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Where To Try The Purple Mattress

Is Purple A Good Mattress For Couples

Everyone Will Want to Try Your New Purple Mattress

As we mentioned above, the feel of the purple mattress can be very divisive. Some people love it, and some people find it a little too weird. As such, this is the first hurdle that couples need to face. If one person in the relationship finds it too odd, you should probably look at our list for the Best Beds For Couples.

If both partners like the feel though, the Purple bed performs well in both motion isolation and edge support.

How Does The Purple Mattress Feel

The grid makes itself known when you first touch the mattress top. Its distinctive and unique.

Lay down on a Purple mattress and youll again notice just how distinct the grid is. Im 62 and weigh around 195lbs. I found the grid supportive. Some reviews caution heavier sleepers may find Purple a bit unsupportive. Ill note this is subjective, and theres nothing official on the Purple website noting a weight limit.

One thing I can agree with other reviews on is the Purple may not be great for stomach sleepers. Im a side sleeper and had no issues with comfort when laying on the Purple mattress. Laying on my stomach I noticed the Purple was less comfy and supportive.

This seems to distill to the grid. Purples grid technology is a softer top layer than most mattresses have and was designed to support pressure points like your hips. If your hip area is face down, the grid will naturally cause strain in your back. Its just how bodies work!

Ditch the pillow and the Purple mattress was fine for face-down napping. The grid is still a touch soft for my liking when laying face-down. If youre a stomach sleeper, I suggest heading to a Purple showroom to test one for yourself.

Edge support could be better. Sitting on the edge of the bed, youll sink down a bit. If you share your bed with someone, edge support matters. The Purple mattress edges are fine for sleeping support, just not great for sitting on.

How To Return A Purple Mattress

is 3. 25 inches of transition polyfoam with medium softness and a density of 1. 8 pounds per cubic foot . is the assistance core, and it is made with 4 inches of support polyfoam that has a density of 2 PCF. The cover of the Purple mattress is made of a knit fabric that is elastic, soft, and breathable.

Purple uses free requirement shipping by Fed, Ex throughout the 48 contiguous United States. Basic shipping brings the mattress to your doorstep as a bed-in-a-box. Inside package, the Purple mattress is compressed inside plastic packaging. When you bring package into your bed room and eliminate the packaging, the bed mattress will rapidly expand to reach its full size.

Canadian customers likewise pay a greater cost that reflects duties and customizeds charges. Customers in some Canadian provinces may need to pay additional regional taxes. At this time, Purple does not provide international shipping to countries other than Canada. For the Purple mattress, the company does not use any setup, white-glove shipment, or old bed mattress haul-away services.

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What Is Purple Mattress Where To Try The Purple Mattress

The Purple Mattress, or simply The Purple, is an all-foam mattress, meaning it does not have springs, and uses Purples proprietary grid layer that uses a hyper-elastic polymer. The layer, known as the Purple Grid Layer, is comprised of a comfort core and a support core made from a polyfoam.

Purple Purple mattress is available in a single firmness level medium-firm and is offered in various sizes directly to your door. This follows the increasing tendency of DTC mattress manufacturers that use lower overhead to improve the quality of the mattress the mattress itself.

Purple Mattress Vs Alternative Mattresses

purple mattress tv commercial try it free purple product ispot tv

Purples proprietary technology has brought us one of the most unique mattresses on the market today. The Smart Comfort Grid combines pressure relief, support, and cooling properties in a way that makes it one of the best mattresses for a wide variety of sleepers. So, why would anyone choose another mattress?

  • Cost savings: Purple is a luxury mattress brand whose proprietary technology comes with an above-average price point. Shoppers on a budget may want to consider a less expensive mattress.
  • Sleeping position: The Purple Grids body alignment properties relieve pain for many back and side sleepers, but not for stomach sleepers. The grid can cause the hips to fall out of alignment when youre lying on your front, especially if you weigh more than average.
  • Warranty: The Purple 10-year warranty is the industry-standard, but there are other mattress companies that offer more generous warranties. Take the Nectar mattress, which comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Trial period: Purples 100-night sleep trial with a full refund is the bed-in-a-box industry standard. While thats plenty of time for most people to decide on a mattress, you may want longer to ensure that youre getting the right mattress for you. Some companies, like Nectar, offer year-long sleep trials.

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Purple Vs The Purple Hybrid Premier

Previously called the Purple 3 and Purple 4, the Purple Hybrid Premier is the most luxurious Purple mattress. Instead of a 2 gel grid as found in the original Purple, it boasts either a 3 or 4 grid layer. This extra cushion means a softer feel and greater pressure relief. We prefer the Hybrid Premier for heavier sleepers and side sleepers who like a softer surface.

The original Purple utilizes foam in its base layer while the Purple Hybrid Premier uses innerspring coils. This difference means the flagship Purple better isolates motion transfer while the Premier is cooler and bouncier. The original Purple is more affordable.

