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How To Cool A Foam Mattress

Why Is Temperature Important To Sleep

What’s The Coolest Foam Mattress To Buy – Cool Memory Foam?

Studies have shown that humans tend to sleep better in cooler temperatures, with the ideal range for adults being between 60 and 67° F.

Our sleep cycle is regulated by our circadian rhythm, which is based on the light and dark cycle of the sun and takes its cues from environmental and personal factors. Whilst our core body temperature is around 98.6° F , it fluctuates by about 2° in the night.

Body temperature starts to drop around two hours before sleep, which triggers the release of melatonin, the sleep hormone. And during sleep, body temperature continues to fall.

So if your bedroom is too warm your temperature will not start to fall. This affects not only sleep onset, but also sleep quality, your amount of unbroken sleep, and time spent in different sleep stages.

This leads to grogginess and, over time, can negatively impact your immune system, memory, and even lead to specific health conditions.

Cool Your Bedroom Down

A quick and cheap way to cool your mattress is to make some changes to your bedroom. The cooler the room your mattress is in, the cooler your mattress will become.

It’s important to get your bedroom to the right temperature for you before you go to sleep. The recommended temperature is 16 – 18°C with 30% – 50% humidity. This environment promotes good sleep hygiene and keeps your room cool enough to prevent bacteria from growing.

Here are some easy ways you can keep your bedroom at the optimal temperature:

Are Memory Foam Mattresses Hot

ByJo Plumridgepublished 9 January 22

Some memory foam mattresses are hot to sleep on, so heres how to pick one that keeps its cool at night

The comforting hug of an all-foam bed is key to a blissful nights sleep for many people, and the best mattress for those sleepers is one made with lashings of contouring memory foam. But one of the most persistent questions we often get asked is, are memory foam mattresses hot?

The short answer is that yes, memory foam can hold onto heat. Fortunately, many manufacturers have made great strides in developing cooling foams to help you sleep more comfortably while enjoying the sink-in comfort of these beds.

The best memory foam mattresses are often among the most reasonably priced in the market too, adding to their popularity, and those innovative cooling technologies are now trickling down to the affordable end.

Here we explain how some memory foam mattresses are hot, and how you can guarantee a cooler nights sleep on one.

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Choose Moisture Wicking Sheets

Moisture-wicking sheets are your best option if you get hot at night. Because they are specially made to keep you from getting too hot, these sheets are worth the investment if you have a memory foam topper. Even just choosing high-quality cotton sheets, like 100 percent Egyptian cotton sheets, may help keep you from getting too hot at night. Explore all moisture-wicking sheet fabrics in our guide to Bed Sheet Materials.

The History Of Memory Foam

Thomasville 3"  Cool Tri

Though its been around for decades, memory foam has skyrocketed in popularity as a mattress type only recently with the rise of the ecommerce mattress-in-a-box industry. Viscoelastic foam, originally called temper foam, was invented in 1966 by NASA as a material for safer shock absorption during space travel. Since then, spin-offs of temper foam have been used in everything from helmets, seats and saddles to hospital beds to help prevent pressure sores.

Despite the many benefits and applications of memory foam, you might find after buying this type of mattress that you now have a new problem: overheating at night and sweating while sleeping. Memory foam mattresses are notorious for retaining body heat. If you find yourself running into the problem of overheating and excessive sweating at night on your memory foam mattress, here are a few tips to help you find relief.

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How To Stay Cool On A Memory Foam Mattress

To make the most out of your new mattress and ensure you remain a comfortable temperature throughout the night, follow these simple steps

  • Choose cotton bed sheets with a high thread count to help whisk moisture away from your body.
  • Wear breathable sleepwear in natural fibres such as cotton.
  • Use a cooling memory foam mattress topper.
  • Try a memory foam pillow.
  • Keep your bedroom cool â its easier to fall asleep and stay asleep if your room is around 16 -18 degrees Celsius.
  • Use a bed frame to help circulate air.
  • Pick a high quality memory foam mattress with built-in cooling technology.

Banish Sweaty Nights Once And For All With A Top

Temperature can make or break a good nights sleep. In fact, sleeping in a cool environment and lowering your body temperature even slightly will produce a healthier and better nights rest, according to Marc Werner, founder of GhostBed. Sleep is meant to refuel, restore, and rejuvenate the body, so if you arent getting quality shut-eye, it can wreak major havoc. Thats why its so important to find the best mattress for youand if you tend to overheat while you sleep, youll want to seek out the best cooling mattresses on the market.

There are many reasons why someone might run hot at night. Victoria Wildhorn, a sleep health specialist at Mattress Clarity, explains the most common: During REM sleep, the temperature-regulating systems in our bodies are also asleep. We release heat when we sleep, and it gets trapped in our pillows, bedding, and mattress, she explains. These materials can cause us to overheat since our body isnt regulating our temperature. Other causes of sweltering slumber include certain medications, hyperthyroidism, cancer, MS, menopause, and anxiety.

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Sleep On Top Of A Comforter

Were not going to lie we think that pulling the comforters up over yourself and snuggling into your bedding is one of the best parts of the day.

