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Cosy House Luxury Bamboo Pillow

An Overview On Pillow Cases

Cosy House Collection Luxury Bamboo Body Pillow Review, Thick, Plush, and Doesnt Flatten

Do you need a pillow protector or a pillowcase? Pillow protectors do exactly what they sound like: Theyre used to guard pillows from stains, liquids, bed bugs, dust mites and other allergens. They can be decorative, used to protect pillows during storage or used under pillowcases. Most of the time, they have zippered closures.

Pillowcases are slept on, and they are usually part of a sheet set. That said, they can also be purchased separately. They are made in a variety of thread counts, for which higher numbers are associated with better quality . You can find them made out of 100% cotton, percale, mercerized cotton and blends that include bamboo and polyester.

Some pillowcases have added touches like piping, which can make them a nice addition to the aesthetics of your bedroom. Bedroom pillowcases generally come in three sizes: standard, which is 20 by 30 inches queen, which is 20 by 36 inches and king, which is 20 by 44 inches.

Cosy House Collection Premium Bamboo Pillowcases

  • ULTRA-STRONG – Our 40% Bamboo Blend with 60% Microfiber is softer AND stronger than cotton! Its crafted to be extremely durable and last its full lifetime. We guarantee no ripping, piling, or shrinking after machine washing and drying. Wear & Tear Resistant
  • AFFORDABLE LUXURY – High Quality Bamboo Bedding – Designed by Serenity Experts! Sleep Cosy in our silky soft naturally indulgent bamboo blend which is even softer than Egyptian cotton, giving you skin-caressing comfort every night at an affordable price!
  • LIGHT & COOL – enjoy the cool side of the pillow all night long! Our unique fabric is the most breathable and crisp fabric out there. It stays cooler than cotton and is thermal regulating, which balances your body heat as you sleep. Pillowcase Measures 20″ x 40″
  • AFFORDABLE LUXURY – High Quality Bamboo Bedding – Designed by Serenity Experts! Sleep Cosy in our silky soft naturally indulgent bamboo blend which is even softer than Egyptian cotton, giving you skin-caressing comfort every night at an affordable price!
  • AFFORDABLE LUXURY – High Quality Bamboo Bedding – Designed by Serenity Experts! Sleep Cosy in our silky soft naturally indulgent bamboo blend which is even softer than Egyptian cotton, giving you skin-caressing comfort every night at an affordable price!

Can You Customize The Cosy House Luxury Bamboo Pillow To Meet Your Sleeping Needs

You can easily customize Cosy House Luxury Bamboo Pillow to meet your unique sleeping needs. You may remove excess memory foam and create a low-fill bamboo pillow if youre a stomach sleeper.

On the flip side, if youre a back sleeper, you can ensure a medium fill. While side sleepers can enjoy sleeping on the pillow as it is.

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Parachute Down Alternative Pillow

Available in comfortable soft, medium and firm densities, this pillow is filled with superfine microfiber that emulates the best qualities of a regular down pillow — just without the allergies. For added allergy protection, you can also buy Parachute’s washable cotton pillow protector. Fluffy, soft and pleasantly warm , this pillow has been praised by side, stomach and back sleepers alike for its lightweight feel and downlike “squishiness.” Like a regular down pillow, Parachute’s pillow can be fluffed into a comfortable shape for each sleeping position.

“Soft and comfortable,” one reviewer wrote. “I cannot believe it’s not down.” One even compared it to sleeping on a cloud , while another said it quickly and easily fluffs back up after a night’s sleep. If you’ve been considering making the switch from feathers to synthetic fills, Parachute’s soft down alternative may convert you. A stomach sleeper who prefers soft pillows will find the best value here, as you’ll pay a little extra for a medium or firm version of the pillow.

Comfort You Can Customize

Cosy House Collection Luxury Bamboo Waterproof Zippered Pillow ...

The Cosy House Luxury Bamboo Pillow allows you to take control of your sleep with adjustable firmness. Simply unzip our ultra soft bamboo casing, unzip the pillow, and add OR remove foam to your liking. A âCosyâ pillow for all!

Not only is adjusting your pillow super easy, but so is cleaning. When youâre ready to refresh your pillow, remove the outer bamboo casing and throw it in the washing machine on cold and tumble dry low. Our pillows are designed to stay soft and supportive with proper care.

