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How To Get Rid Of Piss Smell On Mattress

How To Get An Old Pee Smell Out Of A Mattress

Remove Pee STAIN/SMELL (Out of Mattress)

If urine stains are not caught right away, the pee smell can seep deeper into the mattress fibers and continue to smell. Try these methods, starting with the mildest and getting more aggressive, to remove the smell.

If possible, choose a breezy, dry day to clean the mattress. This will help it dry more quickly. A thorough cleaning can take up to 12 hours for the mattress to dry.

How To Clean A Mattress

  • Saturate that mattress with vinegar. You can use a spray bottle or just gently drizzle it right on. . Let the vinegar sit for 5-10 minutes. If you have a ceiling fan, turn it on, or run a stand alone fan if you can. At the very least open the windows. The increased air flow helps to speed up the process. . Ive seen a lot of methods that call for diluting the vinegar but that just didnt seem to work as well. The straight vinegar is very strong and really helps to pull out that nasty urine odor.
  • Using paper towels or rags, soak up the vinegar. Press several layers of paper towels into the mattress for this step.
  • Sprinkle baking soda all over the mattress. You can get real fancy and use a sieve or a sifter for this step, but I dont think its necessary. If there are a lot of clumps just break them up with your fingers. Were going for simple and quick with this mattress cleaner. Let the baking soda sit for several hours. The longer the better, but Ive gone from two to five hours and both times it worked perfectly. After a couple of hours, youll begin to see the baking soda caking as it soaks up the vinegar .
  • Vacuum up the baking soda from the mattress. Make sure to go over the crevices several times. It makes me kinda happy making those lines in the powder with the vacuum cleaner.
  • Thats it! If you have some really difficult stains, rub the vinegar into them with your fingers or even use an old toothbrush to really rub it in.

    Now if I could just get him to make the bed

    Keep Urine Storing Devices Clean

    It’s essential to keep commodes, catheters, urine pans, or any urine collecting device clean. Wash them properly, and wash them often disinfect them using a high-quality cleaning solution.

    You can also make a homemade solution out of vinegar and water to clean these devices. Vinegar is highly effective at cleaning urine.

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    How To Remove Urine Stains From Mattress

    It may feel unpleasant, but the reality is that everyone has experienced or will experience a urine-stained mattress. Whether it may be a pet, your toddler, or a personal experience, accidents do happen.

    We suggest handling the clean-up as soon as possible. Allowing urine to settle into your bedding will not only result in an unpleasant odor but possibly lead to the growth of fungus. In our detailed blog, you will learn how to remove urine stains from the mattress step by step in the most effective manner with minimal discomfort and with everyday household items in the right way.

    Best For Stubborn Stains

    How to Get Rid of Urine Smell on Mattress: 11 Ways ...

    If the above method does not remove the stain or urine smell from your mattress, you may need the reinforcement of laundry detergent.

    What you will need:

    • Paper towels to remove surplus moisture
    • Distilled white vinegar to combat uric acid and ammonia smell
    • Color-safe laundry detergent to further weaken uric acid and urine odor
    • Spray bottle to spread white vinegar and laundry detergent
    • Baking soda to soak up urine
    • Vacuum cleaner to clean up the baking soda

    Then follow these five steps:

  • If the stain is fresh, dab it with paper towels, removing as much urine as you can. As mentioned above, do not rub or wipe the fresh urine stain.
  • Pour the white vinegar into a spray bottle then lightly coat the affected area and let it sit for one hour. After one hour, use fresh paper towels to soak up any remaining moisture.
  • Rinse out your spray bottle and fill it halfway with a color-friendly liquid laundry detergent to prevent discoloring your mattress. Fill the remaining space with cold water and gently swirl the bottle to mix the two ingredients together. Avoid warm water because it will set the stain, making it more difficult to remove.
  • Use the spray bottle to thinly coat the urine stain with the solution and let it sit for one hour. After one hour, use paper towels to blot dry any excess moisture.
  • Generously cover the affected area with baking soda. Allow the baking soda to sit for at least 8 hours, then vacuum it dry.
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    Vacuum Clean The Baking Soda

    Bring out the vacuum, and use a hose attachment to suck up the mess in a matter of minutes. If the baking soda is not entirely dry, allow it to sit for longer. If the powder isnt dry, you will risk ruining your vacuum when it gets clogged up with the damp powder.

    If you need the bed to be ready earlier, you can use a wet/dry vacuum to clean up damp powder.

    Is A Mattress Ruined If It Gets Wet

    A mattress is not immediately ruined after it gets wet. However, you must address and remove the moisture as soon as possible to avoid stains, odor, or even mold growth. We have written a guide on how to tell if your mattress has mold if you didnt notice the bed getting soaked for a while.

    So how do you revive a mattress that got wet? First, assess the issue if its too late and drying the bed would be useless. Then, soak up as much liquid as possible and use baking soda to remove the residual moisture.