Purple Hybrid Premier 4 Mattress

Finally, that brings us to the Purple Hybrid Premier 4 mattress. And before you ask yes, it does indeed have 4 of Purple Grid, making it Purples thickest , heaviest, and most substantial mattress. Its also built to be Purples softest mattress with four whole inches of squishy yet responsive goodness to sink into. Thanks to the support from the coils below, you wont have to worry about bottoming-out either.

While it is indeed the most expensive mattress in Purples lineup, its important to remember that this is a top-of-the-line, premium mattress. The Purple 4 mattress is designed to provide sleepers with an almost weightless, zero-gravity feel, and is perfect for those wanting a deeper cradling sensation from their mattress.

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Purple Mattress Unboxing And Off

The Purple is a bed-in-a-box mattress, which means it ships compressed in a box. Youll have to unbox it at home. Id recommend unboxing it in the room youre going to use it in, so you wont have to worry about lugging it up any stairs or around corners. Id also recommend waiting at least 24 hours after unboxing this bed before you sleep on it. The foam layers in this bed need a bit of time to off-gas, or release trapped odors.

Differences In The Purple Models

Try the Purple Mattress at The Sleep Shop in Hudson, NC

The biggest difference between Purple Hybrid and the OG Purple mattress is in the construction of the bed. The Original Purple had polyurethane foam and then a 2-inch slab of Hyper-Elastic Polymer as the top layer.

The Purple Hybrid and Purple Hybrid Premier beds swap out the foam for 7.5-inch pocketed coils . The new Purple beds end up being a few inches thicker than the OG Purple mattress as a result.

Also, as you might have guessed by now, the only differences between Purple Hybrid and the Purple Hybrid Premier are the thickness of the top layer, weight of the bed, and the price.

There will be a difference in feel, but that all depends on your weight. The Purple Hybrid has 2 inches of Hyper-Elastic Polymer, while Purple Hybrid Premier has 3 or 4 inches depending on the model you choose.

You can learn more about the beds in our individual reviews, but for the most part, the difference in firmness, feel, and comfort only arise from the differences in thickness of the top layer.

In general, folks over 240 pounds or so should consider the thicker version if you really want a good amount of cushioning from the Hyper-Elastic Polymer.

People who weigh less than 240 pounds will be just fine on the Purple Hybrid or the Original Purple. Having said that, Purple Hybrid will be the firmest of the three since theres less material between you and the coils. The more Hyper-Elastic Polymer, the softer the feel.

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Dont Forget To Try Purple Mattress For Yourself

We love the convenience that mattress-in-a-box brands like Purple offer. We can even ship your new Purple mattress right to your doorstep if thats what you prefer. However, our own data on customer satisfaction shows us that shoppers who try out their new mattress before buying are much more satisfied with their purchase on average.

Yes, its true that Purple offers a 100-day, risk-free sleep trial on all Purple mattresses bought from Woodstock Furniture & Mattress Outlet. So if you try it for 30 days, and youre not satisfied for any reason, you can bring your mattress back in and well exchange it. However, in our expert opinion, its always advisable to take a few minutes to lie on a mattress before clicking that order button. There really is no substitute to trying a mattress for yourself.

If Purple sounds like a good fit for you and youre in Metro Atlanta or North Georgia, come see us and test drive one today!

Where Can I Try The Purple Mattress

You can use the Purple mattress store locater to find a location that’s most convenient for you to visit. There are Purple mattress showrooms, as well as some traditional brick-and-mortar retailers like Macy’s and Mattress Firm who carry Purple products.

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.

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How Is Purple Mattress Different

Purple mattress is neither too hard nor too soft, it is neither medium nor a collection of all three. Purple bed mattress is not your normal memory foam mattress either. It is actually made from hyper elastic polymer. Hyper elastic polymer is a trademarked product. It is a pressure releasing product. It is utilized in grid formation producing walls that can fold or support based on the pressure that is put in on the surface area of the product. The grid development or column design naturally helps with free air flow. This prevents any wetness accumulation or trapping. The absence of wetness makes the mattress more secure and enhances the sturdiness. Needless to point out, it also guarantees better sleep. The free air flow will cool off the surface as well as enable body heat to get away. The most typical problem about memory foam is the heating concern. Many companies declare to have overcome the heating issue but they havent and individuals recognize quicker than later. The trademarked polymer products used in Purple do not have the intrinsic issue of memory foam or latex among other bed mattress technologies. Where To Try The Purple Mattress

How Much Does A Purple Mattress Cost

Purple Mattress 2021

A Purple mattress can cost between $599 to $2,099. The brand offers the Purple Mattress, Purple Hybrid, and Purple Hybrid Premier. The Purple Hybrid Premier is the most expensive of the three, while the Purple Mattress starts at $599 only.

And if you are on a budget, you can try financing with 0% APR if you qualify. Purple gives you two options to pay, either with Affirm and Splitit. Affirm allows you to get a conventional loan, while Splitit and your credit card can help break up the payments for your mattress.