However, if your covers are making you too warm, you are going to overheat, and then your memory foam mattress will become excessively hot as well.

However, you can use this thick, comfortable padding to your advantage during the dog days of summer when your room is too hot.

Try sleeping on top of your comforter. This will provide a buffer zone between your heat and the heat-retaining properties of your memory foam mattress.

If need be, you can actually use a less hot blanket to cover you while you sleep. Additionally, you can also use your sheets, or if it is extremely warm, nothing at all.

Why Does Heat Wake Me Up

Zinus 12 in. Gel Cool Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress from Amazon (Watch it Expand)

Body temperature helps regulate your sleep-wake cycle, and our body temperature drops as we wind down for sleep. Some researchers think taking steps to cool down before bed, such as a hot shower or bath to increase blood circulation and disperse heat, can help us fall asleep faster.

Our body temperatures drop even lower as we slip into REM sleep. We rely partly on environmental factors to keep our body temperatures just right if our surroundings are too warm or too cool, it may wake us up and hinder time spent in REM sleep.

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Add A Cooling Mattress Topper

If you cant quite stretch to a new mattress, a moisture-wicking cooling mattress pad or mattress topper could transform your sleep.

Our innovative Coolmax fabric works to maintain a cool and fresh sleeping environment, by wicking away excess body heat and moisture during the night. Ideal for staying fresh without losing out on superior comfort and support.

Make Your Room As Cool As Possible

One of the best things you can do is to try and cool yourself down. If you can manage to do this your memory foam mattress will not retain all this heat since it is being dispersed, thus preventing you from overheating.

We highly recommend turning on your AC unit if your current situation and climate allows for it.

Make sure the unit is set up properly so the hot air leaves the room, otherwise you risk simply wasting electricity and staying warm.

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Enjoy A Chill Sleeping Experience

A memory foam mattress combined with the right bed frame can deliver a wonderful nights sleep. However, its important to think about the heat implications of foam before you jump into buying this kind of bedding. While gel memory foam and memory foam mattresses with unique circulation materials can reduce the heat you feel, these beds are still often warmer than their spring counterparts.

Now that you know how to keep cool on a memory foam mattress, you no longer have to worry about heat disrupting your sleep. However, if the weathers particularly hot and humid, you can also consider some of these tips:

  • Change the thermostat before you go to sleep, aiming for the 65 degrees Fahrenheit range.
  • Avoid sleepwear that makes you feel warm or uncomfortable.
  • Turn off electronics or anything else that might heat up your room.
  • Take a glass of water with you to bed so you can stay hydrated.
  • Dont work out or have hot baths before sleep.
  • Try to meditate and relax before bed.

If youre concerned that you wont be able to enjoy a good nights sleep even with these tips, maybe you could consider a gel foam memory foam mattress topper instead of a full mattress?

We hope this guide has brought you one step closer to knowing how to keep cool on a memory foam mattress, but if you have any other tips or tricks then let us know in the comments.

What About Mattress Pads

Milemont Mattress Topper Full, 3 Inch Cool Swirl Gel ...

There are many different options for memory foam toppers, and these are also a great solution for your hot sleeping issues. Is your memory foam mattress too hot? If so, youll want to create a barrier between you and the foam. When you have the foam underneath the topper, youll still get all the benefits and comfort from the foam without having to sleep on it.

Putting a mattress protector on top of the foam will keep your cool because youll have a layer of protection between you and the memory foam. There are many different types of toppers with different materials.

Wool is one, for example. It might seem like wool would make you hotter, but it works well in a few ways. First, wool is allergy-resistant, and it absorbs moisture. Part of the reason why memory foam gets hot is that it doesnt absorb moisture well.

When we are hot and sweaty that moisture sits around in the foam, making us hotter and setting us up for mold and mildew buildup as well.

You can choose with mattress topper material works best for you and put it to the test. This trick is a great option for people who arent looking to go out and spend a bunch of money improvising your mattress.

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Best For Back Sleepers: Winkbed Plus

Weight limit: 450 pounds per side

One feature that sets this mattress apart from the rest is an “anti-sag” foam that helps prevent what Friedman refers to as the “hammock effect.” It is made from a high-density foam cushioning that the brand claims is 50 percent more dense than the foam commonly found in standard innerspring mattresses. The mattress is also made from seven-zoned latex that’s supported by a layer of zoned coils specifically designed for long-term durability. In other words, you can expect this mattress to last you a decade at least.

“For people that sleep hot, this latex layer is combined with a Tencel cover, which works to keep you cool through the night,” Friedman says. “The construction of this product has exceptional bounce, offering top-notch lift with features that provide superior motion-isolation technology, which makes it a terrific option for couples.”

Buy Price:$1,049-$1,899

Solutions For Hot Mattresses

Invest in a mattress that does not get too hot

As mentioned earlier, some mattresses naturally sleep hot. You want to avoid this kind and opt for the cooler ones. For example, rather than going for a dense memory foam mattress, go for a gel-infused one instead. The cooling gel makes the mattress sleep cooler.

