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Can You Put A New Mattress On An Old Base

Can I Keep My Old Box Spring

How To Install The NEW Tempur-Pedic Ergo Adjustable Base
  • Keep your existing box spring. Usually, your current box spring is in perfect condition, and yet ends up heading to the local landfill. Why? Because you buy the set, likely because the salesperson told you the warranty is voided if you don’t. However, if your set is less than 15 years old, your current box spring is in perfect condition and perfect for that new mattress. The majority of box springs on the market are made of solid wood and/or metal, unyielding and breathable, the perfect foundation for a mattress. And unless you broke it or it’s squeaking, there is no reason to not use your existing box spring. In fact, save the money and the space in a landfill and spend some of that savings on a good mattress protector or encasement to keep your new bedding free of dust mites.
  • A slatted platform. Nowadays box springs are nothing more than a rudimentary platform bed with fabric covering it. One of the more recognizable foam manufacturers actually uses a simple solid wood box covered with fabric. A platform bed is a perfect foundation for today’s mattresses. They are stable, breathable, and sturdy. Make sure the slats are no more than 3-4″ apart and that the slats themselves are no more than 3-4″ in width. This ensures proper air flow and prevents mold underneath the mattress.
  • When Is It Time To Replace The Base

    When we replace a car tyre, we know that its wise to have the tyres aligned in order to make them last longer. Its the same with a mattress and base.

    An old wonky base should be replaced when you buy a new mattress because a damaged base can drastically decrease the lifespan of the mattress. Unlike slatted and platform bases, the greatest risk of aged bases is often the traditional box-spring type because you cant see what state the inner coils are in.

    If the base squeaks or creaks or sags noticeably, its probably time for a new one. With slatted or platform bases, check that everything is still as it should be there are no bowed slats, and no splits.

    It may not be necessary to replace the base every time you buy a new mattress, but do keep an eye out for signs that it may be time for an upgrade.

    Factors Influencing Mattress Lifespan

    A variety of factors influence the longevity of a mattress. A cheap $250 bed will degrade much faster than a luxury mattress, for example. Some key factors that impact mattress replacement guidelines include:

    Mattress Material The materials used to manufacture your bed greatly influence its durability. Lower-quality innerspring and all-foam mattresses tend to have the shortest lifespans, as they are prone to sagging and body impressions respectively. Hybrid mattresses are also prone to these issues, but since theyre often sold as higher-end options and made with higher-quality materials, they tend to be more durable. Latex mattresses are the most durable, lasting upwards of 8 years

    Depending on the material, there are a few good ways to predict durability. For innerspring and hybrid mattresses, look for a lower coil gauge . For mattresses with foam, look for higher foam densities . Finally, make sure youre getting natural latex rather than synthetic latex.

    Maintenance & Care Like any other product, a mattress will last longer if you take good care of it. This means rotating your mattress every 3 months or so and utilizing a mattress protector.

    Children & Pets If you share your bed with small children, or with animals, its likely that you will need to replace your mattress more frequently. In addition to the extra weight, both pets and children are more likely to cause stains and/or damage to the mattress.

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    Squeaky Bed Bases And How To Fix Them

    Bedsteads are notorious for turning squeaky after a period of time. This is especially true in the metal bedframe versions. This is because when the bed is first put together all the screws are tight and the frame is held together securely.

    You’ll need to periodically tighten each screw or to install small rubber washers in every joint when you put the frame together

    Mattress Myth 5 A Mattress Should Be Flipped Every Few Months To Keep It In Good Condition

    Can You Put A New Mattress On An Old Box Spring?

    Most mattresses today are made one-sided, which means they should never be flipped. So, how can you ensure maximum enjoyment of your mattress and reduce body impressions?

    • Sleep in a variety of positions and places on the mattress so the entire surface compresses evenly.
    • Rotate your mattress monthly for the first 6 months and quarterly after that.

    Please note: when you first start sleeping on your new mattress, rotate every two weeks for the first two months. And remember that body impression is normal up to 1 ½ inch and not a structural defect. The upholstery materials are conforming to the weight and shape of your body, which is a good thing.

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    Know Your Top From Your Tail: Types Of Bed Bases

    A good bed base is the foundation of the bed and supports the mattress.

    What you probably dont know is why the base is so important: the base ensures the right level of support and ventilation.

    Support in the base is essential because the mattress is only as good as its base. Ventilation is important because it extends the life of the mattress.

