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Are Hybrid Mattresses Good For Back Pain

Best For Side Sleepers Contour 2000 Memory Pocket Mattress

Casper Wave Hybrid Review (Best Mattress For Back Pain?)
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Hypoallergenic

Firmness: Medium-Firm

The Contour 2000 is a relatively inexpensive option, about £399 or thereabouts although often they will have discount codes.

The main selling point of this mattress is that its perfect for side-sleepers. Generally, side sleepers will do fine on a memory foam mattress but the Hybrid technology really seals the deal. If youre a side-sleeper then make sure to consider a Hybrid like this the extra support from the springs will mean you dont sink down into the memory foam as much.

Although the springs are metal, they are pretty bouncy and only give a small boost to the firmness. The soft knitted fabric that forms the cover is jacquard based, and is a nice extra comfort layer and theres no need to turn or flip the mattress so you can get it on the bed and enjoy it for years to come.

In case you hadnt guessed, the 2000 refers to the spring count in the mattress. 2000 spring count is reasonable enough, and high enough that it makes for a luxury feel and while you dont get a trial period you do get a 5-year warranty. I would add that the the price point on this hybrid mattress is very reasonable, and a lot of free trials arent quite what theyre made out to be.

King Koil Xtended Life Grayson Firm

  • Price: $$
  • Type: hybrid
  • Height: 14 inches

The Xtended Life Grayson Firm from King Koil is a hybrid mattress that features a high density foam layer and a graphite-infused latex layer for coolness, pressure relief, and durability. The steel coils are placed to support your body shape and alignment and reduce motion disturbance.

King Koil is endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association. The mattresses are sold in stores, so you can try before you buy, but the company doesnt offer a trial period or sell online. The mattress comes with a 25-year warranty.

  • Type: foam
  • height: 12 inches

The Nectar is a medium-firm mattress with almost no movement transfer. Four layers of CertiPUR-US certified foam are designed to support you at pressure points and keep you cool. The top cooling layer of cotton and Tencel fabric molds to your body, and the bottom layers give you firm support.

This mattress is made to work with all types of bed platforms and sleepers. As with all foam mattresses, it may off-gas for a few days after shipment. Reviews are mostly positive, though some reviewers complain that the mattress didnt expand properly after opening.

With a 365-day trial period, free shipping, free returns, and a lifetime guarantee, you can feel comfortable buying online.

  • Type: foam
  • Height: 12 inches

With a unique Celliant cover, the mattress sleeps cool. Celliant is designed to increase your blood flow, and its recognized by the Food and Drug Administration as a medical device.

Should You Purchase A Bed In A Box

A mattress is an investment you shouldnt rush into it. Before you decide whether or not a bed in a box is right for you, take a moment to consider the pros and cons.


  • Affordability. Because compressed mattresses are smaller and easier to handle, shipping costs are lower than for traditional mattresses. Because of the low overhead of online businesses, bed in a box companies can offer their products for cheaper.
  • Good quality. Despite the lack of various models for most bed in a box companies, they are consistently well-reviewed. Most boxed mattresses receive high marks for stability, durability, and firmness.
  • Hassle-free comparison shopping. Shopping for mattresses at brick and mortar mattress shops is exhausting and boring. Reading descriptions and reviews online makes comparison shopping much easier.
  • Risk-free. Even with extensive research, online shopping is still a gamble, and online mattress companies know this. Thats why nearly all bed in a box manufacturers offer generous trial periods, usually 100 days, but sometimes more. If in the end you decide its not for you, you can organise a return and, in most cases, receive a full refund.


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Should Side Sleepers Have A Hybrid Or Memory Foam Mattress

Side sleepers can achieve comfortable sleep on both hybrid and memory foam beds as long as they find a mattress thats compatible with their sleep style and body type. Both hybrids and memory foam beds come in a variety of firmness options, so you can find one to suit your unique needs rather easily.

Should I Buy A Rolled

Best Mattresses for Back Pain &  Problems (UK)

Hot on the heels of the bed-in-the-box craze, the rolled-up mattress is gaining popularity. These mattresses come vacuum-packed in a handy cotton bag, so you can take them home with you. Alternatively, they can be delivered to your home and easily taken to the room you need without having to try to wrestle a large mattress up your stairs or around tight corners.

However, they sometimes need to be aired or left for a fair few hours to regain shape, which might be a faff if you need to use it quickly.

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Back Pain Pressure Points

If there is an overly vital area to be attentive to when suffering from back pain, its the pressure points that an improper mattress can cause on your body. These points mean that there is extra push back to a specific area. This can cause misalignment throughout your body and your spine.

Once it has moved out of alignment, there is an increased amount of pressure placed on your spine. Thats one of the common causes of back pain. Thinking about it that way may just help you answer the question, Is a firm mattress good for your back? from a whole new angle.

