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How To Cover A Box Spring Mattress

How To Hide A Box Spring Mattress Bed Skirts Box Spring Covers And Box Spring Encasement

Installing the Box Spring Cover

There are a couple of other ways that you can hide a box spring mattress easily, but both will probably cost more than your fitted sheet that you probably already have. Even if you dont have a fitted sheet, buying a new one is about $7 on Amazon, whereas buying a bed skirt or box spring cover is more. That said, maybe the bed skirt or box spring cover look is what you need. In that case, read on.

How To Create Box Spring Cover

Step-1: Choose a fabric

Buy three yards of fabric. The one selected here feels like stretch cotton. It could be polyester. There was no apparent description.

Step-2: Cut the fabric into three strips

Cut the fabric into thirds to create long strips. For me, each strip was 15 wide . Two strips will run the beds length, wrapping around the back, while the third was cut to the width of the running bed, along the front panel .

Step-3: Sew fabric and wrap around spring box

Sew every one of the three together at the short finishes to make a long texture band, and afterwards, pull up a Hercules and lift your bedding against the divider. Only for a moment. Wrap the long fabric band around the bed to make sure your seams hit the two front corners for that full look. I tucked mine underneath and let them cover up as well, to see how blown it was in width. Theoretically, at this point, you could throw your still fully clothed mattress back onto the box spring and call it a day the bed would keep it in place. But I have taken a few more steps to create a finished look.

Step-4: Wrap and sew each corner

I sewed each corner in place so the box spring band would wrap securely in place the same way a fitted sheet would.

When all four corners were completed, it was already showing signs of polishing.

Step-5: Attach hidden elastic to keep cover snug

Remove The Mattress From The Bed Frame And Wrap It In A Mattress Bag

Always place your mattress in a mattress bag or box to protect it from damage, dirt, and pests.

Seal the bag or box securely with packing tape. Mattress boxes are especially beneficial if youre worried the mattress bag may get ripped or torn.

If youre moving more than one mattress and box spring, be sure to label the bag or box with its room destination.

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Upholster A Box Spring In Colored Or Patterned Fabric

You can transform a regular box spring to a more luxurious one using a soft, padded covering. One way to do so is to simply attach a soft material to a box spring frame.

Here is a summary of the steps you need to follow to upholster a box spring with a soft, padded covering and make it look fancier. For the full tutorial, visit Daniellas Blog.

  • Choose the color and type of material that is suitable for the bedsheets and the entire bedroom as well.
  • Choose the proper type of foam .
  • Take measurements of the box spring to make sure that the material that you use ideally fits the box spring frame.
  • Attach a low- or medium-density foam to the box spring frame.
  • Then, using a regular staple gun, staple the chosen fabric over the foam.
  • For some extra detailing, you can use decorative nailheads in different colors or shapes, which will make your box spring look even more luxurious.
  • Since the two options discussed above are almost permanent, it is always a good idea to choose a neutral color matching any type of bed sheet or bedroom design.

    Proactive Use Of Box Spring Covers

    Box Spring Cover: The Many Bedroom Benefits

    If youve dealt with bed bug infestations in the past, its normal to see reasons why preventive treatment should be applied at all times. This approach prepares a fight-back strategy to ward off possible bed bug encroachment.

    With the box spring properly encased, bed bugs find it difficult to gain access to their favorite hideouts. Of course, your mattress will also need to be encased to have a real shot at bed bug-proofing your bed area.

    With nowhere to hide, bed bugs are easily sighted during visual inspection. This eliminates any challenge associated with detection and treatment.

    Plus, youd have succeeded in cordoning off their favorite feeding and breeding hotspot.

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    How Do You Hide The Box Spring On A Sleigh Bed

    4.4/5box springhiddenbedbox springbox springbedbed

    Also question is, do you need to use a box spring on a sleigh bed?

    It doesn’t matter whether that surface is a piece of plywood or a box spring. It also doesn’t matter whether the bed is a sleigh bed or some other style. If you don’t want to use a box spring, your only other option is to cut a piece of 3/4 plywood to sit on top of the slats and support the mattress.

    Secondly, how do you cover a box spring without a bed skirt? Without Using a Bed Skirt. From Martha Stewart online: If you want to dress up your bed but find dust ruffles a bit fussy, consider slipping a fitted sheet over your box spring for a streamlined look. Even a mismatched fitted sheet could work spicing up the color or pattern combos on the bed.

    In respect to this, how can I hide my box spring?

    A fitted sheet is the easiest solution, but there are also official box spring covers out there, from places such as West Elm , Pottery Barn, and Lands End, among others. Some of you have also suggested finding a bed skirt and carefully tucking it under the box spring.

    Does a bed skirt cover the box spring?