    In the sleep system, the mattress needs the base, and well, the base needs the mattress. They work together in harmony to give you a good nights rest.

    Now, you can choose between eight different types of bed foundations, but the most common are:

  • Box-spring base
  • Two Basic Types Of Mattress Foundations

    There are two basic types of mattress foundations in the mattress world today: box springs and foundations.

    • Box springs are, for the most part, a combination of wood and steel springs that act like shock absorbers for a traditional innerspring mattress.
    • Foundations are a more solid structure, for use with memory foam or latex mattresses, and are typically a solid wood top or wood-slatted system with a cover.

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    Just How Do I Stop Me And My Partner Rolling Together Into The Middle Of The Mattress

    The solution to your problem relies on its root cause, so you must first identify whether your mattress, bed base, or frame is at fault.

    Let’s tackle it from the top down. Have you replaced your mattress in the last eight years? An old mattress wont be up to the task – your tossing and turning will have sapped its strength and support, especially if there’s two of you. When your mattress has had its day youll notice your quality of sleep going downhill.

    Rolling together can also be down to having the wrong type of mattress.

    If your coils are intertwined, such as in a standard Bonnell coil system, your combined weight can cause your mattress to sink down, whatever its age. They will often cave towards the centre and sag. In which case, your knight in shining armour may be a pocket sprung mattress, whose springs work independently, for a spine-supporting sleep.

    However, even a brand new mattress can roll together if it’s not properly supported by a quality bed base. If you dont have the right bed base your mattress may dip under the weight of two people.

    If everything seems fine, you may be left scratching your head as to what the problem is. In this case, it could be that your mattress is simply too heavy for the bed frame – which can also cause you to roll together into the middle. If you’ve bought a new mattress, but not replaced your old bed base, then this may well be your issue.

    Mattress Myth 3 The Right Mattress Will Prevent Tossing And Turning

    Can an Adjustable Base Fit Inside my Bedframe?

    Babies start rolling over in their sleep at around 4 months of age and by adulthood, were moving as much as 75 times a night whether its a simple twitch or a full-out roll. We move during the night to alleviate pressure point pain and to reduce stress and strain on our backs and joints. A good mattress will reduce how much you move at night by providing pressure point relief, which will allow you to slip into deeper, healing REM sleep.

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    What Type Of Foundation Is Best For Memory Foam And Latex Mattresses

    With over a decade of experience in the mattress industry, I’m here to help you decide which mattress foundation is best for you.

    Should you use a foundation or a box spring under your memory foam or latex mattress?

    I’ve been in the mattress industry over a decade, and the #1 question I hear from people is, “What type of foundation or support base should I use with my memory foam or latex mattress?”

    As most of you know, a foundation is the support base or mechanism that sits underneath a mattress. Both memory foam and latex mattresses require a solid, uniform foundation to work properly.

    Buying A Mattress For Your Adjustable Bed Online

    We dont tend to recommend buying online as you wont be able to get a true feel for your mattress. We recommend you do thorough research about the product and also about the company. This will ensure that youre buying a quality product.

    One of the important considerations when buying a mattress for your adjustable bed online is the return policy. If the product is not suitable for you or your adjustable bed, its important to know you can return it without any hassle.

    Its also worth looking into whether the seller has any aftercare service built into your purchase of the product. Having this in place can be incredibly valuable should your needs change or you have a problem with the mattress further down the line.

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    Size Of The Mattress And Base

    It all starts with the sizing.

    If you are buying a queen mattress, it will not fit on a twin-sized base. This is the basic foundation of your decision and it has to be thought of in advance.

    If the size isnt right, you will know it is time to buy a new base for your mattress. Otherwise, it is going to become unstable and/or unusable.

    Another factor to account for will be whether the base can hold the new mattress even if it is the right size. Sometimes, there are design elements of the base that dont work well with a new mattress.

    This can include where the support is located on the base and how that support is measured.

    Will Not Using A Boxspring Foundation Void My Warranty

    Can You Put A New Mattress On An Old Box Spring?

    Finally I must say I am a bit puzzled by the warranties on mattresses these days. Years ago when most were two-sided mattresses the manufacturers said to use them on a Full-flexed boxspring. The story was that the boxspring did a large portion of the work making the mattress last longer and kept your mattress within the warranty requirements. Now with the new fire code #1633 most mattresses are one-sided and put on a semi-flex spring or rigid wood foundations. We are now told they will last just as long. It kind of makes you wonder if someone is pulling our leg.