    Allow the mattress to air-dry or place it in a room with open windows and a circulating fan to help with drying. You can also use a heatless blow dryer to reach the mattress deeper. To know more, here is the best way to dry a mattress.

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    Can I Use Other Types Of Vinegar

    I recommend Distilled White Vinegar. I keep it on hand in the gallon bottles because it is amazing with so many different household cleaning tasks like this mattress cleaner, and its super cheap. Other vinegars are for cooking and are more expensive, and really just wont work as well. However I did have a reader mention that she used apple cider vinegar and it worked great. The vinegar is just a strong acid that breaks down the odor causing proteins.

    Why dont you just use a waterproof mattress cover?

    We do I actually have 3 of THIS ONE. It works really well, except for that time you are so tired that you forget to put it on, or it rips and you didnt know, or your son makes his own bed and forgets to put it on, or it slips off the corner because he thrashes around too much at night, or he just doesnt like the sound/feel of it so he takes it off without telling you, or he wets more than once in a night and you dont have a back-up, or sometimes, they just fail. Its not for lack of trying, believe me. Sometimes these accidents just happen and are totally random and its always good to have a great mattress cleaner method ready to go.

    Vacuum Up The Baking Soda

    How to Get Cat Urine Out of a Mattress

    After eight hours or so , vacuum up all the baking soda from your mattress. Use the attachment piece that should have come with your vacuum to make the process a bit easier, or you can even use a handheld mini vacuum. Make sure to go over the surface multiple times this isnt a one-and-done type deal. If you rush through this step you may not get all the baking soda out of your mattress. And voila! The urine accident should be all but forgotten .

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    Remove The Sheets And Bedding

    Immediately after discovering the accident, remove all of your bedding. You need to strip your mattress of any of the sheets or blankets on the bed at the time of the accident. Urine stains set quickly, so you need to instantly get these washable items into the washing machine with medium-strength laundry detergent.

    Once you wash your bedding once, the urine smell could still linger or the stain might still be somewhat visible. If that is the case for you, add a cup of white vinegar into the mix and rewash them.

    How To Remove Urine Smell From A Mattress

    by Mattressi | Resources |

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    When a child, grown up or a pet wets the bed, you might think that the mattress is ruined forever but this is not true. Like everything else, this can be fixed. There is no need to throw away your mattress or to spend hundreds of dollars to replace it.You just need to know how to remove urine smell from a mattress effectively and swiftly so as to get your mattress to be clean and fresh as soon as possible.

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    How To Get Pee Smell Out Of A Couch

    Cleaning upholstered furniture is a bit trickier because there are so many types of fabric. If the upholstery can be cleaned with a wet solution , move forward with homemade solutions. If the care label recommends S or X only, all you should do is blot up the pee and/or sprinkle the area with dry baking soda, then call a professional.

    For fresh pee stains on couches with a W or WS care tag, follow the same steps as those for a mattress. If the stains are older, test the cleaning solutions on a hidden area first to make sure they don’t discolor the upholstery. Always use circulating fans to speed drying.

    How Do I Remove Existing Urine Stains

    Pin on Incontinence tips

    Existing urine stains may require more substantial cleaning solutions. In most cases, a solution of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and dish soap should suffice.

    In a spray bottle, combine:

    • 8 ounces of hydrogen peroxide
    • 3 tablespoons baking soda
    • 2 to 4 drops of dish soap or liquid laundry detergent

    Using the spray bottle, generously apply the solution to the stained areas of the mattress. Allow the solution to soak in, and wait several hours for it to dry. You will start to see a solid layer of baking soda forming on the mattress surface. Once dry, vacuum off the baking soda, and repeat as necessary. If moisture remains, you can spread a layer of baking soda out on the bed to help absorb it.

    While hydrogen peroxide can help loosen set-in stains, it can also bleach certain materials, and it may damage or discolor delicate materials like memory foam. To avoid bleaching your bedding, remove any colored materials before using this cleaning solution. If you have a memory foam mattress, you may wish to avoid using a peroxide-based cleaning solution, and instead opt for a commercial enzyme cleaner.

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    B: Hydrogen Peroxide Baking Soda And Dish Soap

    If youre dealing with dried urine on your mattress, you may need a stronger cleaning solution, like the one below. Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizer, which removes bacteria and helps neutralize odors, particularly the salts found in urine.

    Note: hydrogen peroxide may bleach some fabrics, so make sure youve removed all bedding from the area before getting to work!

    What you’ll need:

    • 8-10 ounces hydrogen peroxide
    • 3 tablespoons baking soda
    • 1 damp rag and 1 dry rag

    The Steps:

    • 1. Combine hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish soap in your spray bottle. Swirl to combine .
    • 2. Spray to cover the stains thoroughly. Let sit for about an hour.
    • 3. Use a damp cloth to gently rinse the area, and then blot with the dry cloth to thoroughly remove the solution.

