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Goose Down Pillows For Sale

What Is The Difference Between A Down And Feather Pillow

Beautyrest Cotton Softy Around 95/5 Goose Feather/Down Medium Firm Pillow 2 pk.

A feather fill means a plump and supportive pillow because feathers are heavier and bulkier than down. A down fill is very light, insulative and soft. Down traps warm air because of the way the down clusters lock together this means a down rich pillow is a good choice if you feel the cold easily. Feather and down are usually used together, creating a pillow that has a balance of softness and support. A firmer pillow will contain more feather, or a core of feather surrounded by down. A pillow with a higher ratio of down will be loftier and softer.

Who Is Best Suited To A Down Pillow

We recommend down pillows to anyone who feels most comfortable on a very soft surface that sinks deeply beneath the head and neck. However, how much you like or dislike lying on a down pillow may depend on your sleep position, body type, head size, and other factors. Our picks for who is and isnt suited to a down pillow include the following:

Who is suited:

Who is not suited:

How Do I Choose A Goose Down Pillow

The firmness you choose should be based on your sleeping style. For example, if you sleep on your stomach, a soft pillow, with less down, will let your head and neck rest closer to the bed. If you sleep on your side, a firm pillow, with more down, will keep your head and neck elevated and aligned with your spine.

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What Were Looking For:

Fill power: Pillows filled with other materials like memory foam, poly fiber, and latex have generalized measurements to determine their loft. For down pillows, the fill power correlates to the loft of the pillow, and you can use the fill power to judge the quality of the pillow. Manufacturers come up with the fill-power number by measuring the cubic inches of loft that one ounce of down fill produces. Basically, the higher the fill power number, the loftier and more insulated the pillow will be with a higher price tag to match. The standard fill power is around 500 to 600, which is a respectable plush pillow. Above that fill power, you are entering the deluxe pillow space.

Fill composition: Youll notice that a few of the pillows below contain a blend of duck or goose feathers and down material, while some are filled with only down material. What your down pillow is actually filled with will affect the price as well as the overall feel and support of the pillow. Pillows that are 100 percent down cost more and feel superbly lush and soft. When feathers are mixed in, the pillow price and plushness can vary, making them a good choice for those who want a more affordable or more supportive option.

How Long Do Down Pillows Last

Shop European Heritage Luxury Opulence Soft Hypoallergenic White Goose ...

With proper care, down pillows can last several years. The higher the fill power, the longer a down pillow will last. If you find that you have to constantly fluff your pillow for it to support your head, it may be time to replace it. Confirm by folding your pillow in half: If it stays that way, its time for a new pillow.


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White Goose Feather And Downpillow 100% Cotton Fabric King Size Set Of 2

Goose Feather and Down Pillow, 100% Cotton Fabric, King Size, Set of 2 Suggestion Related products Packaging & Shipping PVC bag + insert card + cardboard or as Your Requirement White Goose Feather and Down Pillow, 100% Cotton Fabric, King Size, Set of 2 Company Information About us Hangzhou Paradise Import & Export Co.,ltd Our company specialize in the manufacturing of down and feather Active Member
  • Pillow Insert White or Customized Quick Detail : Material: 100% Cotton Filling: Down Age Group: Adults Part: Neck Shape: Rectangle Use: Decorative,Body,Sleeping,Bedding Feature: Anti-Apnea Place of Origin: Zhejiang China Brand Name: GaGa Model Number: Color: White Type: feather pillow Active Member
  • Pillow Insert White or Customized Quick Detail : Material: 100% Cotton Filling: Down Age Group: Adults Part: Neck Shape: Rectangle Use: Decorative,Body,Sleeping,Bedding Feature: Anti-Apnea Place of Origin: Zhejiang China Brand Name: GaGa Model Number: Color: White Type: feather pillow Active Member
  • Pillow Insert White or Customized Quick Detail : Material: 100% Cotton Filling: Down Age Group: Adults Part: Neck Shape: Rectangle Use: Decorative,Body,Sleeping,Bedding Feature: Anti-Apnea Place of Origin: Zhejiang China Brand Name: GaGa Model Number: Color: White Type: feather pillow Site Member
  • Why Are Goose Down Pillows So Expensive

    What makes goose down so expensive is that goose down is extremely difficult to obtain. Compounding its rareness is the difference in the quality of goose down produced by different aged geese. Adult geese provide the softest, most comfortable, and highest fill power down. Young geese provide low quality down.

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    Luxurious Pillow With The No Mite Label

    Limited Stocks Available.

    Firmness Rating: Medium.

    100% cotton casing.

    Working with a family-run traditional manufacturer we have a very special offer for this pillow, filled with 80% White Hungarian Goose Down and 20% Feather.

    Our supplier is fully certified and enjoys the privilege to label the products with the prestigious No Mite label your assurance it will not cause any problems in terms of dust mites or allergies.

