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How Much Does A Puffy Mattress Cost

Lightweight Sleepers Under 130 Lbs

Puffy Lux Mattress Review – Is It Worth It?

Lightweight people should like the Puffy mattress for both back sleeping and side sleeping. They will surely get enough support while back sleeping, and they should feel a good deal of contouring. Side sleeping, they will not sink into the mattress so far, so they should feel little pressure on their shoulders and hips. Stomach sleeping, those who weigh less than 130 lbs might even get enough support on the Puffy mattress.

Full Review Of Puffys Features

Puffy is a solid contender in the online bed and mattress space, ensuring a positive adjustable bed buying experience. Loaded with extra features and offering superior customer service and money-back guarantees, there are lots of reasons why Puffy is a competitive choice.


Its beds come with a universal headboard mount to attach to any headboard so customers can maintain their existing bedroom design. The sleek black framework matches any decor. Its extras are fun and useful, such as USB charging ports built into the frame and remote-operated LED lights that act as a gentle nightlight or early morning alarm.

Works with Any Mattress

The Puffy adjustable base is compatible with any mattress, no matter the fabrication. However, it works best with a Puffy mattresss cloud-like memory foam.


  • Twin XL: 38 x 80 x 15
  • Full: 54 x 75 x 15
  • Queen: 60 x 80 x 15
  • Split King: 76 x 80 x 15

Lots of Options

Puffy designed its adjustable base to give its customers options. The split king version is compatible with two twin XL size Puffy mattresses or one king-size Puffy mattress. The twin XL setup allows both sleepers to select individual comfort settings with their own remote. Both sleepers can use one king mattress with a split king Puffy adjustable base to share the same comfort level, but the option remains to use a single mattress in the future.


Purchases ship free within five business days in the contiguous United States and Canada.



Types Of Air Mattresses And Their Costs

First, air or inflatable mattresses are sleeping items considered practical, lighter, and more portable alternatives to the foam mattress.

The common disadvantage is that most of them will leak out air under the sleeper’s weight and require frequent pumping. However, users can quickly deflate, roll up, and store them in a closet or the trunk of their car, and then, if necessary, they can fill them with air using a pump and take full advantage of their comfort.

To make the best purchase, it is necessary to distinguish between the different types of inflatable mattresses available on the market.

The most common types of mattresses are camping air mattresses, backpacking air beds, and air mattresses with built-in pumps, which are air mattresses for everyday use. Below is a small overview of the main types of inflatable mattresses and how much they cost.

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Who We Recommend The Puffy Lux For

Overall, I found the Puffy Lux to be a great option for:

  • Sleepers who suffer with excessive pressure points
  • People who have a relatively even distribution of weight throughout their bodies due to the very steady progression of contour provided from one layer to the next
  • People who weight less than 250 pounds due to plushness, although there is no official weight limit

Original Puffy Mattress Vs Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress

Puffy Lux Mattress
  • The Lux Hybrid includes pocketed coil support, so its a little more durable than the original Puffy.
  • This ultra-plush mattress feels softer than the original Puffy, and could be a good fit for side sleepers.
  • If you suffer from shoulder pain the Lux Hybrid could help you find some relief.
  • Head over to our full Puffy Lux Hybrid mattress review to get all the info on this Puffy bed.

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A Puffy Mattress May Not Be The Best For You If You:

  • Are a larger individual who sinks into their mattress a lot.
  • Do not like the slight sink that comes with a foam mattress
  • Dont have a way to set up the mattress on your own, as there is no white-glove set-up service available.
  • Dont want to order a mattress before trying it out yourself.
  • Want an extra-firm sleeping surface.
  • Do not want the slight off gassing that comes with a new mattress from a bed in a box company.

How Does The Puffy Mattress Compare

Weve taken the time to compare the pros and cons of many different mattresses as well. Reviews for Puffy mattresses often compare features such as firmness, softness, support, and more, and its important to consider your options before making a commitment. You can learn more about how the Puffy Mattress measures up to others in the industry by taking a look at the following pages:

To see more top rated mattresses, check out our Top Ten List!

You Can Still Get A $300 Discount on A Puffy or Puffy Lux Mattress TODAY!

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Original Puffy Mattress Vs Puffy Royal Mattress

  • The all-foam Puffy Royal is 4 inches taller than the original to offer even more pressure relief.
  • Like the original Puffy, the Royal is a medium-firm mattress.
  • Back and side sleepers looking for a little extra sinkage should enjoy the Royal.
  • Learn more in our full Puffy Royal mattress review.

This mattress is no longer available for purchase. To help you find your next mattress, check out our list of the best mattresses available on the market now.

Puffy Lux Hybrid Unboxing And Off

Puffy Lux Mattress Review (UPDATED!)

The Puffy Lux Hybrid is a bed-in-a-box mattress, which means it will ship compressed straight to your door and will have to be unboxed. As with all bed-in-a-box mattresses, youll need to wait at least 24 hours for this bed to fully decompress.

