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Is Bragada Mattress Still In Business

Why You Should Buy A Ghostbed Now

Welcome to Bragada Mattress

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The decision to buy a new bed mattress can be daunting. All of us understand that we need to change our mattress every eight years, however that doesnt make the procedure any much easier! There are a lot of aspects to consider: firmness, size, sleep position, product type, and rate. The list continues.

There is good news for those who feel overwhelmed by the choice. Ghostbeds make it easy for anyone trying to find a brand-new bed weve done all the work for you!

Ghostbed is the very best adjustable bed on the marketplace since it has many features that no other adjustable bed can beat. First off, Ghostbeds cooling system will keep you cool and comfortable throughout your sleep during the night. Second, this bed adjusts to any position with the touch of a button. Third, Ghostbed uses 100-night risk totally free trial where they send their mattress for free!

We advise you give Ghostbed a shot today if you desire the very best adjustable bed in America!

You may be wondering if an adjustable bed is actually worth the money. After all, they can be a bit costly. However when you think about all that Ghostbed has to use, its clear that their adjustable beds are the best on the market.

Finally, Ghostbed deals their clients 100-night danger totally free trial where they send their bed mattress for free! Theres actually nothing like this on the marketplace when compared with competitors.

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Best Sleep I Ever Had

Bragada Mattress / Memory Foam Mattress Company Invests In ...

I bought the Bragada Vienna Mattress after spending months on a mattress that was killing my back. I spent several weeks researching and came across after reading several reviews I was sold, and decided to buy the Vienna. It arrived a few days later, and I slept amazing that night. The Vienna has a memory foam core and uses two different versions of memory foam, as well as a layer that is made to support your lumbar. It has a cotton cover so it helps the mattress breath so its not as hot as many memory foam mattress can get It also has aloe in the mattress which is supposed to help enable a faster sleep, aloe has a calming effect. All I really noticed with the aloe is the mattress has a nice smell to it. We have had the mattress for over two years now and its still one of the best sleeps I have ever had.


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Bragada Is The Best Mattress I Have Ever Slept On

I was researching information on Bursitis. Several articles I read referred the reader to a bed called Bragada. I was already searching for a better nights sleep and thought it would be interesting to find out what this “Bragada” was all about. I had been considering another competitor bed but the cost was too prohibitive. I went to the Bragada website and was intrigued by what I saw and the information that was available. I was also more comfortable with the pricing. I had been sleeping on a conventional mattress all my life and was very dissatisfied. The thought of getting a really good nights sleep was utmost in my mind. I have multiple sclerosis and had not slept well for several years due to the pain in my legs, hips, etc. The Bragada mattress has been an answer to all the painful problems associated with me medical condition. I am so happy with my results I talked my elderly mother into one the Bragada beds. She swears she sleeps better than she ever has. I would never go back to a conventional mattress. I Love This Bed!!!!


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How Does It Compare To Other Mattresses

Blog about how Ghostbed bed mattress compare to other mattresses and what are Ghostbed benefits.

Ghostbed is an online-only mattress business that ships its bed mattress directly to the clients home. Ghostbed deals a distinct mix of products in its building and construction, including latex and memory foam. This mix is designed to provide good support and pressure relief. The company uses non-standard sizes, consisting of Twin XL and California King.

Ghostbed bed mattress are 10 inches thick, comparable to most other online-only bed mattress companies. However, this is thicker than the market requirement of 7-8 inches. Other business that provide memory foam or latex consist of Casper, Leesa, Tuft & Needle

The Ghostbed mattress has a medium-firm feel, which must be perfect for the majority of sleepers. The business likewise offers an additional plush mattress that is available at a cheaper rate point, which should be interesting those who are on a tighter budget.Bragada Milan Vs Ghostbed

The Ghostbed bed mattress utilizes memory foam as its leading layer and latex as its bottom layer. Memory foam conforms to the sleepers body and develops pressure relief, while latex is responsive and avoids heat retention. The result of the mix of products is an overall excellent feel for many sleepers, consisting of those on a tighter budget.

Pricing And Purchasing Information

Bragada Mattress Magic Middle

The Ghostbed mattress is available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King sizes. The overall rate of the mattress depends on the size that you pick. The company does not use split king or split California king bed mattress. Additionally, there are four levels of firmness to choose from: plush soft, soft, medium-firm and firm.

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The Ghostbed Mattress is $500 for a Twin, $600 for a Twin XL, $700 for a Full, $800 for a Queen, $900 for a King and $1000 for a California King. The luxurious soft level of firmness is an extra $50 on all sizes.

The company uses a 101-night trial period, complimentary shipping and totally free returns. Furthermore, Ghostbed is made in the USA by Natures Sleep, which utilizes environmentally friendly procedures to make its products.