With this said, its essential to ensure that you arent sleeping on a bed that places too much pressure on your spine. This is also true for any major joints. Thats whats going to allow your body to rest in a relaxed state. The chance of pressure points forming along the spine as well as the lower back is diminished dramatically when the appropriate product is picked.

Pressure points are capable of causing long-term deformations and pains along your spine. This isnt something that you can likely afford as it can quickly turn into a chronic condition.

Are You Sleeping On The Wrong Mattress

Back pain is a serious obstacle when it comes to healthy sleep.

When you dont sleep well because of back, shoulder, or neck pain your pain intensifies leading to more lack of sleep.

This is a vicious circle with no end in sight.

See studies at the end of the post

The right mattress makes sure you are sleeping in the right sleep posture when the spine is aligned and with the minimal amount of strain being placed on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

A bad mattress puts a strain on your spinal discs, spinal nerves, muscles, tendons, and ligaments pulling your body out of alignment, and may result in the following conditions:

  • Excessive fatigue and difficulty falling asleep
  • Back/neck/shoulder pain and stiffness
  • Neck stiffness that leads to headaches or migraines
  • Anxiety/depression caused by lack of sleep
  • Joint pain

Thats why investing in a high-quality mattress is more important than you may think, and critical for your health and wellbeing.

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The Benefits Of Memory Foam

Just because they dont feature coils, that doesnt mean memory foam mattresses dont have a lot to offer. There are some clear benefits to choosing a memory foam mattress:

  • Memory foam features great pressure relief and contouring- Memory foam offers great pressure relief, making it one of the best mattress types for side sleepers. It cushions the joints and relieves pressure on the heavier areas of the body. It also takes the shape of your body and fills in any gaps. This helps keep your spine in neutral alignment.
  • Memory foam is quiet- While hybrid mattresses arent necessarily going to be loud, springs can start to squeak over time. You wont have this issue with memory foam. It does not creak or make audible noises when you move around on the mattress.
  • Memory foam cuts down on motion transfer- Memory foam is known to absorb movement in a mattress. If you move around on a memory foam mattress, your motion should be more isolated to that specific area. This can be especially valuable if you sleep with a partner and dont want to disturb each other in the night.

Does My Pillow Matter

Best Hybrid Mattress For Lower Back Pain, Sciatica & Arthritis!

While a better mattress certainly can help with back pain and proper spinal alignment, it isnt the only factor. When paired with the proper pillow, the duo could help reduce back pain and contribute to a healthier sleep experience by properly elevating the neck and shoulders for better support.

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Three Separate Zones Offer Ultimate Comfort

  • Materials: Memory foam, foam and springs
  • Firmness level: Medium-firm
  • Trial period: 100 nights

The Casper mattress has three zones of targeted support to help align your spineand hopefully ease your back pain in the process. Softer foam around your shoulders cushions your upper body, while firmer foam under your hips, waist and lower back keep your spine in the right position. The durable foam base underneath allows for added firmness and support, so the mattress doesnt sink or sag under your weight. Its available in all-foam or hybrid options, with the former being the firmer pick, the latter having a medium-firm feel. When asked, a Casper Snooze Specialist recommended the hybrid for back pain due to its combination of support and give. That said, it also comes in an all-foam version for those who prefer it.

Memorial Day sale: Casper is taking up to $800 off its mattresses, including this particular model, in honor of Memorial Day.

What Makes A Mattress Good For Back Pain

First, we looked at what makes a mattress ideal for back pain sufferers.

A mattress thats good for back pain should focus on support and pressure relief. Foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses are best at providing these features. The more support in the middle of the body, the better.

That said, memory foam mattresses are often praised as being the best for back pain due to the cradling effect that they have. They soften pressure points, but sleepers sink into the mattress far enough to be supported by the foam. Hybrid mattresses can act this way in certain circumstances, specifically if they are created with back pain in mind.

When looking for a mattress that will be good for back pain, consider your preferences and sleep position. Certain sleepers will require a firmer mattress to avoid back pain.

In summary, a good mattress for back pain will:

  • Offer support
  • Be foam mattresses or hybrid foam mattresses
  • Cater to your personal preferences

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Best Mattresses For Back Pain In 2021

Need some help choosing? These are some of the top mattresses worth considering if you’re suffering with aches and pains.

Best overall mattress

The Memory Foam mattress from Nectar is an affordable option, commended for it’s comfort levels especially where lower back pain is concerned.

The premium 25cm mattress hugs your body and gel infused foam keeps you cool during the warmer months of the year. The top layer of memory foam offers pressure point relief, which is a great choice for back support.

  • Type: Memory foam

Benefits Of A Hybrid Mattress

Twin Size Mattress, Medium Firm Mattress Twin, 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress ...