    A bed skirt, which looks similar to an oversized sheet, is layered between a mattress and box spring with the fabric extending to the floor. The skirt covers a box spring, bed frame, and anything stored under the bed. Therefore, it’s not necessary to use a bed skirt to cover a box spring.

    The Benefits And Drawbacks Of A Bed Frame

    Bed frames are becoming so popular that they are quickly replacing box springs. Bed frames are mainly solid sheets or slatted. Both have benefits and problems that need to be considered before you settle either way.

    What Are The Benefits Of Bed Frames?

    • Bed frames are lighter making them easier to move.
    • They are also easier to clean often needing only to be wiped down with a damp cloth. A box spring with fabric normally needs to be shampooed or professionally cleaned.
    • They are available in all designs from minimalist to ornate.
    • Both the slatted and sheet varieties allow airflow around the mattress.
    • They look more modern.

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    How Do You Cover An Exposed Box Spring

    coverbox spring

    . Furthermore, do you need to cover a box spring?

    The best way to protect your box springs is to use a box spring cover. Also known as an encasement, a box spring cover can offer one or more of the following features: Seals out bed bugs and dust miles. Protection from spills, stains, and accidents

    One may also ask, how do you cover a box spring without a bed skirt? If you want to dress up your bed but find dust ruffles a bit fussy, consider slipping a fitted sheet over your box spring for a streamlined look. Even a mismatched fitted sheet could work spicing up the color or pattern combos on the bed.

    Also to know is, what’s the sheet that covers the box spring?

    Lifer. It’s called a bed skirt.

    Can I use a mattress cover on a box spring?

    The covers are not likely to control bed bugs by killing them as they come in contact with the treated fabric. The covers don’t prevent bed bugs from infesting and living inside the box spring under the mattress and in the bed frame.

    When To Skip The Box Spring

    How to Use Clean Rest Pro Box Spring Encasements

    Many of today’s modern, bed-in-a-box mattresses are made either all or partially of memory foam or latex foam. It’s typically recommended to skip the box spring when setting these up, foam mattress brand Casper explains, because “the slats on older box springs are too apart to support the weight of a foam mattress, and that lack of support can cause it to sag.” Instead, the company suggests a platform with slats closer together. Eco-friendly mattress brand Avocado Green also advises strongly against using box springs with its hybrid and latex mattresses, recommending firmer, sturdier foundations instead.

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    Can You Use A Mattress Topper On A Box Spring Instead Of A Mattress

    With the plethora of bedding types and combinations available today, it may be tempting to try and use a mattress topper in ways that it wasnt designed to be used, in an attempt to save a little money. Trying to balance price, quality, and sleep health can be tricky sometimes when planning a welcoming sleep environment, which is why some people might resort to interesting and unusual solutions. A contemporary formula for focusing on savings is to repair what doesnt have to be replaced. In bedding, a mattress topper can play a role in achieving this balance of value, healthy sleep, and comfort when it is used correctly. This article will cover whether or not a mattress topper can be used on a box spring instead of using a mattress.

    A mattress topper should not be placed directly on a box spring because a box spring is too hard to sleep on and is not a suitable alternative for a mattress. A box spring is a type of bed foundation designed for a mattress and a mattress topper is a layer of bedding that is placed on top of a mattress to improve its comfort and support.

    Some mattress toppers are thick with layers of foam and other materials and seem almost like a mattress, however, they shouldnt be placed on top of a box spring directly. Image source: .

    Other Easy Ways To Cover A Box Spring And Metal Frame

    Box spring and metal frames are suitable for every bedroom because it provides you so many benefits. We will discuss it later. Now we share four ways to cover your box spring and metal frame:

  • You can bring an accurate size of the bed skirt to cover your box spring and metal frame. For doing this, you require to remove the mattress from the top of the box spring and metal frame. After that adjust the box spring and metal frame with the skirts to cover it.
  • Wrap the box spring and metal frame in fabric or anything old neckties to ribbon then cut strips of your chosen materials. Starting from one end of the metal and continue it until you reach the other end of the metal. You need to blind them tightly. This process also helps you to cover your box spring and metal frame.
  • You also can cover your box spring and metal frame by a quilt, comforter, or blanket. You require a larger size of the quilt, comforter, and blanket rather than the size of your box spring and metal frame. You can easily cover your box spring and metal frame by using them.
  • You can also cover your box spring and metal frame with a color that goes well with the room décor. For doing this you require to still the pool noodle along with the box spring and metal frame. Continue with as many noodles as necessary to complete this full covering process.
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    How To Create Diy Box Spring Cover