*For best results, wash with our Cosy House Laundry Detergent Pacs!

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Cosy House Luxury Bamboo Pillow Review

Cosy House is a famous luxury bamboo pillow brand known for selling exceptional quality home goods, including luxury pillows, luxe bed sheets, soft towels and doormats, and so on.

Enhance your sleeping experience with one of their high-quality pillows. The most popular Cosy House sleep essential is Luxury Bamboo Pillow, made from top-notch quality shredded memory and rayon derived from sustainable bamboo.

This comfortable and soft pillow is ideal for side and stomach sleepers. Not only does this pillow relieve your pressure points, but its also super adjustable. You can even extract the extra shredded memory foam to enjoy a good nights sleep.

Here we take a closer look at Cosy Houses Luxury Bamboo Pillow to help ensure you make the right choice:

All Night Support & Comfort

  • Stays Fresh & CleanBamboo viscose is naturally hypoallergenic, resisting common household non-living allergens to keep your pillow clean! Enjoy better skin, and wake up feeling your best each morning.
  • Stay Cool & ComfortableOur bamboo viscose fabrics breathable and moisture-wicking properties help circulate airflow, wicking away excess body heat for a cooler sleep every time.
  • No More HeadachesThe bamboo viscose cover can be easily removed and is machine washable.
  • Saving the PlanetBamboo is one of the fastest-growing renewable sources on the planet and uses less water than cotton, making this pillow a great mindful option.

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Are Cosy House Collection Products Available And Ready To Deliver In Muscat As Sib Matrah Salalah As Suwayhirah As Sahil

desertcart ships the Cosy House Collection products in Muscat, As Sib, Matrah, Salalah, As Suwayhirah as Sahil and more cities in Oman. Get unlimited free shipping in 164+ countries with desertcart Plus membership. We can deliver the Cosy House Collection products speedily without the hassle of shipping, customs or duties.

Is The Cosy House Luxury Bamboo Pillow Safe

Cosy House Collection Bamboo Travel & Lumbar Pillows

Cosy House is dedicated to ensuring you get the rest you deserve. For this reason, they fabricate their pillows from high-quality and safe materials.

This cozy pillow is manufactured without harmful chemicals such as phthalates, formaldehyde, mercury, other heavy metals, ozone depleters, and hazardous toxins. It means the pillow is safe for young children, the elderly, and those with sensitive skin and noses. Plus, its unique construction and innovative materials encourage air circulation to wick away heat and moisture, essential for an undisturbed, revitalizing slumber.

To enhance its cooling properties, the Cosy House Luxury Bamboo Pillow uses natural cooling technologies, keeping you dry and sweat-free throughout the night. Moreover, the memory foam shred conforms to your head and neck for maximum support and comfort.

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Where Can I Buy Cosy House Collection Products Online At The Lowest Price In The Oman

desertcart is the best online shopping platform in the Oman where you can choose to buy from the largest selection of Cosy House Collection products. desertcart Oman delivers the most unique and largest selection from around the world especially from the US, UK, India at a reasonable price and fastest delivery time. If you can’t find a particular Cosy House Collection product on desertcart, we pay you!

Cosy House Collection Luxury Bamboo Duvet Cover Set 3


* We will collect the Import Fees Deposit at the time of your purchase and manage the customs process from there. Learn more

** The total may change depending on the chosen shipping option and items in cart during checkout.

Lightweight, Fade Resistant, Tear Resistant, Breathable
Included components Pillow Sham, Pillow Cover, Duvet Cover
Closure type

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Pack King Bamboo Pillows For Sleeping Shredded Memory Foam Adjustable Bamboo Bed Pillow With Removable/washable Bamboo Rayon Zipper Cover

  • COMFORTABLE BEDDING FOR KIDS, YOUNG, AND ADULT: Nothing is most pleasurable than having a complete and comfortable sleep at night! Our soft and breathable bamboo pillows that is perfect for cuddling, sleeping, or just having a relaxing nap.
  • EVERY TYPE OF SLEEPERS: Great for side sleepers, back sleepers and stomachsleepers. The pliable memory foam conforms to the shape of your head andbody keeping the spinal column in your neck and back aligned properly
  • SAFE, HYPOALLERGENIC 4-SEASONS BED PILLOW: Hypoallergenic and bamboo-derived pillow case that is good for human and the environment. It makes you cool down during summer months and warm you up when its cold season.
  • NEVER GO FLAT: The memory foam fill will form into the body in any way you sleep, allowing the back to align properly. Additionally, this bamboo pillow has great memory foam fill which will never go flat.

