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Does Purple Mattress Cause Cancer

Is The Purple Mattress Toxic

Do purple wipes cause cancer?

No, the results of the Purple Mattress Lawsuit proved that the white powder used by Purple is 100% non-toxic. The same material makes powder cosmetics applied on the face and baby sunscreen.

The white powder doesnt contain chemicals that cause cancer, affect the reproductive system or cause developmental toxicity. In a nutshell, all ingredients in the powder are in line with the chemical inventory requirements of most states.

Even if you breathe in the powder, you wont experience any adverse effects since the number of particles released is so small to cause air pollution. Its doubtful that you will breathe much since the powder doesnt get through the mattress covers.

Whos Going To Love The Purple Mattress

  • Hot sleepers: The Purple Grid comfort layer and mattress cover are both ultra-breathable, stopping excess body heat from collecting along the mattress surface. The Purple sleeps much cooler than most foam beds.
  • Back and side sleepers: The Purple Grid collapses at areas like the hips and shoulders, delivering pressure reduction in sensitive areas.
  • People with back pain: The Purple offers a floating sensation and even weight distribution, which helps support healthy spinal alignment for side and back sleepers who weigh less than 230 lbs. These people may find decreased back pain thanks to excellent alignment.

How To Air Out A New Mattress

When you first unbox one, youll notice a potent chemical smell that can be overpowering and nauseating. While the jury is still out on whether its dangerous for your health in small amounts and for short periods, the smell is unpleasant, and it can make you reluctant to sleep. To prevent this, you need to do whatever you can to air it out. Here are some tips:

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Is The Purple Mattress Good

In the end, the Purple is one of the most unique mattresses I have come across. At the same time, it is simply a very supportive and very comfortable mattress. It should be a sound investment for many different people. The Purple comes with free shipping and returns, a 100-night sleep trial, and a 10-year warranty.

Pbde Levels Higher In North America

Original Purple Mattress Review

Unsurprisingly, then, levels of PBDE in North America are reported to be higher than those in Europe and Asia, and the body burden of PBDEs is three- to nine-fold higher in infants and toddlers than in adults . This is likely because of exposure to maternal milk and dust.

The most common PBDE isomers found in humans are Tetra-, Penta-, and Hexa-BDEs. PBDEs have a long half-life, meaning that they persist in the environment. Studies suggest that these chemicals may cause :

  • Disruption to thyroid function
  • Neurodevelopmental deficits and long-lasting behavioral and motor activity anomalies
  • An increased risk of cancer

Antimony, Boric Acid, and Halogenated Flame Retardants are some other commonly used chemicals found in mattresses. Antimony is a toxic heavy metal which can cause eye, heart, and lung problems. Boric Acid can cause eye and respiratory irritation.

Bromine, chlorine, fluorine and iodine are elements known as halogens. Halogenated flame retardants act directly on flames, interfering with the chemistry of the flame to prevent fire. Chlorine and bromine are both used as flame retardants, but brominated retardants are the most effective.

HFRs have been linked to a raft of health concerns, including :

  • Abnormal reproductive development and delayed puberty
  • Neurobehavioral changes, damage to brain and nerve function
  • Thyroid disruption
  • Cancer

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How We Choose The Best Nontoxic Mattresses

The types of chemicals your mattress may emit depends on its materials. We looked for mattresses made of safer materials that come with third-party certifications like the following:

Additionally, all mattresses on our list:

Worker Safety And Tdi Plants

We also need to consider the wellbeing of those living close to manufacturing plants, who often have limited income and little opportunity to move away. Again, this is highlighted by a case where the State of North Carolina forced the closure of a polyurethane manufacturing plant because tests revealed that local residents were being exposed to potentially dangerous levels of TDI.

How about in our own homes, though? Unfortunately, the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration has not established exposure limits on carcinogenicity for polyurethane foam from end-use products. This is largely due to a lack of data and does not mean that were not exposed to hazardous air pollutants when we sleep on a polyurethane mattress, sit on a couch made with the stuff, or breathe in dust from carpet underlay and other polyurethane products.

Polyurethane foam also poses a risk of exposure to the neurotoxin toluene, and dust from polyurethane may contain organotins, high concentrations of which are associated with growth abnormalities in mussels and oysters and mass mortalities of marine mammals. Dibutylin is a source of organotins, and has been found to cross the placenta in mammals and to accumulate in the brain, where it acts as a potent neurotoxin, killing brain cells. Organotins in general have been linked to disruption of behavioral functions, neurotransmitters, and neuroendocrine pathways.

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What Is Memory Foam

According to Wikipedia, memory foam is polyurethane with additional chemicals increasing its viscosity and density.

Memory foam can be found in mattresses, toppers, pillows, and more. It’s popular in the mattress industry due to its pressure-relieving qualities but it’s also known for trapping body heat which could lead to an uncomfortable sleep environment.

Is The Purple Pillow Toxic

Purple Plus Mattress Review (Is It Worth It?)

