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Where To Buy A 3 4 Size Mattress

Alaskan King Bed Size

How To Buy A Mattress – What You Need To Know To Find The Best Bed!

The Alaskan King bed dimensions measure 108″ × 108″ and is one of the largest mattress sizes available. The average length of the Alaskan King bed is 108″. The average width of the Alaskan King bed is 108″. It can be a wonderful way to fill a large bedroom. With this bed, its doubtful youll ever interrupt your partners sleep. At nine feet wide, multiple people can sleep on top of this mattress. With nine feet of length, it is ideal for even the tallest individuals.

The Pros and Cons of the Alaskan King Mattress Size


  • The Alaska King Mattress will help fill a large bedroom space.
  • The spacious surface allows for multiple sleepers, larger sleepers, and taller sleepers.
  • This size may make getting comfortable easier as you can spread out.


  • Limited retailers carry sheets so you may need to order them online.
  • A large bed like this requires a large bedroom area.
  • The Alaska King Mattress will fill even a large bedroom space.

Wondering Where To Buy Premium 3/4 Mattresses In Hamilton Think Direct Bed

Knowing exactly where to buy a top-notch 3/4 mattress in Hamilton is a no-brainer when you have Direct Bed at your disposal. Not many mattress stores sell 3/4 mattress sizes today, but rest assured that weve got you covered. Our mattress store offers an extensive selection of superior mattresses that will send you on a comfortable and restful journey straight off to dreamland.

Knowing exactly where to buy a top-notch 3/4 mattress in Hamilton is a no-brainer when you have Direct Bed at your disposal. Not many mattress stores sell 3/4 mattress sizes today, but rest assured that weve got you covered. Our mattress store offers an extensive selection of superior mattresses that will send you on a comfortable and restful journey straight off to dreamland.

What Is The Best Mattress To Buy

The best mattress to buy depends on different factors, such as your sleeping position, preferred material, and budget.

  • Sleeping position:

If you are a side sleeper, we recommend a plush or medium firm mattress. A softer mattress shapes itself around the shoulders and hips. At the same time, the mattress provides support for the rest of the body.

For back sleepers, we recommend a firm mattress which prevents the neck and lower back from sinking too deeply into the mattress.

  • Preferred material:

Choose from our spring or foam & latex mattresses. Our spring mattresses offer individually wrapped springs that work independently to closely follow your movements and the contours of your body.

Our foam & latex mattresses are soft and resilient, and they spread your body weight evenly to promote restful sleep and better blood circulation.

  • Your budget:

We have mattresses to fit every budgetfrom basic mattresses to mattresses made with high quality natural materials. But you can be sure that every one is designed to give you a good nights sleep.

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Mattresses For Every Kind Of Sleeper

We all sleep differently. Thats why we have a variety of different mattresses to choose from. Whether spring, latex or foam, every mattress type at IKEA is designed to offer comfort and support at a good price. So you just have to find the one that suits your body and your budget.

When you’ve found your perfect match, you can sleep easy for years to come with our free 25-year warranty.

What Size Is A 3 4 Mattress

Cheap Queen Size Mattress and BoxSpring Set

What is the dimensions of a 3/4 mattress? For the most part, the measurements of a three-quarter mattress are 48 inches by 75 inches.

  • A regular 3/4 mattress has dimensions of 48 inches broad by 75 inches long. Compared to a regular full size mattress, this one is 6 inches thinner and 10 inches broader than a twin size mattress . What is the purpose of a 3/4 mattress? Beds in the 3/4 size from the 1800s: Many ancient beds were manufactured in a 3/4 size, and as a result, many antique mattresses are also in a 3/4 size.


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What Is A 3/4 Mattress Used For

Antique 3/4 Size Beds: Many antique beds were made in a 3/4 size, therefore, so is the mattress. It can be hard to find a replacement mattress for your antique bed, especially since many require notches to be cut out of the corners. Not to worry we have listed customizable mattress options to fit all your antique bed needs.

RV Mattress: RVs often utilize odd and custom sized mattresses to fit additional sleeping options within their unique layouts. 3/4 mattresses are one of the most common RV mattress sizes. We have listed all the best options below, along with manufacturers that that can fully customize beds with rounded corners and notches.

Foam And Latex Mattresses

Foam and latex mattresses mould to the shape of your body and distribute your weight evenly. These mattresses provide support for your whole body without putting extra pressure on any specific body parts. They are also silent and absorb the shock of movement. This makes foam and latex mattresses a great choice if you have a partner who tosses and turns in their sleep.

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Where Can I Find A 3/4 Mattress Size

Did you buy an antique 3/4 size bed at an auction or an estate sale? Maybe one was handed down to you as a family heirloom. Antique beds can be beautiful pieces of decor for a spare bedroom.

The only problem?

To state the obvious, the mattresses are so old that they are extremely uncomfortable to sleep on, and you wont find a 3/4 mattress size at your local mattress store!

If youre like most people who own a 3/4 size bed, youve spent countless hours trying to track down a replacement three quarter size mattress with little or no luck. Dont worry, youre not alone. Unfortunately, most mattress stores and sleep shops dont stock or offer this odd antique mattress size. The few that do, want to charge you ridiculous sums of money to do a custom order with long lead times and no return policy.

