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Are My Pillow Products Made In Usa

Yellow Fill Great For Stomach Sleepers

100% of ‘My Pillow’ is made in America

People who sleep on their stomachs would be well suited to a softer and flatter pillow making the yellow fill ideal for their preferences. It allows you to lay perfectly flat whilst still supporting your spine from being strained. The yellow fill level pillow is also the easiest to sculpt and fold to your preference to achieve optimum comfort.

Your weight is evenly distributed across the pillow and if youre the type to grasp your pillow from underneath whilst sleeping on your stomach, the risk of a cramp or numbness is low due to the lightness of the yellow fill pillow. Due to its lightness and breathability, the yellow fill level doesnt trap a lot of heat throughout the night so hot spots arent something you to be worried about.

My Pillow Mattress Topper Review

The MyPillow mattress topper helps distribute weight on standard firm memory foam mattresses and can help alleviate pressure point pain. It is a cheaper option to help alleviate issues with your existing mattress instead of buying an entirely new mattress. However, it cant completely fix issues with the mattress underneath, but it can lessen them and make them more manageable. It also comes with the MyPillow money-back guarantee and 10-year warranty and is made in the USA.

My Pillow Controversy And Complaints

MyPillow is a product that went through a lot of controversies some people claimed it was heaven on earth, others were confused and angry. Whys that, you may ask? Its because of their Buy one, get one free deal. Consumers claim that its false advertising, and that they should be more honest.

When Lindell refused the BBBs suggestion to discontinue the offer, they brought the companys rating from an A+ to an F. The problem wasnt the offer the problem was that they had it for too long already.

Lindell was also sued for the claim that this pillow could help with fibromyalgia and sleep which according to several testimonials, it wasnt true. While not admitting to any faults, Lindell still paid the $1 million penalties but remained faithful to his belief.He believed that in both cases, the others were wrong and that all he wanted to do was to give people the best deal possible. He claims that the company is nothing more than a platform for a better cause one that he would use to help other people worldwide.

In our opinion, MyPillow should be more careful in selecting the right words to be used in their advertorials. Their products are great but the laws generally require claims to be backed by formally conducted research. Even if you have thousands of positive reviews claiming how great your product is, you are still at fault if you use these claims in advertorials without backing them up.

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Which Series Should You Consider

Like many other great product, MyPillow offers different models with slight difference in terms of the quality of materials used. In this post, I will be going through only the most popular models as well as the ones worth buying.

MyPillow® Premium This is currently the best-selling pillow among the wide range of pillows offered by MyPillow. As mentioned above, this pillow consists of patented interlocking fill as well as covers with gusseted sidewalls which provides better comfort and support. Simply put, it offers the best value for money.

MyPillow® Classic This series is pretty much the same as above. Its one of the very first version created by MyPillow but has thinner fill and lack of the gusseted sidewalls. In my opinion, MyPillow Premium is the upgraded version and should be chosen if you are serious about getting a great pillow. That said, this series is slightly cheaper and seems to have demand which explains why it wasnt discontinued.

MyPillow® Giza Elegance On top of the features offered by the premium series, this series features a higher quality cover made of 100% Giza-88 long-staple cotton. On a side note, this series is more of a limited edition series and you have to check for its availability. That said, the feedback from our readers is that both Giza Elegance and Premium feel rather similar. Personally, I will stick with the Premium series.

What Is Difference Between My Pillow Classic And Premium

Best Sleep Shredded Natural Latex Rubber Contour Pillow Made in USA ...

That’s a good question and it’s hard to tell the differences between these two options from MyPillow’s website. It seems to be that the MyPillow Classic comes in two support levels, while the MyPillow Premium offers four different support level options. Each level corresponds with a different color, so our Medium fill was a White-colored pillow.

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Are My Pillow Towels Good

  • My Pillow Towels Reviews share that the product is doing well in the markets of the United States. It comes with a 60-days money-back guarantee and 10-years warranty that makes it a trustworthy choice. My Pillow Bath Towels Reviews reflects that it has succeeded in acquiring considerable customers with the highest conversion rate.

Selection Of The Right Pillow Might Be Complicated

After asking a few My Pillow readers and going through reviews available online, most negative feedback and complains arise due to the complication of selecting the right fill level of the pillow.

Unlike other pillows in the market, My Pillow offers four different fill levels to suit different individuals based on prominent sleeping positions, weights and other factors. If you don’t make sure you select the suitable fill, it will be a nightmare since the pillow might be too thin or thick.

Having said that, you don’t have to worry as we will be showing you exactly how to choose the right fill below. But first of all, let’s understand the core function this pillow serves.