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Who Should Steer Clear Of The Purple Mattress

  • Stomach sleepers: The Purple Grid tends to sink in at the hips, pulling the lower back out of alignment if you sleep on your stomach. Only stomach sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds will remain well-supported on the Purple.
  • Plus-size people: If you weigh over 230 lbs, youre likely to sink through the thin top layer of the mattress. The result? Too much pressure near heavier body parts.

Support & Pressure Relief By Sleeping Position

Back Sleepers

Those who sleep exclusively on their backs should find adequate support on the Purple. The beds medium-firm feel gently contours to the bodys curves, which encourages healthy spinal alignment. Sleepers of average-weight and lightweight sizes should feel supported, but heavier folks may sink in a bit too far into the transitional layer, particularly those who weigh more than 300 lbs.

To find a mattress better-suited for plus-size back sleepers, check out the beds that made our best mattresses for back sleepers roundup.

Side Sleepers

The Purple mattresss gel grid collapses at areas like the hips and shoulders, delivering the pressure reduction that side sleepers need for comfortable sleep. While the Purple is a good mattress for pain relief and spinal alignment for lightweight and average-weight side sleepers, some people may still prefer a softer feel.

Heavyweight side sleepers would do better with a thicker comfort system than that found in the original Purple. These folks may want to consider the Purple Hybrid Premier or one of the beds that won a spot in our best mattresses for side sleepers list.

Stomach Sleepers

Combination Sleepers

Still, heavyweight combination sleepers might not achieve the support they need on the Purple. If youre in that category, head over to our best mattresses for combination sleepers page to find a better fit.

NERD RATING: Will this bed work for you?

Body Type:

1 = Very poor, 2 = Not good, 3 = Fair, 4 = Good, 5 = Excellent

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Only The Purple Gelflex Grid

Cushions + Supports

The Gridâs columns give way under focused pressure from hips and shoulders to gently cradle your body, while offering support to broad, evenly distributed weight .

Stays the Perfect Temperature

The Grid features 1,400+ ventilation chambers for better airflow. Plus, when it comes to temperature, our GelFlex material is like Switzerland â totally neutral â so you wonât sleep too hot or too cold.

Adapts As You Move

The GelFlex Grid instantly shifts as you change your sleeping position. When you move, it moves, so you feel every inch of comfortable support and your sleep remains blissfully uninterrupted.

Purple Hybrid Premier 3 Mattress

Get Relief For Your Pressure Points On The Purple Mattress

If the Purple Hybrid 2 has 2 of GelFlex Grid, how much do you think the Purple Hybrid Premier 3 has? If you guessed three inches, congratulations! That also means the overall mattress thickness is right around 12. Hopefully youre seeing a pattern emerge here. We love that Purple has made these details so easy to remember.

Since the introduction of their three hybrid models in early 2018, the Purple Hybrid Premier 3 has become the brands uncontested best seller. This is because for many sleepers, the Purple Hybrid 3 achieves the perfect balance. With 3 of Purple Grid, it provides just a little more GelFlex material to sink into than the mattresses above, while also having the excellent responsiveness and support of a pocketed-coil hybrid. It isnt the most affordable Purple mattress, but to many mattress shoppers it represents the best of both worlds.

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Purple Hybrid Premier 4

What makes the Purple® Hybrid Premier Mattress different from every other mattress?

Simple: The Purple Grid It took years and over 30 patents to perfect it. This unique 4 top layer adapts to your body and stays cool for superior comfort, support, and better sleep. Purple has added a new base layer of individually wrapped responsive-support coils to enhance the overall comfort and durability of the mattress. The combination of the Purple Grid and patented responsive-support coils augment the responsiveness and open airflow for even more adaptive cool, No Pressure® Support. The Purple Hybrid Premier 4 feels like zero gravity float.

Is Purple Right For You

The Purple Mattress brand worked on their patented Purple Grid design for 25 years. The Hyper-Elastic Polymer relieves pressure points and offers consistent support without building up heat like memory foam. If youre looking for consistent pressure relief and cooling, the Purple Mattress brand may be right for you. We recommend trying one out in a showroom if possible, since the feel of Hyper-Elastic Polymer is unlike any other material on the market today.


  • The proprietary Hyper-Elastic Polymer fashioned into the Purple Grid makes the Purple Mattresses some of the most cooling on the market
  • Purple guarantees their beds to last for 10 years, with some customers reporting they last beyond that
  • You can use the Purple Mattresses on almost any non-spring foundation, including slatted frames, adjustable beds, or the floor
  • Purple sells foundations, blankets, sheets, pillows, and almost anything else you can think of to make your bedroom complete, making shopping for a new bedroom setup easy and convenient


  • Purples mattresses can be outside the budget range of many customers
  • Purple requires customers to try out their bed for at least 21 nights before returning it for a refund

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Does The Purple Mattress Need Special Sheets

Each model in the line of Purple mattresses performs best when used with stretchy and breathable sheets. This allows the gel grid top layer to flex more easily, providing better support and pressure relief. Any stretchy sheets will do, but Purple recommends using either the brands Purple Sheets or SoftStretch sheets.


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