Create space for airflow

The structure of a mattress is solid. Therefore, you cant change the airflow of the mattress. Your best bet would be to ensure there is enough space under the mattress for free movement of air. Not having enough space under your mattress will trap air under your mattress and cause it to heat up.

So, go for a bed that has equally spaced wooden boards. This ensures that there is enough space for air to move around, so the mattress does not heat up during sleeping. Beds made of solid plywood are not ideal as you will be sleeping hot every night.

Invest in cooling mattress toppers

If you love your memory foam mattress, but hate the heat, then cooling mattress toppers can be a great way to keep heat at bay. In this case, you want to find a mattress topper that doesnt retain heat.

Cover the mattress with a mattress protector

Mattress protectors made from breathable materials play a significant role in ensuring that the temperature of your mattress is at a comfortable level. Other than that, they protect the mattress from stains and keep the odors away, as you can wash the protector often. Go for mattress protectors made of natural fibers.

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Do Cooling Mattresses Really Work

Yes, but they can’t work miracles. Cooling mattresses can help you sleep at a more comfortable temperature throughout the night, but it depends on the cooling features used. If you have a condition that causes night sweats, a cooling mattress won’t make it go away, but can certainly help bring you some relief.

Keep in mind: There are many types of cooling features built into mattresses. Also, just because a mattress brand claims to be cooling, doesn’t mean it’ll actually keep your body temperature lower. Here are the main types of techniques you’ll find in cooling mattresses:

Cool-to-the-touch materials: These surface fabrics quickly draw heat away from your body, but likely won’t stay cool all night long.

Built-in cooling features: Metal particles, gel, or phase-change technology embedded into foam materials to help pull heat away.

Breathable construction: Even without cooling technologies, mattresses that are more breathable with chambers for air or with a spring construction can prevent heat from staying trapped around your body.

Electric capabilities: Some plug-in options use cool water or air that flows through the mattress to keep it continuously cool. These are more high maintenance and have added components, like a unit next to your bed.

How We Chose The Best Cooling Mattresses

Memory Foam Mattress Too Hot? Cooling Mattress Pad Review

We talked to sleep and bedding experts for their recommendations, then cross-referenced them with user reviews. We also made sure to source a variety of mattresses for every sleep style, personal preference, and budget. Not sure if youre ready to commit? Think of it this way: If youre someone whos constantly tossing and turning at night or waking up feeling overheated and sweaty, says Robert Pagano, cofounder of Sleepline, then investing in a cooling mattress is definitely the way you should go. After all, you cant put a price on your well-being.

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Use A Cooling Mattress Protector

A mattress protector is a good product to have with a hot memory foam bed because it can help to absorb moisture and pull it away from the foam beneath. Wicking away moisture is crucial for preserving the long life of your memory foam mattress.

A wool mattress protector could be a good choice for winter, as it helps to get rid of excess moisture while keeping your bed breathable. However, if a wool mattress protector doesnt appeal to you, there are plenty of other cooling mattress covers out there that can help to keep you cool.

Wash your mattress protector regularly to keep it in the best condition.

Why Memory Foam Gets Hot

Memory foam has a dense structure, so airflow is limited. Most of the heat that enters the foam gets trapped there, causing heat buildup.

What makes memory foams heating problem worse is its close body contouring. Memory foam hugs your body closely. While this is great for pressure-point relief and spinal alignment, it causes the mattress to absorb and trap a lot of body heat.

Manufacturers have been coming up with new technologies and techniques to make memory foam cooler.

The most common is the addition of cooling gel. Gel absorbs body heat, helping you sleep cooler.

However, gel memory foam has its limits. As the gel absorbs heat, it also warms up to the point where it cannot absorb more heat. At that point, the mattress begins to heat up. You may feel cool the first couple of hours when you sleep but wake up in the middle of the night, all hot and sweaty.

Another cooling technique is using open-cell memory foam. This type of memory foam has better ventilation and allows more heat to dissipate away from the mattress.

Some manufacturers also puncture the memory foam to improve ventilation.

If you are thinking about buying a memory foam mattress, look for one that uses one or more of these cooling techniques.

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Why Do Memory Foam Mattresses Sleep Hot

Memory foam beds are well-known for their conforming abilities and alleviation of pressure points. Memory foam is dense and filled with disconnected air bubbles, limiting airflow. When the foam is compressed, air bubbles are displaced, which limits space for airflow.

The bodys ability to self-regulate temperature relies on body-to-air contact. Because high-density materials have limited airflow, overheating while lying on a foam mattress is normal.

Twenty years ago, foam mattresses were very dense with low resilience, resulting in heat and moisture retention. Modern foams are made to enhance breathability and wick moisture.

Hot sleepers also need to be aware of mattress firmness, since a too-soft bed can sleep hot. Firm foam beds dont encourage sinkage therefore, the foam materials dont compress excessively beneath you. Plush materials increase sinkage, causing a hugging feeling. Non-cooling foams can cause the hug sensation to become unbearably hot instead of comfortable.

Using a mattress infused with copper, graphite, or gel can prevent heat retention and sleeping hot.


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