King: 76 Wide X 80 Long

Our 3.5 THOUSAND dollar impulse buy: 2021 Purple 4 Mattress Review: Sheets, Pillow, and Impressions!

One of the all-time favorites is the King size. Measuring in at a whole 16inches wider than the Queen size, the length may be the same, but the width is certainly something worth paying the extra money for. Provided you have enough bedroom space, the King is a recommended choice for sharing the bed while not having to sacrifice plush, luxurious comfort. The King size is one of the most common types in hotels worldwide. But, as for homes, is the second most popular mattress size in the US with 19% ownership.

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Small Single Bed Size Or Cot Bed Size

Small Single or Cot mattresses are designed to be used by one person. The average height of a small single is 75 inches. The average width of a small single is 30″.

The Pros and Cons of a Small Single Mattress Size


  • This size is a great option for a toddler which has outgrown a crib.


  • The Small Single Mattress is 9″ narrower than a Twin.

What Is The Best Mattress To Buy In South Africa

At Dial-a-Bed we think all the brands we stock are the best. We offer you a wide range of brands to choose from and let you do the deciding. After all, buying a mattress is not only about getting the best three-quarter mattress price, its also about personal choice when it comes to support, firmness, eco-friendly design, and softness.

Dial-a-Bed Countrywide

We have 65 stores countrywide, with a Dial-a-Bed store packed with stock in every region. There is guaranteed to be a store near you whether you live in Bela Bela or East London. Come in to a store today and tell us what youre looking for in a mattress. Youll be able to test out the ones you like on our Comfort Test Areas too. Well deliver your bed the same day if you order in store before midday

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Are 3/4 Beds Still Made

The fact that three-quarter bedding was a popular size in the early twentieth century means that many of these beds are still in use. This is the standard size for many antique beds. The specifications are 48 inches broad by 75 inches long, with some pieces measuring just 72 inches long.

California King Waterbed Insert Size


California King Waterbed bed dimensions measure 70″ x 82″. The average length of the California King Waterbed is 82″. The average width of the California King Waterbed Inserts is 70″, 6 inches less than a King bed and 2 inches taller.

The Pros and Cons of the California King Waterbed Insert


  • The California King Waterbed Insert are perfect for a California King Waterbed.


  • The California King Waterbed Insert is not a common size and is not commonly available.

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What Is A 3/4 Mattress

A 3/4 mattress, also called a three quarter size mattress or a short full mattress, is one that fits a 3/4 or three quarter size bed, and a 3/4 bed is a hangover from the 18th century when shorter and narrower beds were more widespread. That is why this mattress is sometimes called an antique mattress, because it fits antique beds with the peculiar measurements of 48 inches wide and 75 inches long.

But people in the 18th century were pretty bad at bed size standardizations, which is why the sizes of antique 3/4 beds even vary, with some being 74 or 72 inches long and some being 49 inches wide.

In the 20th century, manufacturers and consumers sensibly agreed on standardizing bed sizes to limit the chaos of shopping for beds and mattresses, but many people are understandably attached to their beautiful antique beds, so the 3/4 bed and mattress survive until today.

In fact, in the second half of the 20th century when motor homes, camper vans, and prefabricated trailer homes increased in popularity, the 3/4 mattress gained a new following among people who needed to fit smaller-than-standard beds into their various types of recreational vehicle.

Furthermore, as our cities are becoming increasingly densely populated and the apartments in which we live become smaller, some people may even be attracted to the 3/4 bed because it takes up less floor space in bedrooms that are already too small.

So, the 3/4 bed is here to stay for good.

What Size Is A 3/4 Mattress

Generally, for a three quarter mattress, the dimensions tend to be 48 x 75. However, we do on occasion get calls for 48 x 72 mattress replacements or other weird sizes and shapes .

In the end, your antique bed may have a non-traditional 3/4 size. Not to worry! We can make our mattresses in almost any size or shape!

If your size is not on our website, please contact us at 888-488-1468 and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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Jamdok Cot Mattress Topper

  • TEMPRORARY SLEEP PROVIDERJamdok 40D High-Density folding mattress can be used with single folding bed and chaise lounge chair.
  • THE SOFT AND FULL MATTRESSBecause of its special nature, give the back the most superior support, perfectly fit the human body curve.
  • MACHINE WASHABLEThe zippered cover can be easily removed.
  • PORTABLE AND SLIP RESISTANTThe mattress coat can be easily removed and cleaned.
  • CERTIPUR-US CERTIFIED: The portable mattress material has been certified for its safe, non-toxic and durable quality.

How Wide Is A Queen Size Bed

Bed Size Dimensions – What Size Mattress Should You Buy?

The average width oftheQueen bed is 60″ or 152 cm.

The Pros and Cons of a Queen Mattress Size


  • The Queen Mattress Dimensions comfortably fit two adults.
  • The Queen Mattress is cheaper than a King or California King.
  • The Queen is also a generous size mattress for a single adult with pets or children.
  • As the most common mattress size, there are many different varieties and manufacturers.