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Convenient To Maintain You Can Use The Washing Machine

If you are like me, you would love how easy it is to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of these pillows. Prior to this, dry cleaning is the only feasible way to clean pillows but My Pillow offers something better. You can actually wash these pillows through washing machine. In fact, complete washing instructions are provided alongside the pillows.

Thats seemingly rare for a lot of pillow brands in the market. Again for the low price point, I am surprised that the pillows are washable.

If you have kids or keep pets around you, this is an invaluable feature to have.

Do All Pillowcases Work

My Pillow, My Slippers – Update Review/Issue

MyPillow® recommends that the pillowcases used for a MyPillow® pillow be 100% cotton cases with open ends as cotton is very breathable and soft. As the pillow has a cooling effect, any other pillowcase of different fabric or blend may promote more heat trapping within the pillow. It is also not recommended that you use a pillow protector as a MyPillow® pillow is completely washable.

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In Conclusion: Are Mypillow Products Worth It

Pillow preferences vary drastically, and no one pillow could ever solve every persons specific sleep problem while also checking off every personal preference. The MyPillow is a safe bet if youre looking to invest in higher-end pillows. With guarantees and warranties, theres nothing to lose. In the end, if it helps you sleep, you can probably justify any cost.

Materials Used In Mypillow

The MyPillow® pillows are generally made from the same materials, their distinctions begin at their internal filling that caters to your own preferences based off your natural sleeping position and your general person i.e. gender, age and body size for the utmost comfort when you sleep.

These items are also made to be dust mite resistant, non-allergenic, machine-washable and also dryable. Its seemingly a great thing to have around if you want something easy to maintain.

The pillow has been also reputably known to emit a cooling effect as you sleep as well. So, if youre a hot sleeper, this might come in handy.

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Better Products Better Sleep: Hullo Pillows Are Cut Sewn And Filled In The Usa

We take our pillows very seriously. For us, it was easy to spend a little extra for the quality that only American farmers, companies and craftsmen can offer. Take a close look at pillows manufactured overseas, and its clear that low-cost, high-volume manufacturing in China, India, and other emerging economies does not compare to the design, durability and detail that comes with not just American pillows, but all American-made products.

By purchasing our Hullo buckwheat pillow and other well-crafted Amerian products, you are supporting small business in America. Thank you!

4.5 out of 5 stars

Green Fill Great For Side Sleepers And Heavier Individuals

Best Pillows made in USA

The firmer variety of pillows which are the green and blue fills are generally recommended to side sleepers and larger build people to give them optimal support by cradling their necks as they sleep. The green fill level is firmer and fuller than the yellow and white fills.

The fluffiness is still maintained throughout the green fill level pillow but feels more like what a regular memory foam pillow would feel like.

For a side sleeper, you can expect excellent support for your neck because the pressure is evenly spread out to hold you in place as you sleep. There is no need to worry about being sore in the morning. You can really feel the shredded polyfoam work in this fill level when you lay down on it because the fill effortlessly shifts within itself to cater to your sleep position.

Feel free to move things around too because although the green fill level is firm, it is still very much mouldable to your comfort.

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Mypillow Products Are Still Being Sold By These Companies

MyPillow products are still being stocked by retailers such as and Costco after its CEO Mike Lindell said several companies had stopped selling its goods.

Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, H-E-B and Wayfair have all stopped stocking MyPillow amid the controversy surrounding Lindell’s support for former President Donald Trump.

Lindell continued to make false claims that Trump won the election, even after the Capitol riot on January 6, leading to calls for companies to drop the brand.

Last week, Lindell told Right Side Broadcasting Network’s Brian Glenn: “They’re trying to cancel me out. These guys don’t understand … they’re scared. Like Bed Bath & Beyond, they’re scared.”

However, Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohl’s both said they stopped stocking the brand because of poor sales, rather than for political reasons. MyPillow products are marked as “currently unavailable” on the Macy’s website, though the retailer has not commented on the reasons.

Other retailers will continue to stock MyPillow, including Costco. A spokesperson for Costco told SFGate: “We have contractual commitments to MyPillow that we intend to honor, as we seek to do with all of our suppliers.”

At the time of writing, MyPillow products are still appearing on retailers’ websites including Amazon, Walmart, CVS, Lowe’s, Home Depot and BJ’s Wholesale.

Newsweek has contacted Amazon, Walmart, CVS, Lowe’s, Home Depot, BJ’s Wholesale and Macy’s for comment.

Is Mypillow Any Good

My Pillow is designed to improve your sleep by providing you with a pillow that is tailor made to your comfort. As such, there are four different fill level to choose from as discussed above. You have to choose your preferred fill correctly to be able to take full advantage of this pillow.

