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Where Is Layla Mattress Made

How The Layla Mattresses Are Made

Layla Mattress Review (2020 Update) – Is Memory Foam Right For You?
  • The Layla mattress is constructed with a cooling cover on the soft side, meant to help keep you cool all throughout the night. The thermo-gel cooling design reacts with body heat and easily expels the heat out of the tops of the mattress. It has a zipper, too, so its easy to remove and wash.
  • The second layer is a copper-infused gel memory foam that provides a soft, plush feel and rapidly cools the body down quickly. It also contains variable support for deep compression areas. The copper infusion also helps with keeping the mattress odor-free and free from contaminants that can linger a mattress over time.
  • The next layer is a max airflow support foam for that deep channeling cooling system. This keeps the mattress cool from the inside out. It also contains surface modification support and plenty of support to keep the mattress firm and durable.
  • The next layer is comprised of a four-inch support core foam provides maximum motion support control. This layer comes in handy if you sleep with a partner that is restless or moves around a lot in the night. You wont feel a thing with this amazing support layer. It contains minimal bounce for a smoother sleep.

Who Is The Mattress Best Suited To

You should love this mattress if:

  • You are light to average in weight. I suggest this mattress is best suited to those weighing 200lb or under
  • You are a side sleeper. The soft side of this mattress combined with the firm support core should give you the pressure relief but soft surface you need to comfortably sleep on your shoulder
  • You like a soft feeling mattress
  • You want a memory foam mattress with a quick response to body weight

Buy something else if:

  • You sleep on your stomach. You need a firmer mattress to ensure you are adequately supported through the hips, where most of your weight goes while you sleep. Something like the Avocado hybrid mattress could work better for you
  • You weigh more than 200lb. I do not think this mattress has enough support for you. You need a firm mattress that has at least 3 inches of comfort layer. Sadly the Layla only has one inch of comfort layer on its firm side. Ive written a post with some much better choices for you. You can read it here
  • You want a slower sink and hug feeling from your memory foam. Read my review of the Nectar mattress instead
  • If you are looking for a mattress to help you with back pain, Layla probably isnt supportive enough. A better memory foam option for you would be Snuggle-Pedic, which you can read about here

Is It Good For Stomach/back/side Sleepers

Since we already shared the construction and performance of Layla Mattress, lets move on to different sleeping positions. Aside from the size and weight of sleepers, each mattress may also feel different depending on your preferred sleeping position. A mattress is not usually one-size-fits-all. One may feel supportive for back sleepers but not for stomach or side sleepers.

The Layla Memory Foam Mattress feels good for back sleepers who weigh up to 230 lbs. However, it feels only fair when it comes to lightweight side and stomach sleepers, and heavyweight back sleepers. Its softer side is not that ideal for medium to heavyweight stomach sleepers. It softer side can also feel less supportive for heavy side sleepers


All Layla Memory Foam Mattresses come with a Lifetime Warranty. The warranty covers sagging concerns that form more than 1 indentation in the mattress. Normal body impressions of 1 or less will not be included in this warranty. It also covers mattresses with a deformed shape and cracked or split foam.

This Lifetime Warranty will only be valid for verified customers who purchased the Layla Mattress directly from the companys official website. Purchases from authorized Layla Sleep marketplaces will be acknowledged as long as you are the original purchaser who uses the product. If the mattress is used improperly which leads to its damages, the warranty will be void.

Free Trials


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How To Use Your Layla Mattress

Here are some bonus tips to help you get the most out of your Layla mattress. These tips are either from the Layla website or gems of information I found from scouring through Amazon customer questions and answers.

  • Layla recommends you place your new mattress on a slat base with non flexible slats to best support the mattress
  • If you intend on putting this mattress on an old boxspring that has lost its spring, you can expect the mattress to sag in the middle
  • Allow yourself at least two weeks of sleeping on your new Layla mattress to break it in. It is only after sleeping on a mattress for a period of time that its true feel will come through, so give the mattress a good try. It can actually take up to 30 days to know for sure. I know it took me 30 days to get used to my new mattress that I bought in January
  • Rotate your Layla mattress once per month for even wear. I usually recommend mattress rotations every 3 months unless the maker says otherwise, and here Layla have advised once per month
  • The cover, with its soft feel and thermogel, should be dry cleaned to retain its feel
  • You wont need to wait 24-48 hours to sleep on your Layla unlike some of its competitors recommend, it will be ready within minutes after you unpackage it. Super quick
  • The Layla Mattress And Your Sleeping Position

    Layla Mattress Review

    Memory foam is suitable for most sleeping positions. As mentioned earlier, the properties of this type of foam is to absorb the pressure of your shoulders, hips, knees while also supporting your lower back. Here is how the Layla mattress performs for different sleeping positions. It should be noted that your body weight is also a factor, and heavier people may require a denser foam than lighter weight people prefer.