  • The Queen mattress is not suitable for two adults and a pet or child. The King and California King offer plenty of room for a couple and pets or a child.

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What Was The Outcome

Over the weekend, I received a nice email from my customer in Kentucky saying that she was very happy with the solution. Thanks for helping me find the right adjustable frame for my 3/4 short frame bed. Saved me lots of money buying a frame instead of replacing the mattresses. She went on to say, I was so happy to be able to solve the problem without breaking the bank. It is very sturdy now. We had wooden bedsides with wooden slats that were not very sturdy. We actually had a couple to land in the floor one night and just remained there till morning. Lol. This way we feel everyone can get a good nights sleep. Thank you for your help. Your service was great and so quick.

Most important of all, it looks beautiful in her guest bedroom.

Teton Sports Outfitter Xxl Camp Pad Sleeping Pad For Car Camping

  • CAMP COMFORTABLY: Thick, comfortable camping pad feels just like your bed at home Open-cell foam pad With this sleeping pad youll have your most comfortable camping trip yet.
  • EXTRA INSULATION AND COMFORT: Camping pad provides another layer of insulation Stay warm in your sleeping bag with our camp pad, an extra layer of comfort and warmth.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO USE: Easy to carry to the campsite Roll-up straps with compression buckles make storage of your pad quick, compact and easy.
  • VERSATILE: Use as a ground pad or with a cot Camping pad fits perfectly on the TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Cot Canvas shell slips off for easy cleaning.
  • TETON SPORTS PROMISE: Reach out to our AMAZING product support team if you have any questions or concerns YOU CAN COUNT ON US to get you taken care of and back OUTDOORS with TETON Sports.

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How To Buy An Antique Bed Mattress

Cottage-core is all the rage right now: revitalized, homey antiques customized to a modern-prairie-farmhouse chimera vibe. Recreations are easy to find you could probably just drop into Ikea and pick out a bed that looks antique but isnt. But we all love to be authentic. I mean, if youre going for farmhouse-chic, you might as well go all the way, right? You probably spent a lot of time picking through shopfronts or shopping digital boutiques for an antique bed thats perfect for your space. And now that youve found a bed thats full of character and beautiful details, you know theres no turning back to something generic and new.

First Figure Out Your Measurements

Berlin Parade Black Crushed Velvet Three Quarter (3/4) Bed ...

At first glance you might have thought your antique bed looked like a queen or a full. But upon further inspection, you probably found that those mattresses just didnt fit right. The first thing youre going to need to do is measure your antique bed so you can figure out where to go from here.

If you have an ill-fitting mattress on the bed, take it off. You need to see the frame in order to measure your antique bed properly. With a measuring tape, measure the width of your bed. Start in one corner and stretch out the tape all the way to the other edge. Try to get as close as possible so you have an accurate measurement. Do the same for the length of the bed. If you have an antique bed thats from before innersprings were invented, measure to the outside of each rail. If your bedframe is more recent, though, measure to the inner side of the rail the antique bed mattress should sit in.

To give you an idea of how your antique bed measures up to the standard bed sizes of today, heres a list of the most common bed sizes.

– Full 54 x 75

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What Size Is A Double Bed And Mattress

Measured in metric units, a standard double bed and mattress is 135cm wide and 190cm long. Converted to imperial units, this equates to 4 feet 6 inches wide and 6 feet 3 inches long. A standard double bed and mattress is designed to sleep two adults comfortably. This is the most common and widely available size for all bed types in the UK.

Best for: Comfortably fit 2 people and for small to average sized bedrooms

Comparison Chart Of Top 10 Cot Mattress

No Action
1 Willpo Roll Up Foam Cot Pad – Single Comfortable Sleeping Mattress Guest Floor Bed for Camping Cot w/ Removable Waterproof Cover & Travel Bag 9.8
SensorPEDIC MemoryLOFT Cot Mattress Topper 9.4
Milliard Lightweight Folding Cot with Mattress 31″x71.5″ 9.2
Milliard Folding Mattress with Washable Cover 9
TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camp Pad Sleeping Pad for Car Camping 8.8
Best Price Mattress 4 Inch Trifold Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Cover 8.8
Zinus 6 Inch Foam and Spring Mattress / CertiPUR-US Certified Foams / Mattress-in-a-Box 8.6
Zinus Memory Foam 5 Inch Cot Size / 30″ x 75″ / Narrow Twin Mattress 8.4
Self Inflating Sleeping Pad for Camping – 1.5/2/3 inch Camping Pad 8.2
  • ADJUSTABLE AND FLEXIBLEWith four adjustable elastic straps in four corners,the pad can perfectly fit into different camping cots.
  • GOOD LASTING COMFORT5cm high density foam gives your body a great support when you are sleeping and makes you feel at home.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO CARRYThe size of pad can be easily folded into a compact size and stored with compression straps and buckles.
  • WATERPROOF AND PORTABLE This foam pad is made of waterproof material in front and back, which advoids getting wet.
  • STAY WARM ALL NIGHT Inside is 26D high-elastic foam which keep you away from coldness in the midnight, which prevents people especially kids from catching a cold.

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