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Summarize This Product In One Sentence

I love this mattress and will never again have a mattress that isnt memory foam. I like a soft mattress and my husband likes firm, but we both like this mattress.FirmnessIt is a soft mattress, but still provides support. It isnt so soft that you just squish down into it.DurabilityMy mattress is starting to sag a little on the sides, even though we have regularly rotated the mattress. It isnt really obvious when looking at the mattress, but if you sleep close to the edge of the bed, you can feel that the mattress has a slope. Feels a little like you are going to roll out of the bed.


Finding The Bed That Is Just Right Isn’t An Easy

Written on: 06/11/2006 by

Finding the bed that is “just right” isn’t an easy thing to do. For me, it’s nearly impossible but I finally found Bragada Milan. I have injured my back on more than one occasion and suffered debilitating pain. I would wake up repeatedly in the middle of the night, I had difficulty getting out of bed, and frequently found myself taking Ibuprofen and switching off ice pack and hot pad in hopes of being able to walk later in the day. I lived on Ibuprofen and Tiger Balm. Without them I simplyRead Full Review

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How Do I Get Even Bigger Deals On Friendseat

This platform bed is about 2 years old. It is still sold ...

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The Vienna Mattress Has Little Support

The Vienna mattress does not offer good lumbar support like they claim. You sink way too deep into it. I end up with an aching back in the morning. It is hard to sleep, because you sink into a deep impression in the mattress and cannot move easily.I don’t think the foam quality compares to Tempurpedic. It does not offer the same level of support. Probably the reason it is so much cheaper.Plus you cannot return it. Customer service is not so great either. I also am skeptical that all of the glowing reviews they get are legitamate. BUYER BEWARE.My simple advise is do not buy a mattress that you cannot try first or return.


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Bragada Milan Vs Ghostbed

Sleep is typically ignored as something that is unnecessary and irrelevant, ignored as lost time. However, this could not be further from the fact.

Sleep is just as essential as consuming or drinking water.

Individuals who regularly sleep well are less likely to experience tension.

The Ghostbed bed mattress adjustable base is a high-quality bed that supports the spinal column and aligns the body.

It is a business that uses a large range of durable and comfortable mattresses. The adjustable base easily alters the firmness level, which helps enhance your sleep experience.

Prices And Buying Details

Bragada Mattress Posture-Core Back Pain Relief

The Ghostbed bed mattress is readily available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King sizes. The general price of the bed mattress depends on the size that you pick. The business does not provide split king or split California king bed mattress. Furthermore, there are four levels of firmness to choose from: plush soft, soft, medium-firm and company.

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The Ghostbed Mattress is $500 for a Twin, $600 for a Twin XL, $700 for a Full, $800 for a Queen, $900 for a King and $1000 for a California King. The plush soft level of firmness is an additional $50 on all sizes.

The business uses a 101-night trial duration, complimentary shipping and free returns. Additionally, Ghostbed is made in the USA by Natures Sleep, which uses environment-friendly procedures to make its items.

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Memory Foam Mattress Company Partners With Sleep And Wellness Experts To Help Americans Get Sleep Advice Bragada Mattress Announced The Launch Of Its Mattress Sleep Better Blog To Inform Consumers On The Truth Of Sleep And Buying A New Mattress

…the way to a better America is for everyone to start getting a better sleep.

Floyds Knobs, IN October 21, 2013

Bragada Mattress, a memory foam mattress company, has announced the launch of its Mattress Sleep Better Blog to inform consumers on the truth about sleep and buying a new mattress.

Michael Ross, Director of Digital Marketing, added, With over ½ of all Americans suffering from sleep problems the way to a better America is for everyone to start getting a better sleep. Michael leads a team that spends hours researching in depth the latest in sleep science each week. The results of this research are brought forth in the Bragada Sleep Better Blog: .

In a recent sleep article that speaks on getting more out of life, the Bragada Sleep Better Blog team highlights how with a better sleep we can get an extra hour out of every day. Sleeping challenges have grown substantially in recent years and Bragada will be partnering with highly recognized wellness and sleep specialists in the medical community to bring the truth on getting a healthy sleep to all consumers. Please keep this sleep blog on the radar as these professionals begin sharing their expertise on how to start sleeping better in the coming months.

It seems Bragada Mattress company is taking a new approach for the mattress industry. This fresh focus on helping America sleep better, as opposed to just trying to sell more and make more money, is welcomed.

Best Matteress I’ve Ever Tried

We bought 2 bragada matteresses for a home in Arizona over the internet. Not only were they delivered right to the house they are the most comfortable matteresses I have ever slept on. We own Kings Down at your primary residence but I would much rather sleep on the bragada. I have sleep issues and get up severel times a night except when I’m sleeping on the bragada. I sleep all night wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go in the morning. We got the low end matteress but they are GREAT!!!!! would recommend them to anyone and so easy to order right online and have delivered to your home with no delivery charges to boot.


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