    Back Sleepers: The softer side of the Layla mattress is ideal for those that sleep on their back. The extra thickness of memory foam on this side conforms to the natural curvature of your spine and supports the back naturally from the shoulders right down to the base. You will suffer far fewer back problems when you sleep with a natural alignment of your spine.

    Side Sleepers: Again, the thicker layer of memory foam comfortably supports your pressure points: the pressure exerted on your shoulders, hips, and knees. Keep in mind that when you sleep on your side, your body weight is supported by a smaller area of your body than if you sleep on your back or stomach.

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    In Home Test And Layla Mattress Review

    We first completed our Layla mattress review in 2017 and have checked back in and retested it periodically. Most recently we updated it for 2020 and still found the Layla to be a mattress we can strongly recommend.

    Layla was the first mattress company to infuse copper into their memory foam to provide a healthier, more comfortable sleep environment. Layla also gives the consumer a dual firmness option that many people swear by. The dual firmness allows the sleeper to test the best of both worlds with one side feeling more plush and soft while the other side feels more supportive and consistent with a medium firm type feel . Layla also has other interesting features that make it a cost efficient option for a savvy consumer. Check out how Layla stacked up during the review process.

    Layla Mattress: Mattress Construction

    Made in: USA

    Layla is a 10 tall, copper-infused memory foam mattress. By combining different foam types, densities, and firmness levels, Layla has designed a configuration that offers reasonable comfort, cooling, and support.

    The Layla mattress is a flippable mattress available in two firmness options: firm and soft.

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    Heavyweight Sleepers Over 230 Lbs

    Heavier back sleepers should prefer the firm side of the Layla mattress, and they should experience a nice balance of comfort and support. Side sleeping, even larger people should get enough pressure relief on the soft side, but the firm side might not be supportive enough for the majority of heavier stomach sleepers.

    Who Should Buy The Layla Mattress

    Layla Mattress Review – 5 Things To Know (Before You Buy!)
    • People who sleep hot: The copper materials of the mattress keep you cool, so you can enjoy a peaceful nights sleep, even somewhere like Arizona.
    • Those who arent sure: If you are not sure whether you would prefer a softer or firmer mattress, youll see that Layla gives the flexibility to try out both. Many testimonials claim that this is one of the best features of this mattress.
    • Stomach sleepers: With a significantly firmer side at your disposal, this may be an excellent choice for stomach sleepers, especially the hybrid model.
    • Side sleepers: According to some reviews of the Layla Mattress on Reddit, the soft side of the Layla is one of the best things that happened to side sleepers.

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    Getting Our Layla Mattress

    Our Layla Mattress arrived in a box we couldnt figure out how they rolled it tight enough to actually fit in it!

    Theyre made in the USA , and if you order one, it will take 2-3 days for them to build it, then just a few days extra for shipping.

    I LOVE that they didnt build our mattress until it was ordered no sitting around in factories, getting flattened.

    I try to buy American as much as possible, and I knew I didnt want to use a manufacturer that produces their mattresses outside the US.

    Layla only uses the highest quality materials, and since the mattresses are manufactured in the US, they wont go out of stock for long periods like other brands.

    Were trying to be as natural as possible in our home so we try to avoid toxic chemicals as much as possible.

    When I researched Layla before accepting the mattresses, I read that the foams the company uses are CertiPUR certified, and they use with food-based adhesives to attach the layers to each other and non-toxic glues.

    Heres what inside the mattress looks like :

    The mattresses are also made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals, and are formaldehyde-free.

    Layla Mattress Performance For Couples

    If you sleep with a partner youre going to want to consider a few extra factors like motion isolation, edge support, cooling, and whether or not your mattress is good for sex. Take a look at how we measured these factors below.

    Motion Transfer

    Motion transfer is the movement detectable from one side of the bed to the other. Its important for couples because it shows whether or not youll feel your partners movements from their side of the bed on your side.

    To illustrate this motion transfer, I dropped a 10 lb. steel ball from heights of 4 inches, 8 inches and 12 inches and measured the disturbance it caused: the bigger the lines, the bigger the disturbance.

    These are fantastic motion transfer results, which tells me that you shouldnt be too bothered by your bed mates movements in the night. The star here is the thick top layer of memory foam, which works to absorb motion and transfer it evenly across the surface of the bed.


    Couples need a mixture of motion transfer and responsiveness for sex. A mattress that isolates motion well, but still has a bit of bounce is going to be the best mattress for sex. Though the Layla has great motion isolation, overall, this mattress is not quite responsive enough for sex.


    Edge Support

    I think the Layla has . Typically, all foam mattresses dont have the best edge support, so I wasnt surprised by this result, but if youre looking for strong edges Id opt for a hybrid or innerspring mattress.