Say No To Sweaty Nights

Luxury Bamboo Pillow: Standard/ Queen
  • No More Headaches Luxury Pillowcases are easy to care for and provide resistance to stains, wrinkles, and pilling!
  • Saving the Planet Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing renewable sources on the planet and uses less water than cotton, making these bed sheets a great mindful option.
  • 15 Colorful Varieties We offer a huge selection of pillowcase colors catering to your perfect customized bedroom.
  • Secure Envelope Closure Designed with an envelope-style closure, your pillow will stay securely in place for ultimate comfort.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bamboo Pillows

How much do bamboo pillows cost?Bamboo pillows typically cost between $50 and $150 for a standard or queen size. While a bamboo pillow may be a bit more expensive than your ordinary pillow, its possible to find affordable options. Many brands often hold frequent sales and promotions which can significantly lower the cost of a new bamboo pillow.

How do I clean a bamboo pillow? Bamboo pillows constructed with shredded memory foam or bamboo fill can usually be cleaned in your washing machine, while solid memory foam models should be spot-cleaned. Some models feature a zippered outer cover that can also be removed for machine washing. Regardless of the type of bamboo pillow, make sure you follow the manufacturers cleaning instructions.

Where can I buy a bamboo pillow?You can buy a bamboo pillow online or in stores at major retailers that stock home goods. Many big box stores as well brick and mortar mattress and bedding retailers sell bamboo pillows. However, if you want more options, youll be able to find many more choices when it comes to sizing, firmness, loft, and different materials by shopping online.

How long do bamboo pillows last?If frequently used, bamboo pillows typically last around two years. Pillows will start to sag and lose their shape and supportiveness with repeated use. Its important to periodically replace your pillows to ensure your neck is properly supported during the night.

What Types Of Bamboo Fabric Are Available

Rayon: Rayon derived from bamboo is one of the most common forms of bamboo-based fabrics. Also called bamboo viscose, bamboo rayon is a semi-synthetic fabric made by chemically processing raw bamboo to extract the plants fibers for use in textiles. Rayon is affordable and also very soft, making it a good fabric to use in pillows.

Lyocell: Lyocell bamboo shares many similar properties to bamboo-derived rayon. And while the process used to create lyocell is similar to the one used for rayon, it uses a more environmentally-friendly process. If youre worried about the environmental impact of rayon bamboo but also need an affordable bamboo pillow option, lyocell bamboo represents a good middle ground.

Linen: Bamboo linen is considered the most environmentally friendly option in terms of bamboo fabrics. Thats because it requires very few chemicals and minimal processing. Bamboo linen can be coarse and may not be the best for next-to-face comfort. However, higher thread count bamboo linen fabrics are softer. Bamboo linen is highly durable, but also costly. Because the process involves more manual labor, a pillow that uses bamboo linen will likely be on the highest end of the price range for a bamboo pillow.

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About Cosy House Collection Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory

Cosy House Luxury Bamboo Memory Foam Pillows for Sleeping The Cosy House Luxury Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow is made to encourage you to pamper yourself with our plushiest, deluxe bamboo pillow. This Pillow, which comes encased in a soft, hypoallergenic bamboo case is the most indulgent and plush on the market. DesignThe multi-layer design of our bamboo pillow has been formulated to give extra support, coolness and comfort to the head and neck. The bottom layer is crafted with certiPUR-US high-density shredded memory foam, which offers instant pressure relief and ensures the pillow will keep its shape overtime. The middle layer is made from adaptive transition foam, which keeps the head perfectly elevated, relieves neck pain, and distributes weight evenly. The outer layer is constructed of a hypoallergenic bamboo case, which is cooling, antibacterial and odor-resistant. This soft bamboo material naturally resists germs, allergens, and dust mites, which can benefit allergies, acne and clogged pores.ComfortThe Cosy House Luxury Bamboo Pillow cradles the head and neck just right, to create a better breathing path for all kinds of sleepers, especially supportive for those who snore. Easy CareThe outer Bamboo case is removable and can be machine washed for easy cleaning.INCLUDES 1 x Luxury Bamboo memory foam bed pillow Additional HighlightsRefreshingly cool Anti-sweat Triple-layer support Easy-care Removable & washable bamboo pillow case