Most complaints I came across arise simply because they didnt select the right fill and therefore find the pillow uncomfortable. If you follow the guide stated above and use the assessment process provided by My Pillow, you should be able to determine the most suitable fill level for you.

Overall, My Pillow is one of the best pillows offering the most value for money, and its pretty affordable as well.

Update: Due to recent deterioration in quality, I can no longer vouch for My Pillows products, not just the pillows. Check comment area for more details of the complaints.

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Blue Fill Maximum Support But Are Hotter And Inflexible

Now to the blue fill level. It is the firmest and fullest fill of all four categories. The tightly packed polyfoam inside the cotton cover has lesser mobility to give you firmer support as you lay on your back or side. Your head will be evenly propped up to relief pressure off your shoulders. This can help you relax as you doze off.

If youre off a heavier or larger build and generally prefer to sleep on your side, this fill level would most likely be the most suitable for you. Be warned that, because its so compact, the tighter fill of green and blue fill levels tend to trap a significant amount of heat despite the cooling effect that it supposedly emits throughout the night. So, you may need to flip the pillow mid-sleep if it gets a little too hot.

Quiz To Determine The Right Mypillow Fill Level

My Pillow gets endorsement from President Trump

Again, one of the main reasons customers have complains with MyPillow is because they did not select the right fill level. MyPillow quickly addresses this issue by introducing a self-assessment system. You can take a short quiz that asks for important details on MyPillow website in which you will be suggested a suitable fill level according to the details provided.

Otherwise, there is also a fit guide available on the MyPillow® website so you can have a quick reference as to what fill type would generally suit you best. This guide is a simplified version in which T-shirt sizes are used as a basis to determine the right fill. I would highly recommend you take the quiz instead since its much more comprehensive and accurate. I included the guide below though.

Note: It is also recommended that you spin the pillow in a dryer on a cool setting for 15 minutes before using it to achieve maximum fluffiness and bounciness. So, dont be surprised when you receive your package and the pillows are looking a little flat. Just throw them in a dryer and experience the magic of MyPillow®. You can also do this when your pillow starts looking a little flat to fluff it back up again.




***Important: Keep in mind that if you are accustomed to sleeping on down or feather pillows, then you may want to bring the hardness down one color notch. For instance, if the chart says that you need a white, you may be better off with a yellow one.

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Doesnt Look Pretty When Delivered

The packaging the MyPillow® pillow arrives in is somewhat more to be desired. They arrive at your doorstep in what looks like a giant vacuum sealed burrito and once you pull it out, you would be required to spin it in a dryer for 15 minutes on high heat before youre able to use it. While this is not necessarily inconvenient, all expectation of using the pillow right away is out of the question.

Its understandable given that its being shipped to your doorstep and you wouldnt want anything to happen to your pillows as they get to you hence the burrito shaped package. Nonetheless, this is something to consider whilst you make our purchase.

That said, all these will not effect the long-term performance of the pillows and should not be a huge issue.

Cooling Effect Is Less Satisfactory For Blue Fill

To all the hot sleepers out there, you may want to be wary that MyPillow® pillows are not as cooling as youd expect. While they do say that the pillow has natural cooling effects, this might be exclusive to the lesser filled option for the pillow i.e. the yellow and white fill levels.

The firmer fills especially the thickest grade have the tendency to trap a fair amount of heat as the shredded internal polyfoam filling is more tightly packed. Lying in the same spot on the pillow may encourage the overheating and you would be required to twist and turn in your sleep.

So, theres probably a considerable amount of pillow flipping involved if you are a very hot sleeper.

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My Pillow Ceo And Founder Mike Lindell Made Social Media Posts About The 2020 Presidential Election Being Rigged Walmart Reacted By Taking The Companys Products Off Its Shelves

David Zalubowski, Associated Press

After MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell continued to post on social media that the 2020 presidential election was rigged, Walmart decided to pull the companys products from its stores.

Driving the news: Lindells Facebook page featured live videos of interviews with conservative podcasters discussing the election, per The Hill.

What theyre saying: While we are no longer carrying them in stores, MyPillow products continue to be available on Walmart.com, a Walmart spokesperson told The Hill.

  • The pillow tycoon said the MyPillow products, which range in price from $27.99 to $55.88, were now rated below 4 stars.
  • You guys are just canceling us, Lindell told Walmart executives, according to The Daily Beast.
  • You should go in there and see the pillows that are made in China, and all their pillows are made overseas, he told the news website.

Worth noting: According to Axios, Lindell was hit with a sanction by a federal judge last month for making claims about an election lawsuit against Smartmatic, which sued him for defamation over his claim about the fradulent election. He filed a countersuit against Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic.

  • Other retailers like Costco, Bed Bath and Beyond and Kohls have also stopped selling the MyPillow products.


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