futon Mattress

The Mozaic Futon Mattress offers you options, but no matter what you pick, you get a 12-inch thick futon ready to give you or a guest a restful night of sleep. First, you need to pick the queen-size mattress color of your choice, and you have tons of choices. From grays, blues, and brown, you can find the neutral color you need to coordinate with your living space.

Good sleep comes from padding, and this mattress has plenty! Its filled with polyester, foam, cotton fiber, and polyester all inside a durable cover made of upholstery-grade polyester. Add in lace-tufting to help give the mattress a sofa-like appearance, and you are ready to sit or sleep as you wish.

The 60 x 80 x 12-inch mattress is ready to sit on a futon frame of your choice and add a little weight to your living room as it weighs 79 pounds. You do need a queen-size futon, so make sure you have the right size before purchasing. Now any room in your home can become a guest room. The only downfall of this futon mattress is the slightly high price, but its a small sacrifice for 12-inch of comfortable padding.

Au Natural By Epic Furnishings

Right off the bat, Au Natural lets us know that this mattress is intended for those who prefer a firm mattress. It contains 14 inches deep of cotton thats pressed to make a six to eight-inch-thick mattress. All their beds are hand stuffed with great attention to detail.

Inside the mattress is 100% cotton. They use long fiber cotton, which is said to last longer and provide more durability. The short fiber cotton tends to bunch up, especially when it gets hot. This material will stay even to allow for a more comfortable rest over time.

The main issue that some people may have with this mattress is due to its stiffness. Its a highly firm mattress that works well in the seating position, but if you prefer to sleep on something softer like memory foam, youll end up wanting to purchase a topper for it.

We could not find any information about warranties or sleep trials on Amazon.

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Can You Flip Or Rotate It

Japanese futon mattresses can be flipped, rotated, folded or rolled up

Most futon mattresses can be rotated and flipped if needed, but it depends on the design. For instance, some have an attached pillow that might then be put to the bottom of the mattress if you flipped it. Even the three layer designs that have more of a firm middle tend to have the softer layers on either side, making them suitable for flipping. Generally-speaking, you can do whatever you see fit with your Japanese futon mattress, flipping and rotating are absolutely fine.

Choosing The Best Futon Mattress

Want to sleep like a baby? Here is the best mattress technology of 2020 ...

Please Note: This Post Contains Affiliate Links

Since starting The Sleep Shop Inc, we’ve had the chance to test dozens of mattresses and futons. It’s tricky for consumers to get that sort of hands-on experience when shopping for a mattress, so ultimately, they go with the first choice they see that they sort of like.

The following are our picks for the best futon mattresses. To decide which ones made this list, we looked at things like durability, value, comfort and ease of transport and storage.

According to our tests, the best futon mattress is the Amerisleep AS1. This incredibly flexible and durable mattress works great on a normal bed frame or a futon frame. It stays in place and delivers next-level comfort for a futon.

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How Long Does A Futon Mattress Last

A good quality futon mattress should last for several years. However, it is important to rotate the mattress regularly to ensure even wear. Futon mattresses typically last for around eight years if they are used regularly.

However, this may vary depending on the type of futon mattress you choose and how well you take care of it.

What Are The Different Types Of Futons

There are a variety of futon mattresses available on the market. Some of the most common types include cotton, wool, foam, and latex futon mattresses.

Cotton futon mattresses are affordable and breathable but they may not provide enough support for some people

Wool futon mattresses are very durable and offer a lot of support

Latex futon mattresses offer excellent support and are very comfortable

A combination of different types can give you a more precise match to meet your needs.

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How Can You Make A Futon More Comfortable

The best way to make a thin futon mattress more comfortable is to top it off with a mattress topper, featherbed, or layers of comforters to put more space between you and the hard frame. You can also add a fitted sheet to make it feel more like a real bed, and of course add plenty of pillows for lumbar support and blankets. To maintain a comfortable futon, Woosley says to “regularly plump and manipulate cushions to maintain shape when converting back from a bed to a seated position.”

Best For Lightweight Sleepers Mozaic

Best Mattress – The Top 10 Most Comfortable Mattresses!

Read our detailed review


  • flippable design, can be a great space-saving solution for smaller rooms
  • plush poly-cotton cover, can be used without bedsheets
  • memory foam comfort layers for proper cradling
  • wave-shaped foam for increased breathability and cooler sleep
  • tufted with cotton twill for extra padding and improved temperature regulation.