Cosy House Collection 1500 Series Down Alternative Pillow

Cozy Earth Silk Pillow Review | A Silky Smooth Luxury Pillow
  • SUPPORT & TOTAL COMFORT – Less tossing and turning, more restful sleeping! Our luxe hotel-quality pillow is soft and plush enough for a great night’s sleep, while remaining firm enough to support your neck and back throughout the night.
  • EASY CARE – Our super-soft bed pillows are machine washable and safe in the dryer. They come out looking good as new each and every time. If you’re looking to re-fluff, it’s just as simple! Place your pillow in the dryer for 10 minutes without heat and voila!
  • REST EASY – Youve got a whole team here who truly cares about you and, of course, your quality of sleep! We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on every product we sell that is straightforward and simple. Love it, or your money back.
  • COOL SIDE OF THE PILLOW – Indulge in material made from cloud nine. Our Down Alternative Pillow stays breathable and airy all night long, while also wicking any moisture to keep you cool and dry while you sleep so you can wake up completely refreshed.
  • GENTLE ON SKIN – Gentle on the most sensitive of noses and skin, Cosy House Collection’s Down Alternative Pillows resist dust and common household non-living allergens. Wake up looking and feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the day!

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Experience Our Luxury Bamboo Viscose Pillow

A revolutionary pillow meant for every sleeper, certified and designed by professionals to customize your sleep experience. This pillow provides excellent support and comfort, and is perfect for side and stomach sleepers. Our ultra-soft bamboo viscose blend is temperature regulating, moisture-wicking, and hypoallergenic giving you the cleanest and most comfortable rest for nights to come!

What To Consider When Purchasing A Bamboo Pillow

Bamboo pillows are known for their breathability, adjustability, and natural materials. While most bamboo pillows share these same general qualities, not all bamboo pillows are created equal. They can vary widely in terms of the type of bamboo fabric, fill material, and construction.

Many bamboo pillows only contain bamboo fabric in their cover while others use bamboo construction in both the cover and the pillow fill material. The type of fill material will have a significant impact on the performance and comfort of your pillow. Thats why we recommend comparing different brands and pillow models before deciding which bamboo pillow to buy.

Below weve highlighted the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a bamboo pillow. If you take these factors into account and prioritize based on your personal preferences, youll be able to find a bamboo pillow that suits your needs.

LoftLoft refers to how tall a pillow sits. Side sleepers typically prefer pillows with higher lofts, stomach sleepers gravitate toward low loft pillows, and back sleepers often look for a more medium loft.

Most bamboo pillows are designed to provide an adjustable loft, where an interior zippered cover allows you to access the interior fill. Fill can be removed or added to create a customized loft thats comfortable for all types of sleepers.

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Designed With You In Mind

Our Luxury Pillow keeps your head and neck in the ideal position to stay asleep all night. Less tossing and turning at night means waking up more awake and refreshed. Whether youre a side sleeper, stomach sleeper, back sleeper, or any combination of these, this pillow is perfect for giving your body the support it needs.

Poor Quality Wont Last So Disappointing Given The Hype

Cosy House Collection Luxury Bamboo Pillowcase Set

I am in the UK and I bought two sets and extra pillow cases and have been using for just over two months alternate weeks. One of the duvets has frayed so much at the seams there is a hole, the sheets have piling on and the finish is really, really poor – a mess of loose threads and fraying material. I didnt take out the 2 year warranty and remember at the time wondered why one was offered now I know!! Yes they do feel lovely when you get them BUT they wont last. Final gripe the pillow cases are huge about 1.5 times as long as a UK standard/largish pillow so that looks pretty rubbish as well. If I could leave pictures I would. Please save your money I am really disappointed to be writing this as love to support new companies but the bedding is such a low quality . Just read other reviews wish I had read before. Also the colours arent as described I bought grey which looks a sage colour and silver that looks a lighter sage/grey colour

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