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How To Repack A Memory Foam Mattress

Drive Carefully To The Destination

How to Return or Ship a Latex Foam or Memory Foam Mattress

It is challenging to drive with a heavy load at the top of the vehicle. Be careful and move at a steady pace to ensure that the mattress does not slip while driving. Avoid sudden braking and acceleration. Check time and again for your mattresss safety and take bypass or back roads wherever possible.

S To Compress Memory Foam Mattresses

You invest in a memory foam mattress and enjoy a great nights sleep every night. You value your comfort and treasure your mattress.

Now its time to move. Space is at a premium. You are thinking of the best way to move a memory foam mattress so you can fit everything in the vehicle.

You remember that your memory foam mattress came packed up small in a box compressed. You wonder if it is possible to squash it up again.

In the factory, they have industrial equipment sucking out the air and applying pressure evenly and firmly. Can you copy that at home?

Yes, with a few simple tools, you can compress your memory foam mattress or almost any foam mattress for that matter.

In simple terms, moving a memory foam mattress involves:

  • Getting the necessary tools ready for mattress compression
  • Compressing the mattress into as thin a layer as possible in a vacuum bag.
  • Making the compressed mattress into as compact a form as possible.
  • Protecting the mattress in transit.

The details are as follows.

How To Move A Heavy Foam Mattress

Foam mattresses, once compressed, are relatively easy to lift and handle by a single person. But what if your mattress is large and heavy?

Large foam mattresses, especially those of higher quality, tend to have higher-density foam which adds to the overall weight.

Moving a heavy king-sized or a queen-sized foam mattress can be made easier by following these steps:

  • Insert the mattress flat on its back into an appropriately sized mattress bag.
  • Vacuum the bag as you would for foam mattresses of smaller sizes.
  • Continue the vacuuming as you roll the compressed mattress.
  • Tighten the roll using ratchet straps or duct tape.
  • Use a two-wheeled foldable cart and stand the rolled mattress on it.
  • Tie the mattress to the cart, and moving it around is now effortless.

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What You Need For Repacking A Tuft And Needle

Mattress bag: At first you need to manage a good plastic mattress bag. Where you can wrap mattress. Make sure that the bag is the same size as your mattress. If you try to pack your mattress forcefully in the small size of the mattress box that can damage the thickness of the mattress. So, try to find out a proper size mattress bag for repacking your Tuft and Needle mattress. It is best to use a sealable plastic bag because they are the safest option to hold any kind of mattress.

Duct tape: Duct tapes help you by securing the mattress bag. It ensures that the bag will never open until you want. This tape can very much effective to fix anything. If you use a sealable mattress bag then we also suggest you use some duct tape for extra security.

Ratchet straps: It is also called tie-down straps. They are not so expensive but very much effective. Ratchet straps help you by grabbing the mattress and bag strongly.

Vacuum bag: We advise you to dont use the actual vacuum bag because it creates so much pressure on your mattress. You can get a smaller one and then the attached valve to it because this valve will help with removing the air and compressing your mattress.

Use The Right Packaging

Mattress Warehouse Online

Transporting traditional mattresses can be tricky enough, but if the material is memory foam, its especially recommended to find heavy duty packing equipment that will hold the mattress together well.

Memory foam mattresses are flexible and usually built with multiple layers of foam that add to the comfort and technology of the bed. Thats why its important to find a high-quality mattress box or plastic mattress bag that fits your bed just right.

Note: We do recommend getting a box over a plastic mattress bag. Its sturdier and provides better protection for your mattress.

Make sure to double check your mattress dimensions whether its queen size, king size, etc. The packaging should fit like a glove, keeping the mattress stable throughout the whole journey and preventing any possible damage.

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How Can I Reduce Compression And Avoid Dips In My Bed

There is one top tip that can help reduce memory foam sagging.

One way is to make sure you rotate and turn your mattress regularly, once a month if possible.

This will even out the wear. With a traditional mattress, you are guided to turn and rotate the mattress, with memory foam some mattresses construction methods make this unnecessary. With our unique dual construction method, the topper is fully turnable and can be rotated as well to increase the longevity of your mattress.

Always look for a model with a separate removable topper this ensures that not only can you rotate the core mattress, but turn and rotate the topper.

The topper takes the brunt of the compression and you can even this our with turning. It means that if years down the line the topper has compressed beyond whats comfortable, you can simply replace this and not the entire mattress!