Is the purple pillow toxic? Is the Purple Pillow toxic? The Purple Pillow has no off-gassing and only uses CertiPUR-US® Certified foam. Purples Hyper-Elastic Polymer is made with non-toxic, mineral oil-based, food-contact grade materials.

Are Purple pillows safe? Safety. All of Purples products are CertiPUR-US certified, meaning theyre made without the harmful chemicals frequently found in foam mattresses and pillows. The designs are also flame-retardant without added chemicals and the Purple Grid is free of allergens.

What is the white powder in the purple pillow? The white-colored powder is a polyethylene-based powder that purple uses in their mattresses, pillows, and other products which feature their Hyper Elastic Polymer. This powder has a very specific purpose. This powder is used to keep the mattress from sticking to itself when compressed for shipping.

Is Purple seat cushion toxic? All the materials used to make these seat cushions are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and ultra-durable. Purple makes all of their cushions right here in the USA.

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Is Purple An Allergen

The Purple Mattress has no known allergens in its material components. Purple Mattresses are CertiPUR-US® Certified, meaning their mattresses are certified through the CertiPUR-US® program which meet rigorous standards for content, emissions, and durability, and are analyzed by accredited, independent laboratories.

Purple Vs Purple Hybrid

The Purple Hybrid features the original Purple mattresss comfort grid but adds responsive support coils at the core for improved airflow, responsiveness and durability. The Purple Hybrid is a slightly firmer mattress, which leads us to recommend it for stomach sleepers.

The original Purple is more affordable and does a better job dampening motion, which makes it a better choice for most budget shoppers and light sleepers who share the bed. However, the springy feel of the Purple Hybrid is excellent foradult activities.

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Purple Mattress Video Review

The original Purple mattress is an innovative mattress with a feel unlike that of traditional foam or innerspring beds. Purples top layer, its proprietary Hyper-Elastic Grid, provides a floating sensation and a surface thats cool, pressure-relieving, and supportive. Mattress expert Adrianne stepped into the lab to test it. Check out her full review here!

Are Flame Retardants Dangerous

Pink bed decor by Celeste

According to the NIEHS, flame retardant chemicals have clear benefits to consumer safety when they are added to common household items. However, the NIEHS also acknowledges that there is continued evidence that flame retardants could potentially have dangerous effects to humans and animals.

These harmful effects may include damage to the immune system, disruption to the endocrine and thyroid functions, reproductive toxicity, impaired and neurological function, and cancer.

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Purple Mattress White Powder: Is It Toxic

Purple mattress has managed to grab attention and lately, it has been dominating the scene with a rather controversial role. It is not something that they have done, its actually something that people have pointed out every now and then, and has exploded into a huge thing recently. Yes, I am referring to the much popular, white powder.

Now because everyone has been talking about it, I believe that there is much slander out there. In order to know the real deal, I decided to dig into this matter for myself and see the truth, the myths and everything about the white powder- first hand. In case you have missed out on what actually happened and are curious to know the true nature of that residual white dust, heres what you need to know.

The Dreaded Purple Powder

Being a wife and mother, I was naturally more than just a little disturbed by some of the claims online of a toxic powder being used in the packaging of the mattress. I spent significant time researching this topic and although there is plenty of opinions and guesswork going on out there by some frantic people, let me get straight to the facts.

The white-colored powder is a polyethylene-based powder that purple uses in their mattresses, pillows, and other products which feature their Hyper Elastic Polymer. This powder has a very specific purpose. This powder is used to keep the mattress from sticking to itself when compressed for shipping.

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How Cancer Affects Sleep Quality

Having cancer can create major sleep disruptions, affecting the ability to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.

It is estimated that half of all people with cancer have sleep problems. Some studies have found even higher numbers of sleep disturbances with nearly 70% of women with breast and gynecologic cancers having symptoms of insomnia. The rate of disrupted sleep appears to be even higher in patients with advanced cancer, reaching up to 72%.

Even worse, there are indications that these numbers may be underestimated since many cancer patients do not raise sleep concerns with their doctors.

There are numerous potential causes of sleeping problems in people with cancer:

  • Pain or discomfort caused by a tumor or by treatment
  • Gastrointestinal or urinary problems caused by cancer or its treatment
  • Struggles to sleep during hospital stays
  • Stress, anxiety, and depression that can result from having cancer
  • Infection and fever, which may occur as a result of reduced immune function during chemotherapy
  • Cough or difficulty breathing
  • Side effects from medications, including pain medications, which may cause drowsiness but interfere with quality sleep
  • Disrupted sleep schedule resulting from daytime fatigue and napping

More than one of these factors may contribute to sleeping problems, which can vary for any individual depending on the type of cancer they have, the treatment they are receiving, and their overall health, including coexisting conditions.

Construction Of The My Green Mattress

Purple Mattress Review – What YOU Should Know (Before You Buy!)

This 11-inch mattress has a rather odd construction compared to other mattresses that fall within the same price range. Typically, a comfortable mattress has at least 2 layers that are supported by a base, but this one only features two layers together. Even so, this doesnt seem to compromise the qualities that one likes to see in a mattress. Before moving on with dissecting the layers, we should mention that My Green Mattress is all about alleviating allergy symptoms by providing a natural product to sleep on.