    • Pick the material and example of the casing. It tends to be a wooden or metal edge, contingent upon your inclinations.
    • Take every essential estimation cautiously measure the length and width of the crate spring. This progression is pivotal for making an entirely fitted casing to cover the crate spring.
    • Cut the wooden or metal pieces to coordinate the case springs size and join them to the edge utilizing screws. Try to use enough screws, so the structure is all around connected to the case spring.
    • If the made packaging shade doesnt facilitate your bedrooms overall arrangement, you can add paint suitable for wooden or metal material. You can pick one of the few procedures to paint the edge: strong shading, examples, tones, or silver paint to give the edge a metallic completion.
    • Before you begin painting the edge, cover all the spots you would prefer not to paint. A layout turns out extraordinary for this progression. It very well may be ideal in case you moreover covered the enveloping region, including dividers and the floor, using exemplary mechanical assemblies.
    • Guarantee the edge is dry before you put bedding on top of it and rest on the bed. There should be no paint scent in the room Otherwise, introducing solid paint smells may cause serious bothering of eyes, nose, throat, or lungs.

    Repurpose Your Fitted Sheet

    If youre looking for a no-buy solution to your bed frame woes and have some extra bedding to spare, try slipping a fitted or flat sheet over your box spring.

    Because bed bases tend to be wider and more angular than mattresses, be mindful not to overstretch or tear your fitted sheet if you try this solution. If your fitted sheet is made of a flexible fabric , you may be able to achieve a flattering, streamlined look for your bed base .

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    How Do You Cover A Box Spring Without A Bed Skirt

    You can cover a box spring without a bed skirt in a couple of different ways. A couple of great alternatives to bed skirts are the quick and easy way to hide a box spring or to buy a box spring cover. Both of these methods would hide your box spring quickly without using a bed skirt. With the quick and easy way, you might even already have the materials needed to cover your box spring. Purchasing a box spring cover might be easier to do if you have difficulty lifting your mattress and box spring mattress.

    How To Hide A Boxspring

    You might be wondering why you would even need to hide a box spring. Isn’t it just part of your bed ensemble? Yes and no. Box springs can be decidedly unsightly. You wouldn’t need to worry about making it look nice when guests or family members sleep at your home if you have a built-in method for covering it each time the bed is made. Have a look at our solutions below.

    If you’ve decided to ditch the box spring altogether or don’t know if you need one, we have an article on that!

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    Straight Forward Solutions For Lowering Your Bed Height

    If you are using an old-time bed that will not accommodate todays thicker mattress sets, a combination of the low profile steel bed frame, low profile boxspring and a thinner mattress may be your only solution. This combination could lower the mattress set by 9 inches putting the bed at a more reasonable height off of the floor.

    With todays thicker beds your mattress set could be sitting 27,30, or even 34 inches or more off the floor you are probably wondering what you can do with such ridiculously tall beds.

    Can You Use Box Spring Skirts To Cover The Box Spring

    Bed Bug Proof Box Spring Encasement by Protect-A-Bed

    Box Spring skirts are a quite popular option when it comes to covering your box spring frame, so others wouldnt see what kind of a bed it is. However, there are a few catches.

    As its name suggests, the box spring skirt is designed so that it can be tied between the mattress and the box spring at all four corners. After that, its left to hang and cover your beds legs and the rest of the frame.

    They are ideal for aesthetic rooms, and popular with more traditional styles like middle-century, cottage, and other styles. You can choose them in a plethora of colors, but those pursuing the brighter bedroom ambient are most comfortable with a white design.

    Now, theres a catch with box spring skirts. While they will make your bedroom look more stylish and fit into the style of your walls and other furniture, they can be hard to match with your bedsheets. Covering the skirt with bed sheets or mattress protector may make the skirt lose its purpose, with its gentle and elegant falling padding losing its purpose of covering the mattress.

    Although they truly make the room look better, elegant, gentle, and soft, choosing a box spring cover from Amazon or some other online shop, as well as making your fitted covering for a bed, is more exciting and leaves you with more options to choose from while adjusting the look of your bedroom.

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    Can You Put A Mattress Protector On A Box Spring

    Mattress protectors are an excellent investment because they protect your mattress from stains, bacteria, bed bugs, and other allergens or pests.

    Hypothetically, you could put a mattress protector on a box spring, but chances are the fit would be wrong and the materials might not stand up to the weight of the mattress on the box spring over time.

    The best thing to do is get a box spring-specific cover. When shopping for a box spring cover you want to look for something that has these qualities:

    • A strong polyester fabric
    • Water repellant
    • Includes a membrane barrier that protects from allergens without retaining heat

    Mattress protectors use softer fabrics like terry cloth that are more comfortable and make less noise. Box spring protectors come in standard sizes, whereas sizes for mattress covers vary more and drive up the price.


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