    Guaranteed for 2 years.

    • 80% Hungarian Goose Down 20% Feather.
    • 100% Cotton Casing.

    Best Overall Down Pillow

    Brooklinen Down Pillow Review | Hotel quality goose down at an affordable price? (2020)

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    Hypoallergenic Goose Down Pillow

    The goose down undergoes an intensive process wherein the feathers are washed and rinsed for a total of 8 times yes, 8 times! Each cycle further lessens the amount of dust, dirt and allergens contained in the feathers until such time that no traces remain.

    The result: Each goose down pillow can be used by individuals with high sensitivity to allergens like dust, dirt and dust mites. Kids, asthmatic individuals, and the elderly will benefit the most from such quality. It must be said, nonetheless, that everybody in your family will certainly benefit from a good nights sleep every night!

    Keep in mind that sleep is crucial to good health. The 6-8 hours of time spent on restful sleep allows the body to repair its injuries, restore its functions including its cognitive abilities, and reenergize its parts in preparation for the next days activities.

    More than the sleep component, the avoidance of allergens when sleeping on the best down pillow reinforces peace of mind. Parents can sleep soundly with the knowledge that their children are sleeping soundly, too, on hypoallergenic goose feather pillows and then wake up in good healthLook, Ma, I’m not stuffed up!

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    Customer Service

    How To Choose A Down Pillow

    Most down pillows offer a similar feel characterized by exceptional plushness and deep sinkage beneath the head and neck. However, there are subtle differences between these pillow models that make them better suited for some types of sleepers and less suited for others. Important considerations include the type of down used, ratio of down to feathers, cover material, loft, and price-point. We also encourage shoppers to research the down and feather harvesting practices of different companies to ensure their pillows and other products are ethically sourced and manufactured.

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    Feather And Down Pillows 100% Cotton Cover Medium Firmness Standard Size

    100%cotton Cover WARNING: COUNTERFEIT SELLERS! Do not buy from any other brand other than Peace nest. Peace nest is the sole seller of this product. Other sellers will show extended ship times, impossible pricing, and will never ship the product! Make sure… Active Member
  • Product name: Shuttlecock Feather material: Class A Duck Feather Head material: Sandwich Cork Weight: 80g/tube Color: White Speed: 77 MOQ: 50 tube Feature: Eco-friendly products and packing material, high quality,slightly. Accessary: … Active Member
  • Perfect For Side Sleepers

    Chpermore Hot Sale!!! White Goose Down Pillow high quality Orthopedic ...

    I ordered this pillow after getting through several quite expensive pillows finding that they became flat and lumpy very quickly. At first I was sceptical over the level of support this pillow would provide due to it being so soft but was really pleasantly surprised! It’s perfect for side sleepers like me who fidget a lot before and during sleep and like to squish the pillow up to change the height. Just plump it in the morning and it returns right back to it’s normal height and shape. Delivery was also very quick. I highly recommend trying this pillow and I’m sure I’ll order more bedding from Diamond in the near future!

  • MairiM.Mairi

    Bought pillows along with 2 duvets all Hungarian goose down , fabulous thank you

  • FlorenceF.Florence

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    Sleep Better Live Better

    Looking for the right Pillow? Are you having bad sleep quality because of your pillow? Like our Royal Elite Duvets, finding the right Pillow also can be a tricky purchase. Many sleepers go Pillow shopping the wrong way. They focus solely on the price and assume their hard-earned investment will provide them with proper support.

    Many Pillow brands on the market do not offer wide range of customization of firmness. Here at Maholi, we offer customers our Best in Class Chamber Lock Down Pillows where you can bespoke the firmness however you like. This unique Pillow has three chambers where the content is even distributed giving you the most optimum support. Our luxurious White Goose Down and Duck Down Pillows supports all types of sleepers from back, side, to tummy sleepers. Lastly our affordable Down Combo Pillow is constructed with three inner layers the middle filled with feathers and out layers filled with Down. These gorgeous Pillows are professionally designed to provide ultimate support for a great nights sleep.

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    What Kind Of Pillows Do 5 Star Hotels Use

    The Best Hotel Pillows Best Overall Saatva Down Alternative Pillow. Best Value Brooklinen Down Pillow. Most Comfortable Boll & Branch Down Alternative Pillow. Best Luxury The Company Store Legends Hotel Organic Cotton Down Pillow. Best for Side Sleepers Standard Textile Firm Down Alternative Pillow.

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    When Buying Goose Down Pillows Consumer Reports Here’s What We Recommend

    If you are going to invest your hard-earned money in a product, you should educate yourself first. The following factors should be considered before purchasing goose down pillows consumer reports.