Natural Escape is one of their products thats handcrafted by using natural and organic materials. It is no secret that the combination of latex and innerspring is there to provide durability to the product. As you will come to understand later on, latex is one of the most durable materials while innerspring, even if it gives some people the chills, can be quite comfortable if the system is correctly built.

Top Layer Organic Cotton

The beige cover of the Natural Escape mattress has a subtle design that makes it very pleasant to the touch. Its also comfortable to lay on, although youll most likely add a sheet or an elastic mattress cover, to protect the bed. The cover is made from organic cotton, because My Green Mattress is all about delivering natural products. The all-natural wool included in the fabric combination is another statement that backs the quality of this organic mattress.

Second Layer Natural Dunlop Latex

Third Layer Coil Spring System

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Physical Factors Of Chemotherapy And Sleep

Chemotherapy is a potent treatment designed to kill fast-growing cancer cells. The drug travels throughout the body, which means it can affect normal, healthy cells in its wake. Damaged healthy cells can cause side effects such as hair loss, infections, anemia, nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, mouth sores, nerve problems, urine and bladder changes, brain fog, and fertility problems.

Chemotherapy can also make you feel fatigued. You may even feel sleepy enough to nap during the day, which in turn makes falling to sleep at night more challenging. Cancer patients going through treatment may also experience mental health symptoms such as anxiety or depression, which also interferes with sleep.

Avocado Mattress Feel And Firmness

Given that Avocado uses latex foam and coils, you can expect it to be a bouncy/responsive mattress.

The Avocado mattress is firm, at least for the standard model however, the pillow topper will soften the bed. Anyone who favors their back or stomach will appreciate how firm Avocado is.

While Avocado sleeps a little cooler than some other mattresses, its still temperature neutral.

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What Are Flame Retardant Chemicals

Flame retardant is a term that you will see a lot while you are shopping for a mattress. It refers to a layer of chemicals or natural materials that are used to ensure that the mattress meets flammability standards.

According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences , flame retardant chemicals are applied to common materials like furniture, electronics, building and construction materials, and transportation products, to prevent the start or slow the growth of a fire.

Does Purple Mattress Expand Fast

When to Seek Treatment for Toenail Trauma

A Purple mattress begins to expand after removing it from its shipping bag and placing it on a solid foundation. It will take approximately 30 minutes or less to expand fully, after which its ready for use. According to the company, their products dont have off-gassing but may feature a woodsy smell that dissipates fast.

The Purple mattress package comes with a cutting tool that you can use to open the tube without tearing the mattress. The company warns against using a knife to open the bag since it can easily damage the mattress material. For perfect results, ensure that you open it within 14 days after receiving your order.

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How Is Purple Mattress Different

Purple mattress is neither too hard nor too soft, it is neither medium nor a collection of all three. Purple bed mattress is not your typical memory foam bed mattress either. It is in fact made of hyper elastic polymer. Hyper elastic polymer is a trademarked product. It is a pressure releasing material. It is used in grid development creating walls that can fold or support based upon the pressure that is applied on the surface area of the product. The grid development or column design naturally assists in free air flow. This averts any wetness buildup or trapping. The lack of wetness makes the bed mattress safer and enhances the durability. Needless to discuss, it likewise ensures much better sleep. The free air circulation will cool off the surface and also allow body heat to leave. The most common problem about memory foam is the heating concern. The majority of companies claim to have actually overcome the heating issue but they have not and individuals understand quicker than later. The patented polymer materials utilized in Purple do not have the intrinsic concern of memory foam or latex among other bed mattress innovations. Purple Mattress Cause Cancer

Best Nontoxic Mattress For Couples

Nest Bedding Love & Sleep Mattress

  • Price: $
  • Height: 10 inches
  • Certifications: Greenguard Gold

The Nest Bedding Love & Sleep Mattress offers a firm and medium-firm feel, and is made up of breathable foam. Both firmness options offer a luxurious feel for a comfortable nights sleep.

Pros: This mattress is ideal for couples because the foam is motion-isolating, meaning it absorbs the bounce caused by movement. Reviewers say the mattress works well for couples of different heights and weights. This mattress also provides relief from pressure points.

Cons: Some users say this mattress doesnt offer great edge support.

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A Note On This Updated Guide

Thanks to the demands of customers like you, more and more mattress manufacturers have taken the steps to make truly safe mattresses with top-level certifications. This means that consumers have more choices and our Best Stuff and Good Stuff categories have grown to include more brands than ever before.

We still believe that a fully-certified mattress is of the utmost importance. In this guide, we decided to give special attention to the brands that manufacture only toxin-free mattresses. Several mattress companies now have the proper certifications, but they are owned by other entities that make conventional mattresses. Our updated Best Stuff category includes only the brands that a) have the top certifications that guarantee the mattresses they sell are free of all toxins, and b) arent owned by parent companies that pollute the environment by manufacturing toxic mattresses.


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