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    Motion Isolation: Is It Good For Those Who Share A Bed

    If you wake up easily from a partners late-night tossing and turning, motion isolation could be a top concern. Because the Layla is an all-foam bed, it earns generally high marks for motion isolation, or the ability to trap movement on one side of the bed. In fact, the bed made our list of the best mattresses for couples.

    The soft side of the Layla shows just slight motion transfer from one sleep partner to another, especially when a sleeper gets out of bed or adjusts their sleep position. Still, this level of motion transfer isnt enough to disturb a co-sleeper or to force them out of deep sleep.

    An Interview With Layla Sleep Founder Akrum Sheikh

    Layla Mattress Reviews (2021)

    What do a former animal trainer, an accidental shipment of lamps, and a family business have in common? Give up? Well, they all contributed to the creation of Layla Sleep! In the few years since its founding in 2016, bed-in-a-box retailer Layla Sleep has quickly become one of the most popular brands in the industry and Sleepopolis is here to find out why.

    This week, we had the pleasure of chatting with Layla founder Akrum Sheikh, who spoke with us about how he got started in the industry, what his company has planned for the future, and what his personal tips are for getting a great nights sleep. Oh, and be sure to dig into our Layla mattress review when youre done!

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    The Nerds Take: Whats The Bottom Line

    With Layla, you get two mattresses in one: Its perfect for modern shoppers who want a great mattress with a little flexibility. You may be unsure whether a softer or a firmer mattress is what you are looking for, or you may know youll only use the bed for a few years before passing it on to a sibling or a friend.

    Either way, the Layla offers flexibility and a high-quality mattress for a relatively low price. Though the memory foam mattress might not work perfectly for larger people or those who sleep as hot as furnaces, itll be great for back sleepers and anyone who wants a flexible, modern mattress.

    Unique Personal Test Scores

    After 1,200+ hours of testing countless mattresses on the market, weve finely honed our evaluation process to assess the top 14 criteria that mattress shoppers want to know about. We combine methodical testing with in-depth interviews to arrive at our scores, and put our full confidence in the results.

    Mattress Advisor Test
    Total Score for the Layla Mattress: 8.8/10

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    Layla Vs Layla Hybrid

    The main difference between the Layla and Layla Hybrid can be found in the support layer the Layla features base foam, and the Layla Hybrid features support coils. Even with this construction difference, the mattresses are close in terms of firmness and feel. They both have a soft side, a firm side, and a slow-moving feel overall.

    The Layla Hybrid does have some advantages over the Layla mattress because, with coils in its support layer, the Hybrid is more breathable, supportive, and durable than the Layla mattress. However, these improvements do give the Layla Hybrid a higher price.

    Light and medium-weight sleepers and those who dont struggle with sleeping hot can save some money by choosing the Layla mattress. Larger people, hot sleepers, and those who want a longer-lasting investment might want to consider the Layla Hybrid mattress.

    The Benefits Of Copper

    Layla Mattress Review

    You would hardly imagine that a metal would be an integral component of a foam mattress other than an innerspring mattress of course! The copper in the Layla Mattress is infused into the foam and offers four potential benefits. These are:

    Cooling Properties: Copper is a highly conductive metal, and when in contact with your skin it conducts the heat away into the foam. It then dissipates throughout the foam, rather than creating hot spots. This helps you feel cooler when in bed.

    Kills Microbes and Fungi: Copper possesses antimicrobial and antifungal properties. It kills off bacteria, viruses, fungi, and molds and helps to keep you healthy while you sleep.

    Firms Up Support: Once the memory foam you are lying on compresses, the copper particles compress against each other and provide extra support for your pressure points. This helps to firm up the support you need for certain areas of your body such as your hips and shoulders where extra support may be needed.

    Improves Your Health and Wellbeing: Copper bracelets are worn by many people with arthritis, and to help avoid certain types of illness. It is believed that copper releases positive ions that interact with their body to help keep their blood circulation running well and reduce stiffness in their joints.

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    Full Layla Mattress Review

    Layla was started by two young Silicon Valley brothers who actually grew up in the mattress business. Combine technology, two lifetimes of experience in mattress crafting, and a partnership with some of the greatest bedding experts in the business and youve got the Layla mattress.

    But the Layla is not just another copycat mattress company. On the contrary, this mattress sets itself apart from the rest for these three reasons:

  • Laylas memory foam is infused with copper meaning this mattress is cooler to sleep on and is supportive on the body
  • The Layla mattress is flippable meaning it has a firm side and a soft side. Therefore you have two chances to determine whether or not it is the right mattress for you.
  • The mattress cover is lined with THERMOgel technology causing the bed to react to your bodys sweat in order to keep you cool all night.

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