    Before buying an goose down pillows consumer reports, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • How does goose down pillows consumer reports compare to its competitors in terms of reputation?
  • When they malfunction, can they be repaired or serviced easily?
  • goose down pillows consumer reports stands out from the competition in what ways?
  • How does goose down pillows consumer reports differ from its competitors? What are the benefits of those features?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of goose down pillows consumer reports?
  • Are there any options for maintaining or repairing goose down pillows consumer reports?
  • The following questions should be asked before purchasing a product. Don’t hesitate to ask if you still have questions or concerns.

    We have only briefly mentioned what we consider important factors. Many of your questions can be answered in detail if you do some research online or visit the store.

    Duck Feather And Down Pillows

    eLuxury Hotel White Goose Down Pillow Review – Most Luxurious Pillow!

    Duck feather and down pillows are soft, puffy and full perfect for nestling into at the end of a long day. Their fullness makes them look as inviting as they feel, and theyre just the thing for adding an extra touch of indulgence to a bedroom. We use a combination of extra small duck feathers and duck down in our duck feather and down pillows. This creates a duck feather pillow that has enough resistance to provide support with the softness you need to feel comfortable as you nod off to sleep. Our blend of duck feather and down is available in a range of pillow sizes. As well as our regular and super king size pillows, you can also find a compact travel-size duck feather pillow, perfect for taking on holiday and square duck feather and down pillows, ideal for adding extra style to your bedroom.

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    Down Pillow/ Feather Pillow Features

    We are proud to offer you feather pillows that are stunningly soft and luxurious. Our ethically-sourced down and feathers are harvested, processed, sterilised, dedusted and graded according to the strict standards of the European Down and Feather Association. We believe in our range of quality feather pillows – so you can too.

    DID YOU KNOW? Our feather pillows carry a 2-year guarantee. As such, you can rest assured that you will enjoy a fuss-free sleeping experience backed by our unwavering belief in the exceptional quality of our products.

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    Buying Goose Down Pillows Consumer Reports: Here’s What You Need To Know

    Are you looking for the best goose down pillows consumer reports to meet your needs? Here you will find everything you need. It can be difficult to make the right choice when there are so many options on the market.

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    Duck Goose Featherjacket Pillow Down Filling Machine Automatic 2000w

    100% White Goose Down Pillows and Comforters on Sale for 25% Off â DEA ...
    220V automatic duck goose feather jacket pillow down filling machine Descriptions: IPut the down or fiber/cotton into the yellow hopper until the monitor show the weight you want. Then switch the pedal with your foot until all the down or fiber/cotton in … Site Member
  • …kids’ creativity. Product: Goose Feathers Relative products: Turkey feather, Chicken feather, Peacock feather, Ostrich feather Specification Material Goose feather, turkey feather, chicken feather, peacock feather, ostrich feather, etc. Size 5~8cm, 7 ~12cm… Site Member
  • goose feather EG1130LE Black label Aeroplane badminton shuttlecocks goose feather EG1130 Black label Aeroplane badminton shuttlecocks goose feather SG1130 Red label Aeroplane badminton shuttlecocks goose feather G1130 Green label Aeroplane badminton shuttlecocks goose feather G2130 … Active Member
  • Class A Badminton Goose Feather Shuttlecocks: Purpose Material of feather Material of head Weight Speed Competition Goose feather Cork head 4.7-5.2g 75,76,77,78,79,80 Training Duck feather Complexcork head 4.7-5.2g 75,76,77,78,79,80 Promotion Nylon … Active Member
  • Hotel thickness goose feather king mattress made in China Product Description Product Name Hotel thickness goose feather king mattress made in china Size 0.9*2.0m 1.0*2.0m 1.2*2.0m 1.35*2.0m 1.5*2.0m 1.8*2.0m OEM Yes Comfort Level … Active Member
  • âSpecifications: Material: goose feather Ball head: Composition cork Package:3pcs/12pcs for each box Active Member
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    Which Down Pillow Sizes Are Available

    Down pillows are widely available in the standard, queen, and king sizes. Although some brands offer down and feather body pillows, these models are much less common. Next, well discuss the most common pillow sizes and dimensions. Please note: the dimensions listed below may vary by a few inches, depending on the manufacturer.

    Standard: The standard size typically measures 20 inches wide by 26 inches long. This size is ideal for people who sleep on a twin, twin XL, or full mattress, as well as couples that share a queen, king, or California king. Standards are quite common.

    Super Standard: The super standard size measures 20 inches wide by 28 inches long, giving sleepers a bit more space than a traditional standard. This size is not particularly common, but some brands offer standard sizes that are technically super standards based on their measurements.

    Queen: Another very common size, the queen measures 20 inches wide and 30 inches long. If you tend to change sleep positions or toss and turn, the queen offers a bit of extra space compared to the standard.

    King: A typical king size pillow measures 20 inches wide and 36 inches long, so this will be an ideal size for anyone who moves around frequently in bed. Keep in mind that this size will take up most of the surface of a twin or twin XL mattress, so you may only need one if your bed is this size.


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