As with most new mattresses, the Puffy Lux Hybrid will likely emit a smell when it is first unboxed this is known as off-gassing. If you do detect an odor, I suggest unzipping the mattress cover and leaving it in a well-ventilated room for a few days while the smell completely dissipates.

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Will It Properly Support My Body

If a mattress is too soft, it will sink in when you sleep on it, and eventually, itll prematurely sag in the shape of your body. You need a mattress that will enhance spinal alignment and gently contour your body while sleeping. A memory foam mattress and a hybrid mattress are the best at getting this done. A mattress with high density memory foam and a coil base layer, like the Puffy Lux Hybrid, will provide full body support, increase stability, and relieve key pressure points.

Domestic Manufacturing And Free Delivery

Puffy proudly declares that their mattresses are made in the USA. This practice not only supports American workers, but also conveniently cuts prices for the consumer.

This domestic production helps Puffy offer free shipping to anywhere within the contiguous United States. Fortunately, eager customers wont have to wait long to get their new mattresses, either. These beds typically arrive within 2-5 business days.

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Puffy Mattress Warranty Information

The Puffy mattress comes with a non-prorated Lifetime warranty for the original owner of the mattress, which means that Puffy covers the full cost for mattress repair or replacement as long as the original owner has the bed. The company guarantees your mattress will be free from material or workmanship defects for as long as you own it.

What Is Covered By the Puffy Mattress Warranty?
  • Permanent body impressions deeper than 1.5
  • Manufacturing flaws in the mattress cover fabric, stitching, or zipper
  • Foam splitting, cracking, or crumbling that isnt due to user damage or misuse
  • Faulty springs that pop through the side of the mattress
What the Puffy Warranty Does Not Cover
What Could Void My Warranty?
  • Using an unsupportive foundation or bed frame
  • Burns, tears, spills, or other damage caused by you
  • Mold, bed bugs, or other infestations
  • Buying the Puffy mattress second hand
  • Buying the Puffy from anyone other than Puffy or an authorized Puffy distributor
  • Moving outside of the United States
Filing a Warranty Claim With Puffy

Puffy makes filing a warranty claim easier than many companies. Heres how to get a claim started.

What youll need:

  • The first and last name of the person who ordered the Puffy
  • A photo or video of the defect
  • A description of the defect
  • Your order number

The Bottom Line On Puffy Mattresses

Puffy Lux Mattress

Puffy Mattress is a foam mattress bought online and shipped straight to your door. The three mattress models are in the medium firmness range and provide support, minimized motion transfer, and soft comfort for a good nights sleep. Puffy Mattress delivers free to your door and offers a 101-night sleep trial and money-back guarantee with free returns.

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Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress Review

The Puffy Lux Hybrid mattress is definitely one to get excited about. This hybrid model is made with both super soft foam layers and pocketed coils, which establishes a balanced vibe between deep, cuddly comfort and bouncy mobility.

Interested in learning more about this popular bed-in-a-box? Then you better read my full review of the Puffy Lux Hybrid below! I wanted to find out if the Puffy Lux Hybrid delivered on its reputation, so I put the mattress through a variety of tests to find out. I tested what this beds made of, how it feels, what kinds of sleepers might like it most, and more.

Ready to get to the bottom of the Puffy Lux Hybrid, and find out if it could be the bed for you? Read on for my detailed review! Short on time? Skip down to the end to check out my review summary.

Editors Note: The Puffy Lux Hybrid was previously offered in both a hybrid and all-foam model. The all-foam model has been discontinued. If youre curious about this change, .

What Mattress Size Do I Need

The mattress size depends on the number of sleepers sharing the bed and the size of your bedroom. For single sleepers, a twin, twin XL, or full size are all ideal options. For two individuals, a queen, king, or California king is recommended. Ask yourself key questions such as do I need extra space when I sleep? Is my room big enough for this bed size? You can use our mattress dimension chart to find the right size for you.

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Puffy Royal Mattress Reviews

Two inches thicker than the Puffy Lux, the Puffy Royal mattress offers optimal cloud-like comfort to sleepers of all kinds. Puffy Royal combines memory foam and adaptive coils for more bounce and mobility without compromising the body-contouring capabilities of the original Puffy. Like the other Puffy models, Puffy Royal provides sinkage that helps alleviate pressure and pain, especially for back and side sleepers. This mattress is slightly softer than the Puffy original, providing extra comfort but less firmness and spine alignment than the other Puffy models available.

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How Much Does An Air Mattress Cost

Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress Review – Will You Like It?

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Air mattresses are made of durable plastics and rubbers and are generally covered with velvet on their upper side.

However,part of what makes them common isair mattresses cost a fraction of the traditional synthetic or natural foam mattresses.

They are used for camping and as an emergency bed.

The days when air mattresses were just cheap products with cheap, easily puncturing materials are gone.