Can You Damage A Memory Foam Mattress By Sleeping On It Too Soon

Sleeping on a memory foam mattress while its decompressing might be uncomfortable. You wont damage your new mattress, however, by sleeping on it too soon.

Your memory foam mattress has already been under intense pressure for quite some time as it was vacuum-packed and shipped to your home. If that pressure didnt damage your mattress, being compressed under the comparatively minor pressure of your body weight wont damage it either.

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What Is A Mattress Cover

What is a mattress cover?

Unlike the mattress pad, the mattress is cover is thin and very light. It does not give too much weight.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to be enlightened.

People sure do know what cover means. It acts like a coating or a barrier to a particular thing.

When policemen say cover, it means to protect themselves from enemies.

Are you getting a hint about a mattress cover now? If yes, thats good, and if not, thats fine.

Ill explain it to you further.

People usually use mattress covers to cover the mattress. But that goes down to a lot of uses and work for the mattress cover.

Many often use it to protect the mattress from pests coming in that could ruin the material used and in hotels to limit the transfer of odour from one guest to another.

Indeed mattress cover has a lot of purposes.

It also depends on the material to make it one can make it of plastic more useful.

When a guest, friend, or family member vomits into your mattress, youll have a hard time cleaning it. But then plastic mattress covers would save you from it.

It would avoid all dirt, including spilled liquids to enter the mattress that is a must-have in your house.

A mattress cover can also be your turning point in having a good-looking bed. Once your mattress is old, it gets dirty looking, and signs of usage show up.

One way to hide those flaws found on your mattress is to add luxury-looking mattress covers to make it look elegant and new.

Ensure The Jobs Worth The Effort Before Proceeding

How to Return or Move a King or Queen size Foam Mattress Part 1

Memory foam mattresses like non-stick pans are a surprising spin-off from the Space Race. NASA memory foam protects astronauts from the brutal force of re-entry into the Earths atmosphere.

Its capacity for molding to the body to provide support where you need it makes it a popular component in mattresses, toppers, and pillows.

You can compress your memory foam mattress to make transporting it easier, but it is only worthwhile if space is at a premium, and the mattress is not nearing the end of its useful life.

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Always Store The Memory Foam Mattress Flat

After deciding on a safe location of storage, lay your mattress flat on that place. Ensure that your memory foam mattress lies completely flat and in its natural position.

Never lay the mattress on its sides as it will cause permanent damage to the shape, the coil support cores will collapse and foam will hunch from the pressure.

Maintaining the flat positioning is best for long-term storage and ensures longevity. Before laying the mattress, either tie a tarp on the ground or place wooden pallets on the floor. This again will safeguard your mattress.

After reading the above guidelines you are now fully prepared to store your memory foam mattress in a correct way.

Before going to the other section of the article, do recapitulate these important dos and donts of Storing a Memory Foam Mattress

Why Has My Memory Foam Bed Started To Sag

Memory foam compresses far faster than hybrid or latex foam beds so you need to be aware of how to reduce the settlement to limit the dipping over time. The probably with memory foams is they are Vasco elastic so they rely on heat to mould. This means that they compress when weight and heat are applied to them.

Over time this constant compression and heat change each night mean that memory foam has a far quicker compression or settlement rate. Especially when compared to other natural fibres such as wool, cotton or bamboo.

Memory foam is far slower to reform after you get out of bed as it has to cool down. As memory foam holds you in one position it also means you tend to sleep in the same position each night can lead to one part/area of the bed taking all of the wear and tear. These drawbacks mean foams tend to compress in certain places far faster than other mattress upholstery.

Compression is not always a bad thing, though, take the example of a new sofa at first when it arrives the cushions may look lovely and plump but, when you sit on it, you feel like youre just resting on the top of the firm cushions, then after a few weeks the cushions bed in and you get a more comfortable experience. This is the same with all synthetic mattress foams.

Our guidance is that all foams will compress at some point, it is more important to assess the percentage or amount of compression. There are some steps you can take to help reduce this compression with a memory foam bed.

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How To Move A Mattress: Packing Transporting And Protecting A Bed

Moving into a new home is one of the most exciting experiences but can also be quite stressful. Packing all your belongings, organizing them into easy to manage boxes, transporting, and unpacking. It takes a lot of organization, preparation, and careful hands so as not to smash that rare teapot you found at a garage sale for $2.

Usually, the last item we consider is mattress moving, the cumbersome bed must be dismantled, wrapped, and placed gently in a moving van. However, moving your bed into your new home doesnt need to be stressful and time-consuming. Here, we talk about the best way to move a mattress and tips to make the process quick and easy.