    Why Do Some Adults Pee The Bed

    Its not just people who spent too much time at the bar and pass out who have nocturnal accidents. A variety of health issues can also cause adults to pee the bed. People with diabetes, for example, have higher levels of urine production, which can cause bedwetting.

    Another condition that can cause accidents is a hormonal balance, specifically ADH . Not having enough of this hormone means your body doesnt properly signal to slow down urine production at night.

    Other circumstances that can cause the occasional misstep are stress, constipation, sleep apnea, an enlarged prostate, or a urinary tract infection .

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    How To Clean Urine From A Mattress

    If you catch the accident quickly, this section is for you. If the urine has already dried and created stains, skip down to the next section.

  • Strip the bed and put all your bedding in the washing machine as soon as possible.
  • Gather supplies.You will need white vinegar, baking soda, water, a spray bottle, a vacuum, and a few cleaning towels.
  • Using a cleaning towel or paper towels, gently blot the moist areas to soak up as much liquid as possible. Do not rub or scrub the mattress, as this risks pushing the urine further into the bed.
  • Create a solution of half water and half distilled vinegar, and put it in a spray bottle.
  • Spray the affected area with your vinegar solution.
  • Blot excess moisture out again using towels.
  • Cover the area with a generous layer of baking soda.
  • Let the baking soda sit on the mattress for as long as possible. We recommend at least 8 hours.
  • Vacuum off the baking soda and inspect the mattress, checking for signs of stains and urine odors.
  • If necessary, repeat steps 5 through 9 until the odor and stains are completely removed.
  • This process will generally remove the urine smell from a mattress and prevent permanent stains. Be sure to use plenty of baking soda and give it adequate time to soak up all of the excess moisture.

    Does The Smell Of Urine Go Away

    How to Get Pee Stains & Smell Out of Mattress Easy Steps

    You can deodorize a soiled mattress with urine if you clean it efficiently and there are no more stains. One of the most useful household items you can use to remove the urine smell is baking soda because it is basic. Therefore, it can neutralize the urine smell.

  • Sprinkle baking soda all over the mattress in a thin layer
  • Add more baking soda on the treated areas where you cleaned off urine
  • Let the powder sit overnight and then vacuum it off the following day
  • After neutralizing the smell, you can freshen your mattress more by reapplying baking soda with a couple of drops of essential oil
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    How Do You Get Dried Urine Out Of A Memory Foam Mattress

    Dried urine has already set into the mattress and it causes a pungent smell due to the urines composition. If your bed is also memory foam, the pee might be absorbed deeper. Unfortunately, you cant use a strong oxidizing agent like hydrogen peroxide on your memory foam bed because you risk staining and turning it lumpy.

    Instead, test an enzymatic cleaner in a hidden spot of the bed. If it doesnt cause any discoloration, follow the cleaners instructions for using it. The enzymatic cleaner should safely break down the dried urine stain and address the strong smell of the bed.

    How To Clean A Mattress: Sweat Stains

    Anyone who sleeps hot will also be prone to sweating more in the night, which, over time, could seep into the mattress and turn it yellow. However, if you can stay on top of regularly maintaining your mattress this staining can be avoided simply sprinkle baking soda onto any staining that you see appearing, give it a gentle rub and leave for half an hour, before vacuuming it up.

    If the sweat stains are more stubborn, then try spraying on a solution made with equal parts water, liquid soap, and hydrogen peroxide. Spray lightly onto the stain, so as not to soak the mattress, and let it sit for 20 minutes.

    Blot the solution with a paper towel. You can then sprinkle over some baking soda, leaving it on for several hours to dry thoroughly before vacuuming it up. Air the mattress near an open window, in direct sunlight if you can.

    Using a mattress protector will provide an extra barrier to help prevent sweat reaching your mattress. If you sleep hot regularly, then try sleeping on a cooling mattress, or investing in a mattress topper that has a cooling surface to help keep your temperature regulated.

    Its worth mentioning that mattresses can also become yellow naturally with age, and this discoloration cannot be removed. In most cases its usually a sign that you need to buy a new mattress, especially if you have had it for more than eight years.

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    How Do I Get The Urine Smell Out Of My Mattress

    If your mattress smells like urine, there are a few different methods to try.

    The first method is relatively simple. Remove all bedding, spread a thick layer of baking soda out over the entire mattress, and allow it to sit undisturbed for at least 8 hours. Then vacuum the surface of the mattress, and repeat if necessary.

    This process helps remove odors because baking soda is a base that neutralizes acids, including odorous compounds like urine. In the same way that baking soda can absorb unpleasant odors in your fridge or garbage, it can also help freshen up your mattress.

    Alternatively, you can use a solution of white vinegar and water. Mix equal parts distilled white vinegar and cold water in a spray bottle. If desired, add a few drops of essential oil for a pleasant smell. Spray this solution over the entire surface of your mattress and allow it to air-dry. Finally, spread a layer of baking soda out over the beds surface, allow it to sit for several hours, and then vacuum it.


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