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    Can You Put A New Mattress On An Old Box Spring

    Posted on May 12, 2021

    Disclosure: We may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

    We can all agree that the bed is the most important part of the bedroom. Its even in the name! It can be a daunting task purchasing a new bed as it comes with all sorts of questions. One of these questions being, can you put a new mattress on an old box spring? We’ve researched the purpose of the box spring and how to use it correctly for your new mattress to get the answer.

    You can, in fact, use an old box spring with a new mattress. However, doing so will be in violation of the mattresses warranty. Keeping this in mind, some mattresses are recommended to be used without a box spring at all. There are also many different alternatives, these days, to using an old-fashioned box spring. Dont need that old box spring anymore? Well, theres plenty of things you can do with one!

    Learning more about the relationship between box springs and mattresses can end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. You may even end up with a unique mattress set you wouldnt have been able to think of before. Please keep reading as we delve into the compatible box spring and mattress pairings.

    Thick Bed Frame Slats

    The bed frame slats are recommended to be at least 19mm thick. Please refer to the manufacturers warranty for the recommended measurements for your mattress. This can eliminate any flexing or bowing from the weight of the mattress and the weight of the persons on the mattress. When the mattress is flexing and not being supported correctly, it will more likely have a reduced level of performance compared to a correctly supported mattress.

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    Are Metal Or Wood Mattress Bases Better

    Most mattress bases are either metal or wood, though both have their advantages and disadvantages.

    Metal is lighter than wood, though it can creak and is vulnerable to rusting if the paint seal wears down. However, metal is less vulnerable than wood to bugs, water damage, and fire.

    Wood provides extra mattress support, is available in several different styles, and is more eco-friendly. However, wood is susceptible to decaying and can begin bending after years of use. Its also heavier, making it difficult to transport.

    Timber Slats Are Evenly Spaced

    How to set up the New Tempur Ergo Adjustable Base

    Ensure the bed frame timber slats are evenly spaced with no more than 70mm in between support slats. This will assist with the mattress getting an even level of support and assist in reducing the mattress appearing and feeling lumpy. Pocket springs can be smaller in diameter than mattresses using traditional type springs. It is important that the springs are being supported by the slats to provide the mattress with the right level of support.

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    Do I Need A Box Spring

    If you have a foam or hybrid mattress, you should not use a box spring. Because box springs dont have a solid surface, they do not provide a good foundation for the mattress to rest onsome warranties actually prohibit the use of a box spring. For mattresses containing foam, we recommend a solid foundation or a bunkie board, which we will discuss further down.

    If you prefer an innerspring mattress, these are still typically sold with a box spring. But an innerspring mattress is sturdy enough on its own that it doesnt require a box spring. However, box springs do provide additional height.

    Do Mattress Bases Come In Different Heights

    Mattress bases are between 4 to 18 inches in height. Bunkie boards are a low profile option, while box springs and platform bed frames are high profile.

    Ideally, your mattress and base should be tall enough so when you sit at the edge of your bed, your feet are flat on the floor and your knees are aligned with your hips. This way, getting in and out of bed is as easy as possible.

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    When Should A Box Spring Be Replaced

    A box spring should be replaced every 8 to 10 years. However, it is recommended to use your best discretion regarding the state of your box spring, meaning ensuring it is still in good condition and not damaged in any way.

    It is also best for the mattress placed on the box spring in question to lay evenly and flat without sagging off the sides to provide the most support. If these criteria are not met, replacing your box spring before the eight-year mark would be within your best interest.

    If you feel any discomfort that seems out of place due to your fancy new mattress fitting your needs, you may want to re-access your box spring. You may even want to reconsider what type of foundation for your new mattress entirely.

    Top 10 Signs You Need A New Mattress

    Mattress Care

    Your mattress is an essential part of your everyday life, and you put a lot of thought into selecting just the right one for you. So it can be easyand temptingto believe that you and your mattress will be together forever. Unfortunately, no matter how amazing your mattress may be, this is one relationship that must come to an end.

    You can expect a good 7-10 years out of a premium mattress, before it eventually succumbs to the wear and tear of supporting your body every night. At that point, it stops providing you with proper support, leading to aches, pains, less-than-stellar sleepand the need to find a replacement.

    But how do you know for sure when you need a new mattress? Here are 10 telltale signs:

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