Out with the old and in with the new!

How Long Does A Memory Foam Mattress Topper Take To Expand

Mattress Warehouse Online

The expansion time depends on the toppers thickness and density, on the rooms temperature where the topper is placed, and on how long the topper stays wrapped and rolled inside its storage bag. A 2-inch gel infused mattress topper would be easier to roll than a thicker mattress topper.

A memory foam mattress topper typically takes around 2472 hours to expand completely.

A memory foam mattress topper expands faster when it is thin and placed in a warm room. Do not keep a topper stored for a very long time as this may damage its internal structure and slow its expansion process.

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How Can I Prevent My Memory Foam Mattress Sagging

The best way to prevent your memory foam bed from sagging is to choose a model that has multiple deep memory foam layers with adequate support for your body weight. Thinner cheaper memory foam mattresses fail far faster especially if the support foam is not matched to your body weight.

This is why it is so important to ensure you choose the right mattress for your specific needs. Choosing the correct mattress for your weight and tension will enable you to reduce the issue of compression or potential sagging that may be found with an unsuitable bed.

Our advice if you havent bought a memory foam or boxed mattress is to buy a 2-sided pocket sprung model than then add a separate memory foam or Latex topper. This removes the issue with memory foam sagging as you can turn both the topper and the mattress fully extending the mattresses life span.

The easiest way to prevent a mattress from sagging is to buy a high-quality Natural Fibre pocket sprung mattress such as our Origins 1500 mattress. This removes the issues experienced by many with Memory foam and foam pads where they get crushed quickly from wear.

How Do You Stop Memory Foam Mattresses From Off

Memory foam mattresses will naturally stop off-gassing within a few days. If you want to entirely defend yourself against VOCs and start sleeping on your mattress immediately, however, you can encase it in a zip-up hypoallergenic cover.

These covers are usually inexpensive, and they often create airtight seals around mattresses. Make sure that your mattress has expanded completely before installing a zip-up cover.

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How To Move A Mattress Easily

Vacuum Pack a Memory Foam Mattress with a VacuFlat Mattress Bag

Buying a new mattress can be very tricky, especially when it comes to deciding the best mattress. After months of research, you finally buy a new mattress, use it, and are amazed by its features. But then comes the time when you need to move a bed. Well, as easy as it sounds, it takes a lot of effort to advance a mattress.

In this blog, we have structured the steps on how to move a mattress quickly. Our guide will surely convert your hours of misery into a few minutes of intelligent work.

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Why Foam Mattresses Are Easy To Compress

Have you ever ordered a mattress in a box? If yes, you may have witnessed mattress brands shrinking even the largest and heaviest models into small boxes that can be single-handedly carried by even teens.

This is possible thanks to the use of advanced vacuum compression machines as well as the flexibility and soft contouring properties of polyurethane foams. These are the same qualities that promote comfort for sleepers by conforming to their unique body contours to ensure minimal pressure point relief in the mornings.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for hybrids and innerspring models due to the integration of coiled springs. Compressing a hybrid or innerspring can cause significant damage to the coils and in most cases, sleeping on it afterward may be impossible.

Therefore, you may be forced to recycle such mattresses prematurely.

Who Will Pick Up My Mattress

The truth is, its just not possible to fit a used foam mattress back in that little box without a specialized machine. When a foam mattress is manufactured and packaged, it gets compressed by industrial machinery to fit in boxes for shipping and delivery.

Unless you happen to have one of these machines in your home, youre simply not going to be able to fold that mattress back up or roll it into its original box. Not even with your vacuum cleaner. Not even with a Shop-Vac, and not even with a Dyson.

In fact, attempting to vacuum seal or re-fold a foam mattress is highly discouraged. Doing so will almost certainly damage the foam and void your warranty.

So how the heck are you supposed to return the darn thing? Did the mattress company lie to you? Is this a bait-and-switch trick theyre playing to avoid giving you a refund?

Youll need to contact the company you bought the mattress from when you decide to return it. Online mattress companies dont expect their customers to actually ship the mattress back to them.

Theyre not trying to pull a bait-and-switch, though. Generally, online mattress retailers will arrange for someone to come to your home and pick up the mattress for recycling or donation.

These e-commerce companies partner with mattress removal companies to pick up the items their customers need to return. Usually, the mattress retailer will pay any fees the mattress removal company charges for pickup.

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