Today, there are different types of air mattresses for every purpose. In this guide, the costs of the various air mattresses will be analyzed.

to watch out for new product reviews and guides in video format or follow us .

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Puffy Lux Mattress Review How It Differs From The

Puffy is a very popular online bed linen business that provides 3 various foam mattresses. The foam tends to adjust to numerous sleep positions, which assists to guarantee that your whole body gets appropriate support. So, if youâre searching for the best mattress available, you canât go wrong with any of the following brands. How much does a queen size puffy mattress cost.

How much does a queen size puffy mattress cost. So, if youâre searching for the best mattress available, you canât go wrong with any of the following brands. The puffy lux somewhat improves on the previous puffy. How much does a queen size puffy mattress cost. As a result, itâs 2â³ thicker than the original puffy mattress.

How much does a queen size puffy mattress cost hereâs an explanation for how we generate income. How much does a queen size puffy mattress cost hereâs an explanation for how we make money. The puffy lux mattress has a trial period of one hundred and one nights Hereâs an explanation for how we generate income. The puffy lux hybrid.

How much does a queen size puffy mattress cost. How much does a puffy lux queen mattress cost. With 5 layers, it is 10â thick. All those individuals who merely canât jeopardize with. In this contrast, we break down the pros and cons of each bed so you can find out whether itâs worth it to invest up for the.

Testing The Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress In Different Sleeping Positions

Different sleeping positions and weights require different amounts of support. Generally, light sleepers dont require the same amount of support as heavy sleepers. Read on below to see how the Puffy Lux Hybrid mattress performs for sleepers of different weights.

Is the Puffy Lux Hybrid a Good Mattress for Light Sleepers ?

  • Light Back Sleepers Light back sleepers tend to feel mattresses a bit firmer than advertised, so I think this bed would be a pretty good option for these folks if they typically prefer a softer bed. Despite the pocketed coils deep in its structure, this mattress definitely falls on the soft side of the firmness scale, and some back sleepers may desire more support.
  • Light Side Sleepers While it may not feel quite as soft to them as advertised, light side sleepers should really enjoy this mattress. The bed will hug these sleepers sensitive joints in a soothing way, providing pain relief.
  • Light Stomach Sleepers Light stomach sleepers would do better with a firmer bed, providing much needed support at their hips.

Is the Puffy Lux Hybrid a Good Mattress for Average Weight Sleepers ?

Is the Puffy Lux Hybrid a Good Mattress for Heavy Sleepers ?

  • Heavy Back Sleepers Heavy sleepers will not be supported enough by this mattress. These sleepers should opt for a firmer bed with better edge support, which they can find in our best mattresses for heavy peopleroundup.
  • Heavy Side Sleepers See above.
  • Heavy Stomach Sleepers See above.

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Puffy Lux Hybrid Performance For Couples

When sharing the bed with a partner, youll want to keep a few more things in mind while shopping for a new mattress. Features youll want to consider include motion transfer, performance during sex, cooling, and edge support.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer measures the level of movement that transfers across a bed from one side to the other. Ultimately, this test determines how much a bedmates movement will disturb you. To measure motion transfer, I dropped a 10 lb steel ball from heights of 4 inches, 8 inches, and 12 inches and measured the disturbance it caused: the bigger the lines, the bigger the disturbance.

The Puffy Lux Hybrid showed really low levels of motion transfer, which means Id recommend this bed for some couples. If you share your bed and are a light sleeper, this mattress could be a real winner for you! The great motion isolation on the Lux Hybrid should help prevent you from feeling overly disturbed by a partner or pet moving around on the other side of the bed.


The sinking feeling that this mattress has is not something that you want in a mattress for sex. The layers of foam arent very responsive, but the support layer with pocketed coils helps out a little bit! This mattress is definitely not great for sex, but it is not horrible either. If sex is a deciding factor for you, I would look for a mattress with a little less foam and a little more bounce.


Edge Support

Puffy Mattress: $899 $1449

Puffy Lux Mattress

The simply named Puffy Mattress is the first model Puffy made and has been around the longest. These are the Puffy Mattress prices for the original Puffy mattress.

  • Twin: $899

Your Puffy Mattress Comes With a 101 Night Sleep Trial And A Lifetime Guarantee

Heres what youre getting for your money when you buy the Puffy Mattress:

A ten inch high all foam mattress, with memory foam comfort layers and a high density polyfoam support core.

The two memory foam layers are designed to help keep you cool, with gel infusions and clima-comfort technology

Stain resistant and removable cover

My opinion: the features of the Puffy Mattress are pretty standard for a 10 inch all foam mattress. Things that make it stand out are the fact its made in the USA and has a lifetime warranty. I think you should be able to buy a memory foam mattress with all these features for around $1000, so with a discount the price of the Puffy Mattress is reasonable to me. Click below to see what deal you can get for a Puffy Mattress

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