The next option on my list of the best futon mattresses for sleeping is designed by Mozaic. This heavenly soft model has a supportive foam core and, thus, suits petite sleepers perfectly. The Mozaic futon is sturdy enough to promote neutral alignment during sleep. However, this mattress has a plush feel, which means it can offer gentle cradling for lightweight sleepers who often experience sharp pressure points using firmer futon mattresses.

Next, the Mozaic is a reversible model. It combines two comfort options in one and gives sleepers more chances to find their perfect sleep setup. This also means the Mozaic futon mattress will develop natural wear and tear later than other one-sided models.

I also appreciate the fact that this mattress does not sleep hot. It has a breathable core , and the padding promotes airflow too. The thing is, the Mozaic uses thin fibers. They allow the air to move freely, which can help with temperature regulation during sleep. As a side sleeper who experiences a deeper hug, I appreciate this aspect greatly.

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Disadvantages Of Japanese Futon Mattress

Depending on your lifestyle and living environment, the futon mattress may not fit. Here are the main disadvantages.

Easy to absorb house dust

House dust collects on the floor. The disadvantage is that if you lay a futon directly on the floor and sleep, you will inevitably inhale them. Some say that people with allergies and delicate children should sleep in a bed.

Raising and lowering is a burden

For some people, the daily lifting and lowering of futons become a burden. Futon mattresses are not suitable for people who do not want to put a strain on their legs. Since it is difficult to raise and lower, it is often left on the floor. If this happens, moisture may build up and mold may form. Especially when the floor is flooring, it is difficult for moisture to escape, so be careful.

Low durability

Duvets made of cotton or wool fibers have some aspects that are less durable. In particular, mattresses may lose their cushioning properties depending on their weight. If you value comfort, you should be aware that replacement costs may be high.

The floor gets cold

Some people sleeping on futons have a cold and spicy winter. The reason is that the cold air from the floor is easily transmitted. Especially in flooring dwellings, you will feel cold. Another reason is that warm air tends to collect on the floor, making it difficult to heat the futon mattress near the floor.

Easy to grow mold

Artiva Usa Home Deluxe 8

A bitexpensive yet luxurious futon mattress is the Artiva USA Home Deluxe.Manufactured in the USA, Artiva Home Deluxe is the best option for a strong and qualityfuton mattress. Some of its prime attributes are:

  • Inner Spring Construction: This makes sure a comfy experience with the mattress combined with unmatched durability.
  • Lace Tufted: The 23 lace tuft ensures the correct posture maintained.
  • Colour Options: The cover can be changed and the perfect design combination can be used to suit your room décor
  • Expensive: It cannot be ignored that Artiva futon beds as compared to many other futon mattresses are a bit expensive and may not be a suitable choice for consumers looking for affordable futon beds. We can assure you the extra bucks are worth it.

Our observation remains completely positive. Even though Artiva is a bit high priced, still it has features that suitably justify the extra bucks you spend.

The soft and comfy top plush is what we really loved and there are absolutely no questions about Artivas durability. This mattress is designed for rough and tough usage over many years.

Why YouShould Buy it?

Ease of Use: The mattress is very convenient to use. The color combination can be easily changed by modifying the top cover. The futon mattress can be folded or used in a flattened position with no trouble at all

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You Might Want To Pick The Home Life 8

  • You are on a budget: Its hard to beat the price of this futon mattress given its level of customer satisfaction. If you are a student, on a budget or just want a cheap guest bed, this is the one for you.
  • You like an innerspring feel: Like the Serta Cypress bed, this mattress is great for those who arent fans of all foam beds and who like the supportive feeling of its individually pocketed, innerspring coils.
  • You like a lightweight bed: For a double sided, innerspring bed, this mattress is surprisingly light at 60 pounds, making it almost half the weight of the Serta bed. If you have to move the bed frequently or if you are going to be converting back and forth from a bed to a sofa, this might be a good choice for you.

Serta Cypress Double Sided Innerspring Queen Futon Mattress

Bought a queen Purple 4 Hybrid Premier Mattress, the purple pillows ...

A well-recognized name in the mattress world, you may be surprised to learn that Serta also makes a futon mattress.

The Serta Cypress Double Sided Innerspring Queen Futon Mattress is a great option for those who like the feel of an innerspring mattress, but want to use a futon frame.

As well, since the bed is backed by the reliable Serta mattress brand name, it is a good option for customers who are previously familiar with the brand and dont want to take the risk on an unknown company.

Like the previous mattress, the Serta Cypress is 8 inches high and has boxed edging, for a mattress-like look and feel. However, unlike the previous two beds, this mattress is built with innerspring construction and surrounded by foam layers on either side, making it double sided.