Theres a reason why hybrid mattresses have gained popularityin fact, there are a few! By combining innerspring and non-spring layers, hybrid mattresses deliver the best of both worlds, boosting each materials advantages while minimizing their drawbacks. To learn how these differ, check out our comparison of a hybrid vs. innerspring mattress.

Curious if a hybrid bed is the key to your best night yet? Lets break down the four main benefits of hybrid mattress beds.1

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The Drawbacks Of Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses have a lot to offer, but there are some drawbacks as well. These are something to consider if you think a hybrid mattress is better for you:

  • They have a higher price tag- While not all hybrid mattresses cost more than memory foam mattresses, this is usually the case. Because of this, a hybrid mattress might not be in everyones budget.
  • They arent the best with motion transfer- Even if a hybrid mattress features a very soft comfort layer, it probably wont cut down on motion transfer as well as an all-foam mattress. If your partner moves around on the other side of the mattress, you could feel it more on a hybrid mattress.
  • They are heavier and more cumbersome- In general, hybrid mattresses will weigh more than a pure memory foam mattress. Because of this, it might be more difficult to move the mattress. This might only be an issue when you are moving to a new house or apartment, but it is worth noting. Wondering how to move a mattress? Read our full written article.

Types Of Mattresses You Can Buy On The Internet

Finding an online mattress isnt a easy task, since youll have a myriad of choices to pick from. Each type of mattress has significantly different features and is likely to be more for certain types of people than other types.

Foam mattresses are typically made up of polyurethane and memory foam. Memory foam reacts to the body heat and then softens, creating a conforming feel. For those on a budget, youre likely to find foam mattresses cheaper than some other types with three foam mattresses that we have listed costing less than $700 for a queen-sized size.

Hybrid mattresses are a combination of innerspring coils and higher comfort layers. They typically made from latex or foam. They are the best choice for people who are looking for an elastic and soft upper layer with the durable and ergonomic support of coils. Because of the unique structure of these mattresses, theyre usually more expensive than all-foam and innerspring beds.

Innerspring mattresses stand out due to their coil support core which provides the mattress with a bounce property. They typically have a pillow top or Euro-top upper layer for convenience and to relieve pressure points.

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Selecting The Best Mattress For Back Pain

Back pain is a common curse on a large portion of society. Whether lower, upper or both, many suffer with aching in their back. The quest to find the best mattress for back pain is a huge goal for many who are seeking a pain free night of sleep. Remarkably, only eight percent of adults have been found to be back sleepers. If youre a side sleeper, you might want to view our page: best mattress for side sleeper.

Although many back sleepers like a firm mattress, it is important to have enough softness that will mold to the contours of the body. This allows for the arch of the back to be properly supported as to prevent lower back pain issues. When seeking the best mattress for lower back pain, or for just back pain in general, it is important to think of ergonomics. A mattress designed to properly support the body will promote stability for a healthy posture, as well a peaceful sleep. Memory foams mattresses are a great choice for their combination of firmness and the ability to form to the body.

The Best Mattress For Back Pain Recommended By An Osteopath

The Leesa Hybrid Mattress Review (Formerly known as “Sapira”) – Best Firm Mattress for Back Pain?

Our expert says the best mattress for back pain depends on your posture, weight and sleeping style: so which is right for you?

Back pain is the leading cause of disability in the UK and affects approximately one in six adults. It’s aggravated by our sedentary lifestyles and bad posture, both at our desks and while we sleep. While no mattress will be a magic fix, an unsupportive one can compound the problem.

“Typically inflammatory pain is worse in the morning because as we lie, our heart rate slows down, circulation slows and any inflammation stays pooled in the area. Sleep position is key,” says Dave Gibson, osteopath, sleep coach and founder of The Sleep Site.

To avoid back pain you should ideally sleep with your spine in alignment. For back sleepers and front sleepers the main danger is that the spine settles into a U-shape while sleeping. For side sleepers it depends on the pressure points at shoulder, hip and head.

“Lie on your side in bed and get your partner to take a photograph so you can see how your spine lines up,” Gibson recommends. “Your pillow needs to be the right height and the mattress needs to be supportive enough so that when you lie down, your spine is in alignment. It can help to put a pillow between your knees. It also helps if the mattress is firm.”

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How A Hybrid Mattress Can Help With Back Pain

A well-made hybrid is two things: comfortable and supportive. Both of these features go a long way towards improving your back pain. You see, the reason these are referred to as hybrids is because they have both soft, conforming foam and steady, supportive springs. Theyre made with two different things that combine to create a fantastic mattress!

After its creation by NASA, memory foam became an instant hit because it cradled your body, provided excellent motion isolation, and created a soft, yet supportive sleep surface. However, what memory foam doesnt do very well is adequately support your back and spine. This is where the innersprings come in to help. The coil core of a hybrid mattress provides extra support for your neck and spine, a critical factor for preventing chronic back pain.


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