If you like the bounce and support of innerspring, youll enjoy the the four-inch-high springs at the centre of this mattress, which is surrounded by two, one inch layers of foam and another inch of Sertas Cottonique cotton/polyester batting beneath the cover.

However, if you are concerned about motion transfer and share your bed with another person, innerspring might not be the best choice.

Machine lace tufting further adds to this beds regular mattress like look and customers are reporting that it does indeed feel just like a regular bed, with a lower profile and it works great on a futon frame, at its true to queen size.

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Honorable Mention Futon Mattress

Mozaic Trupedic Full Size Futon Mattress: available at

Our take: This is a comfortable choice for those who enjoy a firm mattress.

What we like: When folded, this mattress doesn’t slip or slide out of place. It’s straightforward to set up and easy to change between couch and bed positions. Plus, it’s reversible due to its dual gel layers.

What we dislike: It needs a couple of days to air out when you first receive it.

Catherine Bushen is a writer for BestReviews. BestReviews is a product review company with a singular mission: to help simplify your purchasing decisions and save you time and money.

BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. BestReviews and its newspaper partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

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Tips For Buying A Futon Mattress

When you are buying a futon mattress, it is more or less the same as buying a mattress for your bed. It has to be comfortable, supportive, and resistant to allergens. However, a futon mattress has to have some of the characteristics that a regular mattress does not have. You, therefore, must also consider the following factors when buying:

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Serta Sycamore Convoluted Foam & Cotton Futon Mattress

Our seventh-best futon mattress is another Serta, the Sycamore Double Sided Convoluted Foam and Cotton Futon Mattress. Like we mentioned before, Serta is an expert in the sleep and mattress industry with a stellar reputation for delivering quality, comfortable products.

The Serta Sycamore is 8 inches of heavenly comfort. It is composed of two layers of convoluted foam, with an additional four inches of Cotton/Polyester Fiber Padding. This futon mattress comes in five colors, in a full or queen size, and is offered at a very reasonable price. The Serta Sycamore is made in the USA, made of CertiPUR foam,

This mattress is advertised as having a medium feel, which back sleepers may find uncomfortable. If youre a back sleeper, consider our number four ranked futon mattress on this list as well. This futon mattress is delivered to your door in a box, and the manufacturers warn that it may take up to 48 hours to fully expand. They also recommend turning this mattress over every couple of months to reduce wear and tear and to prolong its lifespan.

Dont Forget About The Frame

Best Mattress – Counting Down The Top 10 Beds!

A futon frame is an essential component that can either boost the strong sides of the mattress or completely wreck them. And here are the main things to consider to choose the right frame:

  • Materials. You will likely choose between wood, metal, or their combination. Wooden frames look sturdier and more luxurious, but they also tend to be heavier and bulkier, and may break down easily. Metal frames are typically made of hollow steel tubes and have a more compact construction while remaining durable.
  • Construction. Most futon frames are foldable and can save you some space. If you plan on using your futon sofa in the living room, its better to look for a compact frame design that will allow you to easily switch between the sofa position and the fully reclined one. Plus, be sure to pay attention to the spacing of the slats on your futon frame. Regardless of the frame material, the slats will offer you the best support if theyre around 2.5-3 inches wide .
  • Value for money. You probably dont want to place a luxurious futon mattress atop a cheap frame or vice versa. They just wont pair very well, and a cheap foundation can make your mattress wear out sooner, which doesnt contribute to cost-efficiency in the long term.

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About Japanese Sleep Traditions

If theres one word to describe the Japanese, it would be minimalism. From their food down to their art down to their sleep system, the Japanese people have perfected the art of minimalism through centuries of practice. Excess is a word that is not a part of the Japanese vocabulary.

The Futon is the Japanese traditional style of bedding. It does not only mean a mattress. A futon set is made up of shikibuton , kakebuton , mofu , tatami and a sobakawa . Simple, to the point that it is almost poetic, every single part of the futon set serves an ultimate purpose and one cannot work without the other.

The Japanese people of today have continued on the centuries-old tradition of sleeping on the floor. This is partly because of space, tradition and the fact that a lot of Japanese families share sleeping spaces. In very old Japanese houses, bedroom floors are actually made out of tatami, a type of fiber made from marsh rushes . This acts as both insulation and protection.

The Japanese way of life has hold sway over the western world for quite some time now. The Marie Kondo boom only cements that fact. Studies have even shown that sleeping on the floor can help those who suffer from back pain. From what weve seen, the Japanese sleep tradition is here to stay.


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